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  1. I have to wait until April here n CNY for the first 3d shoot of the year. But i shot twice in the Techno league so far,that is fun as well. But i prefer 3d.
  2. Looks nice,mine is black as well
  3. I visit three forums, this one,saddlehunter and archery talk. That's it.
  4. Phew,finally we got some antlers that were not attached to a skull..I like those better. I have been out on state land 5 or 6 times in the last couple of weeks and have not found any antlers. I found some nice rubs though...
  5. I have been out scouting stateland the last couple of weeks and i like what i have been finding. I think i have quite a few spots i need to visit next bow season, as i think the pressure on state land in my area is very low during bow season. I will find out i guess.
  6. I shoot any adult doe i can legally here in 4F,we have a high number of does here as well. My first objective is to get venison in the freezer,and if i can get a decent buck that is a bonus. I haven't shot a buck in a couple of years now since i pass on the ones younger than 2.5. I wish everyone would act similar,as i also feel the bucks have to do very little here to get all the doe booty they can handle.
  7. Went for a walk with the wife today,it doubled as a scouting trip for me. Gilbert Lake state park,awesome woods there,very diverse. I will be bowhunting there in October for sure. It totally felt like spring,we loved it. Snow for cross country skiing would be nice too.
  8. yep,happened just now. I gave them all my info so i could receive the prize,haha.
  9. I also think you should be able to find some 30" or 29.5" mods. has a huge classified section i bought my bow through that site.
  10. I tried a recurve at the shop for a few shots,how bizarre that felt. As a kid i shot a recurve in an archery club but we had rests and sights on them. This bare bow thing felt odd to say the least. I may try that again at a later stage of my hunting career.
  11. It is a screen that you shoot at,about 7'x 12' or so at 20 yds away. You put blunt flat tips in your arrows,same weight as the field points. The targets are actual video recordings of the animals and the screen registers where you hit and then correlates that to the position of the critter in the scene. So it looks 100 % real,and you can get buck fever because they have scenes of some giants. Sometimes there are multiple beasts in the scene,sometimes they move through the woods and you have to pick an opening to shoot. I will post a pic next week.
  12. This is a new unit,the shop got it last summer. So far it registered exactly where i hit. I am not to worried about the score though,the practice is what i am after. Plus i will be shooting with @monahmat,i need a local archery buddy. This could be the start of the CNY academy,we will see...