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  1. Vegans and masculinity

    Somehow, that really doesn't surprise me.
  2. Vegans and masculinity

    Ask yourself which came first: the Utopian idealism, or the vegan trend. One has become a very blatant manifestation of the other. The hippies I grew up with in the the 70's would chow down every burger, steak or hot dog they were offered at any sort of gathering.
  3. From a fallen white pine

    Cool essay, and great photos. I've never been able to leave anything in the woods that the squirrels didn't chew up. I also have a number of duck decoys with muskrat tooth-marks on them.
  4. I agree, to an extent. Cuomo will try, however, and there a lot of sheep/followers who will drink that koolaide. Being NYer's who have lived under that thumb, it's our job to make sure that the rest of the country knows where he stands if/when the time comes. The same can be said for Gillibrand. These are not good people.
  5. Please keep in mind that Andrew Cuomo desperately wants to be POTUS at some point. If he throws his hat in the ring in 2020 or 2024 people across the country need to know exactly what he's about.
  6. There are a few true Americans trying to do just that. But fighting uphill against a monopoly is damned hard work. Google will never voluntarily allow competition, and they have hundreds of billions of dollars to spend on maintaining their monopoly.
  7. Mornin' funny...

    I'll be laughin' all day over that! Thanks buddy!!!
  8. Which One of You LOSERS ...

    That painting makes me feel funny.
  9. Snow day!

    It's just about freezing here in Flyover, NY. But the sun is shining and the firewood is dry. March has been nasty, and I'm looking forward to putting this winter behind us. After feeding the wood stove for months, I haven't had hair on my knuckles since October.
  10. New Hunter

    Welcome to HNY, Adam95! You'll find that the hunting course, and hunting in general, is less about age than it is about attitude and desire. I've passed my experience on to younger folks, but I've also learned a lot from them whippersnappers when I listened. Enjoy the class, and post pics of the harvest.
  11. technology

    I grew up racing. Not so much cars as motorcycles and Karts, but still... It will be soon enough that someone/something pushes me around in a wheelchair that I don't have control over. I don't want to rush it. FWIW, I don't even listen to the radio while I'm driving. Zero distractions. Except for the buck that jumped into my headlight last year out of nowhere. ;-]
  12. Gun cabinets

    Gun vault of the late Charlton Heston. It's roughly the size of my house. The guy didn't screw around.

    On your new site Wooly, are you the short, hairy guy with the antler tip necklace in those beach videos? And what are you doing filming in Borneo? I love the new site, but I'm a little confused. And is Growie filming, or does Paula have a part-time gig? PS. Come back Growie, a lot of us miss you.
  14. Really Bummed Out!

    I'm sorry for your loss, Rob. It's hard to lose even a 'casual' friend. I still catch myself glancing over on summer afternoons to see if my elderly friend Stan is sitting under his maple tree with a six-pack, and it's been over three years.
  15. Happy birthday Pygmy!

    All the best to you, Pygmy!!