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  1. FLXmatt

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Raining on and off near Canandaigua Lake. Just called in a very vocal large hen. Not even a peep from the gobbler.
  2. FLXmatt

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Super quiet out here. I heard one very distant gobble at 6:00.
  3. FLXmatt

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    61, perfectly still in 8N. Should be a good morning to hear some gobbles.
  4. FLXmatt

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    A half dozen deer winded me and snorted 20+ times. So much for keeping a low profile!
  5. FLXmatt

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Hunting some state land big woods in the finger lakes. Rain let up, so that’s nice. Unexpected cell service is a plus too. No scouting this year, but hopeful that I’ll hear a gobble. Good luck all.
  6. Another great hunt this evening in 8N. I’ve sat on the same bucket for three nights in a row and seen 2 dozen deer. Probably should have pulled the trigger a time or two but oh well. Hunting most of the day tomorrow and a buddy just gave me another doe tag. Hoping for a successful day.
  7. Head out until 8:30, when my babysitting duties start. Hoping for the best in that short window. Taking coffee to the woods for the first time ever. Good luck to all going out, seems like a perfect morning.
  8. Exciting hunt tonight. Sat for two hours and saw a dozen deer including an 8pt that I would have taken if he gave me a better chance. The wind didn’t do me any favors and at least six of those deer busted me. Doe tags all filled, I’m buck hunting for the weekend. Good luck to all.
  9. I was home with my wife and sick infant yesterday but I was able to sneak out to the woods for the last hour of daylight. Ground was extra crunchy, zero wind. To my surprise I snuck up on a group of five doe, unfortunately with no doe tags in my pocket. I snuck into my gully and found another two bedded. Seven deer unaware of my presence, that never happens to me.
  10. I got in the stand late in 8N. Had a deer blow at me on my way in and then had a button buck come right under the stand. I hope the action continues.
  11. Surprisingly few shots here in 8N. Perhaps the fewest I’ve ever heard on opening morning.
  12. Back in the stand in 8N. Last night was a bust. Around 4:20 the landowner adjacent to my parcel drove his tractor around the perimeter of his land to re-hang his posted signs. Parked about 40yds away from my stand and seemed confused about where the boundary was. We had a friendly talk and I packed up and left. Im hoping for better luck tonight. The wind is right and I’m next to their bedroom. Good luck to anyone hunting this evening!
  13. Back in the woods in 8N after a brief hiatus due to injury. 15 mins after I got settled a small 6pt trotted by at 80yds. The wind is light but it is swirling quite a bit. Hopefully a deer is the one to make a mistake tonight, I could really go for some tenderloins for dinner!
  14. I missed a doe this morning. Flat out missed. I think I severely misjudged the distance. I’ll be replaying that in my head all week. Lots of action in the woods from sunrise until 9:30 when I came down. Two different bucks were trailing does. Sure feels like deer season.
  15. Exciting morning in the woods in 8N. Hunted until 9:30, saw four bucks. Two were chasing does, two were rolling solo. One was the largest I’ve ever seen from a tree stand. Rut seems to be in full swing.