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  1. wooly

    New Camera Lens

    Looking good!
  2. wooly

    Asking Permission

    Probably wont work out in the long run. I just came out of a very similar situation where I had previously been granted FULL permission. Turned out I was using the landowners property more than he was up to the point that we started bumping into one another nearly every time one of us stepped foot in his woods. Long story short, he informed me last year of some logging and posting, and ownership change of hands that would be going on in the future and gave me the opportunity to retrieve any stands I had hung before some changes took place. That was just the least confrontational and friendly way of saying he'd like to have his property to himself which is totally understandable in my book so have to respect that. When someone beats around the bush like that without giving you a definitive answer, I think you can take that as a... "I'd prefer you didn't hunt my property, and this is the nicest way to break it to ya". JMO of course, but it's not the first and wont be the last experience I've had like that I'm sure.
  3. wooly

    Chevy Equinox

    Sis has been trading them in every few years for the latest model. Think she's on her 3'rd one now with her 3 month old 2018. Other than a brake issue on her last one I don't recall any major problems. It's a proven log and deer carcass hauler unmatched by any other in it's class,lol
  4. Got another eagle in the works after getting my little carving pit cleared out from all the snow yesterday. This wasn't the original plan for this log, but I ran into a rot pocket running right down the center. Had to change the plan and go with a design that would remove that portion, and thankfully it didn't run the entire length of the log. Still lots of shaping and detail need to be added to this one but it's coming along pretty good so far. Might make this guy standing on a pile of skulls if I get brave enough and don't run into any more problems. Hoping to get a little break in the weather now to push this guy along a little quicker heading into the finish work.
  5. wooly

    Happy birthday Steuben Jerry and Tughill Tamer

    Happy B-day fellas!
  6. wooly

    Mega- BLUEJAYS.

    Their populations tend to fluctuate up or down with the wild tom turkey. Gonna be a good spring... count on it!
  7. wooly

    Halloween idea for wooly....

    It's on my list of tings to do... Probably gonna need another saw before I get started on that,lol
  8. wooly

    Wooly's competition

    Haha- better than too late!
  9. wooly

    Wooly's competition

    My Chinese relatives call me "Hung So Lo",lol
  10. wooly

    Wooly's competition

    I had trouble moving the last one 30 yards and getting it stood on end. My imagination isn't even big enough for something that size!
  11. wooly

    Wooly's competition

    LOL- give me a break... let's be realistic here. Gonna be at least another week or two before I get to that level!
  12. wooly

    Dog Down!

    Smartest, most challenging critter in the NY woods right there.....well.., not any more!
  13. wooly

    That's my boy!

    I'm not sure yet. I put a lot of thought and planning into this one before I actually got started and I think it paid off. Probably just wait until something else inspires me like that before I decide again. I do want to carve a nice big buck, but I'll need to find the right hunk of wood for that.