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Looking for LI Hunting Info/Hunters

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Hello all,

My buddy and I are midshipmen at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, Long Island.  We're both avid duck hunters back home (Louisiana, Florida), but we would like to do some hunting this season up here in Long Island while we're at school. 

We're looking for any information on good places to hunt on the island, we don't mind driving, or anyone that's willing to allow us to tag along for a hunt.  We have our licenses, guns, camo, and a few dozen decoys up here with us. 

Heard Suffolk County runs some public land with duck blinds, anyone have experience with that?  Thanks for any information. 

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    • By Dylan
      Does anyone know of any waterfowl leases for 2018/19 season in dutchess or Columbia county ny? Or have any property they would be willing to allow two responsible hunters to hunt on? Not really looking for deer property might think of a deer/waterfowl lease depending on the property. Also interested in property for turkeys this spring. 
    • By 845hunter
      Recently I picked up duck hunting I was  curious  about public hunting lands  near Rockland and orange county’s.  I know of sterling, Stewart, the Bashakill and  the Hudson River. My question is where can I hunt on the Hudson and are they any other areas I can hunt? Not looking to take spots I know how it is about hunting spots 
    • By JabzXtreme
      I've spent 5 days in RP and only seen, and only ate 2 squirrels. I've walked nearly the whole land, hunting from dawn to dusk. 2 squirrels? Are there none left?
      Starting to feel the long island public hunting BS. Not only are the areas so small and overcrowded, there's no game! You got dogs getting all the pheasants, people shooting at trash cans, and a hazardous waste in the middle of it!? Wtf is going on here.
      Sure I spooked some deer, a hundred yards from me... But the rest of the woods is dead.
      Any ideas? Should I get out of RP and try OP or Sarn for small game?
      Don't make me save my hunting license money next year. Oh how I miss Florida now.
    • By JabzXtreme
      New to Long Island Public Hunting. I've been driving around the public areas closest to me and having trouble finding Oaks! The woods are dominated by Pines (Pine Barrens duh!).
      Can any of you nice folks help me get me one step ahead of my search for which Public Area to pursue comfortably for the start of Small Game Season? It will drastically cut down on my unsuccessful hunts marching through the wrong areas.
      This can happen in PMs certainly.
      I'll be hunting Small Game (Squirrels, Rabbits, Pheasant, maybe Turkey). So I'd like to stay away from the archery deer hunters for courtesy. My public land conists of RP, OP, Sarn, WH. I also drive a car so no soft offroad parking spots.
      Here's some of my questions/concerns:
      1. Will I be disrespected going to RP or OP as a small game hunter? The whole official Check-In process makes me a little nervous. Do you request your spot, or do they give you one? I see so many archery hunters filling the parking spots, there's also some Off-road Parking. The area seems dominantly Pines. Would you recommend RP or OP for Small Game Hunting? Can you recommend a location within an area, with dominated woodland oaks that can get me on some squirrels? I see few opportunities for dense oaks from Google Earth.
      2. Perhaps Sarn/WH is better for a Small Game Hunter? No Check-In, so you just park and claim your spot? Sarnoff is a lot of Pine Barrens too. Where's the Oaks?
    • By JabzXtreme
      Hello fellow LI Hunters,
      I see there is no active online community for Long Island Hunters, if you know of one please tell me! This post may help like minded googlers find their way.
      I'm Shaun, I'm 30, and I live in Suffolk and I'm a beginner to intermediate  experienced small game public land hunter. Before I came to NY, I was hunting Small Game and Wild Hogs in Florida and we had a very active public land community that got together for hunts or just became online hunter friends who shared their experiences. I hunted for Shotgun Deer a few times but no luck so I'm a real newbie Deer hunter and I only have a crossbow so Archery's out for me right now.
      I guess I'm just looking to meet some people, either here online or IRL if we fancy one another's company. I'm a lonely hunter as I lost my mentor when I was very young. So I'm a research hound - I'm a techie guy and I learn everything I can from hunting shows, magazines, books, online communities and friends, youtube,  google earth, etc.
      So this'll be my first year hunting in Suffolk Public Land, primarily for Small Game - Squirrels, Rabbits, Woodcock, Pheasant, possibly Turkey. I'd love to hook up with some folks to show me some Waterfowl or Geese Hunting, or even Deer or introduce me to Archery. As I'm new to the lands anyone looking for a buddy to explore and learn some woods with would be cool.
      I also know the deal with Small Game guys and Archery guys preferring to hunt apart, so I hope not to step on any toes and hope the check station would distribute parking spots accordingly.
      I'm not new on Public Land, just here on Long Island :).
      If you have anything you'd like to chime in with feel free or send me a PM!
      Thanks for reading!
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