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  1. wooly

    Brought home a new pup!

    It was a pleasure to finally meet ya Burty-boy! I hope your daughter enjoys it as much as I enjoy making this stuff! It's all about the smiles at this point my friend! I enjoyed chattin' with ya today and finally putting a face to the name. It's gotta be 20 years or so now that I've been talking with you on these forums so that was pretty cool! Enjoy the pooch, and take care till next time!
  2. wooly

    Life expectancy

    Could be any day now,lol My family has a history of suffering into their 80's and early 90's. I intend to break that trend and planning on tapping out here in a few more years by the age of 50 as soon as I complete my saw collection!
  3. Oh damn buddy, I'm just seeing this and can't even imagine the agony she was in! Prayers for a fast and painless recovery! Your trophy wife may blow up into a nice "non-typical" with that kind of injury to the left side so keep an eye on the right side of her rack next year,lol! Sorry for the twisted humor bud, but you know me.... missing a few original parts of my own!
  4. wooly

    An owl and an eagle chainsaw carves

    Thanks guys! I use white pine, yellow pine, hemlock, maple, ash, cherry, elm..... whatever I can get my hands on, my saws can always cut it,lol For torches I just use a $30 Harbor freight weed torch that hooks up to a 20lb propane tank when I need to cook an entire carve. If I'm burning smaller areas or adding shadows to details I just use a little hand held Bernzomatic propane bottle.
  5. The owl is my new favorite I've ever done.
  6. wooly

    Tons o' fun...

    Figured I finally get around to taking a shot at a Dumbo! Still got a few things to tweak on this one before the finish, but I thought he was coming along pretty good so far! Ears and tusks attached separately since I don't have logs big enough to accommodate something like this from one piece. Sucker weighs a ton as it sits.
  7. wooly

    Few recent carves

    Haven't posted any carvings in a while so I thought I'd hang a few here for the off season. Still got a mess of logs to dice up and will probably have to drop a few more before fall. Don't think I've posted any of these here yet. Hope everyone's having a good summer so far!
  8. wooly

    Happy birthday grampy !

    Happy B-day good buddy! Thanks for all your encouragement and support over the years, and hope your day is as blessed as it can be!
  9. wooly

    Sharpening chainsaw

    I've been thinking about trying these for a wile now. Guess the only thing holding me back is I'll need one for each chain since they're all different pitch so I'd need 3 of them.... and maybe a 4'th soon. I've got about a dozen dull ones now so it's probably a good time to work them over and get some more use out of them one way or another. Have only heard good things about these.
  10. wooly

    Praying mantis have hatched

    They sure look cute and cuddly now, but in just a few short months they'll be biting the heads off their mates after knockin' the Mantis boots,lol
  11. wooly

    Mounting turkey

    I think I need a cold shower after this erotic series,lol
  12. wooly

    Slayed the dragon..

    ANYTHING with no soft, dry rot spots! Pine and hemlock carve like butter. Maple seems to take the detais the best, and I just LOVE the color I get from a piece of cherry like this one, but it's hard on both me and the saws. I just got a load of poplar and couldn't believe how hard that stuff is too. Unfortunately it's a very wet wood that retains a lot of water and needs to be dried for some time before the finish is applied or the varnish turns very cloudy. Learned that the hard way. Should have some red oak and cottonwood to play around with soon as well but haven't worked with any of that yet.
  13. wooly

    Slayed the dragon..

    5'th pic down, over shot my cut under the chin,lol Gotta clean that crap up!
  14. wooly

    Slayed the dragon..

    Trust me, I probably have the smallest head of any carvers I know,lol The flaws in this one jump right out at me just like every other hunk of wood I ever took a saw to!
  15. wooly

    Slayed the dragon..

    My neighbor brought me this big ol' cherry log a few weeks ago so I got to sawing on it the other day and finished up this afternoon. My plan started with a simple drawing of a dragon that lives in my head and it worked out pretty sweet on the wood too!