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  1. One of my favorites hung in the barbershop where I got my hair cut as a young kid, Budweiser's "Custer's Last Fight". I would stare at it the whole time I was in the barber chair. About 20 years ago I found one in mint condition at a price I could afford and picked it up. Al
  2. Snapped a quick one out the kitchen window of gray boy wandering around this morning in the pasture hunting mice. Al
  3. Put me in the Flail mower camp, I purchased one several years ago (A Titan) for use on the farm and for me it has several advantages over the brush hog type. Mine has the hammer blades which does a good job on both brush and saplings up to three inches in diameter pulverizing them while still giving a very nice cut on grass. It mounts up much closer to the back of the tractor making for easier turns and maneuverability. Also much safer when it comes to rocks as it does not sent them into orbit and parts unknown like a brush hog. Got her on the tractor now mowing fields and trails. Al
  4. A very nice example of a classic woods hunting rifle, rifle, scope and cartridge tough to beat, she is a beauty. Al
  5. That is easy to answer, the Democrats have done a great job of turning this country into the biggest shithole on every metric and the people know what is going on and have had enough! You ain't seen nothing yet. Al
  6. There have always been a few Turkeys living in my area but this bunch hanging around here now are starting to act like barnyard birds. For some reason they do not want to be in the woods, I can look out my windows and see them somewhere in my pastures almost any time. What is most disappointing is none of these Hens have any Poults in tow. Al
  7. One of my favorite summer past times is traveling throughout the state attending county fairs. Those listed below are the ones I frequent most, Otsego is the one I like best. Oneida, Broome, Lewis, Otsego, Herkimer, Madison, Cayuga, Jefferson, Oswego Al
  8. Nobody is forcing anyone to read anything!! Al
  9. Was ground zero on my place last summer, never saw anything like it, every tree except a Black Walnut was stripped bare and was left with a desolate looking landscape, the woods behind my house seemed to be devoid of life. Everything was covered with caterpillars, in one word "HORRIBLE" I have my fingers crossed, so far this year I have only seen a couple of caterpillars, most of the tree have some foliage growing back and are recovering somewhat, the crowns are still bare. My Apple trees sustained severe damage with some limbs dead and completely bare, the Apple trees that have regrew leaves and look halfway decent did not produce a single blossom this spring. Hope I never see that kind of destruction again. Al
  10. I can not say, I have never seen one quite like his with three rows of shell holders. With all the birds he bagged he needed it. Al
  11. Are High US Gas prices really Biden and the Dems fault ?? Is The Pope Catholic?
  12. Looks like the hunter used a Damascus LC Smith sidelock along with a couple of English Setters to have a great day afield, love his hunting clothes, very dapper. Al
  13. For me it ain't even close, my choice is easy, I will take "then" over "now"! Al
  14. The area I hunt has just one resident Tom, I have seen as many as 6 hens with him, zero Jakes. I see many of them every day as I just snapped this photo out of the window of my gun room, they are wandering around with the cattle . As usual when it is raining hard they like to be out in the open away from the woods. Al
  15. I have been predicting and harping about this right on this board for a long time, this is back door gun control and anti hunting at it's best pure and simple, when you control the ammo you will control guns. This is the California model, start small and incrementally keep adding until traditional ammo is completely banned. Legal sport hunting and shooting sports in California are a shadow of what it once was. Al
  16. So I had this old Deer leg laying around and hung it from the fence in the area the little Gray Fox was being seen hoping to get a few more photos with him gnawing on it. I look out the kitchen window and he is out there but not interested in the Deer leg, he was pouncing on Voles and was in the company of a couple of hen Turkeys who were wandering around with him paying zero concern or attention just scratching up the leaf litter around the bottom of the fence for whatever they could find. Kind of surprising I think. Al
  17. For the most part I like riding back roads and easy dirt trails, getting up there in age and decided to get something more easy handling than my motorcycles, something small and very gas economical. After a lot of looking around I went with a Honda 150 ADV scooter as I felt it would best fit the bill of wants. About as easy riding as it gets, can hit over 60 mph, light weight (295 lbs), 80 mpg, no shifting and plenty of under seat storage that will hold my pack rod and other outdoor stuff. Did about 50 miles yesterday and had a ball doing it and the gas gauge hardly moved. Al
  18. Have this little Gray Fox hanging around this spring, there has been a bumper crop of meadow mice aka "Voles" which may be drawing him out of the woods. I know they are around, see them dead on roads or crossing roads at night but I have only seen one Gray Fox ever here, had one pass by me when Deer hunting. Reds are a different story I see them all the time. Al
  19. Just did a quick search on ebay for "pistol scopes" and came up with a slew of both new and used from most manufacturers, should be able to find something that suits you make and pricewise with no problem. I used a Leupold 2X on my competition pistol for many years with complete satisfaction. Al
  20. At my age just getting into the timber at the best time of the year makes for enjoyment and fun and the older I get the softer I get. Al
  21. The grips look great, I am always adding some personalization to my firearms, part of the fun. Al
  22. I have never owned a Dan Wesson revolver but I had a couple of friends that had them in 357 and got the chance to shoot them. I was impressed with their accuracy, from what I saw I believe they will shoot as well as anything. Their front locking cylinder latch was reputed to be the reason behind the fine accuracy as it was said to hold the cylinder chambers in a alignment with the barrel with almost zero play. I remember them to be quite popular for silhouette target shooting back in the day. The sporting goods store I worked in kept them in stock and we sold quite a few and had glowing reports from customers. The changing of barrels to different lengths is a snap. My only complaint was the grips I shot with did not fit my hand as well as I would have liked. Al
  23. Retardo Montalban was out in back of my house on the shooting range this morning gobbling up a storm, I put my Howard Leight hearing amplifier muffs on and listened for any distant return gobbles. Other than his harem of Hens yelping on occasion no other Toms were heard. Al
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