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  1. SmokeinTN


    A good brown Ale at 6.1% not harsh. A good drinking brew.
  2. SmokeinTN

    Lots of birthdays today

    Happy Birthday all enjoy your day!
  3. SmokeinTN

    Shotgun primer help

    try different brands of shells may work for you with out changing pin or spring.
  4. SmokeinTN

    Shotgun primer help

    My problem has always been weak spring, dirty fireingpin or broken fireingpin. Once in a while a bad primer
  5. SmokeinTN


    A nice brew to go with lunch at 6.5% alc. Cocoa nibs come into play through out with the hops not over powering.
  6. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Good eats right there can't remember the last time I had that. Yum!!
  7. SmokeinTN


    This brew was well balance for 8% not malty or harsness a brew one can have a few but the 8% will get ya.
  8. SmokeinTN


    A very good double IPA at 8%.
  9. SmokeinTN


    Nice job allot of good eats will come out of it. Enjoy.
  10. SmokeinTN

    Remember these ?

    The shot I received was for small pox and left a round scar on left arm up by shoulder.
  11. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Hobo supper for me. Roasted garlic chicken sausage wrapped in foil with sliced taters and onions with a little olive oil. Yellow beans and enhanced with a Pinot.
  12. SmokeinTN

    Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Nice rum It's all good. East Branch? Hunted there on occasion when my bud was at camp. You hear of the Methol Hunting Club?
  13. SmokeinTN

    Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Going to be in the 40s tonight here. All this week low 40s high 60s. Its been in the 80s untill yesterday. To darn warm to hunt. Trees haven't begun to turn.
  14. SmokeinTN

    Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Little chill in the air here so its time, Time for a Bourbon Old Fashioned.
  15. SmokeinTN


    Finished the last 4 brews from a generous package from TF. A big Thank You TF. A tasting of these brews occurred at sons house with 5 folks involved. It was a fun time with other brews mixed in. Food was great too. Here are the 4 brews involved: