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Found 8 results

  1. As expected some PA bucks have become quite resourceful in response to AR's.
  2. After all of this talk about ARs and how a state wide 3 pt rule might go into effect, I want to get opinions about this AR. First of all I want to say that I think the 3 pt rule makes no sense. It lets the superior 1.5 yr olds, ie 5 pts, 6pts, 7 pts and 8pts get shot. And lets the spikes to 4 pts live. This is my take, why not have an AR that you can shoot any buck that has a single point, ie a spike, 3 pt, or anything that has a single point on one side, or the buck has to have 4 pts or better on one side. This lets the superior 1.5 year olds live and takes out the "junk" bucks. This also lets all the "meat" hunters shoot the spikes. and lets a lot of 1.5 yr olds live. I would much rather have this kind of restriction than a 3pt restriction. Thoughts?
  3. Who is excited about the Expanded Antler Restrictions? I'm all for it. Right now WMUs 3A, 3C, 3H, 3J, 3K, 4G, 4O, 4P, 4R, 4S and 4W have AR's. Added for the 2012 season were WMUs 3A, 4G, 4O, 4P, 4R, 4S, and 4W. I have a spot in 4S and 3H that I'll be hunting this year. Hopefully 4S will see the same benifits that 3H has seen over the past few years by letting the ~ 1.5's survive.
  4. I remember this was a hot topic in the past, but lets keep it nice and clean :-* Antler Restrictions - What are your thoughts? Is it working? Do bucks that are spikes grow to be bigger bucks with bigger racks next year?
  5. Just had this sent over to me... Sportsmen announced today that they strongly support the expansion of Yearling Buck Protection for the 2012 season recently announced by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The adopted hunting changes will expand the existing Yearling Buck Protection with Antler Restrictions (AR) to seven additional Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). David Hartman, President of New York State Whitetail Management Coalition (NYSWMC), stated, “We commend Commissioner Martens and the DEC staff for modernizing and improving deer management with the expansion of Yearling Buck Protection with Antler Restrictions into seven additional Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). We thank all our representatives inAlbany and the sportsmen for working together to adopt this modernization of deer management in New York. We hope that New Yorkers in the rest of the state will soon be able to benefit from this program.” Joe Montalbano, from Ulster County, remarked, “We have really seen excellent results in our area. It used to be that a fork horn was the normal buck but now with antler restrictions the new normal buck is an 8 pointer. I have to admit when Antler Restrictions were proposed in 2004 I strongly opposed them at our federation meetings. To anyone that is opposed to it now I would say, Go for it 100%- it really works! Our club, Marbletown Sportsmen, for the first time in its 62 year history has harvested an 11 point buck and other clubs are having the same success”. The majority of hunters in New York support Yearling Buck Protection with Antler Restrictions according to 2005 and 2010 Cornell Surveys commissioned by the DEC. And one need only look at the 2011 NYS Hunting Guide to see what the DEC is promising and marketing to hunters; adult bucks. Current management with the size limit from 1911 of one three inch antler results in most bucks in NY being harvested as immature juveniles before they can reach adulthood. Bill Willis, of Delaware County Economic Development, points out, “As a result most NY deer hunters are dissatisfied with their buck hunting and this is clearly shown in the fact that NY is losing two hunters for every new hunter recruited. This will have large economic impacts to NY. NY deer hunters contribute over seven hundred million dollars to the economy and their license fees and excise taxes contribute million of dollars to fund NY state wildlife programs.” Jay Martin, Big Game Chairman, Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of Ulster County, remarked, “Protecting yearling bucks results in a large increase in the age of the bucks harvested. For example 3.5 year old buck harvest is up 258% in AR areas of Ulster and Sullivan Counties. Both Ulster and Sullivan Counties have harvested the biggest bucks since the late 1920’s in the Antler Restrictions areas and the overall buck take is up 5.7% over the pre AR harvest” Hunters are enjoying the benefits of the Yearling Buck Protection. “I have never seen a single white-tailed deer management program that has invigorated and excited hunters more. Hunters in the current AR areas are hunting a deer herd that many generations of NY hunters have never experienced” stated Dick Henry, a recently retired New York DEC biologist. Tom Yager of the Sullivan County Federation, explained, “The best results have been observed in WMU 3H, where buck harvest numbers have exceeded pre AR levels by 18.3%. According to the Cornell 2011 Survey continuing the Antler Restriction program was acceptable to 90.5% of Sullivan County Hunters.” David Dirks, a columnist for the Middletown Record, stated, "I'm a big supporter of Antler Restrictions. I'd like to see them implemented on a statewide scale rather than the current hodge-podge of adding a few units at a time over many years. So, if we have to expand Antler Restrictions for now using the slowpoke method, I think adding 3M, where I do most of my deer hunting, is a good place to go next." The interest in Yearling Buck Protection is very strong in NY where 350,000 hunters support it. For example, during the public comment on the regulation several thousand letters of support were submitted and only a few hundred in opposition. We are seeing a positive change in the interest in and support for yearling buck protection. Sportsmen know it results in better hunting and it is clear common sense to let immature animals reach adulthood. “Currently people are realizing the fact that Antler Restrictions result in more opportunity to see and harvest quality bucks” stated Charles Bevilacqua a Member of CFAB. David Hartman, concluded, “The Antler Restriction expansion is a victory. The DEC is acknowledging the viability of Antler Restrictions in NY. Now we must turn our attention to bringing this improvement to the majority of deer hunters who support it. Yearling Buck Protection is vital to wildlife viewers and hunters alike”. Sportsmen and wildlife viewers interested in improving the deer herds in their county should visit our website and join our group. The regulation adopted by the DEC to Protect Yearling Bucks with Antler Restrictions includes WMUs, 3A, 4S, 4G, 4R, 40, 4P, and 4W, located in Sullivan, Ulster, Delaware, Greene and Schoharie Counties. This program will require deer hunters in those areas to take bucks that have three or more antler points on one side, instead of the antiquated three inch spike antler law which has been in existence since 1911. Similar changes have been successfully enacted in 21 other states and are intended to provide a better balance to the buck age structure of deer populations by protecting yearling bucks from harvest. The over harvest of immature bucks is deemed to be biologically inappropriate by many wildlife biologists across the nation.
