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  1. In the stand now, and it feels like a balmy day in bow season out here! I have a deer marathon planned for the weekend. Hunting bucks mornings and nights and processing two does midday. I’m allowing a few friends to hunt my place so we should be able to put something on the ground.
  2. Harvested a doe last night. Now I’m eating a tenderloin sandwich while waiting for a buck. Eating deer while waiting for deer.
  3. Good luck, Zem. I hope you have some snow to aid in tracking. walking into the woods I spotted a very small buck about 100yards away that ended up broadside at 30yards within 2 minutes. 1.5yo 6pt. I put him in the crosshairs, but didn’t pull the trigger. I hope I don’t live to regret that...
  4. I harvested a doe this evening. First deer of the year. Better late than never! It was a treat to take my 3 year old boy on the retrieve. In other news, after a few test shots, I determined that my shotgun shoots as good as ever after the infamous tree stand fall last week.
  5. Back in the tree this afternoon for the first time since Friday. A group of doe have been at my apple trees at all hours of the day, so I hope they’re similarly active here in the woods.
  6. Beat this for a bad morning - drove an hour to hunt an exciting new property. In my stand by 6:00. Slight shift and my shotgun fell 20’ to the ground, fully loaded. Luckily didn’t go-off, but broke the stock and ended my hunting this morning. I’ll sit quietly until after sunrise to take off. I’ll drive the hour back for another weapon to return this afternoon. Thankful that I wasn’t injured.
  7. Zero deer seen, seven hours in the stand today in 8N. Judging by the lack of shots opening weekend and reports from friends, the deer just haven’t been very active. Whatever the reason, I hope it picks up in the upcoming days.
  8. Fun day to be out. Lots of little ones this morning. Congrats on those bruisers!
  9. That’s a giant. I can’t imagine a friend taking that off of my property! What part of the state?
  10. Sitting on the ground tonight on a hemlock ridge above some green fields. Checked the cameras to find bucks cruising heavily last weekend. I know where I should have been on Sunday...
  11. Thanks, Lomax. My buddy will reach out. I believe it was one of the large 10pts that roam our woods, so it would be nice to have some closure.
  12. Is anyone familiar with the deer tracking organization? A buddy shot a large buck at 7:30 this morning. Says the hit seemed good. After 3 hours, we started tracking and followed decent bright blood for approximately 500yards and lost it where it entered a green field. A dog would do the trick. Please let me know if you have any contacts in Yates/Ontario counties.
  13. Excellent hunt this morning. I saw 15+ deer and witnessed some small bucks chasing. Action was steady until I left at 11. Heading back out this afternoon. Good luck all.
  14. Plenty of deer on their feet this morning. Saw a 4pt chasing for a bit. Two does have posted up at 50yds. I love live bait!
  15. Looking forward to a nice sit in the tree stand this morning. 42 degrees and a NW wind, feels like the Rut again!
  16. Silent in the morning. A deer blew at my decoy 30-40 times, that didn’t help.
  17. I’ve been too busy to post, but I had some luck on Sunday morning. Set up perfectly near roosted birds, had some gobbles but he was henned-up. The group walked off gobbling but this Jake came back silently to check out my decoy. Not a big one, but I’m happy.
  18. I was chased out of the woods at 7:00 by my own poop. Back at it on Sate land. Geez it’s crowded this year!
  19. Woods are cold and silent this morning. Good luck to those of you fortunate enough to be out here.
  20. Third day sitting until noon. I’ve had some exciting moments, but couldn’t seal the deal. Hunted a new property yesterday and accidentally set up too close to their roost. I got busted by the gobbler after flydown. Two distant birds gobbling until 5:45 this morning. One hen came in close. At least the deer aren’t blowing at me. These deer certainly aren’t practicing social distancing, I could have sneezed on one yesterday. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your updates over the past few days. Good luck to all.
  21. Good advice. My biggest tip - bring some toilet paper with you.
  22. Yes, there are birds on nearly every WMU. The problem that I find is the pressure from other hunters. My local state land is riddled with trucks on opening day.
  23. 8pt in 8N. Crossbow at 9:30am. Double lung and down within 10 seconds. Unfortunately he tumbled into this gully which made for a long steep drag. I saw so many deer this morning, it was just a fantastic hunt.