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  1. philoshop

    2019 Lawn Thread

    I spent a few hours yesterday with my Dad taking the backblade/snowplow off the kubota and changing the oil while my Mom watched. It started raining so we didn't get the mower deck on. The mower deck is a b***h. It weighs more than most lawn tractors and is not easily maneuvered. I used to do it alone, but it now takes three people with some muscle. On the bright side, there is nothing that mower deck won't chew up and spit out. It was also nice spending some time with my parents.
  2. philoshop

    Tractor supply chicken...

    That's some very fine, finesse work for a chainsaw. I'm impressed my friend!
  3. philoshop

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Had a bunch of great food yesterday, but the smoked asparagus was outstanding. My brother did it in his grill, so nothing really fancy. Man that was tasty.
  4. philoshop

    AR 15 charging issue

    I'll agree that it's the spring compression/strength. It's a new spring. Clipping half of a coil off the bottom of the spring would probably do it. BTDT. Mag springs won't "relax" over time just being loaded. They need to be worked to lighten up. Shoot the crap out of it for the next year and it'll probably handle ten without a problem. Just my experience. If you clip the spring you may find that the last round won't feed in a few years.
  5. philoshop


    I lived in a Buffalo neighborhood where I witnessed a shooting in my side yard which resulted in my Grand Jury testimony, and on a different occasion my neighbor's house took a few rounds, and I saw a bullet hole in my porch post one morning. I also sat on my porch with a friend drinking beer while an episode of "Cops" was being filmed across the street. Don't feed the a**holes no matter what. $20 is not a good deal to keep that going because you know damned well those knives weren't his.
  6. philoshop

    Happy birthday Non-Typical!

    All the best to you on your birthday!
  7. philoshop

    Notre dame on fire !!

    It's either torch-down roofing or copper plumbing repair. Sorry for the flippancy. What a shame.
  8. philoshop

    Notre dame on fire !!

    And there aren't enough skilled stone-masons remaining on the planet to rebuild it. A lost art, and a lost piece of art. Very sad.
  9. philoshop

    AeroSmith-- Dream On.

    I hope he does too.
  10. philoshop

    New eagle WIP

    I've also done a lot of plumbing work in old houses. Nothing in my life has scared me more than running a torch in those old cobweb-filled buildings. I always had an extinguisher handy, but it was still terrifying. Don't miss that at all.
  11. philoshop

    New eagle WIP

    I never suggested that it was a safe roofing technique. It was just common practice 40 years ago. Most everything is adhesive now, as you know.
  12. philoshop

    AeroSmith-- Dream On.

    "Sweet Emotion" is one of my favorites, still. I'm going to find it on youtube as soon as I post this. Aerosmith got off to a rough start because they were an American band and not from the south. Skynard, ZZ Top, and the Allman brothers were getting some serious U.S. attention, but the rage was for the British bands in the 1970's. Muscle Shoals recording studios helped to fix that by making the "American animals" a little more "equal" (Orwell reference). There was a really good documentary on Muscle Shoals on youtube. I would encourage every music fan to look it up if it's still there.
  13. philoshop

    New eagle WIP

    I had a similar one for "torch down" roofing many years ago. We used it to cook burgers at lunch time, like Grampy said. And I like the "bearly" comment!
  14. philoshop

    New eagle WIP

    Very cool stuff, Wooly. I really like the new torch as well. That should save you some time.
  15. philoshop

    AeroSmith-- Dream On.

    I've had fun over the past decades.