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  1. Pretty sweet. What’s the plan for the scope every time you do a change over? Full re-sight session?
  2. Not sure about other counties, but Onondaga handgun permit has occupation and employer listed on the permit card.
  3. First day today here in Cicero. Time goes incredibly fast. My oldest is 8th grade(Jr High), and my youngest is 4th grade(last yr at elementary). I remember when my oldest was born and my uncles telling me the "before you know it...." spiel, holy crap its not just old man talk, I'm now under 10 years and they'll be both out of school, and onto the next chapter, its surreal.
  4. Mine shoots awesome. I’d say it’s good.
  5. Apparently Zeldin’s polling numbers are within striking distance to the queen!
  6. Rossi is now made by Taurus down in Brazil.
  7. open sights to start. My kids were shooting Shoot n see targets at 25 yards. Add optics later.
  8. I have a keystone .22 single shot for my boys. They will out grow it quickly. The single shot is nice for early safety learning. A typical bolt action would be awesome, as the easy learning stages, just load the mag with one round and build upon that. Ruger American is a nice rifle. 10/22 is a staple. I recently bought a Rossi RS22 semi auto, it’s a great little rifle so far. Small and light, it’s essentially the same as a Mossberg 702 Plinkster. https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/rifles/rossi-rs22-blackfde-semi-automatic-rifle-22-long-rifle-185in/p/1503925
  9. Oh it’s straight up Bull$hit of the highest order. FUKH is worse than Andy.
  10. I’ll likely be dropping over the PA border from time to time now. Hopefully this all gets thrown out. It really sucks for the small local shops, this will likely end up being a death blow to them.
  11. I like to think I don’t go crazy…wash all my clothes with scent free detergent. I shower with scent free soap either the night before or the morning of a hunt. Clothes are stored in a regular plastic tote from Walmart all season long, between the truck bed and garage. Rewash base layers frequently, outer wear gets washed maybe once or twice throughout the season. Usually I spray down quickly with a mixture of baking soda and water before I walk in. And definitely play the wind on what stand/spot I head to. side note: outer wear gets sprayed with permethrin and let set overnight before going back in the tote.
  12. Pretty sure, as of right now today(7/10/22)...its still legal to sell ammo to another person without an FFL or BGC.
  13. I just recertified this past January. the NYS website says i dont need to recert till 2026...we'll see how long it takes for that to update.
  14. Ok. I can’t read that legal speak. Anyone with a knack for it, is there a layman’s summary for the key points? I’ve had my permit since 2010, and was upgraded to no restrictions a few years ago.
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