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  1. wooly

    Be careful out there

    Some big ol' 1000lb log ever tried that crap with me I'd carve it into a walrus,lol Cool story, and I think you've got Pygmy beat with this one! I always enjoy the stories about near death experience afield for some twisted reason.
  2. wooly

    Rescude a dog yesterday...

    Gonna see if I can squeeze a little eagle out of this one.
  3. wooly

    Hung meat

    When I run carcass cams in the winter, most nights the mice are crawling all over those things. Tons of mouse footage over the course of several hours almost every night.
  4. wooly

    Rescude a dog yesterday...

    Thanks! I burn and stain most all of them, then seal with a spar varnish. I'm not too slick with paints so I try to avoid that whenever I can.
  5. Looks a little top heavy thus creating the excess bow in her back. Could offset some of that with a 4" doinker stabilizer mounted in the rear!
  6. wooly

    Taking down ground blinds

    We picked up two new hub blinds last spring. The first one set up and take down was a breeze when testing in the basement and field. The second one (different brand) was a fluster cluck that wouldn't even open properly. Ended up forcing it and somehow twisted a hub 180 degrees that poked right through the side before it ever even saw the woods. Decided to haul it up the hill anyhow with half the walls open after disassembling the rods from the hub and reassembling. Then couldn't get the damn thing to collapse so had to drag the whole thing back all set up just as it sat. That one will never see the woods again, and has been converted into a shelter for my carvings in the yard,lol
  7. wooly

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    Damn dude, lay off the lettuce! Hope your docs can get things figured out.
  8. wooly

    Rescude a dog yesterday...

    Wrapped up the Doberman,lol
  9. wooly

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    I'd be down with that! Just let me know what I can hunt with at what time of the season and I'll gladly give it a whirl. If I can be out of the woods before the December chill, I'm all for it!
  10. wooly

    Rescude a dog yesterday...

    Thanks guys! I got a big one coming up from that beech I cut down the other day. Took me two hours to roll this thing through the snow 30yds to my carving pit. Suckers gotta be 300lbs or more at least! I got an idea of what I'd like to do with this one, but it's gonna take one more roll to get the fat end on top, and unfortunately I'm a one man show.
  11. wooly

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    I don't think they would have much to go on in that situation. There's no law against cutting the rack or head off a deadhead. That deer could have been shot and unrecovered by someone and found by someone else who came back with the tools to get the job done. I do it all the time but usually after season has ended just so it doesn't look suspicious if someone were to see me hauling buck heads out of the woods on a daily basis during an season,lol. I've even gone so far as to bury a carcass or head under a pile of sticks and leaves so nobody finds it until I return. I'm sure that would look suspicious as all hell if somebody did find it, but ain't no law against that.
  12. Found him trapped in a big pine log so I grabbed the chainsaw and set him free! I'll clean him up today and give him a quick grooming before he gets his hair and nails done.
  13. wooly

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Most poachers get turned in on a tip, or in this case, a butcher shop discovery. The officers usually investigate the scene first to determine if they have a case... then to collect as much un-tampered evidence as they can and then compare it to the suspects story to see what matches up and what doesn't. These officers aren't the stumbling, bumbling fools some guys make them out to be.
  14. wooly

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    LOL- yeah, get lost Mr. DEC officer. If you want incriminating evidence against me go find it for yourself! Mr. DEC officer hangs his head in shame and heads out to investigate another NY mountain lion sighting and you never hear from him again,lol If he's asking you to show him where you killed your deer, he probably already knows, and is giving you a chance to come clean and cooperate, and maybe even cut you some kind of break unless you turn into some kind of un-cooperative guilt ridden ass wipe.
  15. I'm almost positive that bronzed deer skull in the original post was done with metal reactive paints. That's turning out to be a pretty big thing with skull carvers and other artists lately. You can get that stuff in copper, bronze, brass, and iron(rust) finishes. Comes with an activator spray to speed up the metal aging process. Pretty sure you can get the DIY kits on Amazon.