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  1. I am narrowing things down, but still not sure. Might sight down the road from my house on a point that has some good bedding if the wind is right. I just gotta get there before Mr. Right comes back. The afternoon I think I will sit on a field edge where I have seen does pretty consistently,still have to pick a tree.
  2. I agree again. A country like germany needs those tight bag limits and limited access because of the amount of people per square mile. If it was anything like here as far as access and bag limits go there would be no game left in a very short time,kind of like the southern countries you refer to. We have it really good here when it comes to hunting.
  3. I think you are correct,but I would imagine if you grew up hunting the European way you wouldn't know any different and be fine with it. I wasn't into hunting growing up in Germany,which I wish I had been,but that is in the past. I 100% agree that the availability of game and accessibility to it is unmatched here and it is awesome to be a hunter in the U.S.
  4. My arrows aren't even that fast because of the weight,I think just under 250 fps but I could tell the difference and my hearing is not the best as my wife will confirm. And it isn't just selective either,haha. I did not shoot them.for long though,so not much anecdotal evidence.
  5. You don't get a whistle with those heads? I did and switched to a solid one because of it.
  6. Did you go glassing or spotlighting to find some of these guys? Or is it all cam data?
  7. The usual,find food. In early season that can be an adjacent hayfield or crops. If your stateland doesn't border any of that I would look for acorns. White oaks are preferred but I don't have many around my area but the deer are definetely hitting the red oak acorns already.
  8. might even be more than 4.5...Hard to tell once they are past 3.5. That is dandy of an Eastern NY buck though. You will have to kill him to find out for sure...
  9. If one doesn't test then there isn't a problem. I think less than 1% of pork gets tested in the U.S.
  10. I went to single bevels a few years back and I sharpen them until they are scary sharp. I have a jig I bought a long time ago for my kitchen knives,it has a 20° and a 25° option. The 25 is close enough for my cutthroat broadheads. I have a couple of different diamond stones and in the end the heads get stopped on some leather. A super sharp head cuts a lot better than a so so edge that tends to push vessels out of the way. It is a learning curve but what isn't?
  11. I never bought anything from them,but I know the stuff is not cheap at all..I am not sure if that is the same company that just came out with a new super lightweight hang on that retails for well over $800.
  12. The original company went out of business I think one of the co-founders is trying to start a new one. I think they are working on a new version that will use the same rubber straps as the old stands. But that has been going on for over a year...
  13. I hope you don't have a lone wolf climber,those rubber cables are unavailable until the new company gets their act together.
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