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  1. I went to the first shoot of the year with @monahmat today and it was a beautiful day and great turnout for the club. I shot my best round ever,a nice start for the year.
  2. I agree,my bow buck last year had those and they didn't look like the picture at all. Do they grow either outside or inside? I could see this being one if it is an "inny".
  3. The short version for me is I work to live, not live to work. Every job has its pros and cons,you gotta know what's important to you.
  4. I think alcohol is what makes people do stupid stuff, not weed. Have you ever seen a fight start because two guys are high? Same with driving under the influence,if anything stoners become more defensive drivers than drunk ones,that tends to go the opposite direction. I would think those trends would hold true when it comes to guns as well.
  5. Great advice here. If the deer will run past you why not try something when you have nothing to loose. Shooting of a round was clever,that would not have occurred to me. Wouldn't work for me since I only gun hunt with a muzzleloader, but the idea is clever.
  6. My wife went into nursing at age 35. The college was a lot of work but she made it. I think only 23 out of 84 students graduated. She has been working as a nurse in different departments since then. It opens up a pretty broad field of work becoming an RN. I think you should go for that,as an LPN you will get paid less and have less options. Definetely look into hospital sponsored education options.
  7. Won't affect me,I have arrows and also muzzleloader bullets and powder. I generally only use a few bullets a year.
  8. Just got my first dose,feels good.
  9. Wow,that is a slick bed for the buck, especially if he is headed across the road to feed. You don't have much for options to catch him in the afternoon if his path to food is that short. Maybe you could get close to his bed by cutting through the swamp just west of the heavy blue trail after looping around the southwest side of it? And set up close to the edge of the swamp between the fallen tree and the heavy trail? I wouldn't do that on my first sit though as that may be too close. Hard telling not knowing. I sometimes like staying on the perimeter,but everytime you are in there you r
  10. If you are walking casually the deer hear you coming from a mile off. That to me would be the biggest difference. They will be aware of you and your direction of travel. When you sneak and only make a sound occasionally they will go on high alert. I also believe that they can pick up on your intention and know when you are out to kill or in predator mode.
  11. I did have to bite my tongue,but it is heavy as hell. Don't plan on carrying it very far or very slow. Other than that it is great, very comfy.
  12. I have one and can second that it is very sturdy.
  13. I signed up this morning and am getting my first dose on Friday. I didn't quite qualify for the over 50 crowd,but definetely the over 30.
  14. I will be signing up tomorrow for sure.
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