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  1. The one time that I root for the Giants and they blow a14 point halftime lead. I can’t win for losing.
  2. Yes. Remember people crab fishing off the bridge ? They used to race remote control boats there too.
  3. Good luck with your surgery rob-c. It’s a pretty common surgery nowadays. Makes you wonder how people managed the knee pain 50 years ago. I guess back then they were confined to wheelchairs.
  4. Are you familiar with Yorktown ? Moretti’s was on the right side of 202 after you come off of the Annsville circle.
  5. Hey Biz-R-OWorld.... do you remember the Moretti Boat Dealership on Route 202 ? I saw a monster buck in the woods across the street from them many years ago. They grow huge in Westchester.
  6. Hey Biz-R-OWorld.... did that guy who owned the bait shop pass away ? Always wondered about him.
  7. Yeah..... I was just thinking about that. Lol
  8. That is awesome ! Is it de-clawed ? I’m assuming the DEC gave you a permit for it ? How long have you had it ? I hate to seem nosy , but I’m very interested and find it fascinating. Thanks
  9. I have this jake coming to the bird feeder every day. Poor guy is missing his foot. He must have a hard time roosting at night with only 1 foot to hold on with. He must have lost it due to a predator , a trap or a birth defect. I can't think of any other explanation. The flock he's with doesn't really harass him , as he knows he's at the bottom of the pecking order.
  10. He wasn't hit late....he was still inbounds. Don't believe Tony Romo's bullshit.