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  1. Looking through some stuff and found these.
  2. SmokeinTN


    All this Passion Fruit, and a lot of lead in the pencil but nobody to write too. A good tasting brew though.
  3. Happy Birthday. Have a great day.
  4. SmokeinTN


    Falls City Brew its ok.
  5. SmokeinTN


    Starting out slow!!
  6. Happy Birthday DT have a great New Year day.
  7. Happy Birthday Cynthia!! Have a great day.
  8. On one side was the kindergarten class that I attended and then went to first grade on the other. We moved shortly after school was out. By chance do you have any photos of the school or know of a society that would have some. Thanks for posting.
  9. Sorry Bionic but that's all I have. Thanks
  10. School was Lower Road Slate Hill NY