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  1. That's all because of the antlers. No other animal gets people jelous like whitetail do. You never hear someone say that their neighbors shot "their" turkey or rabbit or duck or goose. Just they shot my deer. Because if the antlers. At the end of the day it is just a deer. And that's how people need to view them, they are just deer.
  2. If I didn't own land inches would be completely pointless to me. Everyone's hunting situation and situation in life are not the same. That being said I am fortunate to own land and to me bucks are all about inches. I can fill the freezer any night in one of our fields with a doe, or any morning right behind the barn. So when it comes to hunting I have the opportunity to be selective on bucks and wait for a big one. You can call this QDM in a way but for us its wanting to shoot a big buck because we can. And I know that very few people have this opportunity with their hunting situation. So if you don't have land any deer surely is a trophy. But at the same time I can't stand the people that ask to hunt on my land and get pissed when I say no. They are clueless in how much money I spend in seed, fertilizer,fuel, taxes and equipment they just see someone that owns a farm and is greedy with THEIR land. Not to mention the amount of time that gets put into making bedding areas and food plots, I put all this hard work into my land, and I do it for me. But people need to understand that your hunting situation is nothing like someone else's and any deer to some people is a trophy.
  3. If you are going to be taking it off, don't even get one that can come off and go on. Just one more thing you have to worry about, screws getting loose, little plastic pieces making noise, etc. Get one that you wear on your hip like a tarantula quiver. Just take it off and hang it on the tree when you get to the stand. I used to have a kwikee quiver and found it make a lot of noise on the plastic clip that held the detachment part on. Soon as I took the whole thing off it was so much quitter. The less stuff you have on a bow the less there is to go wrong.
  4. I spoke too soon. Power went out last night, still out now.
  5. The oats isn't a bad idea. We use oats on our clover and alfalfa fields as a cover crop when we plant so weeds don't grow up. Cheaper than spraying them with herbicides
  6. 28k or so I forget exactly. The times savings in 300+ cords a year alone have paid for itself.
  7. Ya can't justify it with 20 cord that's for sure. I was selling 250 cord and cutting 50 for the farm and 50 for our sugar shack with a saw and splitter on the tractor. Made sense for us to get one.
  8. Got one. If you have a bobcat its the way to go. The other styles require an additional tractor/loader to load logs. I can do 6 face cords an hour loaded in the truck ready to go.
  9. The winds already starting to take the ice off the trees and lines. I'm in northern st Lawrence county. 30 miles south of the river. Nothing like the ice storm of 98 that was 3 plus inches of ice in some places. Still power at our place and ours is usually the first to go out. Talked to a Niagara Mohawk guy this morning and he said the power outages were nothing on their standards. 98 we were without power for 12 days.
  10. Chloe Favorite hunting spot Making syrup Logging last year. Muskie Sugaring at night
  11. No way do I think like Early here, but this is no way a freedom issue. If you say that right away you are being a hypocrite because A and E has the same freedoms to suspend Phil just as Phil has the freedom to say whatever he wants this is a free country and A and E is a private company, they can do what they want. Don't be a hypocrite. Now Phil has the freedom to leave that company and go make money somewhere else. If you respect Phils right to say what he wants, ultimately you have to respect A and E's right to suspend him. The Roberstons should just say see ya later A and E and go make money somewhere else. You have no idea what his contract is and what the terms are, maybe it says if you utter the word homosexual you will be suspended, you don't know that. There is no freedoms being taken away here, just a really bad move on A and Es part, but it sure is getting a lot of attention.
  12. How can a white guy say they have it hard? Crazy. I think a lot of the problem is people still see color in other people. I only see two colors, good people and scumbags. And if you are a scumbag I don't care what race you are it still makes you a scumbag. I know a lot of white guys that are scumbags and a lot of black guys that are scumbags. I think when all people start treating each other with respect and courtesy, regardless of their opinion and beliefs, is when we will stop seeing race. Other races need to stop using the race card on every aspect of differing opinions. Just because I do not agree with a black, Asian, or Mexicans opinion on something doesn't make me a racist. It simply means I don't agree simple as that, people make it into so much more. This world is crazy in the sense that if you do not believe what someone else believes they will attack you and attack you, call you names and say you are a hate mongrel. If someone is not crazy and is not hurting the world, or trying to blow everyone up or kill everyone, or you, who cares what they believe why push your opinion down their throat, just respect them and leave them alone. I think people are as soft now as they have ever been, you say one little thing about what you believe and its "offending" someone. So what you got "offended" no need to cry over spilt milk, respect their opinion and move on. I understand that people are passionate in their beliefs just like I am. That is great and when someone asks you about what you believe on this issue or that issue you should say what you believe and stick to it. But don't go getting offended when I tell you, and don't try and tell me my beliefs are wrong just because they differ from yours. Just tell me what you believe and that's it. Maybe have a respectful debate or conversation about why you believe one way or the other, don't start with any hate speech and name calling, that just shows you can't handle others opinions. Ok that's my rant.
  13. Hmmmm imagine that Pavlov's experiment for deer, I guess if it works for dogs it can work for deer as well. , Would that be baiting? Getting the deer trained to come to a tractor or a chainsaw?
  14. Ya I was just thinking about that too. When we harvested our corn this year there was 6 bucks and 6 does eating the stuff on the ground. I would go around the field and they would be out, but I related it to the fact that these deer were probably heading to the alfalfa field behind the corn field anyways and just took advantage of the chopped corn. I never really thought it was the sound and still don't know if I do with that example. The deer are on their feeding patterns anyways and go through standing corn all day long.