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  1. I know several guys that swear by the SSTs. I saw them on sale last year so I bought 2 boxes. I can't get them to group better than 2 MOA in my 7mm-08 Browning . For some reason that gun favors Nosler BT regardless of bullet weight (120s or 140s).
  2. I thought you shot Barnes TTSX bullets? Why the change?
  3. I've shot several deer with a Model 70 chambered in .243. Still one of my favorite guns to carry in the woods. Some of my extended family shoot does with 22-250 or 223 rem, but they are only taking standing neck/head shots to fill nuisance tags.
  4. DanD


    Not the biggest fan of two stage safeties. I'll have to take a look at it when I see it in person. Thanks for the heads up
  5. DanD


    Anyone out there have a Tika T3X Lite/Superlite? A friend won a .243 T3X Superlite in a gun raffle this weekend and offered it to me for $500. Seems like a screaming deal given I'll need a smaller caliber gun when the boys get older, but I don't know anything about Tika other than they were bought by Sako. Quick searching on the internet has highlighted: 3 Shot MOA accuracy guarantee, detachable mag, good triggers, very light weight... What am I missing?
  6. I'm not the greatest shot in the world, so I don't typically take shots past ~120-150 yards. Really need to work in more range time; however, with a 2 year old and a newborn due in 5 weeks it's tough to get to the range. Shortest: ~3 yards with an 870 on a doe that was more out of self defense than filling the freezer Longest:: ~130 yards on my 10 pt from the ADKs last year with the 7mm-08
  7. DanD


    I have two browning x-bolt stainless stalkers. One in 30-06 and one in 7mm-08. I can usually shoot MOA if I hold up my end of the equation. I will say that my 7mm-08 is more picky with ammo. It refuses to shoot Hornaday SSTs in groups smaller than 2 inches whereas the 30-06 will shoot anything from core lokts to Noslet BT in ~1 inch groups. Love the detachable mags, tang safety, and bolt release button for safe unloading.
  8. DanD

    OH..Canada !!

    The mental picture I have of the tussle with the first gobbler is great. Pygmy in an old school style wrestling mask in full camp going toe to spur with a gobbler. GIVE HIM THE CHAIR! Congrats Dan!
  9. DanD

    Remount for a buddy...

    Night and day difference!
  10. DanD

    Yours or your kids first gun

    First gun for me was a handed-down winchester model 70 in 243. My dad has been using it the past few years since it's lighter and easier to carry. I hope one if not both of my sons get an opportunity to take a deer with it when they come of age.
  11. DanD

    Brought my 2017 crossbow buck home!

    Big fan of the wall pedestal mount
  12. DanD

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    Great buck Jala!
  13. DanD

    Unusual deer mount

    I saw this on Facebook and tried to pitch the idea to the Mrs who was in the process of finishing dishes last night. She threw a fork at me with a glazed, thousand-yard stare. Not sure if she hated the idea or if the pregnancy hormones were getting the best of her. I'll try again tonight.
  14. I still haven't pulled the trigger on buying a 25-06, but it's on my short list to buy next. I've frequently gone back and forth between the 25-06 and 257WBY magnum, and I can't justify the additional cost of the 257WBY.
  15. Gotcha. To be honest, I can only really think of a handful of times where I had the time and forethought to look at the BDC circles in mine to make it worth it. I'd like to find a straight 4x for my 45-70; however, with kid #2 due in July my entire hunting/gun budget is on freeze.