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  1. There are a few friends/acquaintances of mine who are interested in hunting, and they always ask what is the best hunting tools. I was reminded of the days when I first started hunting and bought the tools that I could afford, but ended up spending more money over the years than if I had saved up and bought better quality tools at the beginning. I would like to see your list based on the following. How would you tell your younger self or a new hunter who has a finite amount of money and is just getting started what are the top 5 essential items to concentrate on? Order of the list indicates where you would spend your money, most on #1, etc. The amount I want to set is not based on a dollar amount since everyone's budget and financial situation differs. Here’s mine: 1 - Optics (for this purposes binos and gun scope, spotter a separate item) 2- Frame pack - at least for where I hunt now 3- Boot 4 - Range Finder 5- Rifle (does not include scope)
  2. HUNTSHIELD Men’s Neoprene would be worth a look. I’ve had these HUNTSHIELD boots for about two months. Which i got recommended from this source. I’ve worn them on several deer hunting trips in some pretty rough mountainous county. The boots fit nice and snug, no slipping of my feet in the boot when side-hilling.
  3. I am looking for an EER scope for a handgun. Everyone and their dog used to sell them, now I can't find one anywhere...what's up? Anyone have a lead for me? Know a place that has them? Here https://guntrusted.com/i get few suggestion but need your opinion. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I need to buy a camping tent. never bought a tent before. considering my budget and requirements, i'm basically down to these choices http://www.amazon.com/Hotouch-Waterp.../dp/B012N6JGNA https://getcampingwild.com/ I just can't tell which one is better quality just buy looking at the pictures online. if anyone has experience with either of these tents... or just first glance opinion... it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys new to bow hunting. Now I'm looking for compound bows and I found few reliable source though https://toxophilites.com/beginner-compound-bow/ What do you guys think? which one will be better? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello new member here. From Walnut and a life long hunter and outdoor enthusiast. Looking to do a lot more target and sport shooting as well. Hope to learn lots here form other users and share common interest.
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