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  1. Hunting Camp Traditions

    My memories go back to when television was free, if you had an antenna. If the weather was good you could get early morning tv reception to tell you that the weather was good. If the weather was bad there was no tv reception to tell you the weather was bad. A trip to the outhouse would tell you that the weather was bad and you would then report that to your buddies and say that it looks like it might get better. It was an obligation. Meant to lighten everyone's spirits, before they went out to become soaking wet, cold, and miserable. After the hearty camp breakfast we would trudge out to be wet and cold on our own, divorced from the camp with the wood stove we called momma, and the pantry full of food, and the tv that held the possibility of a later football game if the weather cleared so the antenna could get reception. This was the fine line: if the weather is better so that the tv works, is the weather also not better for hunting? Never mind. Most of us were hunters and were prepared for whatever nature threw at us. Some were there for the ambiance: a dozen guys drinking beer and eating venison chili in a 600 square foot cabin? None of them were named Harvey BTW.
  2. What's for dinner tonight?

    My Grandmother would serve something similar on the farm on Friday nights. Either a casserole or a pot-pie setup. Everything leftover from the week went into it so you knew it would be good one way or the other. I worked really hard with my brothers and cousins on that farm, but we were like a horde of locusts at mealtime. I don't know how they made any money after feeding us, but being Italian, feeding us was what mattered.
  3. What's for dinner tonight?

    First bow-kill ever, or first for the year? It's a small difference, but you never forget your first ever. Looks very tasty either way.
  4. Hunting Camp Traditions

    It's been a while, but several bowls of venison stew and some good bourbon was always the tradition. And lots of stories, of course.
  5. Hello All!

    Congratulations Dave Jr., and welcome to the site!
  6. Do deer like black walnuts?

    I've never seen a deer eat a black walnut so I can't say for sure if deer like them or not, but the squirrels definitely like to bury them. Whether or not they actually come back to retrieve them is open for debate. They're bitter as heck compared to English walnuts, which are what people generally cook with. My brother collects mountains of them from his yard and spreads them in areas around his property where he doesn't want weeds to grow.
  7. Since my name is actually Mark, I'm even more confused about your statement. ;-] If I worked at Home Depot would it be okay if I spent two minutes disrespecting someone wearing a pro- Communist t-shirt by kneeling and praying before helping them find what they're looking for? "I'm sorry sir, but your shirt offends me and I will pray now for you." I'd be fired immediately and it would be the top news story for the next week. Do you see the hypocrisy?
  8. Hunting Literature

    Don't leave out the books by hunting humorists like Pat McMahon and Ed Zern. It's not funny if you haven't BTDT, but if you've been there it's damned funny.
  9. Hunting Literature

    Lots of good titles here. I think there might be an older thread as well.
  10. Hunting Literature

    There was a thread here about this very subject a few years ago. Lots of great suggestions. I'll look for it. Peter Capstick's "Death in the Long Grass" is one of my favorites, but any of the old-time shooters or hunters could spin a good yarn. It's nice to see that people still read.
  11. There can't be an honest discussion or solution until the kneelers and sitters decide on what they're actually protesting. It changes from day to day depending on the person asked, much like the ANTIFA and BLM crowds. They actually have some sort of 'universal grievance' against America and American tradition(s) they would like to see destroyed. And that's entirely what this is all about. Kaepernick originally said he he refused to stand for the anthem and the flag because he thought the country supported racial inequity in police behavior. There is no evidence to support this claim. He was protesting against a perceived injustice, committed by 'the country', that doesn't technically exist in any statistical way. He was protesting against 'the country', and his followers are now mainly protesting because it's suddenly become a trend, without knowing the reason behind it. If they took a knee to protest the domestic violence, drug abuse, DUI's, assault charges and other criminal behavior that is rampant in their own ranks I still wouldn't take a knee against the anthem and the flag, but I might take a knee with them in the parking lot.
  12. nybuckboy has a birthday !

    Best of luck to you, and Happy Birthday!
  13. OK opinions , Whats up?

    Actually Biz, 9/15 would probably work better because the bucks wouldn't quite be in transition mode yet, and they would still be working summer patterns, which are way easier to decipher than early rut patterns. Then again, they'd have velvety racks and relatively skinny necks which don't mount well.
  14. I overheard a guy in a hardware store asking for a box of toe-nails because the tutorial he was following said to use toe-nails to fasten something in place. After a chuckle, I nicely explained that toe-nailing is a technique, not a type of fastener.
  15. OK opinions , Whats up?

    I like to keep in mind that until just a few years ago, today would have been the archery opener. Even then I rarely started hunting hard anywhere until the last week of October. The first 3 weeks of October are a transition time for bucks between summer and the rut. Trying to hunt that transition is usually an exercise in frustration, and spending three weeks doing it can cause very early burnout and a negative attitude.