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  1. Seems like NJ banning hunting bears on public land is a bonus for parts of NY.
  2. It has been released for 2019. Here it is: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/bbrpt2019.pdf Here's the harvests page for deer and bear by year: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/42232.html Southern zone doing most of the harvests, and a jump as well. Hope to contribute to that next year myself.
  3. Also looking into checking this out soon!
  4. Hi guys, I know it's almost over this year, but if I get lucky this weekend anyone know anything really close to NYC? Thanks
  5. Good to hear but I don't think I'll make it out until it's back to freezing temps Monday.
  6. So would that snow have put them to bed for the year? Or will this warm spell get them moving again?
  7. Good luck! Let us know if you get any action or see fresh sign! Am still hoping to make a trip to a spot but work has me slammed.
  8. So do we think that the snow has them all denned up for the season?
  9. Well I am no expert, it probably would be very hard without bait. But I'd like the chance and it'd be better than what we have now. Hunt the spring onions, early apples? Rotting logs with larvae...
  10. Off hand, I'd think there's a greater chance of a spring season without baiting than with, or adding baiting to the fall season. It's just expanding time, rather than method of take. I'd be quite happy with that.
  11. Thanks I may try something next weekend. Not sure if a combo of legal scent lures and calls is better or overdoing it. We know bears have been around within the last week or so but haven't been up more recently.
  12. Hi, anyone have any experience calling in bears in NY? Looking for tips, stories, etc. I have a fawn distress call I tried last season to no luck. Would fawn in the fall not work b/c by then their walking around anyway?
  13. Hoping to test the trichnosis killing methods this fall - here's a great wild game cook chiming in on it. https://honest-food.net/on-trichinosis-in-wild-game/