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  1. I have a walnut stocked Marlin 95 45-70, it was passed down to me from my Dad, he killed Deer with it and I have taken several with it, accurate and reliable, I believe with the right ammo one could hunt just about anything that walks with a 45-70. Regardless of the furniture she is wearing that Dark series model 95 Marlin will make a great Bear hunting rifle I think. Al
  2. The black tactical look is the in thing these days, rifles and shotguns of all types are getting the black treatment. Whatever floats your boat as they say, but not my cup of tea. Al
  3. So while I was doing my chores this morning I see my cattle fixated on something in the pasture, a cow and her calf started trotting after something and I could see something red colored running in front of them in the high grass. At first I thought it was a fox but as I got a better look I could see it was a newborn fawn. It ran up to my barn and laid down along side of it, I got out there quick and brought it into the barnyard away from the cattle. Of course it was bleating bloody murder but that was good as I hoped the mother was withing earshot and I could bring it to her. I saw nothing. I figured it belonged to a doe that comes out in the back pasture behind my house, the fencing back there is page wire with big spacing and I have seen fawns squeeze through it several times in years past and that is probably where the fawn got in. The problem is the fawn wandered down into my lower pasture that is fenced with small square horse fence and could not get out. Years ago I had a Coyote kill a young deer it ran into the fence down there. So I decided to take the fawn to the back pasture and release it on the other side of the fence, while I am carrying it this little guy was bleating up a storm and low and behold here comes the doe, she jumps the fence and is staring at me. I set the fawn down and he ran back to her so I think all will be fine. This morning there was a goofy turkey walking around in the yard going back and forth along the fence, they fly in with no problem but it takes them forever to figure out how to get back, had to wait for it to fly back over before I could let the Airedale out. Noticed a sparrow with a nest in a hanging basket on the front porch. Never a dull moment and always something going on here at green acres, back to the chores. Al
  4. So I took a couple of more photos yesterday showing the effects of the home made concoction on various weeds after a couple of days. Al
  5. Good for her and congratulations to Erika. Al
  6. I have some turkeys in my area but I do not have any desire to hunt them anymore, I see them all the time out doing my chores around the farm and it would not be very difficult to kill one as they act almost like barnyard birds. I have had my Turkey hunting fun, seems like these days I enjoy sitting back and watching wildlife more than hunting them. Al
  7. So I watched a couple of videos online on how to brew your own cost effective and environment safe weed killer. A gallon of 40% vinegar, a cup of salt and a good squeeze of dish washing liquid, put it all in your sprayer and shake it up so it mixes well. I gave it a try this morning on some poison ivy vines growing on one of my oaks in the back yard, gave them a good spraying and checked them a few minutes ago and they are looking poorly. I think another good shot in the morning ought to finish them off. Al
  8. Persistence, I had a year Deer hunting where I was out almost every day and did not see a single Buck the entire season, that is until the last half hour of daylight on the final day of the season, BANG! Al
  9. Got to say that you are getting some good real world practice in which is always a good thing. Al
  10. Tough to lose those old timers, I have learned a lot over the years from guys like that, very sad when they are gone. Al
  11. I believe the local hens have started sitting and incubating their eggs, I see them singly out in fields for a few minutes getting a quick bite to eat and disappearing back to their nests, the Toms are wandering around by themselves. Al
  12. Cleaned up some of my old vintage reels and stripped off the old line and put on some fresh Trilene XL and XT, everything is in tip top shape and even tough these reels go back a long way they are proven fish catchers and I will be giving them a workout. Al
  13. Like landtracdeerhunter said things on a whole started a little early this spring. My domestic hens have been laying for weeks and had the eggs been incubated some would have hatched some time ago. Al
  14. That button is the barrel selector on your particular model, it will push forward and backward giving you instant selection on which barrel and cartridge will fire. The current model 42 uses the same type of selector. Al
  15. I believe Turkeys can have quite a large range constantly on the move and will travel pretty far in search of food and mates, they have probably moved on to what they consider greener pastures. The Turkey pattern around here has changed some from what is has been the past few years. Because of the low snow impact they seemed to get an early start on strutting and mating behavior. Al
  16. I am a stump sitting ground blind dweller too, I like being able to make subtle moves, I have had several times where I snuck, stalked and cut off distant moving deer and repositioning to a better spot for a clear shot. Al
  17. I stayed with the 22/410 combo, for me that will work out best for the way I will use it. Al
  18. A couple of Jakes down in the barnyard flirting with the Royal Palm hens.
  19. One of my favorite hunting guns for casual small game hunting is my old Savage side button model 24 22LR/410 combination gun, as the old advertising states "there is no gun as useful as the famous Savage model 24" and there is a lot of truth to that statement. Over the years the 24 has gone through some changes and design along with a plethora of shotgun/rifle chamberings. As the old saying goes all good things come to an end and the model 24 was discontinued. A few years ago the gun was somewhat reincarnated with something vaguely similar called the model 42.I purchased one a short time ago for it's ability to be taken down into a compact package. Comparing the two side by side for me the old model wins hands down overall. That being said for me the newer 42 does have it's use, it works and shoots perfectly fine, it is just an aesthetic thing for me but will fulfill it's place under the seat of my scooter and any other reason for having a compact packable firearm. Al
  20. You got that right, in fact I do not ride it in any city unless I have to, and I keep pretty much off the main highways, she is for the most part a back roads proposition. Al
  21. They seem to be pretty much the same and a tossup density wise, the top one printed slightly lower, all would be killing shots I think. Al
  22. Pictured below is my Honda ADV Scooter for getting off the beaten path. This little off road scooter is great for hitting gravel-dirt back roads, fire trails and logging roads to places holding out of the way hunting and fishing spots, the key with this scooter is storage. The under seat storage has enough room to hold pack rods-tackle and takedown firearms, my Diawa Mini Spin kit and Savage 42 takedown combination gun fit easily under the seat. I have did a bit of personal accessorizing, I added a rear rack and mounted a lockable top box on it for even more storage. A little bit bigger windshield for better cold weather riding and some good crash bars in case I dump it. Also I went with a custom seat that I like better than stock, like my firearms I am always doing things to make them mine. This is a great little bike that gets at least 80 MPG and is just plain fun to ride in itself, no shifting, just twist the throttle and go.
  23. Thankfully Big John is pretty mellow, friendly and not aggressive, I have had Roosters that I categorize as man fighters that will not hesitate to attack, if they have longer sharp natural spurs they can be dangerous. I had a Rooster put a Pearl harbor hit on me once and his spur went right through my rubber boot and puncture my leg. Those kind I keep penned up and trim off their spurs until it is time for them to end up in the pot. Al
  24. All is well with the poultry, I am getting eggs up the ying yang. My favorite is the giant Leige Fighter, I call him "Big John" he is broad in the shoulder and narrow at the hip and none of the other chickens give any lip to Big John. He got into a battle with an Asil Stag earlier in the spring and killed him so he is not anyone to mess with. He will weigh around 10 or 11 pounds and tall, I would say and still has a little growing to do as they do not fully mature until they are around 1 1/2 year old. I will take some more pics when I get a chance. Al
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