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  1. BowmanMike

    Frost Heave

    Seems very unlikely to me that your septic line being pushed up would lift your toilet. Does the main line exit the house very close to that toilet? I would think the main line would flex enough to not move your toilet,even if it does heave up a tad. Also,there is a rubber sleeve you can install on the line,two hoseclamps on either end.
  2. BowmanMike

    Daughter earned her black belt in karate

    Say,was the karate her idea or yours? She will be able to kick any boys arse,haha.
  3. BowmanMike

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    I just wanted to make sure you were aware.
  4. BowmanMike

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    That is a short term solution and will kill you in the long term!
  5. BowmanMike

    Need help with arrow selection

    I shot arrows that were to stiff for my setup last year,and that alone will make an arrow fly funny even if everything is set up correctly. And i think moog is in the right area as far as spine numbers....
  6. BowmanMike

    sum up your season!

    The worst.
  7. BowmanMike

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    germany is the size of ny and pa combined,and there's almost 90 mil people living there. So human population density has nothing to do with boar population.
  8. BowmanMike

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    I am talking about wild boar,not domestic pigs. A pig that escapes does not make a wild boar.
  9. ok,season is done for me. I got the muzzle loader fixed and zeroed and went out,all i kept seeing was a tiny button buck. This season is the worst for me ever. I could go out tomorrow,but i am too frustrated. I can wait 10 months... One doe is not a lot of meat,oh well,i guess you have to have bad experiences to really appreciate the good. On that note,happy holidays to all and i will see you next year!!
  10. BowmanMike

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    Dude,i doubt the settlers brought wild boars over with them,they are not easy to handle. I grew up in Germany,and the boars are out of control there. Nothing is working on reducing their numbers. Maybe the wolves conung back into germany will help. I gotta wonder where you get your information,or dont you?
  11. Getting a new breech plug this a.m. and checking zero on the muzzle loader,hopefully i can get out this afternoon...
  12. I might have a mental problem,i lost three does this hunting season,more than my prior 7 seasons combined. That has to be some sort of sad record,i will do a serious re-evaluation of my equipment and skills before next year. I value not having my prey suffer,and that has not happened this year. This does make me appreciate how things have worked out in seasons prior. Not sure of i was just lucky or what happened this year.
  13. This season is the worst for me,i wounded another deer yesterday. When it rains it pours. Tracked it over three different properties until i got to one i can't track on. I jumped her once,no shot. Worst season ever,aside from my first where i got nothing,but at least i didn't hurt anything besides my ego either then. I might go out Monday or Tuesday,or maybe quit while i am behind.
  14. BowmanMike

    Be careful out there

    That,and what are you doing on the pile in the first place? There has to be a better spot to sit. I buy logs for my firewood and have to roll them of the pile to cut them up,and the power of a rolling log is scary. I always stand of the end of the pile,but man it is scary when one takes off.
  15. I am considering asking the guy down the road if he will let me shoot a doe or two. There have been at least 10 deer hanging out there,sometimes over 20. Drives me crazy when i go by.