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  1. I hope so @Robhuntandfish. You will score big this year.
  2. I have to sharpen my broadheads and get my backpack organized. Other than that i am ready,i have been waiting and dreaming about this long enough. I am usually very excited about bow season,but even more so this year since i went completely mobile and also went to heavier arrows with single bevel heads. I want to try one on the real thing...
  3. I gotta sharpen my broadheads organize my hunting backpack and pouches. It looks like rain later today and tomorrow,so that should give me plenty of time. I probably wont be able to make it out on Thursday,but the weekend i will be for sure.
  4. I would be fine with combining 2 and 3.
  5. my hunting buddy found several a few weeks ago in 4F. It seems to me that everything is early this year.
  6. Don't listen to the forecast for s few more days. things change day to day
  7. The weather forecast looks amazing for the first several days. Nice and cool. I can't wait...
  8. I think they were in western NY as well.
  9. This discussion falls under the same category as most environmental improvements. There is a cleaner alternative but it costs more,so people balk at changing. Any bullet right now is hard to get,so i get this is not the easiest time to change. Lead affects young brains more than adult ones. I think if we can remove a hazardous material grom the environment why wouldn't we? Also,as far as contaminating the meat and gut pile the non lead becomes much more important in rifle uses because the bullets fragment so much more than slow bullets like a shotgun or muzzleloader. So the lead contamination of deer meat made a big jump after rifles were allowed,which was what like 12 years ago? So there is not that much historical data there.
  10. Check out last years NY hunting public series,that stalk on that giant buck in a goldenrod field was amazing. It certainly can be done here. Oops,i just saw it has been mentioned already. It took only one guy to kill the buck,but the 2nd stalked with Zach to get close footage and the other two stayed on the cliff and filmed from there. It was one of their best episodes for sure.
  11. How long have you been trying Rob? I just started thinking about that tag this year,a friend and I might start applying. And thank you for sharing the story bowslayer,that sounds absolutely great.
  12. That does sound great. Welcome back.
  13. Dont encourage him grampy...
  14. Still doesnt make any sense. They dont have to chase but you talking end of december vs October. Little more food options in october,no?