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  1. Bow to Rattler,master of debate. In my opinion Trump does not need any help from the media to look bad,he has that covered all by himself.
  2. That's too bad. It didn't look good when he had to go on a ventilator...
  3. Nice scouting work. I started scouting this winter for the first time and really enjoyed it. I went to a saddle last week on some state land nearby. The saddle is in the far corner of the state land and i hardly saw any deer sign on my way to it. As soon as i hit the saddle i saw a couple of scrapes and good sized rubs. Then i followed the saddle to the other end and wow was that area full of rubs and scrapes. There were some big red oaks and also some thick young growth and a wet area,beginning of a little stream. I have never seen so much sign in a concentrated area like that,i was floored. I can't wait to set up in there in the fall. I also found some other good spots,but this one was the winner.
  4. Campfire tonite,taters in the coals
  5. I think you should not inoculate until after the danger of frost is past. Also,after you cut the tree,preferably after it leaves out so there is moisture in the log,you should wait a few weeks. The tree has anti fungal things in it that will break down in a few weeks.
  6. Facts are what one believes to be facts in this day and age. I could post links to factual reports from the left and you would not believe those. There is very little actual reporting happening anymore compared to how things were 20 years ago. All you are doing here is exposing everyone to your version of the truth.
  7. People in germany around 1935 to 45 were also very well behaved and following orders... There's a balance to everything
  8. Haha,trump cant fire anyone? I do believe he holds the record for firing anyone that disagrees with him.
  9. You must be smoking crack if you think Trump and the federal government have done a good job with this pandemic. South Korea had the first confirmed case at the same time as us,in january. They handled it well,the u.s. not so much,unless you consider having the most cases in the world makes s number 1.
  10. BowmanMike

    Drop away rest

    The foam on mine got worn away and my fletchings got marks on them from the rest. I had two different shops check the timing on the rest and it was ok. Maybe you got a good one? I have heard quite a few people say that the cheap one is known for bouncing...
  11. BowmanMike

    Drop away rest

    Just dont get the cheap hunter qad rest,i had that one. It has no brake and bounces back up sometimes and that is no good. I upgraded to a qad ultra and love that one.
  12. BowmanMike

    Opening day!

    I always wait until things warm up a little more,another week or two here in cny. I never had much luck fly fishing early,except for one year,I caught a couple of nice browns nymphing. Not sure if they were holdovers or wild as they reproduce pretty good in that stream.