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  1. Doe's ears trimmed

    You've never seen a deer with it's ears pinned back? That's all it looks like to me.
  2. All I read there was...... "48 BJ's for $20". What a deal,lol
  3. I've been running my cams off the 12v Stealth Cam battery packs. I've yet to run one completely dead winter or summer as the battery life always exceeds my expectations of how long they SHOULD last. The battery level indicator on my Browning cams simply reads the 12v as an "external battery" and doesn't give a remaining power level percentage so I usually bring them home for a fresh charge every 3-4 months regardless of how much action they've seen Packing out a few of those heavyweight batteries along with their respective cams in and out has been the biggest drawback to them I've got to complain about so far.
  4. NFL humor

  5. Antler burr cross..

    Thanks guys! Rob- you could always make your own blade to match your handle. I made this one out of cow leg bone. It's not quite as effective as a good steel blade, but it makes a neat display piece and you wont have to worry about losing it in the woods. Eventually I'll probably carve the blade on this one. One of these days I'm gonna make a little bone folding pocket knife just for the hell of it as well.
  6. Antler burr cross..

    Putting a little spin on the conventional antler burr relief carving. These are really simple and turn out pretty cool once they're all sanded and polished up! Just another idea for those that always asks... "what can you do with deer antlers?". And just a little something for Valen-tines Day!
  7. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    Not to sound like a dick, but that little fawn might have been dying before the dog came along to do it a favor by finishing it off. It hasn't exactly been an easy winter for them so far, and I'm sure it's taking a toll on a number of them. Ultimately the dog will take the blame/credit for the kill, but I'd almost be willing to bet there was more going on there than just that.
  8. One time I decided to take my G/F with me woodchuck hunting on my bro-in-laws family farm. We could see the chucks dotting the field from the road when we pulled in, so I wasted no time holding her hand once the car door shut. I made a quick run around the barn and down the tractor path where my skinny azz slipped through the fence and into the cow pasture. She was a bit of a curvey gal that couldn't quite keep up with my bunny like speed, so being the gentleman that I am, I rushed her along from the pasture as she chugged down the dirt road to the field edge. Keeping my eyes on the chucks, I turned around at the last second when she finally caught up and grabbed ahold of the electric fence with both hands to crawl through the strands! I thought I was gonna have to kick her in the ass to get her to let go as her body stood there trembling from how ever many volts of electricity were lighting her up! That was the ABSOLUTE funniest thing I've ever seen in my life! I was laughing so hard I was crying......, and she was crying just because I think she lost all control of her bodily functions and fluids,lol.
  9. Quiche

    Don't listen to them Dan. You'll get over her in time. It might hurt a little at first, but it's time to move on. You can always go back visit when you get rained off the lake.
  10. Quiche

    Yep- apparently she's lost her damn mind! Dress her up in a nice warm fuzzy hat and sweater and leave her on the front steps at the closest nursing home!
  11. Outside my window...

    Few more shots through the window this morning. The herd is growing and there are now 12 of them passing through every day. Looks like all doe and fawns so far.
  12. Hacked by Asian Russians.

    Anyone else find it odd this all started happening since Growie disappeared again? Maybe she's in trouble and her Kindle got wet.... or could be her ninja GOONS seeking revenge!
  13. SUBCONCIOUSLY you still wanted to kill a big buck and probably would have poached one if you had the chance. You just didn't know it because the antler inches were clouding your judgement. What other explanation could there be....?
  14. Pickle Crock!!

    I've seen some of the 10 gal. Red Wing crocks selling for 4x's what you got this one listed at. Any idea what brand is on it? Some folks like to repurpose them as garbage cans of all things. I found a very similar one lodged between two mature trees while hiking a few years ago. To this day that old clay crock is still there with no cracks and in one piece although it gets swallowed a little more every year.... and it eats at me every time I have to walk past it! One of these days it's just gonna pop and melt back into the earth!