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  1. Powely piseco area is 5j . And Ferris lake wilderness area . Just above little falls . You can access through Stratford . Lots of free camping sites . It’s all boots on the ground hunting. Pack a lunch .
  2. In the 80’s “my early days of turkey hunting” dad would paddle a box call then finish up with a diaphragm mouth call in a fluid fashion. He would start and stop abruptly switching between , it was amazing. If you didn’t know he was calling most would think there was a hen party going on. Then when a Tom was skeptic dad would shut up give a minute and hit him with a Snapple call .I have to say one of the biggest mistakes a turkey guy does is call in same tone and style daily.
  3. We live over the line in otsego county. I have been a builder in otsego and chenango for 30+ years . The chenango county and local town building /fire code offices are easy to work with for permitting . If you are making improvements requiring zoning approval they are easy to work with also. We have a good hunting and fishing community around here. Many rural residents in chenango and otsego counties are struggling to keep heads above water. As you ride through our counties you definitely see it . There’s is good opportunity in the area . hopefully with decent people transplanting themselves here we will be re-building a better rural ny. Good luck
  4. I’m going to build a couple new box and a couple pot calls with my son and then report back lol .
  5. With the breaks in weather and sunshine, I’ve been seeing more birds in my fields and hitting up the scrub crab apple trees. going to get started on making some new calls this month .looking forward to may .
  6. My father hunted with a bear recurve like that when I was a kid . This brings back memories of the my dad . I still have that recurve saved with some of his gear from back in the day .Thanks for sharing
  7. Gobbler swamps are real honey holes around here . Many times it’s a 100-150 yards through the scrub timber after leaving the field edges . Or a short walk through some Indian heads just far enough to get you away from the field edge and into tom town . I remember hunting these spots as a child with my father you hear these birds come down out of the roost. sounding like a widow maker falling out of a tree . nothing but excitement. I would always want to get up and get moving to close the gap .Dad would say sit tight they’re coming . I have to say my father is a humble patient man with the ability to sit and wait much longer then I could back then . 30 minutes of silence from the first gobble or exchange of yelps and I was ready to crawl in for the shot lol .
  8. Packed and headed to the big woods. Gonna be a long day , maybe 2 sandwiches today.
  9. Pentax 8-16 x 21 adjustable zoom under $100 on sale Very nice size and clear pict think it’s called the UP series 5 years and no issues.
  10. Coyotes aren’t very effective against deer unless it’s a fawn or they are running them down in the snow . . Years ago when I was a predator caller we would see deer fox and coyotes all in the same field at the same time in the evening on the spotlight . Deer will stomp the crap out of coyotes and domestic dogs . The same way that a donkey does if left in the field to protect your live stock . Couple feet of snow on the ground and the coyotes will have an advantage if hunting in pac .
  11. Pre rut and post rut buck bedding is definitely different. Post rut I look for thicker cover close to food fringe areas . Try to catch him traveling to and from eats . There is a lot of corn field in my area that the farmers are harvesting now . That first 100-150 yards of crippling brush cover off the edge of theses fields is a favorite area of mine with the muzzleloader.
  12. I see a lot of open area bedding under cover of darkness . more brushy bedding during daylight .
  13. Have you considered making 3-4 mock scrapes down along the edge of that farm road 40-50 yards apart . . . Maybe some doe in heat attractant around a mock beding spot off the road 15-20 yards in the brush . Let the area steep for a day or two in sent , then Pack a lunch and sit . There has to be deer close by maybe you can get them there via their noses . You get one buck to slow down there he may stay close for a couple days .weather is changing Thursday maybe you will seal the deal fri-sun
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