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Scope Repair

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I recently came into possession of a Vintage Lyman All American 20X Varmint scope that spent many years mounted on top of a buddy's Remington 700 heavy barrel 243 Win woodchuck rifle. The Remington was sold many years ago and the scope was laying around with broken crosshairs, something that was actually seen often back in the good old days. As talked about in the other scope thread below these American made vintage scopes are sought after for vintage rifles and are going for a pretty good chunk of change, the old Lymans are being sold for 3, 4 and even $500.

So here is one of those deals where I have semi valuable scope that is no longer being made, in the old day a company called TK Lee would take this scope and put a dot reticle inside for a reasonable fee. TK Lee is long gone.  So I poked around the internet and came up with an outfit called Parsons Scope Service and he tells me he can repair this scope. What I do not like is he will not give me a price without inspecting the scope first, he said to box it up and send it in and he will give me an estimate. The scope is in decent shape, nice and clear with just a slight scope ring mark so it is well worth fixing if the price is reasonable.

So I guess that is what I will do and see what the damage is.

Contact info below if anyone else has a similar problem.

Parsons Scope Service

1563 Compton Road

Cincinnati Ohio, 45231

513 867 0820



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