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  1. Inedible Parts

    I remember you saying you weren't a spur necklace kinda guy, but just thought I'd put it out there for ya..., or anyone else!
  2. Hiking staff

    Thanks guys! I tried making one out of a slate rock I found too. That was kinda fun and different, but it really does a number on the bits! These could easily be converted into little pocket hookas, and they might stand up to the heat a little better,lol
  3. Inedible Parts

    I would just add the skull to the list for my own obvious reasons. My FB buddy and master carving artist "Jack Bonecarver Brown" (owner of Stones and Bones) just put together this carved spur necklace, with carved antler burr, turkey toenails, and turkey toe bones. I'm not sure what the stone beads are, but I thought this thing was awesome cool! That's a lot of usable parts from a couple of drumsticks!
  4. Hiking staff

    Doc- so far I got about 12 hours into this thing. A lot of guys can do these things MUCH quicker than that, but working with wood is very new to me compared to the bone I've been working with. I've got a Dremel 3000 and a Dremel 4000 with flex shafts for my motors, and so many bits I don't know what to do with them all. I'm honestly still learning what a lot of them do, and the effects they create. For the majority of the work on these I just use a flame tip carbide bit and go at it very slowly even though the bit wants to chew right through this stuff. Some chisels and gouges would probably help make these much cleaner, but I don't have any of that stuff yet, and will have to learn that in the future when I do pick up a set. This stuff is really relaxing, and makes you slow down a bit to stay focused. I'm not really sure what raw woods work best. This has all been trial and error since I got started. Now that I'm expanding into different types of wood carving I'll do a little more research and figure out exactly what I need to be looking for and collecting while I wander through the woods. That's just another part of this hobby that I really enjoy is the endless scavenger hunt for new material to carve and learn from!
  5. Hiking staff

    Thanks Jay! I like to use forum members as the inspiration to my faces. Let me know if you recognize anybody, or if you have a reference photo to be incorporated into it yourself! I like that idea Dave! Might just give that a shot one of these days. I had two other saplings I cut when I got this one but they both split pretty bad when they dried. I'll be on the look out for some new lumber on my hikes! You never know when you'll stumble on a wild herb patch! Maybe I'll hollow this sucker out just in case,lol
  6. Hiking staff

    I cut this beech sapling down for a hiking stick a couple years ago and forgot about. It was the perfect shape and size for my hand. It dried perfectly with no cracks, so now it's time to decorate it with some wood spirits! I still got 3 or four more faces to carve on it, but it's coming along nicely and I thought I'd share my progress so far. I'm really getting tired of doing these guys already, but it's a fun piece to pick up when I can't think of anything fresh to work on. Then I just scribble on another face and get a little more done on it.
  7. "Crotch Rocket" motorcycles

    Probably a little bit of both. I've known both older and younger nuts on those things! Back in my 20's or so, my buddy who was about 30 at the time had a Suzuki GSX1100. I was dying for a ride on that thing so he took me out for a rip down the 400. Right about Maple St he opened it up and I just watched the speedo climb effortlessly as I held on for dear life. Just before Jamison Rd we clipped 130-140mph just as an Erie County Sheriff was merging onto the 400. We zipped right around him in the fast lane and he never even bothered to hit the lights. It was clear sailing the rest of the way all the way back to my pad down on Seneca St. Never saw another cop to my surprise..., but my face was tucked in so tight I couldn't see much of anything while I was silently praying we didn't hit a pebble and spill the damn thing,lol Lots of them zipping down my road lately too. Not exactly a good road for that kinda stuff with all the deer and loose gravel, but I'm just a spectator these days. Been there done that and DON'T need to do it again!
  8. Worst Employment Ever Held

    I worked as a nurses aid in a nursing home just out of high school. Wiping ass.., cleaning puke.., shaving old ladies beards.., putting in dentures..., changing catheter bags and bed pans... getting shit thrown at me (literally)..... I could go on and on with all the great stories. Finally got put on third shift with a few of the gals that took a liking to me. I didn't have to do much of anything at that point and just sat at the desk at night answering creepy call bells on a unit where most of the residents couldn't even walk or talk. As much as the job was a little much for my liking some days, and didn't pay much, it was a rather rewarding feeling after my shift helping those old folks who couldn't do things for themselves anymore.
  9. Appliance Help?

    Could be you got a chipmunk living in your water lines... Try moving the WH away from the bird feeder, or vice versa,lol
  10. Facebook idiots get ticketed by the DEC

    Ha- I love it when I hear guys say the DEC doesn't have time to monitor sites like FB and.... well... this one! Keep posting those sweet pics and telling us all about all those illegal activities you participate in when outdoors!
  11. It is that time of year again.

    I caught up to my first fawn of the year today in the creekbottom as usual. I got a vid of him walking by my trail cam on my side of the creek so I knew if I looked hard enough I could find him. Only about 30yds from the cam I saw his ears sticking up from the periwinkle. Before I could get my camera focused on him he took off and plunged into the flooded creek from all the rain we got last night and throughout the day. The current started to sweep him away, but he quickly got turned around and started swimming up stream. I had my camera set up for shooting still shots of mushrooms, so not the best pics, but a pretty cool encounter none the less!
  12. Where did my mushroom hunting thread go?

    HUGE blowout about which shrooms were better.... morels or puffballs,lol

    I'm positive it was no hen,lol I've heard turkeys make bad calls too, but there was NO mistaking this guy. Last year I never made it to this spot since I tagged out early. I did however take a walk over there after season and found a mountain of toilet paper and a cleared out piece of dirt right next to the biggest tree right about where these calls were coming from on Sunday!

    I went out Sunday from 10am-noon. I hit up a very large remote field I don't get to often that usually is a sure bet when all else fails. As I stood at the fields edge ready to throw out my first series of calls, I heard a gawd aweful sound coming from ACROSS the field almost 300yds away. Some dude was over there on the other side just WAILING non stop yelps on his box call long and loud! I stood there for at least 5 minutes listening, and the screams just kept on coming. I'd finally heard enough and decided to make my way to check another near-by field, but as I was walking away the piercing whines never stopped and he even threw in a few sick sounding gobbles on a shaker before I got out of hearing range. I know we all think our calling sounds at least half ways decent or we'd never make a sound, BUT this guy was stupid calling unlike anything I'd ever heard! If I was thinking clearly I should have pulled the camera out and recorded some video sounds, then walked over there and let him listen to himself. Holy smokes my ears are still bleeding! If I have to blame the lack of gobbling here on anything.... well THAT would be it! I think some of our new turkey hunters have watched one too many of those "Realtree" Bill Jordan Texas ranch hunts!
  15. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    Not sure if you mods noticed, but these spammers are creating NEW accounts nightly and posting this crap just minutes later. It doesn't look like they're using existing accounts as of right now. The quick fix may be to suspend all new memberships until you guys can figure out a solution that heads this off upon registration.