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  1. I live in central NY but might relocate to western NY. Does anyone know that area around Friendship and how rural it is? I live in the country now,and the biggest city close by is 25 mins away and only has 30000 residents. Albany is 1.30 hrs,Syracuse is 1.45 and Binghamton is 1.10. So i am in the middle of nothing. Is it flat out there or some rolling hills? I see Alleghany Forest isn't far from there..
  2. The biggest thing really is to hunt the way you enjoy most. My best hunting buddy always sits in trees,and he does well. I wanna know whats happening all over,so when the conditions are right i will be still hunting. I will sit in a stand all day if i have good reason to believe i can have success. I do like to be quiet and not alert the deer of my presence if possible,but they are clever creatures. A doe followed my trail in a week or two ago,and i was wearing rubber boots. She was like a bloodhound. She ended up 4 yds from me in the other side of the bush i was hiding in. At least i was in the right spot.
  3. I am seriously considering sneaking out and going for a still hunt adventure. Wind is certainly up,but the rain is supposed to hold off until 2 p.m.
  4. I think i might have to go test sit the stand i moved last week. Like @Robhuntandfish trying to save this thread. If a nice does comes to the hay field early she is getting it. My new to me bow needs to be broken in,just shooting targets does not satisfy it.
  5. Problem with that is one would actually have to be out hunting...
  6. One would think you know better than shooting groups at that distance. Unless you are like Moog and dont want to walk and dont mind replacing arrows. Tsk tsk. Nice shooting though
  7. I concur dinorocks,you should start a thread on bark tanning and the other things you play around with. I feel inspired reading your posts to up my game a little. There is some exploring to do...
  8. Seems kinda slow so far this year as far as bow kills go,doesn't it? I will be back at it starting Friday,maybe Thursday if the rain quits. Might move a stand on Thursday anyway,maybe two.
  9. Don't you just love those things when you accomplish two things with one chore? Recon and harvest,good luck crappyice,get one!
  10. Ouch. I watched the video,i may try those BH next year...
  11. Oh,the head itself has a twist to it? Sounds pretty intriguing.
  12. After you get done checking the pics i will give you 30 mins maybe an hour before you get up on your feet again,haha.