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  1. I trapped this guy this morning in a coyote set. Beautiful prime pelt.
  2. Interesting article on how you can literally catch a bobcat in the same tracks it made previously.
  3. A few from back in the day. Sure seemed like a lot more turkeys back then.
  4. Fox Studios in Putnam County.
  5. Yeah....could be a kitten. It looks like he's using a well defined trail coming out of the woods.
  6. Reported 70-100 mph winds and 40' drifts. I can't imagine that much snow. I wonder how many died from it.
  7. I had a family of 5 run by me when I was deer hunting in my ladder stand years ago. It sounded like a herd of deer running to me until I saw what they were. They ran into the swamp behind my stand.
  8. Well , I finally got around to making this set after putting it off for nearly 3 years. It's still a hot otter toilet and I had confidence in it. After the 3rd day , I walked up to a sprung trap. Upon inspection it appeared the otter slid over the top of the trap causing it to fire. So this time I re-set the trap and moved it a couple of inches to one side. I figured I might have to wait a while for him to return as they travel a large circuit. On the eighth day I walked up to the set and noticed the trap was gone. I saw my pan cover (wax paper) floating near the shore so I knew I had him. The only problem was that he tangled himself up in some branches that made it harder to pull him out. I didn't bother weighing him but he's a medium male otter.
  9. I saw this on another site ......a coyote with 2 noses. I bet he could smell a trap a mile away. LOL
  10. Picked this guy up from the taxidermist recently. I think he did a good job.
  11. There's no need to buy buck lure every year......this worked just fine. Disregard the date and time.
  12. I was sitting outside enjoying the mild weather when this guy came by. I saw one with mange this morning.....poor thing. Hate seeing animals suffer.
  13. Found this buried in my basement today. Not sure how old it is (gotta be at least 15 years old) but I decided to make a fake scrape in my back yard. It smelled good after all these years. It'll be interesting to see if it still works.
  14. Hang out your shingle Paula.......very nice !
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