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  1. Good luck We will be wandering the woods for muzz seasons week all so. Be safe
  2. 2 week count down . Final prep and pack for northern zone . These next 2 weekends will be busy . Weather is cooling so the excitement is building. Anyone heading out for bow today I wish the best of luck to you. Some waterproofing to do this weekend wipe a few pair boots down. Figure out the deer cart situation and how that’s going to break down and load in the boat this year . Then there will be another few things that will come up I’m sure. You never know what you forgot until you get there . I almost forgot I have to put a few loads through the smoke pole make sure that still shooting straight . I had ordered some stuff through midway hopefully that will arrive this weekend also . Nothing too excited in that order just a couple New York State compliant orange hats .
  3. Times have changed haven’t They. Used to hang them in the rear cab window and never worried about them .
  4. Couple pictures from paddling into deer camp this weekend. Water was a little low on some spots. We’re about 2 miles in on the river two sections about 100 yards each i needed to get out walking tagline the boats . Just an amazing Sunday on the water . Dropping supplies and checking what is for the remainder of the blueberry crop . There isn’t an apple tree to be found up there . We’re really chasing beach nuts blueberries and other soft browse
  5. 30.06 is a good cartridge. Though I don’t hunt with that caliber. I know many of fellow hunters a field use it . Sounds like you really have yourself a nice gun, losing that much weight off the rifle i is amazing . Should lighten you up a little bit at least give you the ability of a few more miles . I’m headed back in tomorrow to cut some extra firewood . If the water level is good there on the south branch hopefully I’ll be able to paddle it and not have to tagline everything and wade it.good luck be safe .
  6. Seeing a lot of movement between the days of rain here
  7. With just a couple more weeks to go .time to button up a few honeydew projects and a few things at work before we head to the big woods. One more Trip up to the Woods drop some supplies pull game camera cards and then it will be nothing but hunting.
  8. Let’s all take a moment to remember. Lets all never forget !!
  9. We have had terrible luck with the local club . Sounds like your clubs should give some advice to the ones in our area . One year a few members decided to ride up over and jump there sleds off the silage and haylage bags on the neighbors farm . Tore the bags all up leaving all the feed exposed . Next year another few sleds decided to run laps during little snow in a remote hay field leaving the farmer no choice in the spring but to spend money to reseed. There are more incidents but if your local clubs are well organized I’m sure you will have better results. It only takes one to make everyone look bad . I’m pro wheel and track access for recreation we just have had some issues.
  10. It really depends on whether you like seeing more snowmobile’s from your tree stand then deer . Nothings worse than finally getting a few inches of snow get out there in the woods all sudden start hearing all the brap brap zip zip and here come the sleds. I’ve seen a lot of this where season isn’t even over and they’re all over the place . We stopped giving a local snowmobile club permission to run the trail through our property. People just won’t respect the fact that the sleds were not supposed to be operating until after the gun season was over. You grab a couple weekends because you got some time off to hunt and then every 20 minutes someone ripping across your property. Don’t get me wrong I know I might sound quite sour I’ve been an ATV’er and previously was a snowmobiler but it just seems like a lot of people don’t respect The landowners trail limits . If you do let them cut across your property tell them STAY ON THE TRAIL THE MARKED TRAIL IF THEY DONT CLOSE IT OFF TELL THEM TO BEAT IT . Our local snowmobile club usually talks a really big game but then usually no one answers the phone when you’ve got complaints .you hear nothing you finally call troopers or sheriffs department to get some response. Not fun
  11. 7 x 57 Mauser rifle with Williams iron sights. G2 bow CVA howling wolf
  12. I remember Our local school would close for the opening day . Wool rich plaid and buying shot shells at the gas station and hardware store. Remember blaze orange camo patterns coming into style lol. Life was good it was simple but rewarding.
  13. I’m sure your father would be happy. The rifle looks excellent. Sorry for your loss.
  14. 7p is a interesting tag for me . I never Get one at the counter when getting my license . I always pick 4 and 7p for the wma but 7p always shows up in the mail later when I do get it . Not every season but probably 50 percent of the time . I would think your chances are better while there’s more tags available earlier during license sales .
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