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  1. I had them last in last year. The deer hit them once the ground froze and pushed the bulbs up. The weather we've had thus far might explain why the deer aren't into eating them.
  2. Got these for the 4runner. Paid under $450 for 4. So far so good. Not noisy and no issue climbing a muddy hill up to a hunting spot, albeit in 4WD. Got tired of paying a premium price for Goodyear and not getting nearly enough life out of them.
  3. A little shooter plot I created from a patch of hay scented ferns. It's got WI No-Plow in it. It's about 150 yards in from a larger field. Large tree in the middle is 40 yards. Mock scrape off to the right and several trails in and out of it.
  4. Would love to know a bit more about this. Do you have a square cut out behind the cardboard to prolong the life of the deer?
  5. Mock scrap shots. This has been up for almost 2 years. Stop by, kick the dirt, take a piss and check the camera.
  6. Got to do a soil test. Most important with weed control being next. Lack of rain is really hampering everything. I put in about 2 acres of brassicas on 8/1. Saw a bit of rain after planting but then nothing since Labor Day. Not a great year like other guys have said.
  7. I've got two set up in the butchering barn. They work great for the money and life is much easer when your pressing the button instead of pulling on the rope.
  8. For the last five years I've been the caretaker on a roughly 700 acres. It's located in a antler restricted section of the state and DMP are very tough to come by. It's 75% hardwoods that have been managed for over 30 years. Within the last two years I've worked to add about 12 acres of food plots with 8 or those acres being perennial clovers/chicory. The other 4 I've rotated oats, brassicas and peas and beans. I've been learning on the fly and that includes reading and absorbing as much QDMA articles and information that I can. These forums have been a big help as well. The property has sections that I have never entered since assuming my role so there is sanctuary. We've got several freshwater sources including 16 acre pond and a few smaller watering holes. I've employed vertical licking sticks and mock scrapes to learn the movement patterns. Slowly but surely I think I've finally gotten on handle on where we should be most successful in harvesting a mature buck. I've finally seen started to see improvements in the herd and on any given night earlier this summer could count 30+ deer in the perennial plots. I plan to get my first deer steward certification this winter after the season and would be interested in talking with anyone who practices QDMA and is a member to ensure I'm on the right path. The thing that makes what I'm doing tough is being surrounded by other large properties whose owners and guests don't care much for QDMA or the laws for that matter. I'm hoping that through my efforts those folks might come around and help, rather than hinder the cause.
  9. Put these in this weekend. They each look over food plots. I enjoy sitting in them when the weather is wet. Swivel chair and a nice seat pad will do you just right.
  10. I hunt private land and only wear an orange beanie.
  11. I agree about the WI oats. Used them last year and did again this year in a different plot. Green and going strong late into the season.
  12. That ain't a half bad start. Been reading up on the throw and mow method and might incorporate that into some harder to reach spots.
  13. Did you do a soil test before planting? I'm still new to food plots but going into my second season with plots I've learned that soil health is the most important component of success. Taking the time to lime and fertilize almost ensure you don't waste your money on seed.
  14. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.
  15. I had 10 total with 8 doe. A really nice 10 with an arrow wound on his left shoulder and across the spine.
  16. I was thinking 2.5 as well. This one is currently paling around with an 8 of equal size.
  17. One more of the same guy. Daytime.
  18. Wondering what folks thoughts are on the age of this one.
  19. Curious to know more about the liquid lime. Where'd you get it from? Cost per acre?