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  1. I am rooting for you Rob,you definetely deserve a crack at one,or two,or three
  2. My season was/is about average. I focus on bowhunting for the most part,i have only been out a few times with the gun. It does seem there are less people out and about on my hill than in previous years. And conditions have been not great for still hunting,only a few weekdays were good for that,my favorite way to hunt. I only saw three bucks during that time,a fourpoint,a spike and another bigger one that got a haircut from me. I nicked him,so i am not going to pursue a career in that field. So buck sightings were down for me,i usually see more.
  3. Good luck,i am considering taking my bow out for a late chance,but the deer seem pretty spooky here on my hill. It would be sweet to get one with a bow this late in the season though. I really hope you connect.
  4. Several years ago i was posted when we did a drive with some friends. Some deer came out and walked past me at 50 yds. I only had a buck tag,and i saw the first one was a doe. The next two looked like fawns behind her,so i relaxed. Turned out the third deer was a six point 1.5 year old,he looked like a baby behind that doe. Biggest one i have ever seen
  5. I saw a doe a few hrs ago just 150 yds from my driveway,so i got dressed and went after her. I snuck along the road a bit and the into the woods and one turned into three. I watched them feed for a bit and then they all bedded down,about 90 yds away. I was getting chilled,it was still drizzling here and tried to move to get a more open lane,but mama deer saw me and they took off. Oh well,still time left...
  6. Good luck with the surgery. I had a torn ACL for over three years before i got it fixed,it doesn't put you out of comission entirely,especially if your meniscus is ok and you have some muscles in your leg. Be a good boy and do the rehab diligently.
  7. It seems odd to me that you never get two holes. I exclusively hunt with a MZ and used pellets and now bh209 and always get two holes. The gun should have enough umph out to 150 at the least. Like @turkeyfeathers said,even further if you know the bullet drop. I wonder if you hit low and missed the vitals.
  8. do you use breech plug lube on the threads before storing it? Highly recommended.
  9. Hmmm kind of like tip ups for ice fishing? 5 is legal? You can borrow mine Rob,i hope to be done with it in a few days.
  10. I hope you practiced speed loading @Robhuntandfish. I want to see you standing over three dead deer before the MZ over. I will be out for the 2nd half of the week to add one more to my freezer,don't care if it is a buck or doe. More than likely it will be a doe. It seems i see about 25 does to each buck i stumble across.
  11. That is awesome to get new ground that has hardly been hunted at this stage of the game. I am thinking of scouting some stateland by me with my MZ in hand for some new spots next bow season. I am curious as to how much pressure the state land nearby gets,i kind of think not very much.I will report my findings later this week.
  12. I am planning to do the same this MZ season,i will put some boots on the ground in a few state forests in this area,looking to punch a tag maybe but definitely scout for next bow season.
  13. I am in the exact same boat. Got my regular buck tag and either sex. I am happy to shoot another doe,but if a decent buck slips up you know what i will do...
  14. Good luck to everyone going out,should be a good weekend. I am waiting for MZ,i just cant seem to find any bucks around here this year. So another doe will have to take a spot in the freezer.