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  1. Curious to know more about the liquid lime. Where'd you get it from? Cost per acre?
  2. Thanks SWEDE. Just checked their site.
  3. i was trying to find something I could use on them that won't hurt the clover and other stuff I have in the field. Any ideas of something I can get in NY? I know Imox is the generic version of Whitetail Institute's Slay but that and the Slay I don't think I can get in NY.
  4. I do have several around the area. One on a vertical licking stick that has served as a street corner spot that gets great photos.
  5. This guy also showed up for a bit.
  6. This is a picture from last night. 10 bucks all in a Whitetail Institute Vision plot. Last year is it was dirt. Still not in the greatest since I was late to get some Arrest on it, but definitely bringing in the deer. My current weed control is mowing and I'm battling smartweed and curly docs. It's bee n mowed twice this year. The clover is plentiful.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I got it squared away. So simple to do when you know how to do it. A real blast shooting the thing. Can't wait for the weekend.
  8. Planned to use the rope that came with it. The rope has a sled instead of the two hooks I've seen.
  9. I just picked one of these up: Wondering if anyone has one and has any tips about cocking this. To say the instructions and associated diagrams are helpful would be a lie. I've watched a couple of videos on cocking but nothing specific to this. I addition the cocking aid is a rope with a sled that's slides on the rail. Don't want to do anything stupid the first time trying to use it. You know like not watching any videos, shortening the rope, realizing that maybe you didn't need to shorten the rope. Thinking am i too short to make this thing work. Maybe I should seek the advice of other folks.... Any help is appreciated. Definitely excited to give a go this weekend. First time hunting with any type of crossbow/bow.
  10. All set up for the youth hunt. My son should have a great chance for a deer. I jumped 8 of them last night taking a a ride around the place.
  11. Tried a vertical licking stick. Seems to have created a little travel patter. Oh and there's a bear.
  12. A few more showing the progress. The first is the Tuber plot. The second is the Vision plot and the last one is the No Plow plot. If you look carefully you can see my stand. The cherry tree in the middle is the 40 yd. mark.
  13. Been a lurker for a bit on here. Decided to join in on the fun. I'm brand new to the food plot thing but luckily have a really great situation. I'm a caretaker on a large piece of land and I got the owner to invest in some equipment and the necessary materials to put in roughly 10 acres of plots. About 1 acre that's WTI Oats Plus. 3.5 acres of WTI Fusion 4 acres of WTI Vision .25 acres of WTI Edge .25 acres of WTI No Plow 1.75 acres of WTI Tall Tine Tubers I've bee working on these since March. Taking fields and working with the discs to really turn the ground. It's been grass fields for the 4 years I've been up here doing this. Spraying , RoundUp, liming, fertilizing and then No-til drilling the seeds. Progress on my two largest plots is slow. Got them planted 9/7 and then suffered with no rain for almost 2 weeks! So they are slow growing. The other plots I got in middle of August and they are plugging along. Limed early spring and then fertilized at the beginning of August. Anyone that's got any advice on ensuring success I'd be glad to have it. I'll post a few pics and then add more to the thread as the season goes.