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  1. Thank you for the insight. Much appreciated.
  2. How do I stretch with sand? Is it as simple as mixing 50#s of sand with my 12#s of seed and then adding to seeder box?
  3. Looking for guys' opinions on adding some additional seeds to a Whitetail Institute Tall Tine Tubers. I've got about 2 acres to plant and was thinking of adding in some clover and rye to ensure I get a coverage. I'll be no-till drilling the seed and its been my experience with the seeder (Woods 72" FPS) that even with the best calibration efforts I end up a little short. Think of adding some of the other seeds to avoid that shortfall. Anyone have suggestions for what other seeds to add? The soil was tested and its in decent shape but I'm going to true Whitetail Institutes Impact soil amendment for the heck of it. Interested in what it does. Thanks all.
  4. I just did some logs last spring. I've got 1,000 Shitake and 500 Italian oysters. Just order 500 Lion's Mane plugs along with 100 blue and 100 yellow Italian oysters. Should get my first harvest of Shitake and the Italians from last spring this fall. The new plugs will be going on some maple and oak logs. Most of last years planting were on some beech and oaks. Very excited.
  5. Just give them a call. I used them this year.
  6. https://www.treepro.com/wildlife-food-plot-trees
  7. Do a soil test and amend accordingly. I also second the 41% glyso from Tractor Supply. Add a surfactant and you'll kill off what you need. The walnut trees are for certain an issue and I learned that after spending thousands on landscaping that was installed near a black walnut. Most of the shrubs and greenery was stunted and end up dead after just a year.
  8. https://www.treepro.com/wildlife-food-plot-trees I recommend looking at this nursery. The grow tube is a huge need and some of the trees I put in May 2021 were almost to the top of the 6' tube by end of the growing season. That's impressive since they were only about 18" when I put them in the ground.
  9. Looks good. I've been battling 10+ inches of rain since I planted my brassica plot and unfortunately the area is holding water more so then I've seen in the last five years. Stunted growth.
  10. Bought two BOCES Building Trades mock houses that my son and his classmates built during the year at the end of the school year. Changed a few things to the design including the shed roof. Clad it in galvanized siding I bought at auction. Got 25 sheets of 3 X 8 for $400. Have a second building and enough siding so that'll hopefully get done in the next month. This currently sits overlooking 3.5 acres of brassicas and about 10 apple trees. Can't wait to hunt in comfort this year.
  11. I'd spend the $20 or $25 to ensure you've got that well know soil pH along with other soil needs. It goes along way to ensure you aren't throwing money away. Interested to see how your plots come out. Please post some pictures in a few weeks.
  12. Curious if you did any soil testing. Firm believer in the importance of getting soil right to ensure successful planting.
  13. So glad I was perusing the site and saw this thread. Just jumped on and got my 4W.
  14. This was planted 9/7/19. I've frost seeded the last two years only in spots I knew were a bit thin or being over taken by weeds. The two worst offenders are the water pepper and curly docks.
  15. Just needed to share this. It's in the 3rd year of growth and the amount of clover is crazy. I've lime and fertilized every year according to soil sample testing. This year I used Imox Herbicide - 12.1% Imazamox to help control grass and broadleaf. First time using it and I was pleasantly surprised. You could actually see after a few weeks where I didn't properly overlap my spraying. Haven't touched it with a mower and likely won't until August. Looks like it's going to seed. Zoom in on the photo to see how much clover in flower there is. I'm amazed. It's WI Imperial Clover.
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