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  1. wooly


    I was doing a plumbing side job in Springville when we heard the news over the radio. Homeowners house was still in rough stages so we didn't have any TV or internet access, but we sat there on his stairs listening to the cordless Dewalt boom box all day in complete shock getting zero work done. Hopefull , sad, scared, and angry all at once, even before we got to see the actual severity of what had taken place.
  2. Gotta be careful with that. You don't wanna pay $20 for a picture of a nice clean foot for your living room wall..., and then when you open your mail you discover the seller sent you a pic of his dirty 12 inches instead,lol
  3. First I've heard of it, so maybe next year.... just as a spectator of course! I couldn't resist the urge to fire up that Husky today and cut some wood! All I got to say is HOLY FUUUUUUGGGGG what a freakin' machine!
  4. Shindaiwa and Echo had actually merged a few years back. This 591 is basically the same thing as the Echo 590 which I've heard nothing but great things about so figured I'd take a shot at this one and got it at a good price. It's a screamer for sure after a few quick test cuts last night I may just shelf the Husky for a while as I have no reason to even own a saw like that right now! I wasn't really expecting to win the bid on that one, but figured I wouldn't be disappointed if I did after all the big Stihls sold so high.... and I did win, so here it sits until I find a use for it, or get tired of dusting it off. The demand for that saw runs pretty high, so I'll try to resist gassing it up and hold onto it for a while to see what kind of future emissions regulations ruin the reputation of that saw and bring the demand for this "old style" back up. I still like my Stihl lineup for carving as all my accessories are interchangeable and startup procedures the same. Just had an itch to add some variety and new colors to the line up, and had no intentions of coming home empty handed,lol
  5. Went to an Amish auction out in Pike with sis today and adopted two new additions to my "sawsome" family! Brought a couple big boys home this time! Couldn't catch a deal on a Stihl. Those guys were scooping them up at retail. Shindaiwa 591 and a Husky 372xp fill my 60cc and 70cc saw brackets!
  6. I think Orangeville's about 45min- an hour away unless I'm confusing it with someplace else. I'm in South Wales/ Holland area if you're ever interested in something.
  7. Thanks man! I think it's been a year this month with the saws, but lots of tinkering with other tools leading up to this point. This is my happy place though above all the others!
  8. Thanks guys! He's on Zonisamide now. I never realized how many of these meds cross over from our human pharmacy into our pets worlds! He would come out of his seizures totally dazed and confused apparently exhausted from the severity of them. He'd just aimlessly wander until you stopped him or he'd still be going. Then as soon as he snapped out of it, he would run and play, and eat like nothing ever happened. Not so much now that he's on these meds, but at least no major seizures since then.
  9. My parents little 10 year old Westie started having some pretty violent seizures a few weeks ago. Sometimes several in one day, and they were really taking a toll on him. He's on medication for that now, which seems to be controlling them, but it's also sucking the life right out of the poor pupper. I wanted to do a carve for them just to preserve the happy and energetic pooch he used to be just in case things go south for him. Hopefully he'll adjust to his new meds and get back to being his old self again soon.
  10. Ahh hell man, the pleasure was all mine! So glad I finally got to meet you and your wife! I always got room for more good people in my life, and you two certainly do not disappoint in that area! That little bear was nothing compared to all you've done for me and helped me get through over the years! Thanks for everything again Dave and Bonnie and hopefully I'll make it out to your neck of the woods one of these days soon!
  11. Have a safe trip, and see ya when ya get here!
  12. I got a welcome bear here looking to head out east too!
  13. I wanted to try a chainsaw critter popping out of both sides of a vertical log and figured a coon would be a good choice for that. Painting is my weakness so I usually avoid it at all costs, but it's time to add some new skills to my arsenal! I don't think he looks half bad for a mostly rattlecan job with a hint of dry brushing!
  14. LOL- I didn't open it, that second pic is just the back side of the package. Anyhow, I grew up handling all kinds of wild crap and critters that were probably best left untouched! I don't exactly fall for the immediate paranoia that a casual encounter with a POTENTIALLY infected package is gonna kill me! The writing on those packages is pretty small as well, so I had to pick it up and get it close enough to my face that I could read how dangerous it is!
  15. I'm guessing that's just a precautionary measure in case some critter with rabies has already been chewing on the packet. This one didn't look like it had anything nibbling on it yet.