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  1. Thanks to all the forefathers that helped make this day. Thanks to my Great Grandfathers who stood against the opposition. To all Americans enjoy the day. CHEERS
  2. Went to a few of his shows.. Great stuff back in the day. Thanks for the memory!
  3. SmokeinTN


    A cold brew after working on converting part of deck into an enclosed alone room.
  4. Sorry to hear Grampy. Prayer sent Amen.
  5. SmokeinTN


    Enjoying a Bell's Two Headed Ale. Refreshing after laboring on the deck.
  6. Happy Birthday fellas!! Enjoy the day.
  7. Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day!!
  8. Happy Birthday Otto, Enjoy some vino and your day !!
  9. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day!!
  10. Happy Birthday Jerry Enjoy the day!!
  11. My deepest Condolences. Losing a great friend is tough. God speed.
  12. Looking through some stuff and found these.
  13. SmokeinTN


    All this Passion Fruit, and a lot of lead in the pencil but nobody to write too. A good tasting brew though.