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  1. In my stand listening to owl until it flew overhead. Never heard an owl here. Pretty cool.
  2. I wasn't sure how this would go over with my wife and kids but it basically got polished off. I would say I wouldn't make it every night because of how full I felt afterwards. I used venison and followed the recipe except a little less dressing, only half a head of lettuce because I didn't have a big enough bowl and I added black beans and plain yogurt on top.
  3. So the last two days I saw two large bodied bucks cross the same path between 7:05 and 7:40. Last night there were a lot of shots going off around 4:30. I saw a large bodied buck head towards the shots and then heard two more shots and then he came back out. I wonder if he had a hole in him when he came back out? I'm very curious to what I see this morning between 7-8.
  4. Here's my thoughts, Deer are too hot to move, Deer are too cold to move, It's too windy, There's too much snow etc etc. The deer aren't going to sit in one place for the whole week. I have heard that deer try to get to food a lot more before a storm tho. I think the deer will be moving all through the week looking for more food. Maybe they'll even pop up in a few new spots you didn't expect where winter food is. However, I am just a new hunter and I've never actually hunted in the cold cold and also this will be my first year hunting the late season. As far as bow performance, I have no idea. So bundle up and get out there
  5. I'm really liking everyones opinions. Basically I'm finding that both guns will do the same thing and go buy either one I like the looks of. I guess my next question is, when do I find the time to practice before Monday? Looks like I won't have any down time mid day to brew any beer.
  6. Nice job. I knew someone would come through right at the end. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge and then I'm sure we'll have folks getting it done over the weekend. Way to go everybody. Turkey feathers and I are thinking we should extend the challenge to next mon through friday. Should be a bit more challenging with a little less participation I'm guessing. What do you think? Should we go for it?
  7. I did not read what everyone else posted but, I had a problem with this probably 15 years ago. I was a little stressed out at the time and noticed that it was worse with certain foods. I kicked out coffee and anything spicy but sometimes would drink tea. When I say spicy, I mean I couldn't eat ketchup. I did that and was very picky about my diet for about 6 months but maybe a year. I eventually brought back coffee. I still can't eat spicy foods and can have ketchup now and then. Every blue moon I'll taste some reshot on a clam or in beer cheese soup but I usually pay for it. I was really not interested in medicine but everybody is different
  8. They have know idea what a muzzle loader is but this is what they think a missle loader is with a missle loader target.
  9. you've posted this before right? I just tried penn tuxedo for the first time. pretty good for a change
  10. btw I'm following along just not commenting thanks for your help
  11. Way to get it done buckmaster! Now let's see if someone sneaks in a late entry buck
  12. Lots of shots heard. Deer running every direction and this little guy comes to me for shelter. Couldn't do it. Challenge or not. He's now napping 5 yards behind me.
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