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  1. While the Doe I took this year was nothing to brag about she provided useful input on some new equipment. Got to use my new Howa Superlite Rifle Made a kill with factory ammo "Hornady Precision Hunter 143gr EDL" for the first time in many years and the first for me with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. The new Deer hoist worked like a charm Used an outdoor Edge replaceable blade knife for the first time on the skinning and it worked great Last but not least is the new LEM Mighty Bite meat grinder, picked it up last year on sale and it works very well replacing the Kitchen Aid that was good but a little slow. Al
  2. I realize money is and can be a factor for a purchase but it is not wise to cheap out on your scope. My philosophy is that all of my serious hunting rifles get serious scopes, it is not just about getting a good image when sighting through the scope, I want total reliability with the sighting adjustments, zero fogging, and ability to take heavy recoil without shaking loose, a good quality scope will give you all that with peace of mind. If you ever get the chance to draw down on the buck of a lifetime having good quality reliable equipment will give you the ability if you do your part to make that shot at the moment of truth. Al
  3. A quick review of this little Super Lite rifle, I have messed around with quite a few firearms in my lifetime, but this Howa has really grabbed me. I knew I was going to like this rifle from the press it was getting, I could tell Ron Spomer was taken by it. When you pick this rifle up and get a feel for it that is when it hits you, 4.7 lbs is unreal. I purchased up a Winchester model 70 "Featherweight" just a short time ago, it only weighs a tad over 7 lbs which is fairly light for a walnut stocked bolt action. Side by side compared to the Super Lite it feels like a heavy barrel varmint rifle, lol! I have just it's scratched the surface and only used it hunting for a couple of weeks but so far I love it. For carrying and hunting the woods this rifle is tough to beat and for me personally it is unbeatable, it is like handling a wand. The accuracy I have been getting had been very good for a pencil barrel and pretty much mirrors what Spomer was getting group wise and that is with factory ammo. I have yet to shoot my handloads but I am confident they will be at least as good as the factory load I used to sight in and hunt with and more than likely even better. The detachable magazine is great, convenient and handy, I like them better than the blind detachable floorplate magazines most bolt action rifles have. The Howa trigger is a two stage and very good, once the first stage is taken up the second is light and crisp, as good as it is I still prefer a single stage because that is what I have used all my life. As for the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge I took a medium size Doe and as expected it performed great. I think the 6.5 caliber is just about perfect for Deer hunting. Now that the season is over I have made a couple of changes to the rifle, first off I removed the one piece bridge base and replaced the scope mounts with two piece Tallys that are a bit lighter and lower. The 1X5 gloss Leupold was borrowed from my 375 H&H, so I picked a matching bronze cerakoted Leupold 1X5 for the Super Lite and put the gloss 1X5 back on the 375 H&H. As mentioned above I have tried to keep this rifle as light as possible, even the sling is the lightest I can come up with. pretty much set up the way I want now. I will give a report on how my handloads shoot down the road. Al
