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  1. Not really. I've spent a couple mornings near Lake Carmel. Seen some does but no rut activity. I was up near saugerties Sunday Monday and saw young bucks on the chase.
  2. I had a funny experience this am. Lake Carmel area. First season w bow, have yet to get a deer. Got a bear two weeks ago. So this little doe comes up to me this morning at 815. I'm on the ground, back to a stone wall. She's barely a shooter and I try ignoring her but she's persistent. Gets maybe 7 yards away. Looking at me, trying to decide what's up. Finally snorts five times and walks off. Rest of the family never show. Now I'm kinda regretting not taking the shot. She was so trusting though.
  3. Free tags Most of you probably already know this already, but this is my first season using bow so it was new to me: Doe tags for Westchester and Suffolk counties are free. Just got em today. Dicks sporting goods had a little difficulty figuring out how to use the licensing computer but it worked in the end (I called the state tag phone # and they walked us through it).
  4. Repost from live in the woods thread... Got my first bow kill on sat at 4pm. First bear kill also...
  5. Hadn't planned for this. Can anyone recommend a processor /butcher in the saugerties Catskill area and also someone to do a rug or tanning. With deer I butcher myself but i don't want to ruin the fur. Thanks.
  6. Got my first bow kill last night. Five miles west of Catskill. Was in the stand by 3:15pm. 4:15 I hear something crashing through the woods. she charged down the hill behind me and then stopped one tree behind mine. Close shot. At first I thought the arrow went through because I saw the back of it on the ground but it broke. She ran 40 yards and lay down, grunted, that was it. https://urbancowboy.smugmug.com/Other/Jan2017/i-24Qnf5W
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