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  1. Let’s talk coolers

    I like the Coleman with the wheels. I think it's called the "wheelie cool" or something. Easily transported, and fun to show up to a party with. The only way I'd ever spend a ton of money on a cooler is if I was headed way into the outback knowing that it might take a week or so to get the game or fish home. Even then dry ice is generally required and that stuff will keep things cold for a long time.
  2. The Leftist solution is the same as that of primitive civilizations: Throw the guns into the volcano and the violence will stop.
  3. They follow the Federal model when it comes to vacations vs work.
  4. An immigrant is by definition some here legally. These are illegal invaders and U.S. aliens. IOW, illegal aliens. Obrador is the Mexican version of Hugo Chavez. See how well that worked out for Venezuela's citizens and the citizens of neighboring countries? Obrador will likely win the election and he will send an invasion force of civilians into the US with the express purpose of stealing our national treasure, and will possibly be followed by an invasive military force in an attempt to steal US land. This is on the near-term horizon. Ignore it at your own peril. Build the GD wall.
  5. Have you ever heard an interview with the guy running for Lt. Governor. I don't even remember his name, but he's even dumber than Cynthia Nixon. He appears on Tucker's show now and then. A memorable paraphrased quote from a while ago was, 'the solution to illegal alien crime is to make them all legal...that will reduce illegal alien crime.' That's the level of thinking from the left.
  6. Really scary. And it's growing among the service institutions.
  7. Charles Krauthammer dead at 68

    Watching all of the tributes on Fox news has been interesting. I always thought of him as sort of stand-offish and cold on the shows, but apparently he was very warm and congenial at all times. He refused to attack people over their differing opinions and instead just supported his own position. He was also very funny in a dry, droll, and quick-witted way. His deadpan deliveries were epic. Apparently during commercial breaks they'd all laugh like crazy before they had to be serious again. There's a special on tonight at 9:00 with Brett Baier that I'll catch on youtube tomorrow.
  8. Charles Krauthammer dead at 68

    More often than not I disagreed with him, but he was very smart and very tough on his positions. I respect that. He'll be missed.
  9. 50th High School Reunion

    I agree completely. But if someone asks a specific question I don't lie to them, and I sure as heck don't apologize for my beliefs. I'm not a PC type person. Anyway, enjoy your reunion.
  10. 50th High School Reunion

    One hint Pygmy. Don't mention politics in any way. I was at my 40 year reunion last summer and when questioned I happened to mention that I was a Trump supporter. I was immediately escorted away from the party and forced to sit at an isolated table by a gal I had dated during the seventies. She's still cute and there are fond memories. She scolded me: "Think about what you've done." In general it was a fun party, but that was just weird.
  11. Mower recommendations

    Yeah, but it won't mow around trees and flower gardens or get into tight spaces in the yard. That's Moog's dilemma. It's very similar to tree work. You need a big saw to handle big trees and big stumps, but you don't want a 35# saw to do light limbing. You'll be exhausted before the day is over. The only answer is two different saws. It is what it is.
  12. Mower recommendations

    BTW Airedale, somebody cleaned that old Kubota up nicely. If it hasn't been mechanically abused, I'd bet it's an absolute tank and a workhorse. Worth every penny.
  13. Mower recommendations

    No offense Moog, but you're asking for two different things in one package. A nimble zero-turn mower will never be a food-plotting machine, and vice-versa. It comes down to a trade-off. It's not much different with guns. The perfect deer rifle is generally not very good for squirrel or rabbit hunting. Airedale's options above are good ones, but you're going to have to do some push mowing to really clean up. And a zero-turn mower which is perfect for mowing is never going to pull ag equipment successfully. It is what it is.
  14. Mower recommendations

    The R/C flying club I belonged to insisted that the recently-purchased zero-turn Graves, which was a tough professional mowing machine, could pull a light (200#) residential roller. I told them not to even try it. A week later the the hydrostatic transmission had to be rebuilt. There are mowers, and there are tractors. Zero-turn mowers are not built to be tractors. JMHO.
  15. Mower recommendations

    Don't take it as gospel but I've heard from a number of mechanic friends that most zero-turn mowers don't do well when tasked with pulling something bigger than a gardening cart. They are pure mowers.