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  1. Wah wah Wah.... Always with the same jabs. Give it up. If you don like what you read, leave. Otherwise understand this is an open forum with an ungodly amount of opinons. You said it yourself everyone is entitled to their opinions and don't be a jerk about it. Take your own advise. dam geno are you bleeding today if this forum is for everyones opinion why must you start with me if you read i agree with you with the bad shot,there are no jabs at anyone i thought being a moderator you werent supposed to be a jerk.i was not talking about you but if the shoe fits you would probably where it well.
  2. i agree with shaun and doe wacker.i dont think it was a good shot but if it didnt happen to you or you werent filming it you will never know the circumstances you could only guess.i also like the elite hunter comment-totally agree with some people.i think if some ever made a bad shot and got lucky and killed an animal they would never write the truth especiall arguing this point how would they look.again it looks like a terible shot and i doubt anyone would be bragging about it,but like i said i was there and you can only speculate.sort of how some of the masters in the forum can score deer so weel from teririble pictures people post and are arragant and argue the point.no one can score a deer by a picture and come so close even if they think they are so good at it.i killed a nice buck last year and in some pictures it doesnt look so big and other it looks way bigger than it was.so why argue with some one about what your opinion is remember you can have an opinion but dont have to be a jerk about your opinion even if you are right.thats just my opinion,i laugh when some guys score to the point like when the see a 152 inch 8 point and see so many close to the same size where they hunt on the island.cant say it s not ppossible bu difficult with just a 8 point
  3. had 3 smaller bucks 7 yards out,and a couple of doe,nice trail cam pick mb hopefully they will show up this year,how about a picture of your huge buck you said you got off your cam
  4. hey geno no hard feelings i was just saying about how it feels when your on the other side ,possibly wounding a animal and not finding it.i know they just make anyone a moderator for a web site and that you probably no tons about hunting.was just saying how it sucks loosing on,and by the way you did ask a question about the spark?and i am not crying about anything in this post and really dont flatter yourself i surely do not have any kind of jones for you.i never said anything about you being better than anyone,but i do have a question why did you go for the spine shot insted of the old fashioned vital shot,and a for being jealous i dont ever see any pictures of all your trophy deer that you get .i dont claim to be anything but a hunter for myself,and anything i shoot is my trophy and i go years were i eat my tags,i personally let the small bucks grow because when i need meet i take some doe,since i can pretty much get endless suffolk tags.you always talk about how big the deer you see are but never see any posts of you harvesting any.im just saying not judging i know you cant get them all but if you get them so close to you once in a while you should get one or two.so exscuse me if im wrong i dont stalk you you might have some pics of all your deer or you may not im just saying i dont follow you that closely sorry.and i dont have any bad blood for MR.GENO anyone
  5. also i might add did you really think a spark would happen by hitting bone,i know everyone is trying to be sympathetic but come on and a carbon arrow against the fur we are stretching to be nice,just my opinion,and when you hit a log it may make a thud
  6. i cant believe what im heaing,last season you would be bashing and coming down heavy on anyon with a story like this.you should have searched till the end of the earth for this deer,being as experienced as you are you know deer dont always bleed out right away,sounds like you are not even sure where or if you realy did even hit this 130 class buck.how long did you look,maybe 2 hours tops if you got there at 630 considering you gave up at 830.you always say to other you would have given every option to find it 2 hours is hardly enough,what about deer search,or maybe searching yourself for a little longer than 2 hours.you cant just look a few yards in front of you and call it a day.hope you didnt kill anything that big because a 130 eight is pretty deceent for just an 8 point.possibly more target practice is needed,maybe i missed but you always tell us how many yards you have deer next to you and usually they are less than 20 yards.and being how green and that i also do all my hunting on the island early season shots are usually limited to chip shots.what about your trail cam no pics sometimes you can get lucky and they will get a good picture.just asking,no you know how it is to be on the other side.
  7. What is your deefinition of this citidot. Your always using you sound like your possibly a woodchuckw
  8. The guy on left looks like someone from last year that got another record deer claiming from the islandm someone I know said he's a rich guy that pen hunts and pays big bucks for it
  9. So hot herething starting to heat up agian surounde buy small bucks chasing doe nose to ground not letting them out of sight,then a 130 class 8 point and 12 point star fighting 40 yards in front of me he is every bit of 150 can't shoot only quatering awy shot they are still at it just waiting hope they present a better shot
  10. what do you guys think the perfect shot,ive had 140 class deer numerous times this year and didnt want to close the deal,either quatering away or quatering to.im not the type of person that wants to chance injuring a deer due to a poorly place shot,what do you guys think about this was i wrong not to shoot
  11. in same stand again been seeing small bucks chasing doe all over,saw a real nice 8 point every bit of 120 but only gave me a quatering to shot ,didnt want to chance it and kind of glad because im waiting for mr.big to come back think hes held up with that doe.
  12. Had some small bucks chasing some does a spike a weird 3 point 2 small 4s and a basket 6 waiting for mr big I hope he makes his appearance soon seems to be height of the rut by me
  13. Sitting here on stand in livingston manor had a giant run in at 17 yards. Buts he's held up in the thick stuff with a doe,he's a 13 point and every bit of 140 inches only had a quatering away shot didn't want to chance it in all tha thicket.hope he presents a better shot
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