  6. I am very glad to hear that antler restrictions passed for the areas i hunt this year!!! Maybe now we can finally get some decent looking bucks instead of them all getting shot as spikes and 4 pointers. Mandatory Antler Restrictions in More WMUs Hunters in WMUs 3A, 4G, 4O, 4P, 4R, 4S, and 4W are now prohibited from taking a buck during any season (bow, regular, and muzzleloader) unless it has at least one antler with 3 or more points. Youth hunters (ages 12-16) are exempt from the 3 point restriction. See Antler Restrictions in New York for more information. John
  7. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced that it has adopted a five-year deer management plan. The final plan, which has been revised based on public comment on a previously released draft version, is now available at “White-tailed deer are an important and valued natural resource for New Yorkers,” Commissioner Joe Martens said. “DEC’s new deer management plan provides strategic direction for our staff over the next five years and will help us focus our efforts where they can best meet the biological and social demands associated with deer. This plan emphasizes the importance of hunting for deer management, and we are particularly excited to create new opportunities for young deer hunters,” Martens said. “We are also cognizant of the significant ecological impacts associated with deer, and we are eager to more fully bring our knowledge of these impacts into the population management process.” The plan describes six primary goals that encompass the current priorities for deer management and the values and issues expressed by the public: • Manage deer populations at levels that are appropriate for human and ecological concerns; • Promote and enhance deer hunting as an important recreational activity, tradition, and population management tool in New York; • Reduce negative impacts caused by deer; • Foster public understanding and communication about deer ecology, deer management, economic aspects and recreational opportunities; • Manage deer to promote healthy and sustainable forests and enhance habitat conservation efforts to benefit deer and other species; and • Ensure that the necessary resources are available to support sound management of white-tailed deer in New York. Public comment on the draft deer management plan was carefully reviewed by the Department, and several notable changes were made in the adopted plan, including: • Changing to a 5-year cycle for evaluating deer population objectives; • DEC removed the proposal to completely discontinue either-sex and antlerless-only tags; • DEC is committing to implementing a youth deer hunting opportunity. Details related to timing and structure of a youth hunt have been removed from the plan so as to allow continued discussion to identify the most appropriate option; and • DEC clarified that a special antlerless-only season for muzzleloader hunters will only occur as the 3rd phase of a multi-phase process, and only in WMUs where additional doe harvest is needed. DEC intends to begin implementing strategies of the deer plan immediately. While many strategies will take several years to develop, DEC expects to begin rulemaking to implement a number of hunting-related aspects of this plan prior to the 2012-13 hunting seasons, including: • Establishing a youth deer hunt; • Starting the Southern Zone bow season October 1st; • Allowing DMPs to be used during the bow and early muzzleloader season in the Northern Zone; and • Expanding mandatory antler restrictions into 7 WMUs in southeastern New York. DEC strives to provide a deer management program that balances diverse public interests and values with the biological needs and ecological relationships of deer, for the benefit of New York’s white-tailed deer herd and the people of New York. The PDF of the complete management plan has been attached to this post. This post has been promoted to an article deerplan2012.pdf
  8. Hello! I was just wondering about "Antler Restrictions" in Western New York. We seem to be losing our deer heard in the area and was wondering what we should do to bring back the deer. I believe that 3 points one-inch high would not be a bad start. We must do something or we will lose all the deer heard. I remember back in the sixty's the DEC feed the deer during the winter and it helped a lot. So what is the answer today. We need to do something now or lose our deer hunting as we know it today in New York State. Rick