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  1. Smaller base camp style setup . Big enough to squat around and heat about 100 sft base tent , but small enough to canoe in or game cart out . Setup base camp first week October break down second week of November. There is three of use to do the hump work setup and prep camp prior . Would like it to be 25 pounds or less when finished. There seems to be a lot of different styles out there on YouTube . wondering if anybody on the site here had attempted to build anything .
  2. That seek outside looks like a great stove . We would be doing about the same thing transported in and then stash it for the seasons to come. hike it out only if we’re leaving the area completely . The idea of a little larger firebox and trying to get a little longer burn time is the reason why I posted a bit larger stove . We would not need to backpack it all over .so if it weighs at 15 to 20 pounds for a single hike in or hike out with it don’t think it would be an issue . I was thinking of cutting down a 20 gallon steel drum so it’s not a 55 gallon drum diameter . I think building s
  3. We have been primitive camping and back country camping for quite a few years . Sometimes we camp with a travel trailer other times it’s whatever you can get under. This falls hunting trip will be back country paddle or hike in . I’m entertaining the idea of building a custom stove for the tent / teepee. Bigger than little but smaller than large and some sort of ability to store parts and pieces of stove within itself . I found this design on another hunting website. I thought maybe I would try this or try to improve upon it .anybody out there have anything that they built or use regularly .
  4. The county you live in probably owns forestry county lands which some you are allowed to hunt on . Some of these properties are donated to the county by the philanthropic sector other land is given to the county in Lou of rest home or county home fees for individuals in assisted-living end of life situations. At times these tracks of land are hundreds of acres . You should check with your local county soil and water office . may be a lot more land than meets the eye that you have access to . County owned recreational property seems to be well hidden to the average user . Sorry for all the
  5. Waypoint your area . If you find good sign or old rubline waypoint it . Huntstand has the waypoint with picture setting. It’s nice to be able to refresh you view of and area through picture waypoints.
  6. I second this . State land can be extremely productive we have had good luck on state land . Once we were out in Calhoun creek forest pulled up three trucks were loading up and leaving .we entered the woods headed to the steepest section and thickest cripple brush . Not a foot track in the snow . 2 hours later we were heading out to the truck with a 8 on the drag.. I guess the previous group never saw anything. Lol
  7. First year we went to hunt Northern Zone muzz we slept in the back of the truck , we were cold . Every night of the week. .
  8. Welcome . Some of us stay in the stand longer than others but all of us eventually reach the forest floor .
  9. My son and I enjoy spending time with you in the woods actually what I mean is my son and I enjoyed watching your videos . Thanks for sharing
  10. Blues man I’ve seen your invitation over on the ADK forums. I’m surprised you don’t get more interest in this forum from other members . A weekend or 2 of primitive camping and hunting can really change your whole idea of what is possible in the big woods. From the pictures posted on another forum , bluesman is well seasoned at backcountry camping . When Shadowing a seasoned backcountry enthusiast , one may learn more in a season then some learn in years. Maybe you will get some more interest with a couple positive bumps of this topic . Good luck bluesman
  11. Welcome . NY needs every sportsman it can get. Life is good in the woods .
  12. They are a rather inexpensive food food plot item you can pick up a 50 pound bag sunflower seed At TC or your local seed store under $20.00. Scarify the ground a few times with that tow behind plow you’ve got , hand broadcast seeds and you can actually use the wheels of your ATV to compact the seed into the soft ground . They are high in proteins and create their own nitrogen requiring no fertilization . Another great asset is that they attract large quantity of pollinators which will increase your berries your apples and your flowering grasses or vegetables through good pollination pra
  13. I was taking a minute to skim through some of the page postings you have here . I was looking over some of the seed that you had pictured and I am wondering if you have ever tried sunflowers As a food plot or as a friendly snack for your passing through deer traffic.. we grow a couple acres of sunflowers, does and yearlings spend time eating the stalk leaves the mature bucks will stand in the tall plants and almost disappear.
  14. We like the mrp . We see lot of moose sign and occasionally a bull or cow
  15. I Wander a lot in the moose river plains . We will probably be a couple miles south of the Old kenWells camp. I think we’ve located a nice canoe in or hike and location weather changes
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