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  1. snopro6r

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Prime rib roast ready to go on the smoker
  2. snopro6r

    Sunfish Valley Whitetals

    Lived here my whole life almost 49 years. Hard to leave, we have the best sheep around! I agree with you on the idea of an out of state hunt should be something not at home. The thought of just seeing a 150” class buck once in my life is just too tempting.
  3. snopro6r

    Sunfish Valley Whitetals

    No promoting here. I live in Jasper Ny. I have never been on an out of state hunt before. I have been invited to go with two other guys who have also never been out of state hunting. I just don’t want to go to a high fenced hunt and kill a tame whitetail. I want to go and hunt for a whitetail. If I had lots of free time I would do a diy hunt but the world has gotten so busy, I just can’t do that. So my apologies if you think I am promoting something, l was just looking for some information on the place
  4. Looking for some input on this place. I have been asked to go on a hunt next year, 2019. Anyone have any thoughts on the place? Thanks for your time