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  1. I agree Permethrin (yellow bottle) to be used on clothing the day before wearing not while wearing and this sawyers picaridin (blue bottle) on your skin.
  2. Brow Tine


    Excellent 8.5% IPA for the $. Usually $10.99- 12.99
  3. Brow Tine


    Thought it was pretty good not too sweet. loved the banana taste.
  4. Brow Tine


    Watching some streaming hunting videos. Waypoint chasing November free app.
  5. Brow Tine


    good stuff have one more left from last year. Can't wait till new release in March.
  6. DogBoneHunter youtube channel by Jeremy Moore. Lots of videos and playlists on training for shed hunting and game recovery. Has a web site with dvd's and training supplies.