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  1. It doesn’t look like your call is broken. All you need to do is turn the striker upside down and put the wire back in it’s original position ( upper corner). Then put the striker right side up.
  2. With the season just a few days away , I always enjoy learning new tactics to killing gobblers. Although I like to think I've killed my share of turkeys over the years , I'm never too old to learn a new trick or two. There are probably hundreds of good tips to use but I feel like this might be number one in my book (especially for beginners). JUST STAY PUT......resist the urge to get up and move when the gobbling stops and nothing happens for 30 minutes. Often times they come in silent or a subordinate will show up out of nowhere. The gobbler knows exactly where you're calling from.
  3. That's pretty depressing....can't see it getting much worse than this.
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