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  1. wooly

    Tractor supply chicken...

    I've just been posting them to my FB art page and yard sale pages and sell whatever I can. I get a lot of new customers through word of mouth, just from a few folks who've already bought from me and show their friends. A handful of repeat customers too. Also just donated my first one to a local animal rescue facility for auction or raffle with all proceeds going to the shelter. Paula also helps me sell,lol I still don't take special orders, and make whatever I feel like making. Sometimes I have to hang on to some stuff for a while, but at least I'm not forced to work on something I don't feel like.
  2. Found this little rooster at Tractor supply and figured I'd give it a shot. I might go back for the elephant and a few others,lol
  3. wooly

    New eagle WIP

    Just need to pick up some varnish tomorrow to wrap this one up.
  4. The past 4 or 5 years since sis got her license I've been hunting with her most of the time. I think I take more chances and am more aggressive when I hunt alone. Less fear of blowing my own hunt and going home birdless. When I hunt with sis the last thing I want to do is something that could jeopardize her connecting, so we try to avoid any fancy stuff and just take whatever comes to us.
  5. wooly

    New eagle WIP

    Thanks guys! Here's a little more progress before getting rained out again. Should be pretty close to done next time the sun shines.
  6. wooly

    New eagle WIP

    Did the fish thing on one of my other eagles, so I've kinda been leaning towards having him on a skull... or holding a skull... or a pile of skulls,lol. I got a weird thing for skulls lately.
  7. wooly

    New eagle WIP

    That thing saved me AT LEAST an hour on that head and such a nice deep, even burn! My little old handheld bottle kit "bearly" touched the color of that wood no matter how long I held the flame to it.
  8. wooly

    New eagle WIP

    I got a good start on another eagle yesterday. Just your basic stump eagle pose with a few feature changes I did to add a little more life. Need to think of a design for the base and finish up a few more things on the bird himself. My neighbor also brought me over a mess of big ol' poplar logs he cut up in his yard last fall that he was just going to burn to get rid of. Damn them suckers are HEEEEAVY! I managed to get a few of those hauled over to my pit on a plastic sled when we still had a little snow on the ground and carved a few bear heads from them. He brought the rest over on the quad for me yesterday which was awfully white of him! My little Bernzomatic torch was having a real hard time getting any kind of burn on them since they were still so green, so I had to "upgrade" to a different level flame thrower! Besides my saws, I think I found my new favorite tool,lol. For some reason my PC is not embedding any you tube vids, so the clickable link here should take you to my short torch demo there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bq652p1olE
  9. wooly

    2019 leeks and morels

    OMG- those are just little babies! I'll bet you shoot jakes and forkhorns too,lol You would think a guy with a handle like Let em Grow would be a little more selective when he takes a leek!
  10. wooly


    Got this guy done today.
  11. wooly


    The guys that piss me off are the career tailgaters! You can be doing 40 in a 30, or 70 in a 55, or 120 in 45 for that matter, and they're still right on your ass! They even got the balls to flash their alternating headlights, then turn on those obnoxious flashing red and blue roof lights, and some will even go so far as to use sirens to intimidate you, or yell at you over an intercom speaker to "PULL OVER" and then they just pull up behind you anyhow. THEN they take you to work with them, and the whole way there they drive 5 under the limit and talk about you to their buddies over the radio like they just caught the biggest fish in the lake,lol
  12. wooly

    Dumb and Dumber or Dumber and Dumbest?

    Just another example of why you wont find Stormy at any of the forum get togethers,lol Even friendly fire is still fire!
  13. Found this little mutt draggin' his butt through the sawdust today,lol
  14. wooly

    They are banning plastic bags now

    NASA just released this image from the moon rover!
  15. wooly

    What do you make of this?

    Looks like the work of some kind of shady barnyard chicken abortion clinic,lol