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  1. There are racists in every ethnic group just like every ethnic group has idiots in their ranks. Say the percentage is 5% in all of them,which group has the most racists? The group that is the biggest portion of the population?
  2. That's the truth. The golden years don't seem so golden for most. The only thing you can do is enjoy every day as much as you can.
  3. Happy for ya. I gotta admit I don't get that painting either,but that doesn't matter as long as you like it!
  4. Thanks guys,it was a great one. As it should be when one turns 50.
  5. This one didn't jump but tried to get down below the rocks and bury itself or snag my line. I was happy I had a friend with me and he came and netted the fish for me. I was 6' above the creek on some big rocks.
  6. Summer stoneflies get that big. Bring those out later...
  7. I caught this beauty on Friday on the Esopus Creek below phonecia. My biggest stream rainbow ever,19"
  8. Did you guys think big oil would not get the money back they lost during the shutdown? The gas price would be the same under Trump. Who runs the show,the politicians or big money? It is great they have you fooled and you blame the politicians while big oil posts record profits and keeps production low. Carry on...
  9. I kind of feel inadequate posting in this thread,but I did find my first shed a few days ago but the exciting part was I found it in a bed. It is this little beech thicket on a north facing hill,I walked past it plenty of times but went through it last time and it has a little opening in the middle. One of the few really dense spots on that hill and it was cool to get this confirmation. I have a few ideas about where to set up next season...
  10. this is the worst time of year for ticks...
  11. I haven't ice fished in over ten years. And my trout stream obsession is past now too,replaced by bowhunting deer. There is only so much time one has for hobbies,I have plenty of interests, but also have a day job...and a wife that I like spending time with as well. That's life for you though, things come and go. Oh,and basketball and soccer are of my list as well but that is because of a macerated meniscus. It is fine for everyday use,but fast cutting moves are not on that list and I would like to keep my original knee as long as possible.
  12. You think that's weird? In big commercial laying battery operations they have a vacuum system hooked to each cage and suck out the hens that go into their first molt and run them through a shredder and then that is fed back to the other chickens. Hail the economy of that!
  13. Congrats on finding a black racist. Did you think racism was exclusive to white people? What do you think,are there more black or white racists?
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