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  1. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    No venison, did see a doe with a 4pt chasing today no shot to thick. so its regular meat loaf with scallop spuds and green beans. still yummy!!
  2. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Be glad to share. Start with a pint of select oysters ( this is the least amount I use for 2 of us) Start with a small pan and dump oysters with the liquor along with a stick of butter. Season with old bay, salt pepper, whorester sause with anchovies in it. This is basic and can add more spices that you prefer. Bring the oysters to a curl stirring frequently not to boil. Once curled add milk slowly as to temper at first not to curddle milk. Boil on low to temp. You prefer stirring often not to boil When ready add oyster crackers and enjoy. We always had this around the holidays. Enjoy
  3. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I'm happy for your memory. I have a lot of them involving this stew. Thanks
  4. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Quick comfort food handed down from generations. Oyster stew made with Select oysters, milk ,butter , ole bay,salt, pepper and Oyster crackers. Yum!!
  5. SmokeinTN


    Time for a great Stout after the first snow of the year. Really enjoying
  6. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Rainy cold day time for some comfort food. Home made Beef stew with warm Italian bread with butter. Hits the spot!!
  7. SmokeinTN


    Finally found a Vermont brew Magic Hat still waiting for Alchemist to find its way here. For now its MH #9 not quite pale ale at 5.1%ABV. Good tasting and refreshing brew.
  8. SmokeinTN


    Beautiful site TF is an outstanding guy. Enjoy!!
  9. SmokeinTN


    The two other sets of Yuengling glasses.
  10. SmokeinTN

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Pork ribs simmered in apple cider vinegar and BBQ sauce at 250* for 4 hrs in the oven, fall apart and yum. Sides were smokey cheese bacon mashed Tatars and white corn. Enhanced with a Merlot.
  11. SmokeinTN


    Me too, Yuengling produced a great PR product IMHO.
  12. SmokeinTN


    Finally the local tavern had a special on Yuengling. Manage to get 3 sets with different eagles. Long time coming.
  13. SmokeinTN


    Sorry for your loss Dubs He'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
  14. SmokeinTN

    Favorite Whiskey Thread

    O ya Bourbon Old Fashioned time.
  15. SmokeinTN

    Happy Birthday airedale and mowin!!!!

    Happy Birthday fellas. Enjoy the day!!!