  4. He is a beauty First Light, persistence pays off, congratulations. Al
  5. The morons will ship blades all day long but will not ship the knife itself.
  6. I was out for a short hunt yesterday afternoon, would have had to have a nice Buck in my sights to pull the trigger, did not see a thing. I am hunting big woods and there is not a lot of Deer in this area so while I tried to take a Buck I played the cards I was dealt and ended up with a Doe pretty much near the end of the Nothern Zone season. I am really not much of a deer hunter these days but on occasion like some venison to eat so I at least got some meat in the freezer. Al
  7. Almost any other state government would be falling head over heels and pulling out all stops with incentives and tax breaks to keep a company like Remington. I am telling you the Democrats don't care and are jumping for joy! Al
  8. I have been preaching for years to anyone that would listen the Democrats were going after ammo and they are doing it, I was called a fear monger by one of the socialists that left and migrated to the other board. When they get the traditional lead bullets banned you will really see big time shortages and prices beyond belief. Al
  9. I have watched some game taken on African Safari hunt videos and many times they wrapped the animal in a tarp and dragged it out, looked like it worked great. I have used many times a purpose made Deer drag harness that goes over your shoulders with a rope attached, you just pull like an Ox and it works pretty well, just used mine the other day. I bet it could also work even better tied to a sled or a tarp. Al
  10. Up to a few months ago you could go online, purchase and have your ammo shipped to your door, Hochul and her democrat cronies put and end to online ammo purchases. Gunbroker is a good source for hard to get ammo but you will have to get it shipped to an FFL Al https://www.gunbroker.com/Ammunition/search?Keywords=300 savage ammo
  11. I can see in the right terrain those rigs would work well for hunting. Al
  12. Hey that is quite the rig xpert, I have a Rad Mini ebike similar to yours looks wise, I just ride it around for fun. Al
  13. It is obvious to me, the board set up the way he wants it, I have no problem with the way this board is set up other than needing some strong moderation. If members have such a big problem dealing with that hit the road, there are other choices to make you happy, quit coming here to stir the pot, the board is what it is. Al
  14. What can you say, sad indeed but I can not blame them for fleeing a state that not only sucks with their taxes on business, but a Democrat government basically against everything you manufacture and behind the scenes probably cheering. At one time NY was the country's top state for firearms manufacturing. Ithaca Gun Lefever Arms Baker Shotguns LC Smith Utica Savage On October 21, 2020, Kimber Arms management announced the corporate headquarters is being relocated to Troy Alabama Now Remington, All Gone! Al
  15. That is a good tip, I have one of those pull through carbide sharpeners mounted on my kitchen island for kitchen knives, I ran the Outdoor Edge knife through it a couple of times and she was razor sharp, quick and easy. Al
  16. I noticed a Tom I saw Deer hunting was strutting, thought it was a little early but I see my Royal Palm domestic Toms are starting to strut also. Al
  17. I may go out just to be in the woods as I still have my Buck tag but doubt very much I will be pulling the trigger, the one Deer I have taken is plenty for the wife and I to eat. But you never know and black powder is coming up, I ain't killed anything with a muzzleloader in some time. Al
  18. Ha what a laugh, tell that to "growalot" and "stormy" among others who came under the incessant wrath of the vigilantes, eventually driving them off the board, this place was an embarrassment. There are rules spelled out on this board, NO Personal Attacks!!! yet they happened all the time with impunity with cheap shots, sniping and name calling constantly along with porn photos and political libtard trolls stirring the pot. You could not pay me to join that board with the bunch that is over there, it is a good place for them. Like I said I like this board and the members who stayed just fine and will continue to post what I hope are useful outdoor sport tips on her to the end. Al
  19. For me it has nothing to do with the other site per-se, it is some the members that left here that to be honest I have no use for and do not want to associate with period. All the back biting, sniping cheap shot artists and trouble making political trolls are gone and I for one am glad of it. I totally agree with Four Seasons, this site has never been better and I enjoy and like the members that stayed. Numbers do not mean a thing to me, it is all about content and I like this site's content without all the bull!! Al
  20. It is most useful in dark conditions, that is when blood will show up best. In the daytime I can pretty much spot blood on my own. Al
  21. So I had a chance to use one of those Outdoor Edge replaceable hunting knifes that Amazon will not ship to NY State. These knives follow the same scheme as the old transition from straight razors to safety razors, instead of sharpening when dull, you just toss the old blade and put in new. The blades for these knives are very sharp and hold their edge well, but here is the thing. After doing some skinning work and meat cutting I put the blade to one of my good stones and had it razor sharp again in a jiffy. In my opinion it would be stupid or just plain lazy to throw away the blade and not resharpen it. Personally I will keep sharpening the blades until they will no longer hold an edge. Al
  22. So like the 'gadget sucker" I am I got one of those tracking lights mentioned above, had some deer blood from the Doe I took the other day and gave the light a test to see what it does. It definitely will make any blood stand out when the light hits it, I can see it would help recovery of a deer in some cases. Al
  23. Thanks folks hanging in there after three quarters of a century and feeling good, still have enough left in the tank to drag my deer out alone the other day with no problems. Those over the shoulder deer drag harnesses work great. Al
  24. Good one Tim, congrats on a nice Buck, love the way the whole clan took shifts dragging. Al
  25. Well I cut to the chase tonight and took one of the Does I have been seeing all Fall with the Howa Superlight 6.5 Creedmoor. Nothing great but I got something to put into the freezer. About 125 yds, threaded the needle though some small openings and that was that. Now I can look forward to some Squirrel hunting. Al
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