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  1. I went to dep property in Westchester... had a wardrobe malfunction while pulling my bag up, my over pants fell off the bag. I saw a hunter leaving the area at 3:45 and thought I would ask him to attach the pants to my pull up rope but he didnt come close enough for me to ask. Then more hunters showed up at 4:15 (!). Didnt see deer, just a lot of people.
  2. For Sale: Summit Retractable Gear Hoist. new in box. $20 shipped. Glock Double Pistol Case. New with tag. never used. padded. could also be used for a tablet computer or a sandwich. $24 shipped. pics below. thanks.
  3. I'm interested. I sent a message a few days ago.
  4. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Yeah I'm out in Westchester. No action so far. Pretty windy. after tomorrow morning I guess I'm done for the year. Last year I tried Tompkins County doe management but didn't find a good spot until I had to leave.
  5. Urbancowboy

    Wild Game Processing

    Just a shout out for Greg. Brought my crossbow buck to him at the beginning of the season. Clean shop. Processed quickly. A pleasure to deal with. Meat is wrapped nice in freezer paper and labeled. Would definitely recommend this business. Greg's mom did a European mount of the buck and it came out great. Just picked up this week.
  6. Urbancowboy

    Dutchess county deer processing

    Just to follow up Im very satisfied with Greg and "down the road butchery." In Milan NY near red hook. Got a ton of meat from my buck. Packaged and labeled nicely. I would use them again.
  7. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Out in the wind and rain in Putnam County. I promised my wife's friends husband I would go today otherwise I would have skipped it. No other cars parked in this public land area. Can't wait to go back upstate for the middle of the week. First time out w shotgun. Front bead sight only so I'm going to treat it like a bow/xbow and only take a very close shot.
  8. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Had the same thing happen two years ago with my first xbow kill. The buck was startled but he came right back and gave me an even better shot. I Didnt make the same mistake twice.
  9. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Yessir saugerties Catskill area. Not a big social media guy, not that I have anything to hide.
  10. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Thanks. Funny thing is I would have been stoked to take a doe with bow or xbow. Really wasn't waiting for /looking for antlers.
  11. Urbancowboy

    Dutchess county deer processing

    I just dropped my buck off with Greg last night after finding this post. He's a young guy with a professional setup in his garage. Big cold room, clean. I'm not going to recommend him before I pick up the meat and try it, but so far so good. Price quoted is just over a hundred for the normal cuts. I'll give an update in a few days.
  12. Urbancowboy

    2017 HuntingNY Crossbow Harvest Thread

    0830 am Greene County. 20-25 yard shot. He came out of heavy brush, pretty loud, moving in a straight line to my stand. He ran a good bit but I heard the crash from my spot. Pse fang xbow.
  13. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

  14. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Huge buck came out of heavy brush and walked up a hill diagonally towards my ladder stand. Don't know if he smelled the evercalm that didn't seem to work the last several sits. Don't know if he heard my doe grunt call I hit maybe a half hour before. All I know is he was coming in my direction on a mission. Moving slowly I brought the xbow up and took safety off. Estimated he was around 20-25 yards when I shot. He took off and I heard some crashing in the woods. Followed an amazing blood trail a little over an hour later. Blood on both sides of his prints.
  15. Urbancowboy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    So I've been following this thread for the last few weeks. When weather permits, I read it from the woods. More often, I read it while stuck at work in the city. Last several sits were pretty uneventful... I took a bear w bow (first and only bow kill) then switched to xbow last week... Been hunting Putnam and Westchester (w bow) during the work week and private land in Greene County when I have a day or two off. Yesterday I didn't see anything all day. This morning I was out and in place way before six. Didn't hear or see anything. Knew I had to head back to the city in the afternoon so I was pretty bummed. Until 0830...