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  1. I know I’ll get roasted for this. But I’ve never tried the heart.
  2. I’m upgrading as soon as we get through this shit is over. Keep us posted. Good luck
  3. aboa13


    Thought this beer would be appropriate at this time. Stay safe all.
  4. aboa13


    That show was like watching a train wreck. But couldn’t turn it off. Lol
  5. West African peanut stew. This one will stay in the rotation
  6. aboa13


    That was supposed to go in what’s for dinner. Lol
  7. aboa13


    Meatballs over polenta. I prefer it to pasta.
  8. One good thing about the wife working from home. I don’t have to cook every night.
  9. wasn’t sure what to do with my leftover cabbage , potatoes and carrots. Back strap did the trick.
  10. Kind of a messy plate. But dam that was good
  11. aboa13


    Happy St. Patty’s day all.
  12. aboa13


    That’s where we are. It’s been on tap at a few places we’ve visited.
  13. aboa13


    I’ve had it before. It’s a little more old school. But I enjoy it every time