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Buck Bed


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I was out grabbing a trail camera this afternoon and bumped a young buck from his bed. It was a perfect setup for him with regards to cover and topography.


Being my first year “scouting”, it was neat to finally see a bed in person setup just like they talk about on all the youtube videos.


The bed itself was under a patch of pines, which with the current stormy weather helps block the wind. To his back uphill was a blowdown that hid him pretty good. In front of him he was overlooking a drop off and below him to his left was a small stream.








My trail camera had been up since April and I didnt hunt in there this season. I dont think anyone did. There is a nice doe group and a couple 6-8 points that walked by my camera during daylight hours in season. As well a pretty good size black bear.


I am gonna do another scouting trip in a month or two when the snow subsides (burned about a 1000 calories hiking 2.6 miles according to my watch!) And hopefully locate a few more beds and then hunt it in the fall.



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