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  1. Yep, going for early bear isn't a high odds hunt, I know, even with those cam pics. Scent lures, calling would be fun to try out. It's about trying for a bear and not worrying about blowing a much higher percentage deer opportunity.
  2. any september strategies / tactics besides look for their food sources?
  3. Early Bear is less than a month away in NY. Anyone planning to do it? I've got a buddy who's sent me trail cam pics of some bears. It's all about food, right? I think the berry sources are gone or will be by then.
  4. Thanks. And yes, did not plan on taking any bear in their den, just wondering if this might be a spot they frequent.
  5. I am stuck out on Long Island these days of lockdown and we've had some severe windstorms. I am wondering about the fallen trees on the bear hunting land I have been to - I would imagine that bears would use the underside as dens in the winter. Would they also sleep in them during the seasons? Might these be spots to look for bears going to or coming from?
  6. Seems like NJ banning hunting bears on public land is a bonus for parts of NY.
  7. It has been released for 2019. Here it is: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/bbrpt2019.pdf Here's the harvests page for deer and bear by year: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/42232.html Southern zone doing most of the harvests, and a jump as well. Hope to contribute to that next year myself.
  8. Also looking into checking this out soon!
  9. Hi guys, I know it's almost over this year, but if I get lucky this weekend anyone know anything really close to NYC? Thanks
  10. Good to hear but I don't think I'll make it out until it's back to freezing temps Monday.
  11. So would that snow have put them to bed for the year? Or will this warm spell get them moving again?