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  1. Is he looking for 2.75 or 3"? I know I have a few boxes that I could spare.
  2. BAR is probably one of your best options. I know they used to make Remington 7400 Woodsman in .243. You could also do an AR build from DPMS, but you might be waiting quite a while to get all the parts you need to assemble.
  3. DanD

    Barnes bullets

    I shoot the 250 grain TMZ sabots.
  4. Finally was able to let the muzzleloader bark Friday afternoon with the new BH209 and Barnes combo. Looked like they were just up and causally feeding along the hillside. 75 yard pass through (you're looking at the exit) and she piled up at about 30 yards. Wish I would have weighed her before I started skinning, she may have been my largest doe to date.
  5. I thought they had a fire at their facility last year and haven't been able to get back on their feet due to several supply chain challenges posed by the pandemic
  6. You were spot on in your comments. 75 yards with a complete pass through. Went maybe 30 yards from impact site with a pretty solid blood trail even without snow. You're looking at exit on that side.
  7. DanD

    Barnes bullets

    It took me a little over a month to find the Barnes sabots I was after this summer. I will say they work as well as advertised in my only experience with them this season. Good luck finding them!
  8. Things have been slow everywhere I have hunted: 8X, 8G, 8N, etc. Some of my challenges are certainly weather related as I won't hunt a few places without snow because I can't see well or track if needed. I know the DEC said they sold 15% more hunting licenses, but I'm not seeing a correlation to hunting pressure in the areas I have hunted which includes public and private land. Most pieces of public that I have hunted since opening weekend I've had to myself or maybe 1-2 other trucks. Not throwing in the towel yet. One more weekend and then late season which hopefully brings some snow
  9. September? I know PA does a youth/senior antlerless rifle and muzzleloader season in late October, but September seems early unless they are trying to stay out of the bowhunter's hair. Which might keep the peace?
  10. I hold many titles Eddie, but the best one to date is, "The most annoying person in my life" according to my wife. #Trophyhusband
  11. Model 70 supergrade with maple stock????
  12. Had a TC Omega and I loved it. I never should have sold that gun... I bought a CVA Accura a few years ago and have nothing but positive things to say. I know a few people really love their CVA Optimas if you want an accurate gun for a little less $. Big fan of blackhorn209 powder and barnes sabots as well.
  13. Used a 243 80 grain Barnes TTSX to kill my biggest buck to date. 80 yards through both lungs and piled up after ~50 yards. Fantastic whitetail round
  14. Did one more final confirmation this morning. First shot at 50 yards was right on the money. Took it out to 100 yards and it was still right on the money without any hold over. By the far the best I've ever shot with a muzzleloader. Might tinker more with charges next year depending on performance this year, but the 70 grain by weight charge is certainly accurate in my gun.
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