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  1. Good job fletch!!!! Congrats on a nice doe and a clean kill.
  2. BowmanMike

    Is technology helping or hurting the hunt.

    It is both good and bad. If i am on a stand and constantly scanning the area,my eyes will start playing tricks on me. I think it is good to take a break once in a while. I used to just close my eyes for a bit before i had a smartphone. Now i post nonsense on the live from the woods thread. Deer have a real talent sneaking up,even of you are paying attention. Looking in the opposite direction and poof a deer is 15 yds from the stand in the other.
  3. good luck with him papist,he is a fat fella as well!!
  4. BowmanMike

    Is losing deer an inevitable occurrence?

    It does suck when this happens,but there is always a chance something might go wrong. All you can do is try your hardest to find it,and if you can't then learn from it. No one wants to see a deer suffer,but there are no guarantees.
  5. Wow,all those bucks would stun me if i saw them in the woods. I would probably drop my bow. Amazing to see what walks around in places,and mid day is crazy. Best of luck with any of them...
  6. Good luck to all outt there today. Seems like a nice morning.
  7. I wish someone would choose stand sites for me. My confidence is at an all time low,but now i am going in expecting nothing,and usually i am right.
  8. Oh,is there a prize for the last place in the whitetail challenge? i am doing good with that...not giving that up easily
  9. I am not seeing much either. Sat 4 hrs today,zilch. I would be happy to just see deer in the distance,the two fat grey squirrels didn't excite me much.
  10. getting chilly here,but magic hour has begun
  11. Got settled in a brand new spot with my climber on county land here in 4F. Beautiful spot,we will see if anything comes past before dark. I am just happy to be in a tree.
  12. BowmanMike

    Anybody in there ?

    I got a pic of a coyote checking out my cam,i will post it if i can figure out how to get it from my computer to my phone..
  13. BowmanMike

    Another age him and guess weight buck

    i think this poor buck really has thyroid issues. He eats greens,but gets fat anyway. Maybe he is just plain lazy,who knows? Looks like he would go 275 dressed,haha.
  14. Keep it up rob,we are building up credit...