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  1. Does the "friend" have to be a user of the app? Or will it send a notification to someones spouse?
  2. Its likely not as good as a beacon product, but most phones offer a GPS locator. Iphones have the find my iphone feature...only works if the service is good and the battery is charged up.
  3. This evening I went out with my 7 year old for some early muzzleloader action up in 6K. We got to our spot in a hedge row looking into a small hay lot, and there was already a deer feeding. We watched it for about 10 minutes and I asked my son if he wanted to wait for more deer, or shoot this one(we thought it was a doe). He said to shoot this one and was very excited about it. I lined up the shot and told my son to cover his ears. I shot abs after the smoke cleared the deer made its way to the wood line. My son was anxiously wanting to get over there to “get the deer”. We waited about 10 more minutes then walked over. My son found the deer laying just inside the wood line, turns out it was a button buck. I would have normally passed a button, but my son is super excited about this experience, and that’s what counts! Enjoy!
  4. Ideally yes....but today for example, I'm taking my 7 year old out for a Northern muzzleloader sit the last hour and a half. Likey, I wont shower before this, I will however spray the crap out of us with scent killer before we walk in.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I ended up spending a good amount of time shooting and adjusting the scope to bring it all back in. I also spent some time swapping heads on different bolts to find the ones that "pair" up. I was able to get it basically dialed back in so that the field tips and BH were hitting in the same spot...I did all of this at 30 yards. On my Block target at 30 yards, I can keep all the bolts inside the 4" circle. I have not yet been able to get out and shoot the xbow for a follow up session to double make sure...perhaps one night this week or the weekend.
  6. https://www.outdoorlimited.com/ www.targetsportsusa.com
  7. It’s a Centerpoint Sniper 370. The only change is a second batch of piledrivers. I can’t imagine the original batch and née batch are so far out of spec that they would be as all over as I’m seeing.
  8. Hey everyone. I am shooting CX piledriver 20” bolts and I’m using Slick Trick magnum 100 broad heads. I’m getting a lot of inconsistencies between the BH and the field points. Field points are hitting great. BH are all over the map....I’ve finally got 2 bolts with BH that hit POA....the others are either hitting right, or hitting high and right. I’ve swapped BH on other bolts and I’m getting mixed results. Does this sound like a bolt issue? So far after an hour, of messing around, two BH bolts hit POA, and now the field tip bolts are hitting high right, where as before the field tips would hit POA, and the BH would be low left. I’m getting frustrated at this point. What should be my next course of action? Thanks.
  9. I went out for about an hour and a half. Two setups and a lot of walking. Nothing. First time out at all this Fall, so that was worth it.
  10. Thanks Moog....I'll keep an eye on the weather up until an hour or so before I was thinking of heading out...if its still windy, I'll throw in the towel.
  11. Today specifically...I'm thinking of an evening set up, the weather was just ugly and its suppossed to be windy for the evening. I don't predator hunt much, so I'm still learning. Just wondering if its worth going or not due to the weather. Thanks.
  12. Trust me, if you buy one and use it with your climber, you will love it.
  13. https://www.blindedhunting.com/qsafe I use this tree strap for my climber, its super easy to move the strap up as you climb. Worth every penny.
  14. I leave a carabiner attached to my harness strap. With the tree belt tight, the carabiner doesnt move much at all, so no worries about noise.