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  1. Any recommendations for a outfitter or Guide That does waterfowl near lower Schoarie
  2. Any one know bear butcher in Schoharie county or around that area?
  3. No I never did I want to make sure I could get it taken care of before I decided to take one.
  4. Does any know someone who can process bear meat in or near 4g
  5. digthesig


    Any one know a bear meat processor in the area?
  6. Im from Huntington li i been deer and small game hunting upstate my whole life me and some friends started duck hunting long island this year out of one our boats in the oyster bat area any tips or advice you could give us ? on where to go and see something other then sea ducks we been shooting?
  7. any one giong to 4G this weekend? going tommorow at noon to do some scouting around my Property.
  8. got upstate this weekend got to shoot both barrels. i put bushnell 2.5 to 6 on both barrels and bore sighted them. could not sight them in to much snow but i was hiting a can at 30yds free hand
  9. ya this my first for hunting bi shot my frends fathers on the last day of our deer camp.he wants to buy an auto so i let him shoot mine.then he gave me his tc with a 35 rem and i fell in love with it and something new to try
  10. thanks you have been a big help i want to use thr 30-30 for deer hunting
  11. what kind of rings should i get low or go higher?
  12. i got my hands on one a frend gave it to me
  13. ya i have all spring and summer and some of the fall gives me a reason to go up to my place and shoot
  14. well its going to be a big change from hunting with a 30-06 rifle with a scope i will find out in 310 days
  15. digthesig

    trappers ed

    dose aby know if they hold a trappers ed class on LI and when and where
  16. any one have any info on it i think it shoots 20g and a 22 hornet is that right
  17. I just brought a Thompson contender with a 223 and 30-30 I want to put scopes on both any one have any thoughts on what i should get
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