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  1. She's being used as a tool and I don't believe she even realizes it. She allows way too much to accidentally come out of her mouth to be a "smart tool". That's what I mean by the term "idiot child".
  2. People don't understand that first and foremost the Dems are very sly schemers. Whether it's about gun-grabbing or getting the President out of office, they plan everything out in very specific steps that will lead to the result they want. Just look at how the media all follow the exact same script on all issues. They're sneaky, and if you don't pay attention to what's happening on any particular day the next day they're likely to be a step or two ahead of you.
  3. 4 of the current Dem candidates for 2020 are on board with Alexandria Occasional Cortex's plan. Don't forget that many idiot rulers from history were initially considered kooks, including Hitler, before they took power. Don't dismiss the power and reach of this idiot-child.
  4. Refresh the page or log off and then back on. YMMV but it works for me. This type of legislation was enacted in Washington state (I believe?) a few years ago. It makes it a crime to hand your hunting buddy your gun while you cross a fence, or while you unlock your vehicle, etc. It obviously has nothing to do with safety. It's about control, period.
  5. The left (and the Uniparty) thinks/knows he's actually come through with way too many of his promises. That's not the way politics is expected to work in this country. You're supposed to promise people everything and then open your pockets to every special interest that disagrees with what you promised so that you get rich. That's why "the wall" is such a sticking point. They simply can't afford to see more checks in his "done that" column, even though it's something they overwhelmingly voted for just a few years ago. I think his hemorrhoids were acting up. That was sneering; not smiling.
  6. I thought it was a great speech. The President hit all the right points with the right tone. The fact that he completely pizzed off the Dems, especially the leftist media, just made it that much better.
  7. Members 5442 4887 posts Report post Posted 37 minutes ago (edited) From Dan Bongino's podcast today: cued to the "king coumo" segment: I've posted this elsewhere here, but it's important to get the message across. It's not President Trump's fault that New York's taxes are too high, and that the citizens are leaving in droves. President Trump essentially said when he eliminated the SALT deductions, "Let's level the playing field. Coastal cities should not be subsidized..."
  8. From Dan Bongino's podcast today: cued to the "king coumo" segment:
  9. philoshop

    Cast iron tub

    They also make a great religious shrine to the Virgin Mary when stood upright in the yard. I never really got that, but you see it a lot in certain neighborhoods around me. Mary in the bathtub?
  10. philoshop

    Cast iron tub

    Pretty cool maker's mark on that one. Not sure I've ever come across that kind of detail before! Made in 1951; 281 gallons; and five feet long. Deep tub for sure. Scrap guys might take it whole, but they probably won't give you anything for it. Every cast iron tub I've removed was busted up into pieces before heading to the scrap yard. Usually because that was the only way to get them out of the house in the first place. I've knocked knickknacks off of the shelves of neighboring houses while breaking up CI tubs.
  11. philoshop

    Maybe a trip to iowa will be in order.

    I have a friend in Iowa. I'll ask him about this, but he pretty much just shoots the deer with guns. I also have a friend in Kentucky who killed a small wild pig by jumping out of a tree with a knife. He's about a hundred pounds heavier now and can't climb the trees, but it's a great story.
  12. philoshop

    Whatcha got for a temp ?

    The warm-up this weekend is probably going to be great for shed hunting.
  13. philoshop

    Whatcha got for a temp ?

    It's climbed up to zero here. I ran out of beer last night so I may have to venture out today.
  14. I do a lot of work for local farmers. Driving equipment, maintaining equipment, consulting on building projects, etc. They call when they need a hand. I usually am invited to dinner with the family at the end of the day. When politics comes up the reply is. "I don't have time for that, I'm running a business." These are people who wake up thinking about their farm, spend their day working on their farm, and go to bed worrying about the future of their family farm. They know full well what politics is doing to them, and they vote, it's just hard for them to commit any energy to it.
  15. U.S. Chamber of Commerce.