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  1. DanD

    Treestand types

    I prefer a summit climber but it's highly limited on finding a straight, branchless tree. I also use a Lone Wolf Alpha with XOP tree steps that I can get in just about any tree.
  2. DanD

    Genesee County CWD?

    Deer was shot near East Bethany, NY in 8G. DEC is supposed to give an update within the next week.
  3. I thought I was insane for doing 3 hours one way to some spots, but you guys are making me feel pretty normal....for once in my life
  4. DanD

    Stateland hunters

    My dad and I hunt 3 different pieces of stateland; however, we spend the majority on a piece that is primitive weapons (bow/muzzleloader) only as it gets far less foot traffic. We are still figuring things out, but we both have a handful of different stand locations depending on wind direction and what we're seeing as far as deer and people. Hunting pressure is probably the number 1 or 2 variable that dictate our spots. Most guys don't walk nearly as far as they used to which pushes the deer to semi-predictable places for food/cover on the pieces we do hunt. As far as stands, my dad keeps his feet on the ground, but depending on the day/conditions I either take my summit Golaith or Lone Wolf Alpha hang on with stick steps. I like the lone wolf bc i can get in just about any tree; however, the summit is more comfortable for longer sits and it has a rail to help steady on shots.
  5. DanD


    Not the greatest pictures, but I still love the gun
  6. DanD


    I'll take some pics tonight. I must say, it's a sweet piece. Can't wait to shoot it
  7. DanD


    So yes and no...probably the oddest gun store story I have.... So I meet my buddy at a local gun store to do the FFL transfer to make the ATF and company happy. We wrap up he leaves, and I'm waiting to get the Leupold VX3i mounted on it. A guy walks in who had won one of the 2019 SHOT Show Winchester model 70 featherweights in stainless steel and in 243win. Guy tells the counter attendant that he wants to sell it for cash since he hates Winchester (I didn't ask why). Now I'm a big fan of Model 70s as it was the first rifle I carried for deer for 15 years before I bought a browning x-bolt. I jokingly offered to trade him the Tika in stainless for the Winchester m70 stainless straight up. Guy looks at me and says that sounds like a fair deal....Gun shop asked us to wait a few days and come back since they just did a transfer on the Tika and they were worried about keep things legal and straight with the government's system. Meet the guy a week later at the same shop and did the switch. I'm not going to say the Winchester will be a more accurate gun (more than likely it won't), but I thought I made out like a bandit. Those SHOT show stainless model 70s have been going for over a $1,000 online, and I got it for $560 after what I paid for the Tika and transfer charges.
  8. DanD

    Thoughts on this guy?

    Nice belly sag and body size. I'd shoot it.
  9. DanD

    How many Hunt alone ?

    I hunt with the old man when he is able to make it up to NY, but I go by myself a fair bit with the occasional trip up near Rochester to rover in a few drives for some friends.
  10. DanD

    Brenneke green lightning slugs.

    Friend of my swears by the Brenneke KOs and their performance is awesome.
  11. DanD

    35 Whelen Custom

    How's she shoot?
  12. DanD

    Might have to sell the gun.

    I'm in the same boat
  13. DanD

    Blackflash cams invisible?

    Let them grow another year or two.....
  14. DanD

    Blind Question

    I do believe you left out your leopard print snuggie, but I'll forgive you this once...