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  1. These are the new plot between the two larger chicory/clover plots.
  2. A few updated shots. Clover is looking great and new plot is coming along. First few are the clover.
  3. Just mowed the clover and chicory plots one last time as well. I'll hit them with a little foliar fertilizer and maybe some clethodim to finish off the maintenance season. Need to check in on the brassica plot and hidey hole as well. Pics to follow.
  4. A little update to the central plot. Nothing like a little rain to make a man feel better
  5. 1.5" of rain up here yesterday. Checked my brassica plot and it's really not done much. Been in the ground since 8/18. I've got a few hundred pounds of 46-0-0 and I'm thinking of putting 50# on this 1/2 acre plot. Anyone have an opinion on this? The soil test did call for 26# for the size of the plot and I'm just learning that now. I don't think adding it now is detrimental with the 1-2" sprouts that I have?
  6. It's rocky for sure. That's part of the reason I pivoted to no-till planting. I'd disked up the fields in my first year and it was rocky mess. Since then I've been trying to no-till. Hoping these newer plots take hold so I can drill into them next spring and continue that in the summer and fall. Should help build up the organic matter and slowly add back to the soil layer.
  7. I don't mind at all. I'm in the Town of Deposit in Delaware County. The place I manage is sandwiched between a few hunt clubs and some smaller properties. I've got a few of the other properties to start adding food to our area. This becoming an obsession for me. Constantly looking to learn new things and try other improvements. Added 10 chestnut and 10 persimmon last year. This year I added 10 wild pear and I'm waiting on another 10 persimmon. Also signed up to get American Chestnut nuts for the upcoming spring via SUNY ESF and NY-TACF.
  8. Hardly a professional. Just lucky enough to be a caretake of a property with an owner that lets me play around with things. A lot of reading and research over the last four years. I'm also lucky enough to have the equipment to put in larger plots like these. Now I just need some rain to keep things going. These are are some photos of that middle plot as of tonight.
  9. Checking back in. Got rain Saturday night after planting then got some good rain Sunday to today. I'll post pics over the course of the next few weeks to share progress. As an aside, I'd planted about 2 acres of WI Tall Tine Tuber in last Thursday. That was sprouting Monday night.
  10. This is a great shot of the new plot added today sitting between a 4 acre clover/chicory field to the left and a 2.5 acre clover field to the right. I've got five persimmons planted between the center and right field.
  11. First time using the Green Cover Seed's Fall Release. Drilled into previously sprayed plots with a significant amount of clover doing pretty well. Excited to see how this does. Looking to get away from the need for fertilize, herbicides, etc. Planning to use their Spring Release in 2023.
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