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  1. DanD

    Brought my 2017 crossbow buck home!

    Big fan of the wall pedestal mount
  2. DanD

    Pretty Cool News From My Taxidermist

    Great buck Jala!
  3. DanD

    Unusual deer mount

    I saw this on Facebook and tried to pitch the idea to the Mrs who was in the process of finishing dishes last night. She threw a fork at me with a glazed, thousand-yard stare. Not sure if she hated the idea or if the pregnancy hormones were getting the best of her. I'll try again tonight.
  4. I still haven't pulled the trigger on buying a 25-06, but it's on my short list to buy next. I've frequently gone back and forth between the 25-06 and 257WBY magnum, and I can't justify the additional cost of the 257WBY.
  5. Gotcha. To be honest, I can only really think of a handful of times where I had the time and forethought to look at the BDC circles in mine to make it worth it. I'd like to find a straight 4x for my 45-70; however, with kid #2 due in July my entire hunting/gun budget is on freeze.
  6. I like the 3x9 BDC on my savage 220. Not a fan?
  7. DanD

    2018 ADK Buck

    I went with a floor pedestal mount on the next one. Going to be ~July until I get to see how he turns out. Until then, I will practice drinking my victory beer
  8. DanD

    2018 ADK Buck

    Picked up the new king of the basement over the weekend. I'm very happy with how he turned out. I might need to move him as he makes my 8 point look smaller than he really is. Going to be few more months before my once in a lifetime buck comes home. Good things come to those that wait. I hope? I really need to shoot a bear to pull the room together
  9. DanD

    I know I keep singing his praises

    Nice buck ad beautiful mount! You could always look at floor pedestal mounts if space is an issue. I've seen some pretty awesome ideas on google images if you want ideas
  10. DanD

    Biggest buck from last season...

    Big fan of the pedestal pose he chose for this buck. Amazing mount!
  11. DanD

    Happy Birthday MoHo81 (Friday)

    Happy Birthday! Maybe next year Lawdwaz will upgrade you to a birthday month!
  12. DanD

    Holy Crap!!!

    beautiful mount! Cape looks awesome on this guy.
  13. Found out yesterday that baby #2 will be another boy . Given I currently only have 7 gun cabinet with only 1 open slot, I need to expand my storage as I anticipate at least a few new firearm additions (smaller rifles - 22-250, 243, etc.). Appreciate any thoughts on a reasonable (weight/cost) gun safe that will hold at least 10-12 long guns.
  14. What other toy are you replacing it with? I've been looking at smaller-ish caliber (.243, 25-06, 257 WBY - not so small) rifles. Any idea what the rig weighs scope and all?
  15. DanD

    Happen To Come Across This

    Heaviest one I've personally come across field dressed at 206lbs up in Franklin County. Seeing him trailing a hot doe looked like a semi-truck tailgating a ford focus. Trying to get that him back to the truck required a phone call to some friends and a few cases of beer. He filled my freezer, and will be on my wall within the next month or so.