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  1. S.o.p. For roadkills

    I just chop off the heads and leave the rest of the carcass for you gutter gobblers.
  2. Wooly......I Need An Address

    LOL- you sure you don't wanna keep them for yourself. You've got quite the crafty imagination! I'll PM you my current address so I don't have to sort through all that annoying fan mail that's sure to follow!
  3. LIVE From The Couch

    Pumpkin carving day here!
  4. Just another little spin I'll add to that. I'd rather see a guy out there with a crossbow making simple one shot one kill shots on game, filling his tag, and getting out of the woods. Opposed to the guy who's not as skilled or dedicated forced to hunt with a vertical bow with a list of excuses while fatally wounding 1, 2, 3, or more deer a season before he finally gets a tag on one....or none, but the end result is still several dead deer that nobody will ever get the chance at going to waste. If crossbows make guys more efficient hunters, then I'm all for that. In theory crossbows could quite possibly have a positive impact on deer #'s if you can get them in the hands of guys who aren't cut out for hunting with a vertical bow (such as the neighbor you mention).
  5. When I first got into bowhunting, I HAD to shoot at every deer I saw for at least my first 5 seasons no matter the distance, terrain, shot angles, or size of deer. I was an exceptional shot on paper, but for some reason I needed multiple opportunities on whitetail before I'd finally connect. In that time I missed and wounded a lot of deer. Probably close to 1:4. I'm sure I checked off every possible poor shot selection scenario in that time and my recovery rate reflected that. My tracking skills also sucked back in the early days. Over the past 25 years or so I learned how t get closer to whitetail and how they would react under a variety of encounters. I also finally realized exactly how high of a deer encounter rate I was having each season which made passing on some opportunities that much easier.THAT was what helped me overcome my awful recovery rate and I forced myself to wait for the best shot opportunities over the next 25 years. My recovery rate has improved tremendously since then but I'm sure there has been one o two hits that have led to an unrecovered deer in this time as well. My early career #'s may hurt my stats, but I'm not embarrassed to say I've learned from them and overcome the temptation to take marginal shots with the bow anymore. For that reason I'll have to put myself in the 75% category
  6. Pygmy's Fishing Buddy!!!

    Surprised no pics of Pygmy giving the young lady driving lessons on his little Johnson....... or is that an Evinrude?
  7. First Bowkill

    Congrats on your first man!
  8. Buying deer bait

    I have a neighbor a few houses down from me who dumps 50lb mountains of rock salt all around his stand. I doubt anyone suspects a thing about him using it as a deer lure when he rolls out of Walmart with that. I find so many bait piles with stands hung over them while post season shed hunting it's not even funny. It's become so common around here that it doesn't even phase me anymore. Never had a problem myself killing deer without it so it doesn't bother me as much as it should.
  9. Besides that big buck...

    Life has thrown me a bit of a curveball this year so I'll be happy to even make it out there this season. If I get to share a few hunts and laughs in the blind again this year with sis will be good enough for me. Any kill would be nice but not as important as the memories I make and time spent with my best hunting buddy!
  10. Ginseng plant maybe ?

    I've followed up with some of these Jack in the pulpit plants throughout the spring, summer, and now what I'd consider fall. I believe you're probably right as they've now gone to berries. Pretty common to see them here. They also fooled me in the past when I thought I'd make an attempt at finding ginseng.
  11. Mock scrapes

    Set up my first mock scrape of the season the other day. Just scratched the ground, snapped off an overhanging licking branch, and added my own special sauce! Next day it was already seeing some good action from a variety of young bucks and a few others.
  12. Happy birthday fasteddie

    Happy B-day Ed! Hope it's a good one!
  13. My Lucky wooly Cam Pic's

    Holy smokes! Must not have got all my scent off it,lol Good luck with that pig!
  14. ID this

    Don't know for sure without seeing the sides, but looks similar to the "io moth larvae" or "automeris io". A shot of one I found a few years ago. Linky- http://www.insectidentification.org/insect-description.asp?identification=Io-Moth
  15. Card Pull - My #1

    Cool clips and sweet buck! I'm absolutely hooked on video mode anymore! So much more to see.