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  1. fisher2

    38 yr old dead eagle found

    I had no idea eagles lived this wrong, also how many eagles get hit by cars every year? I wasn't aware that was an issue with them.
  2. fisher2

    Daughter's & Boyfriends.........

    I just wanted to poke in here for a "boyfriend" perspective. When I became friends with my current girlfriend of 1.5 years thus far her mother loved me but once we started dating I was the devil and shouldn't be trusted, I was given warning on this before we told the mother that we started dating. my girlfriend's mother is the "strike fear yadda yadda" type with biker friends and has intimidated every guy out of her daughters life by being too over the top and too intimidating to people she gets close to and due to how the mother is the daughter fully resents her mother and her brother also resents her mother for the same reason. The son moved 200 miles away and has only visited 4 times since I started to see this girl. and the daughter has plans on going off to the same college as me, getting a dorm, and not coming back. my girlfriend is 20 years old started dating at 17. my girlfriend has depression issues and suicidal pasts that she attributes to feeling like crap because she couldn't keep any close male friends and it took her a few years until she realized it wasn't her, but it was her mothers fault. Now she did have some bad friends and such but the mothers behavior made it so no body stayed around. With all the advice of sharpening knives and flat threatening (i'm assuming and hoping jokingly) I wanted to say from first hand experience the kind of mental abuse a young girl can go through when a parent is way over protective. my girlfriend has been hospitalized 3 times for attempted suicide all of which she blames on not understanding the mother was making her life so bad.
  3. fisher2

    Plot Watcher Camera?

    i leave them out and come to stand with laptop, and go through the day before to judge what/when im due for the day, i mostly hunt does that move in groups though i show up earlier than the cameras previously have shown that deer move
  4. fisher2

    Plot Watcher Camera?

    phade has the answer pretty well, it can tell you big bodies no problem counting points you're better off with motion cameras
  5. fisher2

    Plot Watcher Camera?

    they're really only good for wide open spaces and getting a fast judgement of where to put cameras for targeting specific animals , i use mine to isolate a tree based on the movement and amount of time the deer would be broadside i also use it for tracking wind direction
  6. fisher2

    Plot Watcher Camera?

    you can see movement and say its a deer at about 80 yards but you have to look close and you cant tell anything about the deer it's good for getting an overview,
  7. fisher2

    Plot Watcher Camera?

    resolution, i believe it says .3mp you're not going to be able to judge rack size past 20 yards or so dusk to dawn, i only care about the hours ill be there for so it works fine for me i have 8 gb which at every 5 seconds is good for 6 days, i also have some 16's i run at 5 sec delay that i leave our for 2 weeks +/- 2 days heres a basic idea of pictures
  8. fisher2

    Plot Watcher Camera?

    i run 8 primos DPS's all year and kind of consider myself well educated about the style of camera, whats your questions?
  9. fisher2

    If they stopped all Buck hunting.

    i only hunt does anyway so
  10. fisher2

    best electric grinder -200

    yeah, i looked at the model below but for 30$ more i figured why not?
  11. fisher2

    Who's In?!!!

    im against paintball,airsoft,and this for the same reasons as above
  12. fisher2

    best electric grinder -200

    i've decided on this one, seems to be the most highly rated
  13. fisher2

    2 year old meat?

    i had 2 year old butterfly steaks today, was just fine
  14. i would say screw them in, they appear nice they hold up in my block well ive done 40 shots so far
  15. well this is a first impression review before the first shots. killzone: looks well built, slight rattle when smacked around but not horrible. razor sharp shaves hair with ease, slightly polished edge, likely taken up to 1k stone nice sleek look low profile awfully long curious as to how high the durability is. 12# of force required to push broadhead into cardboard up until blades fully open advertised 2" cutting diameter calipers show 1.96" when blades fully deployed. length closed 2.175 width closed .73" spitfire: looks like same quality in building again shaving sharp one head is slightly duller than rest so ymmv shorter profile, doesnt look as prone to bending but may restrict penetration blades do not deploy before punching through cardboard much more force required 21# advertised 1.75" cutting diameter measures 1.58" from tip of blade to tip of blade, not sure if that's 100% accurate for how they measure but the blades openly take more force to open even with fingers and adjusting the set screws in summery, i think the killzones are sightly better in design but we'll see once i get shots down range