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  1. It really shouldn't matter as long as you measure the same way every time. I measure by volume. When I did my initial setup I checked against a scale and the graduations on test tubes don't line up perfect with the scale. It's usually only off by 3 or 4 grains though. If you are running 153gr vs 150 it really doesn't make a difference so long as you do the same every time. I measured out 20 loads using my volume measure and checked them all on the scale. There was never a variance of more than a grain.
  2. Wow, re-reading that I probably need to find a better way to word that one. Don't get any ideas!
  3. I'm making the move to heavy as well. I just ordered the Ethics Archery test kit. I've been shooting Black Eagle Rampage, ~415 grain with a Rage Hypodermic. I have T-Rex syndrome, 27" draw at about 65lbs and not a speed bow. My only concern is heavy arrow will make 3D tough as it will be less forgiving judging yardage. That may be my justification for adding a second bow to the arsenal. I'll lend you the test kit when it gets here or maybe we can bare shaft tune together.
  4. I'm a dog lover but pitbulls fall into a unique scenario. They were bread for aggression for a very long time. They can be great pets with time and effort. Unfortunately there are so many out there for adoption that they are much more attainable for people who probably shouldn't have a dog. Some animal lovers feel they are better off in the hands of someone unfit than in a kill shelter. The outcome is a lot of untrained dogs that revert back to their instincts and aggression. For a while German Shepherds and Rottweilers were in a similar situation but have overcome it. Just my opinion. Definitely feel bad for the good samaritan. That's a heavy burden to bare.
  5. My mother forwarded me this today. Not far from my old stomping grounds. "Massachusetts man armed with a crossbow accidentally killed his neighbor Wednesday while trying to save him from a dog attack"
  6. What bow is your son shooting? I'd love to pick one up for my daughter this year.
  7. I'll be investing in a Jet Sled for next year with the modifications in this video. I'm a little skeptical when the time comes if I'll go back to the car to get it or just tough it out but at least I'll have the option.
  8. That's what I'm saying though. I've dragged them a mile plus through heavy brush and blow downs and no issue. Standing water I guess I can see the argument. I'm wondering if you guys are dragging them by the hind legs? << That's a joke, or at least I hope it's a joke.
  9. I'm surprised by the number of people that say opening the chest will result in a cavity full of debris. I've never run into this issue. I throw a rope around the antlers or neck and the deer drags on it's side. Occasionally a may get a couple leaves or a twig in there but nothing I would call problematic or contaminating.
  10. Otsego and Delaware counties also have similar initiatives. The ultimate goal is if enough counties enact this it should get enough politicians attention to re-consider the SAFE Act. If it does pass in your county I wouldn't run out and bring home a non-compliant SAFE Act Firearm. My guess is Sanctuary status will mean local and county police will turn a blind eye but I think the big boss man still has say over what the Troopers enforce.
  11. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Hopefully I get a chance to try it again this fall. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  12. I'll have to check that out. I carry a Havalon Piranta and the Gerber vitals saw. I didn't realize there was a Havalon that would cover both needs. I took the elbow high gloves out of the bag once and realized right away they wouldn't work for me. I think that's one benefit of splitting the rib cage is it's a lot cleaner task. I just wear a pair of latex gloves and never manage to get any blood past my wrist.
  13. I've seen this done in videos and tried to do it myself but no luck. I guess I'll need to keep trying or see if I can watch someone give it a go first hand. Until then I'll stick with the saw.
  14. I've been reading some of the recent knife threads and it has me curious about people's field dressing preferences. I was taught to cut the trachea and esophagus as high as possible so I always split the breastbone. I use a small Gerber vitals saw and feel it's 2-3 additional minutes that make the rest of the process much easier. I know others cut the pelvis as well. What is everyone's preference?
  15. Trenton, Richfield and Gilbertsville are my three favorites but I've still got a couple left to try.