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  1. Five mornings in the woods, no birds seen, zero gobbles. Sure is a beautiful day though.
  2. Hunted from 10-12 today close to home on a property that I normally only deer hunt. No gobbles, no sightings. I did find a very well used dust bowl full of feathers. I’m going to put a camera there before this afternoon’s rain, should have some intel by next week.
  3. A comedy of errors for me this morning. Overslept, nature’s call, gun jammed, no gobbles 5am-Noon. Still a great morning in the woods.
  4. Spooked a deer on the way in. Tracks all over. Old scrape just opened back up. Wind is terrible, I think my scent has been blown in all four directions already. Quick hunt before work. It’ll have to be a nice one that gets me to shoot before this warm stretch.
  5. Plenty of deer out tonight in 8N, just not the right ones.
  6. I saw a ton of deer tonight, probably 15+. No good bucks within range.
  7. I saw seven deer on the way to the stand. That’s a good sign.
  8. It was a very quiet morning in my woods in 8N. I saw some chasing activity on the next property over, couldn’t tell how big the buck was. With two doe in the freezer, I’m looking for a buck.
  9. Lots of deer on their feet this morning. I took a drive and saw one mature buck chasing two does in a field, another two bucks cruising. I hope to make it out this afternoon for one last bow hunt.
  10. I’m unfamiliar with how deer leases work. Shouldn’t there be a provision in the document to avoid such disturbances during deer season?
  11. 8N, watched bucks all morning long from my home office. Beautiful 10pt wouldn’t leave a small doe, chasing her all over the place. They ran all over my yard but it was too quiet to sneak out for a shot.
  12. Planned to hunt for the first time in a week, but I woke up to a terribly sore back. Went outside to check the wind and spooked a bunch of deer in the backyard. I’ve seen two giant bucks midday in the last two days, I hate to miss a day in the woods. Ibuprofen, give me wings.
  13. Lots of action this evening. Had a 2.5 year old eight point come to about 40 yards. Two smaller bucks came through after that. Spooked deer walking up the hill and more waking back down. Finally have a pic of a shooter in daylight (first light, but better than midnight).
  14. Live from the home office - deer are everywhere this morning. I counted 12 including a decent buck that marched right down my driveway at first light. I’ll be out this afternoon.
  15. Nice fish! Is that a rainbow and LL? I was following the gauge on that creek last week, it hit 7000cfs. I’m hoping to hit it once or twice this fall.
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