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  1. I would LOVE to get into reloading; however, I have 3 young boys that consume what little free time I have. One day i will get there, just not any time soon.
  2. Not sure what you mean by power combo. I use off the shelf Barnes 80 grain TTSX bullets in a Winchester model 70 stainless in 243. Went a bit overkill with the scope Leupold 4.5-14x44 or something like that. The best rifle/ bullet/ scope combo that I have owned to date. Incredibly confident in it well past the range I'm able to shoot in NY. I used a Winchester model 70 in 243 for the first decade i hunted in PA. Was a shooter friendly rig, but then again I was a large 12+ year old....hold the fat jokes
  3. 80 Grain Barnes TTSX....has not failed me to date.
  4. Friend of mine hit a small buck on the second to last day of gun season at last light. We found some hair and light blood and decided to backout until we had more light as we were getting close to the border between public land and private land. Next morning, he continued to follow blood while i looped around to see if he chased anything out of a thicket he was going into. Deer started piling out like mad, but nothing with any size would stop. This old girl was the last to come out and she slowed down just long enough to get a shot off. Wish I had a scale as she was probably the largest doe I've ever killed.
  5. I grew up in PA and love the late season/Flintlock only season they have. Less for the actual chances of killing something and more for the entertainment and seeing all of my cousins and uncles. Can't tell you how many deer have been missed at point blank range or guns not going off on deer at less than 30 yards. Some great memories that I will never forget.
  6. something that I also didn't consider (given my proximity to the PA border) is PA moving the start of their season up to a Saturday start vs the traditional Monday after Thanksgiving start....but i wouldn't think that would swing things that heavily. My old man prefers coming to NY to hunt vs PA, but seeing his grandsons for a week might sway that desire pretty heavily.
  7. I know NYS says they're selling more and more hunting licenses, but I'm just not believing it. Now, it might be me and the public land I hunt in region 8 (G,H.N,T,W,X), but I haven't seen many hunters in the past few years. Opening day this year, there was a fair amount of shooting the first hour, but nothing like it used to be on opening day at first light. I have seen one hunter since opening weekend (which don't get me wrong is nice), but there's something to be said having people around and moving deer around. I can't remember that last time I saw a kid/teenager out in the woods in deer season (Even with the age change this year). Is it just the areas where I am, or are you seeing the same?
  8. Can count on one hand how many deer I've shot after 2pm. Well opening day bucked that trend. Had a group of three does come through some thick stuff around 3pm. The biggest doe of the group stopped at about 60 yards and gave me a front on shot, so I gambled a neck shot with the muzzleloader and it somehow found it's way to the target...through the target...and an unfortunate tree caught the remaining wrath of the Barnes TMZ sabot. Otherwise my season/deer action have been incredibly slow in 8X.
  9. 243 with a high quality bullet. I prefer the Barnes TTSX for my 243.
  10. Definitely seeing seeking activity, but i haven't witnessed anything that i would consider full chasing. I've seen more rubs and few more scrapes this week.
  11. Don't get me wrong the antlers are nice, but that thing could put a nice dent in the current void in my freezer.... LOINS
  12. look at the neck roasts on that thing
  13. Given my empty freezer, if she looks decent sized, she's getting one flung at her.
  14. My Model 70 in 7mm-08 loves the Barnes TTSX 120 grain, but my Browning 7mm-08 prefers the federal 140 grain BT. I have a menagerie of other factory 7mm-08 (Core Lokts, Federal Fusion, Hornady SSTs, Nosler BTs, etc.) rounds but just never tested them given the results of the above combinations.
  15. I'm in the middle of my annual run through my hunting book library. I finished "How to Bag the Biggest Buck of your Life" by Larry Benoit last week. I'm about half way through Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails by John Eberhart this week. Every year I pick up on something I didn't the prior year when I go through these books. Maybe done day I'll remember all of these trinkets of wisdom.
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