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  1. We build pole barns equipment sheds , run in sheds, firewood sheds etc. etc. putting the holes in the ground is always the big question at the start of the day . then wondering if what we have to start it with is going to be what we need to end it with . Skid steer with auger works well a lot is operator . The Toro dingo tract auger works well also. We Built a 30 x 60 and two 12 x 60 pole shed additions placed all the holes with the Toro dingo . Butt you may have a local pole setting guy with a digger Derrick truck made for utility pole work . He can usually auger the hole with his truck
  2. Delaware county has many different terrains. Depending on what side of Walton you are located on you may be seeing deer all day or seeing a deer a day . It’s a decent area in upstate ny and would probably be worth your money if your getting a friendly deal . I hunt a few spots in the Walton area that friends own . we see nice deer and some nice wall hangers every year. Bear spring mountain.
  3. My son and I will be out this weekend trying to get him one . This is his first year little frustrating but will try to get the job Done this weekend.
  4. We are in the same boat here .with one of our dogs . It’s definitely a tough spot to be in . The decision is never easy . Sorry to here this
  5. If we ever can get a chance I would like to take my family to the Pearl Harbor memorial museum in Hawaii. So my son can see it before he gets to caught up in life with other things. . On another note Top sail island is one of our favorites also fishing for spots, red drum and living life salty .
  6. Good reading . Thanks for sharing this grouse
  7. Rogers conservation Center is an excellent place for the kids if you are entertaining kids. Sometimes they have a nighttime event such as birds of prey things like that . nighttime hike walks looking for owls and it’s pretty neat for kids .oneonta has a memorial day parade along with a Veterans Memorial in the local park . FYI If you’re headed to Cooperstown like another member said parking is terrible especially if you bring a boat and trailer good luck With that . . All of our smaller towns such as Norwich new Berlin Morris South new Berlin Mount Upton and other areas all have someth
  8. Be safe Everyone good luck
  9. Oneonta Walmart only has 3 1/2 “ turkloads left maybe 10 boxes. Last night when I was passing through. I was looking for 3 inch 20 gauge magnum loads for my son . nothing there like that . I may have to break open a 50 year old box of Hawkins 20 gauge from the closet .
  10. Another product that we have used used to be called nail light fiberglass panel product it look like stone but now they make a lot of different things stone would must look nice across that house and view from the deck would look good .
  11. You could run a 36 inch to 48 inch high row of vertical wainscot vinyl panels along the bottom of the house. The full width of the gable end of the house. the siding that you have removed will easily fill in the area that you have open on the end wall . Just need to trim that slider door and maybe wrap the trim with metal . There are a lot of different final panel profiles like wainscot board and batten tongue and groove and etc. One of those designs may be an accent to what you want for a patio area .
  12. If you can locate and roost the birds the night before it’ll take a lot of the guesswork out in the morning . Just as the sun setting over the hill at twilights start , we’ll take a ride around our hunting spots . Stop step out and quick bump on the horn or a quick hit on an air horn will usually get the gobbles going. Then we will plan for the morning. For those of you who hunt and then head to work I have found this works well .
  13. Give losies gun shop or sportsman’s adventures gun shop in Oneonta a call . You may be able to pay over the phone and pick up when you get here. Both are on the south side of Oneonta.
  14. Man the mountains have their way don’t they . It’s amazing the amount of time you can spend in the woods And never actually see what you come for . I remember the first couple years hunting the Adirondacks coming up empty seeing a deer here may be there.. I have followed some of your post bluesman over on the ADK forum. It’s been slim pickings when it comes to backcountry hunting partners . staying out in the bush for more than a week is hard to handle for some . The mental toll gets to be too much for many . Did you guys paddle in ?
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