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  1. Water Rat

    Easter Card pull - a few toms

    Nice paint brush on one of them. Good luck this season.
  2. Water Rat

    Check the sights on your turkey slayer

    I replaced the beads on my Mossberg 835 ( NWTF edition ) with Truglo fiber optic sights. I then patterned it with Hevi - shot 3.5 inch #6’s. I’ve been very happy with the results. The only reason why I stayed away from a scope with magnification is that I might be tempted to take a shot further than it’s maximum effective range.
  3. Water Rat

    Boston strong ?

    I think your right Elmo.
  4. Water Rat

    Boston strong ?

    First the Red Sox won the World Series , then the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Is it the Celtics turn ? They’re going for the sweep right now. I still think the Warriors are still the best team in the NBA.
  5. Water Rat

    Boston strong ?

    Good point lol
  6. Water Rat

    And on Easter this happened.....

    Happy Easter Everybunny
  7. Water Rat

    Any Jeopardy fans ?

    Tonight's defending contestant is on a 5 day winning streak and has won close to 300 grand. He's a professional sports gambler from Las Vegas. I like when he says "All in " when he places his wager on the Jeopardy answer.
  8. I never heard of this but was wondering if anyone ever used one.
  9. Water Rat

    New hunting land

    Good for you. It's a good time to scout it out before the woods get too green.
  10. Water Rat

    Back in the day

  11. Water Rat

    Back in the day

  12. Water Rat

    Back in the day

  13. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  14. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  15. Water Rat

    Awesome fox picture

    I can only imagine the amount of effort that went into taking that many fox.
  16. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle