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  1. philoshop

    25 years ago...chasing a Bronco

    Most of the guys in this band rented the downstairs apartment of my house from me at about the time of the OJ thing. We went for lunch at the aforementioned Jimmy J's one afternoon and they offered me the job of drummer in their band. I was making furniture and enjoying my life, and I didn't much care for their music, so I turned them down. Now they play to huge crowds around the world and fly on their private jet to get to gigs. I sometimes wonder where my life would have gone if I had taken up the offer from 'the kids on the first floor'.
  2. philoshop

    First AR build in the making..

    None of mine have serial numbers on the receivers. They're just a few boxes of miscellaneous gun parts in my collection of gun parts, according to law. If I sold one of those guns/receivers I'd be breaking the law. I did not purchase them illegally, and I just hold onto them, as parts of course.
  3. philoshop

    25 years ago...chasing a Bronco

    No. It was Jimmy's first place, on the corner of Dartmouth and Bailey in the Kensington area. I lived on the corner of Dartmouth and Suffolk, just down the block. It was a quick walk for lunch that I did quite often. Walk around that area now and you probably won't get home, but it wasn't horrible at the time. I remember someone starting a pool about OJ's guilt or innocence. I don't think the decision was ever made. I lost a buck.
  4. philoshop

    Banned from local Facebook group

    I left Facebook several years ago, although I can't formally cancel my membership. They didn't like what I had to say, and now they won't even let me back on to quit. This is not an American company.
  5. philoshop

    25 years ago...chasing a Bronco

    I was in the woodworking shop in my basement and heard about it on the radio. I walked to the nearest bar, Jimmy J's, just for the comic relief.
  6. philoshop

    First AR build in the making..

    I've never "built" one but I have three that I've disassembled for current legal purposes.. I'm sure I could reassemble them pretty quickly if necessary. Have fun!
  7. philoshop


    Happy Father's Day everyone!
  8. .223 (handgun)with a headshot at about 70 yards on a doe. Any shot other than the head was out of the question as she was right on the edge of a deep ravine that would have required substantial machinery for recovery.
  9. philoshop

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I still can't "like" anything today. But everything is open: recipes, sauces, gravies, spices, whatever you think... Lets see the best of the best!! What hit yer buttons here and kept you coming back? I'd guess that every one of the almost 250,000 posts here can recall something that just really sank in with them. I'm interested.
  10. philoshop

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I'm out of likes for the day, TF. ;-( Has anyone given thought to what their favorite shared recipes from this thread might be? I think it would be interesting to post up a list for the five year anniversary. I've used a couple of recipes from here that have been excellent, but without going back through the 500 pages of posts I'll have to go from memory.
  11. philoshop

    What's for dinner tonight?

    That first pic looks like a lawn-care mistake during a cookout. Don't cut your grass during a picnic. ;-)
  12. philoshop

    Alzheimer's disease

    Thank you for the prayers, wolc. It means a lot to me. I was a blues, jazz, rock, and funk musician. Mostly as a drummer. My Dad likes religious chorales and church-type music. Not much connection between us when it comes to music. My Dad has a piano in his basement that he used to love to play every single day. He doesn't play at all any more. I don't know if he's forgotten how to play or if he's forgotten that he used to love it.
  13. philoshop

    Alzheimer's disease

    Thank you, Paula. Laughing helps a lot more than crying. I try very hard to have laughing moments with my folks.
  14. philoshop

    Alzheimer's disease

    Thank you all so much for your prayers and sympathy. We have a close-knit family, but it's nice to have a close-knit internet family as well. You folks are the best!
  15. philoshop

    Alzheimer's disease

    My Mom and Dad live together, thankfully, and my Mom does what she can to keep an eye on everything. Just last week my Dad accidentally took some medication before bed that was not to be taken before bed. It seriously screwed him up for 24 hours. My Mom is trying to keep an eye on that sort of thing but Dad is a strong-willed and independent guy who doesn't appreciate being babied any more than I do. I give him a big hug every chance I get, and I pray for him. I don't know what else to do.