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  1. wish I could go out this a.m. ,but if I do good at work I can go for the afternoon hunt...On a new property I have access to.
  2. wish I could go out this a.m. ,but if I do good at work I can go for the afternoon hunt...On a new property I have access to.
  3. I hope you don't have to cross any ditches,bring a boat if you do.
  4. It can be a challenge issued to another buck. I did that a couple years ago to one that clearly was gonna pass me by. I grunted first and he didn't care,but the snort wheeze had him on a string. Worked too good really as he came straight for me and stood head on at 20 yds.
  5. This is when being self employed will be great. I have not hunted a ton as of yet,but that is going to change...has already, I was out a.m. and p.m. yesterday. on my drive home from work I drove past a new property I can hunt and it has two hayfields on either side of the road, I counted 20+ does without slowing down a ton. I will pop over there this week sometime and get a lay of the land.
  6. I think the switch is flipping right now here in 4F. Saw a nice one on my way to work,late this morning at 8 a.m. out in the open sniffing doe hang outs.
  7. Also,if you have part of it taken down and rebuild you always have to consider that you will put a new chimney on old bricks if you dont go all the way to the covered bricks. It is really hard to know how well the lower bricks will hold up long term and you could run into trouble down the road. Hardest thing sometimes is to decide where to stop,but generally the bricks inside the building envelope are fine.
  8. I work on chimneys all the time and I will say this. They deteriorate very slowly,so you are not in a rush to fix it. 2500 for one liner is steep in my mind,the access looks easy on your chimney and the liner is under $1000. It is a piece of cake to put one in with two people in not even a full day. As far as the cap and bricks go that is very hard to judge from pictures. A new concrete cap alone would be over $1000. Sealing the cracks is a stop gap measure,literally,but can last 5 to 10 years. It looks like the chimney was well built in the first place,a lot of them don't have the concrete cap with overhang.
  9. Pressure is on! Had an encounter tonight but it was too dark to even see the deer. It was a single one and I was close to a rubline...even with my headlamp i couldnt see if it was a buck or doe. Close doesn't count,but it's better than nothing.
  10. I am out on state land,found a nice bench full of oaks and blackberries. A ruling led me here and I am way up in a tree 25' or so,wind is ok. Come on deer,I wouldn't mind getting my first public deer here.
  11. Saw no deer this morning,it looked like a perfect day for movement. Not where I was apparently. I will figure out what they are up to soon enough...at least that is what I am telling myself.
  12. above the spine probably in the backstrap. That deer has a very good chance of surviving then...
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