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  1. NYC pipe bomb

    We can choose not to carry on like ants.
  2. NYC pipe bomb

    Katie Hopkins nailed it after the London bombing earlier this spring.
  3. NYC pipe bomb

    People actually are hiding and ignoring it. Biz just told everyone to stop paying attention to it. That's the wrong attitude. The cops are doing a great job, but the citizens aren't helping them.
  4. NYC pipe bomb

    I get what you're saying, but hiding from it and ignoring it doesn't help. That's exactly how major parts of Europe have already been lost.
  5. NYC pipe bomb

    I honestly don't have an answer to that NYBowhunter. The U.S. Constitution would prevent most of my suggestions.
  6. GREAT NEWS!!!!

    I completely agree, Doc. It's all about getting people to the voting booths. NYS is overwhelmingly red by area, as is CA. And the entire country, for that matter. Convincing people that their votes actually do and can count is difficult though.
  7. NYC pipe bomb

    He apparently waived his Miranda rights and proudly spilled his anti-American guts while in his hospital bed. It's my understanding he gave the interrogators a fair amount of useful information during his voluntary statements. Nothing directly actionable, because he was a loser with no friends to begin with, but plenty of insight into his thinking and MO. BTW, CAIR has the guy's family up and spouting about how they were mistreated when the NYPD was trying to find out if there might be other attacks immediately imminent.
  8. NYC pipe bomb

    He knows how, when and why he was "inspired". And how, when, and where he learned to make the bomb that failed. That's important information. Just imagine if he had made it onto the subway and the bomb had been successful.
  9. NYC pipe bomb

    What they fear most is failure. Celebrate their failures! It's good as a disincentive.
  10. Porcupine in a box

    I was very close to a nice buck while stillhunting in the Alfred area, just inside the edge of some pine trees. It was a standoff and I was doing fine. A porcupine in one of those trees started dropping pinecones on me and spooked the buck. I haven't liked porcupines since.
  11. NYC pipe bomb

    Take him to a small room with a drain in the floor and get whatever you can out of his head in any and every way possible. It's what they understand. He's already failed in his jihad and knows that he's a loser. Set him up as an example.
  12. NYC pipe bomb

    If this @*%hole is allowed to "lawyer up" and to be treated like a common criminal in NYC my head is gonna explode.
  13. NYC pipe bomb

    Does our Governor, in this press briefing, sound like the mayor of Londonistan? Where Sadiq Khan told the British people that this is the "the new normal" and that we need to just accept it? Dear Governor, It wouldn't have to be "accepted as normal" if these people were kept out in the first place. What's difficult to understand about that? Cuomo will be running for President in 2020, BTW.
  14. Glad I took that call

    Nice score Growalot!! My brother has a steamer/juicer as well and he always mixes the different varieties he grows. Good stuff.
  15. That's When The fight Started

    She asked me if her butt looked big in those jeans. I said let me jog around to the back to be sure.