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  1. Been out Saturday , Sunday and Monday afternoon in Dutchess (3f). Still haven’t seen a deer and only heard 2 shots. Trying hard to remain optimistic.
  2. R.I.P. Today’s Chuckle……it was fun while it lasted.
  3. Can you name them ? Enjoy tomorrow !
  4. The Belisle are the best made body grip traps on the market IMO. Give them the respect they deserve because they’re super strong and close tight. The only negative thing is that they don’t come with any cable or chains. Have fun and good luck.
  5. I’m hoping you have someone to help with the gutting and dragging ? Congrats !!
  6. Were the clothes completely dry before you stored them ?
  7. I had an old bottle of Tinks laying around so I decided to make a scrape with it in my back yard. I was curious to see what deer were around. Disregard the time and date as the camera went thru a flood but it still takes pictures.
  8. Looks like he's surviving. He contacted mange early in the spring which gave him the best chance for survival. Had he contacted it in the fall he probably wouldn't survive the upcoming winter.
  9. I plan on making a few bobcat sets this year. I usually start after deer season closes , but I might go earlier if I get a deer first.
  10. Great game last night......Packers got lucky. Miami's record is safe for another year.
  11. Is that your first frost ? Still waiting for one in Dutchess County.
  12. It'll be interesting to see if the crowd starts chanting FJB at the game. Especially since MLB moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta this year due to new election rules. I foresee a lot of commercial breaks if the crowd gets loud. LOL
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