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  1. The Governor says America was never great

    I hope he runs for President and wins the Democrat nomination in a landslide. President Trump will destroy him in about 15 seconds and leave him as the quivering pile of jelly that he is. That would be glorious, and I could drag out my FUAC t-shirt.
  2. Ribs

    Soaked in the husk corn, or peeled corn? Soaked takes about 35 or 40 minutes on the grill. Peeled corn I put in the microwave for a couple of minutes wrapped in wax paper and then roll around on the grill for a minute or so. Depends on what flavor you're looking for.
  3. Hunter harassment

    Use the harassment team as Ghillies. I love it!!
  4. Hunter harassment

    I thought they'd go away when they saw I wasn't intimidated. They had some weed and a few beers with them, though, and had to wait for daylight to find their way out. I honestly that maybe a curious deer would come within range and I could really make a spectacle of the whole thing.
  5. Hunter harassment

    In the mid-1980's I was followed to a public hunting site in the Alfred/Almond area. I don't know exactly why they targeted me, but there were a half dozen cars filled with people who then followed me into the woods and sat around my treestand for a couple of hours talking loudly and ruining my morning hunt. Once I started taking the long logging road in from the other direction, which wasn't easy, the harassment stopped.
  6. I've done zero research on this and don't know the answer, but why doesn't Leupold use U.S. made glass? It's a sincere question. Does Japan simply make the best? Is it about some trade agreement from thirty years ago? Does it have to do with the regulatory mess the EPA has created? Is it about the lack of skilled U.S. workers? I'm just wondering what your take on this is.
  7. It's not the little bit of warming or cooling that will destroy the American way of life, It's the knee-jerk reactions and "solutions" that would have been or will be our greatest loss. Is crushing our ability to be energy independent really a "solution"? If that's the solution, we really need to think about what the actual problem might be. Is it a solution to mandate that for every pickup truck manufactured in the U.S. twelve little roller-skate cars that get 700 MPG be produced, even though very few people want to buy them? That's government control of private production through the use of regulatory over reach. How would the Paris Climate Accord, created specifically for the purpose of global wealth redistribution of U.S. treasure benefit the U.S.? (Notice how no one is talking about that since the U.S. withdrew.) I could go on...
  8. Keep one thing in mind: Leo Dicaprio doesn't own a fancy private jet so that he can fly around the world informing people about climate change. He talks about climate change so that he can afford a fancy private jet.
  9. I'm there my friend. I have plenty in my back woods, but it's always fun to see new territory. Keep me posted.
  10. I still enjoy sitting in the woods as the sun comes up and the critters start to move. It takes me about two minutes to walk out my back door and do that. Sometimes I'll take a camera but neither one that I own has an off-switch for the shutter sound, and often I just don't want to disturb the woods like that. Things changed for me when I stopped focusing on "the kill" and started thinking more about the quality time in the woods. I still hunt squirrels, Pygmy. As long as I don't have to walk too far. Hint, hint.
  11. Quality pole saw?

    I bought the better one of the two at Lowes a few years back. Not sure of the manufacturer. A very aggressive sawblade and a decent lopping jaw. During the winter I bolt an old bent-up shovel blade onto it to scrape snow off my roof. No problems so far.
  12. Exactly! I'm sorry if it upsets some of the "real men" here. But if you actually watch what those male cheerleader guys do, it'll make you think twice about screwin' around with one of them. I don't imagine that a guy who can toss a 120 pound gal into the air and safely catch her for several hours on end would have much trouble tossing a 200 pound guy through a window if it was necessary. If I needed someone at my back in a tough bar, I'd take the cheerleader over the linebacker.
  13. Animal ID help

    Capybarra. Water Rat and Biz are working together to capture a pair and start their own zoo. Or an odd wild meat farm. I haven't questioned them in person, so it's just speculation at this point. Pink Panther out.
  14. Malnourished spike ?

    Could be something as simple as a dentition problem (bad teeth). It happens. It doesn't look like it will survive the winter anyway. A "mercy kill" might be the best thing, and that way it can be checked for other diseases/causes.