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Found 10 results

  1. Hello to All, New to this forum. I'm an old fart archery hunter. I live in VT but do a lot of hunting in the Lake George area Adirondacks. It's tough bow hunting and even gun hunting is a real challenge. This year I'd like to broaden my horizons...... I'm planning to drive out to Yates County this coming weekend just to hike some public land and am considering either High Tor WMA or Italy Hill State Forrest. Anybody have any experience hunting either of these areas? I'm sure they get a lot of pressure during the gun season but I'm wondering how much pressure they get during the archery season. Thanks!
  2. Good morning - I am trying to find spots, (where its legal, not legal, and feasible) to launch a kayak and hunt the north shore. I am close to Huntington, and found out that they have a no discharge firearm policy) Does anyone know areas that are legal. I am not asking for specific 'honey hole' spots.(but I'd take if anyone wants to share!), rather looking for some areas to scout, that are legal. As always, thanks for the Help. Ps - if anyone on the island has goose/duck decoys that they would like to sell, PM me. Id gladly take a look! Have a great day and Thanks, John
  3. Hello to All, I’m new to these boards. I’m just an old dog bow hunter from Vermont looking to hunt more of New York this year. I spend a lot of time in the Lake George Region Adirondacks although I’ve not tagged a buck there in a few years. I’m looking to hike some new areas in Region 3 (looking at Orange County but open to ideas!) and was wondering if anyone could offer advice for Bow Hunting on public land. Does public land get a lot of pressure during the bow season? I’m sure it does for gun. Anyone hunt Pochuck Mountain State Forrest? Can a bow hunter avoid being run over by fellow sportsmen trying their luck?
  4. Hello to All, I’m new to these boards. I’m an old fart bow hunter from Vermont looking to hunt more of New York this year. I spend a lot of time in the Lake George Region Adirondacks area. I’m looking to hike some new areas in Region 3. Been down to Deposit in Delaware County fly fishing the Delaware and it looks like the area holds some deer. Was wondering if anyone could offer advice for Bow Hunting on public land. Does public land get a lot of pressure during the bow season? I’m sure it does for gun. Anyone hunt Kerryville State Forrest? Any advice on this area or any other public lands would be appreciated
  5. DanD

    8X Public Land

    Hi All, I am new to the huntingny forum and new to Region 8. I recently moved to the Painted Post area and have been doing some scouting around. Has anyone ever hunted Erwin Wildlife Management Area, Pinnacle State Park, or McCarthy Hill State Forest during gun season? I'm curious on how many hunters head to these areas since it's near the PA border. I'm just trying to find a place where I won't get shot and have a chance to see some deer. Thanks!
  6. Wasn't really interested in who runs the local yocal nor the proposition about the casino biz. But there are two other propositions on todays ballot about PUBLIC LAND... But voted NO to allow an industry to mine and then reclaim. Mine reclaimation, similar to wetland mitigation, is a good policy, but conservation is time - sensitive... No benefit to impacting something and then "fixing" it years later... Voted Yes to settle land claims in return for other land adjacent to state land. Hard to vote on that without knowing the conservation value of all the scattered parcels, but a contiguous block sounded good, true or not... Should have did more research on that one, not so sure about my yes vote...
  7. Hi Everyone, I was wondering out of everyone's own experiences and personal opinions, which are the least deer hunted public lands in Dutchess county? And if they are all hit pretty hard, which areas of those lands no body really ventures too? Thanks
  8. Is this the new face of conservation? Is this a sincere promotion of the federal migratory bird hunting and conservation stamp? Are they mocking hunters who 1) boast about paying for conservation / being conservationists? 2) take pictures of themselves posing with harvested game? This was in Western New York, by the way and is a movement not an isolated incident... The money and the volunteer hours they are donating is no small piddly amount either... On a related note the University of California and other colleges have acknowledged that most wildlife biology graduates have no experience with hunting which is different than in the past and quote: "People without any exposure to hunting will soon be managing hunters"
  9. Remember the geographic equity testimony during the budget hearing by leaders of several groups entrusted as stewards and spokesmen for all NY sportsmen. Looks like they and that lawmaker from Lake George didn't stop the Finch acquisition with the EP Fund. They did get their boat ramps in Harlem and other locations on the Hudson River too, and with a grant not tied to the conservation fund nor the environmental protection fund. Governor Cuomo recognized the 20th anniversary of the NYS Environmental Protection Fund (EPF). The EPF offers wide ranging benefits to communities around the state and plays an important role in preserving the state’s natural resources and habitats. After years of severe funding cuts, the Governor secured and increased funding for the EPF for this year by $19 million, bringing the Fund to a total of $153 million. Places like Boreas Mountain in the former Finch Pruyn lands in the Adirondacks (pictured) are protected, water quality improvements made, and waste management and reycling are increased through EPF funding.