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  1. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Ah the good ole days a lot of folks don't believe it but for one I was there and it was hard but enjoyed the time. Hard work on the farms little money but we endured.
  2. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    That's why your healthy today. Back in the day whiskey took care of a lot of ailments. Look at the stuff that's in cough syrup today alcohol is one.
  3. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Enough C right to an Absolut vodka straight up with olive Martini.
  4. Favorite Whiskey Thread

  5. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Feeling a cold coming on. So getting my vitamin C with a touch of vodka.
  6. Happy birthday erussell !

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day
  7. Beer

    Sure is pretty. Makes a nice TV beer.
  8. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    That should do it and Cover up with a blanket and sweat it out.
  9. Turkey calls

    I don't think he's in business any more.
  10. Yeah I use to deliver fuel out of Campbell and flooding was always a concern during the winter season.
  11. Turkey calls

    All 3 are Blodgett game calls. Glass aluminum and slate.
  12. Is that Campbell ??
  13. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Bourbon Manhattan no pic needed...
  14. Turkey calls

    A few I have used in the past. Also used a lot of mouth, and box calls.
  15. What's for dinner tonight?

    cold rainy day so a soup was in order. Vegetable stock, sauerkraut, potatoes, ham, better then ham bouillon, carrots, simmered all morning. Italian bread with butter to compliment Yum.