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  1. Ive bought those straps for at least five different friends, they are an absolute must have
  2. I cant think of a safer way to get into a tree than with a properly used climber with a safety line attached the entire way up and down the tree. Especially a "full capture" climber like the Summit Viper, Titan, etc. 9/10 of these issues they didnt tether the top to the bottom and thats just stupidity
  3. I put the odds at about 100% that buck comes out behind you in bow range lol
  4. The surest and quickest way to get Biz to predict that you shot something is to text him and say "Just got an arrow in one, no forum yet please"
  5. Cant float it? I floated a buck a few hundred feet last season with no sled or anything it went pretty well
  6. We went at Christmas/New Years and as much as I hate that place I have to say the lights are staggering
  7. I found some that are years old, Im going to roll the dice!
  8. The back pain heat pads with adhesive are awesome, put one on your lower back and you will stay warm
  9. I shot Rage this year and got a massive entry and no exit, about zero blood trail. Give me a smaller entry and a pass through every day of the week and twice on Sunday
  10. I havent either. I let a 1.5 walk on the final day last year but I had killed a lot of deer and it seemed like the right thing to do
  11. First doe I see, and I probably wont shoot a 1.5 buck but then again I might lol
  12. I guess we are Doing this today. It’s like broad daylight out there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro