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  1. Finally was able to get to the range at lunch. First three shots at 50 yards were touching albeit 4” high/ slightly left (maybe .25") and I was only shooting a 70 grain by weight charge. Took it out to 100 yards and shot two shots within an inch of each other that were about 3” high and .5” left. Dialed my scope down 2” and called it a day. I’m going to clean it tonight and shoot it again on Friday to re-confirm. I’m a big fan of the Blackhorn powder, CCI Primers, and Barnes TMZ sabots. I don’t see a need to increase my charge weight with those results as I rarely shoot past 75-100 yards. I’d just be wasting powder right?
  2. I started measuring powder with a digital scale/dispenser. When I was transferring the charges to powder tubes, I noticed that my charges weren't lining up as expected. For instance a 70 grain by weight charge should = 100 grains by volume according to information from the vendor. Yet, when I dumped the charge into the tube it was closer to 90-92 grains by volume. Not sure how accurate those tubes are, but I'm going to reset my scale tonight and re-dispense the powder to see if I FUBAR'D zeroing the scale.
  3. in looking at the load data, stepping up to 120 grains by volume gets you an extra 200ft/sec. Most of my shots are 80 yards or less so as long as she shoots good with 100grain by volume (70 by weight), I'll stick with that.
  4. I read this on some earlier posts/other forums. Took some effort to find them, but I finally was able to get my hands on them last week.
  5. Should have also mentioned this is in a CVA Accura V2. I bought the BH breach plug to eliminate a potential variable to blame.
  6. Rough way to go to say the least, but there's no way a combine doesn't wake you up unless something else is awry such as a medical condition or drugs.
  7. Finally took the plunge and have everything I need to switch over to BH209. Going to be using CCI primers and Barnes 250 gr TMZ sabots. When it comes to siting in for the first time, anyone have guidance on what weight to start with? I was going to start with 70 grains by weight using my RCBS Chargemaster and site in at 50 yards. Get it dialed in then experiment at 100 yards with 70, 75, and 80 grain charges to see what groups the best. Or is there a better way?
  8. DanD


    To be honest, it might have been my impatience. The system hung multiple times attempting to connect to their payment gateway and i would refresh it after about 5 minutes of doing nothing. The only positive thing I can say about the online system is the map feature when selecting doe tags. Other than that it was a waste of our taxpayer dollars.
  9. DanD


    If you used the new online system, double check your credit/debit card statements. System triple charged me for my dmps and double charged me for my dad's license.
  10. DanD


    No way they'll force you to print your own tags. Paper will disintegrate in the woods and people will just make multiple copies of their tags. I haven't heard the 8/10 date, but i did just re-register on the new site. Pretty simple process and appears more user friendly than the last site, but time will tell.
  11. Not sure he's a shooter. Might need another year. Nonetheless awesome work!
  12. They age that monster?