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  1. Got a pic of a guy walking past my spot at 0550… calling an audible and heading up to a spot at 1130 that my brother recommends Good luck everyone! Hope to see some photos later! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thats true for the stands you leave up but what about those who hunt public land? I’d be curious to see the comfort difference between these and the steel&cushion ones. I hunt from a saddle but if I ever go the hang-on route I wouldn’t write fabric seats off without a test drive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I am reading a book called "The Guns of August", its about the buildup to WW1. It mentions a famous hunting lodge in Prussia (present day Poland) named the Rominten Hunting Lodge. Couple that with an epidode of "The Queen" where Queen Elizabeth shoots a Stag in Scotland. It seems that the Western United States and Africa get lots of press as popular hunting destinations. Have any of you ever ventured across the pond to partake in a hunting excursion? If so what how was it? Please tell if you have a good story or two.
  4. I've had 4 different bear on camera this summer... this guy from a few nights ago is the biggest one so far
  5. Gonna sneak into some apple trees just inside the woods beside a bean field that has buck bed/sign in the area... this is for Tuesday and with a SW wind and light rain I am confident I can sneak in there and hopefully see something... if its brown its down!
  6. Yeah apples for sure.. I have a good spot with some apple trees that has some buck bedding 60ish yards to the south... with a SW wind forecasted with some rain, I am pretty confident I can sneak in there pretty close and see what happens.
  7. What is your tactic for nabbing a deer right out the gate? I'm not looking for a slammer, be happy to just get the freezer filled with some meat... get the big boys later on during the rut... if that doesn't work out I will just go poach one from 4 Seasons.
  8. Longshot I know but I have a 6P and would like a 6K.
  9. I am going up for the opening weekend of ML. As well I am going to go up later when it snows and try and find a track to follow. Not sure how far the park is from you, its only 45mins from me... but I figure with NY having such a long hunting season, throwing a few hunts at the park is fine.. its a low percentage play but man if you get lucky, that's a deer you are gonna remember for life.
  10. My brother is refinishing the my stock right now... coating it like 10 times.. we stained it with walnut and he has coated it like 10 times with some concoction.. he calls it a bowling pin finish... should be done here in a week or two.. pretty excited. We also are gonna add a little picatinny rail and top it off with a nice Leupold VX-3HD 2.5-8 scope and a limbsaver recoil pad... think it will look pretty sharp, its been enjoyable bringing the old girl back to life... ill post pictures when we are done
  11. I've read that some people had issues with the safety and also when I took the gun apart the trigger assembly was very very dirty... the value in the 788 is the action, the trigger is a part many people upgrade.
  12. @airedaleThanks for the advice, I will let you know how it goes!
  13. I bought a Timney Trigger for my old Remington 788 .308. It was easy to switch out the original trigger with this one until I went to put it into the stock. The instructions mention that some inletting may be required and it looks like that is the case for my situation. The the safety is sitting too low to move from safe to fire.. so my question is what is the best technique to inlet and make this safety function/fit properly? I want to have a solid game plan before I start sanding/chipping away at the stock. No pressure though.. if I mess things up I will just get a replacement stock but it would be nice to just use this one.
  14. that's a big ass diamond plate my friend
  15. Thanks for the advice.. I'll give free hand a go and see what happens.
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