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  1. 8X is my main go to just due to short travel distance, but I also do a yearly trip up to 5C. I like to bounce around into 7R, 8S, 8T, 8W, 8P, 8N, 8G, and 8H before the season is over as well. I put a few miles on the truck every year.
  2. wish Browning made a big loop BLR. Trying to get my paws (with gloves) through that little lever just doesn't work.
  3. They're open in Horseheads and Henrietta
  4. For me it's more time in the woods before the season. I didn't spend nearly enough time scouting this year and it showed in how hard it was for me to get a deer. I found one nice spot where I put my dad the first two weekends and he took 2 nice does. After that, they grew wise to it and wouldn't cross close enough for a muzzleloader shot (primitive weapons only zone). I did find another spot on that piece of public that showed promise, but I haven't figured out entry and exit where I don't boot everything out of the bedding area.
  5. DanD

    209 Primers

    I'm in the process of switching my CVA Accura V2 over to a Blackhorn209 setup with Barnes TMZ sabots. Ordered the breach plug, powder, etc. Noticed I'm about out of my 209 primers (been using CCI primers for a number of years mainly because that's what I found at the store). In your opinion, how much does the primer matter? Someone told me that CCI's burn really hot, but I'm never had an issue in my CVA or older TC Omega. Wasn't sure if it was worth trying to mix and match with the new powder or if I'm trying to tackle too many variables at once.
  6. Big shark week fan (Discovery channel's version...not my wife's), pretty awesome video. Not sure I'd have the stones to hop in the water with one un-caged like that. Shark looks like she's preggo, so that might be why she's so docile?
  7. How I feel about the final weekend of gun and my empty freezer...
  8. to quote the old man, "just grip it and rip it if it feels right"
  9. Anything with a decent body size to it. I don't have many days to hunt, and my freezer is mighty empty right now.
  10. I'd be interested to know how old he was. I'm guess 4+? Any chance you are going to age him?
  11. Under those circumstances, I'd go 308 due to ammo availability and wider selection unless recoil sensitivity is a high concern. 6.5CM is definitely gaining popularity, but I wouldn't go for bear with one. That's not to say it won't kill a bear with proper bullet and shot placement. I just wouldn't do it.
  12. Are we talking deer/bear only? Estimated shot distance?