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  1. The_Real_TCIII

    October 1st

    Thats why I hate it, the two arent mutually exclusive. We lost the best (IMO) weekend of bowhunting and were given 10/1 opener. Im not some snob bowhunter either but I loved the Monday opener for the reasons you mentioned
  2. The_Real_TCIII

    You guys are a bunch of Jerks ...and thanks!

  3. The_Real_TCIII

    Someone might tag a stag

    That was another concern I have, I think these animals get drugged and moved and I didnt want to eat it
  4. The_Real_TCIII

    Someone might tag a stag

    I dont think the guy even wanted them back but I wasnt going to drag it out past his house lol
  5. The_Real_TCIII

    October 1st

    I hate that change more than anything else hunting related
  6. The_Real_TCIII

    Someone might tag a stag

    I’ve posted this before but I had one walking all around me on thanksgiving one year, the guy across from our lease in Delevan had lost them a couple years earlier Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. The_Real_TCIII

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Ill never understand people that dont like duck. Have they been served mergansers??
  8. The_Real_TCIII

    Tuning question,again...

    Unless theyre really flying poorly in which case you wont have good penetration
  9. The_Real_TCIII

    Tuning question,again...

    Yes. If they are then sight in and hunt
  10. The_Real_TCIII

    Who's NOT Ready

    Coming tonight?
  11. The_Real_TCIII

    Tuning question,again...

    Are the broadheads grouping?
  12. I need a sarcasm font
  13. The_Real_TCIII

    Cross wind shooting

    Tip your top limb into the wind Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. The_Real_TCIII

    Old Forge tame deer

    years ago when we vacationed there every year there were literally hundreds of deer between OF and Inlet, last couple times I’ve only seen a dozen or so. Did they cull them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. The_Real_TCIII

    Tuning question,again...

    Why do that when moving the sight takes seconds? I find the less my brain is involved in the shot process the better lol