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  1. I usually try to understand people's point of view but I find I am much less inclined to do so anymore. What's the point really?
  2. I don't enjoy hearing myself talk as much as some. That is all these discussions accomplish. You know where I stand, I know where you stand and that's about it. It seems there isn't even enough room for two people on the middle ground anymore.
  3. You will have to make sure they are razor sharp,any broadhead should be,but I am sure you know a thing or two about sharpening knives.
  4. Nah,I leave you guys to the scholarly discussions. It is not worth my time.
  5. thanks for clearing that up,now I know for sure where to group your posts.
  6. So because a black man supports the blm movement he is completely discredited in your mind? Does that mean because you support Trump you also supported the capital rioters and I should categorically discredit everything you believe?
  7. I think it should all match,though the least important would be the rotation of the bareshaft I think because that is the easiest to overcome. The bevel of the blade doesn't really make the arrow spin much in my opinion until it hits the target and I suppose you would loose some energy if the blade bevel and arrow rotation are opposite. I don't think it is much energy loss because the arrow rotation induced by the fletch will stop as soon as you hit your target. Then the bevel of the blade cutting will make the arrow rotate.
  8. Oh for sure on sharpening. I will keep those forever if I dont bend them
  9. I had some grizzlystick samurai last year,but they were 125 gr and vented. I thought they whistled some in flight because of the vents. I went to 200 gr solid ones this year. I went with cutthroat since they are one piece and a tough steel.
  10. I went to single bevel two blade heads. That is where it is at for me.
  11. Yes,I was going to dry them but read that it's not the best treatment for chantrelles.
  12. Chantrelles are growing like mad in Central NY. We had a big meal with 3 friends Sunday night and tonight I grabbed about 6 pounds of chantrelles from near our house. We will have to freeze some....pics later Or now,haha.
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