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  1. The shading is easy to figure out on glass when the picture is taped to the other side and you're tracing it. It's all about having the right bits, brains, and technique to accomplish it now..... all 3 of which I'm still lacking ,lol
  2. The shading of the diamond burr lines is one of the things I can't seem to figure out yet. I guess there's some other blending tips I need to get before I can pull that off the way I want to. Other than a few obvious goofs this time, I'll eventually get the hang of it by asking lots of smarter people any stupid questions I have,lol
  3. I like that idea! I may try that once I figure a few things out.
  4. First time for me trying to engrave glass with my Dremel. I have NO clue what I'm doing, but I think it turned out alright for making it up as I go. It looks better the further away you stand from it,lol Anyone else here ever try this before?
  5. Happy B-day Larry! Have a good one!
  6. I think it was 3 years ago I kept seeing a buck with spots down his spine all through October. I finally killed him on opening day of regular season but his spots were gone... or maybe I just forgot to look for them. I never made the connection that it was the same deer until later in the season looking back on my pictures. My guess was he was 2.5 yo. You can see the spots down his spine in the live photos
  7. I may eventually run out of skulls and antlers to carve, but I always know where I can find some rocks,lol I found this one in the crick today and the first thing I thought of was a big azz bear track so I threw it in my pack. I think it's a piece of sandstone, but I'm not really sure on my rock species. This thing is super simple to carve into and now the possibilities are only limited to my abilities. I'll clean up the edges on this one tomorrow and maybe even cut the design straight through. I may have an hour tops into this thing so far.
  8. I cut up a small doe in the field last season, but I have to admit, I wasn't really aware of the propper procedure I needed to follow before-hand aside from filling out the carcass tag. I had reduced the meat to 1 inch stew meat cubes anticipating it would all be turned into ground or used as is. The remainder of the carcass I left behind in one pile and I put a trail cam over it. I suppose if there were any legal questions that needed to be answered, I could just return to that spot with whoever was asking and there would be enough evidence there to confirm a legal harvest. The meat was transported out bagged up in my backpack with the tag and packaged and labeled at home a short hike later. The thought of saving a "pocket puzzy" as gender identifier never occurred to me. IMO, anyone caught leaving the field with something like THAT should be found guilty of "illegal tagging",lol
  9. I've heard some VERY accomplished shed hunters who pay attention to all those details say "the wetter the better" as far as antler development goes, so I believe there is probably a connection. I've personally never really documented any comparisons of my own, so I haven't been able to say how it affects my local bucks from one extreme to the other. It's hard to imagine a wet spring and summer wouldn't be beneficial to antler growth over a season of hot, dry, drought conditions.
  10. Go back and grab their skulls for me,lol
  11. Hey wolc, did you ever see the movie "The Shack". If not, you should check it out. That's another pretty good flick starring Jesus that may be right up your alley. I thought it was pretty good.
  12. He's gotta be one of the dozens of spikers I passed up last fall,lol No other explanation for where all these nice bucks are coming from this year.
  13. I haven't got horn porn like this in a long time! Looks like he already busting up the new headger.
  14. I saw just the opposite of that sex ratio mortality rate. That year I found 60+ dead doe and fawns, but I only found 3 or 5 dead bucks.