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  1. Why would it be hokie? He is an expert on voting for sure.
  2. Haha,grouse,the man with the most universal truths. You poor poor victim,the left is going to eat you alive.
  3. Bravo,that's the spirit of moving forward! I was gonna say i love you guys after Bidens speech today,but you are not making it easy.
  4. You might want to look up which states are in worse position financially,red or blue ones.
  5. You think it's funny versatile qutoes fox,i think it is funny you are talking about uniting the country now after the most polarizing president in recent history is out of office. Where was that attitude two years ago? It was trumps way or the highway. I do agree on McConnell,he is the perfect example of a politician playing whatever benefits his own position most.
  6. Ah,my mistake. That doesn't change my mind about how the whole thing went down though. And i will mention it again,storming the capitol and protesting police violence are two very different things.
  7. Let me know if this link works...
  8. In my mind it's not a big leap from trumps speech to the storming of the Capitol. Of course you cant pinpoint what a crowd is going to do,but as a president you should maybe watch what you are saying a little closer? Especially if you have some fairly fanatic followers? The right's rhetoric has been pretty wild on the election fraud bs. There was a video of don jr counting down as the rioters were about to storm the Capitol,and he looked pretty happy about it. I think the words used were t minus 60 ... And papa trump.was in the background watching things unfold on live TV and doing nothing...for hours..
  9. What about the parts where he said you have to fight,be strong? And Giuliani saying how about a trial by combat? The rhetoric is a little over the top,same as the title of this thread..I think grouse wants to start a war.
  10. Can you provide a link to where trump said anything about peacefully marching to the capitol on January 6th? I may have missed that little word.
  11. How would an informed public be able to do anything about a private citizen buying land? You dont make much sense.
  12. America should look into it? Who is america? A word to the mods,if a topic is started by grouse and phantom is the first to reply it probably should go in the political section. It is one thing if one goes there to read crazy stuff,but it would be nice if it didn't spill over into the general forum.
  13. Are you saying the government should regulate who can buy what land? That sounds like totalitarianism,and that coming from you of all people,tsk tsk.