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  1. loworange88

    Broad head of choice?

    Slick Trick Magnums 100gr for fixed, and I've been using Rage Chisel tips for a few years now. Unless both companys discontinue either one, I'm happy with both.
  2. loworange88

    Treestand types

    hang ons seem less expensive, but by the time you buy all the spikes, or stick ladders, and straps, its about the same as a ladder stand. Plus the ladder stands are just so much easier to get into. I also use a climber from time to time.
  3. loworange88

    Cordless Electric garden tools don't always suck .

    Same, the new 18V plus tools have all been good for me. I just got the straight shaft 18V weed trimmer, and it does my whole yard on a full battery. The string head design they have works really well too. No complaints here. Techtronics or "TTI" manufactures Ryobi, Milwaukee, Homelite and a bunch of others....many of the products are done in the same facilities or possibly on the same production lines.
  4. loworange88


    HA! Good for you. I lift and workout during the cold months primarily. Usually I start back from my spring/summer off season in early August, then by mid October I have a decent start, mostly free weights in the basement with some cardio mixed in....it definately helps to be somewhat in shape for the deer season than not, also keeps my lower back in check.
  5. loworange88

    Cape Cod charters?

    Reel Deal Fishing Charters out of Truro! These guys know what they are doing. My wife and I did a five hour charter(just us) and it was like $550. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to go fishing off the cape. https://fishreeldeal.com/ Here is one of 7 stripers that we caught that size....30 pounder, and holy cow do they put up a fight.
  6. loworange88

    Hunter pleads guilty to homicide

    I wonder why the order of protection to stay away from the victim's spouse? From what little the article gives, that one statement feels odd.
  7. loworange88

    Happy birthday Moog. Arcade Hunter and Fletch !

    Happy Birthday, have a great day.
  8. loworange88

    Dumb Things You've Seen At A Boat Launch

    Last summer at the DEC boat launch in Bridgeport I was going out with my then 5 year old in my 12' aluminum boat. This launch is pretty big, so 3, perhaps 4 cars could all launch at the same time. I had just gotten shoved off and was trolling out away from the dock and this was in the lane to my left...maybe 20 feet away when this happened: There was a two guys there with a yellow/white cabin cruizer boat (cuddy), decent sized boat I'd guess 20' perhaps. It was on a trailer and these guys parked at the turn around and proceeded to get the boat ready for launch, I was already in the process of putting in the water. So when these two chuckle heads line up the trailer with one guy on the floating dock, the driver of the truck backs down the concrete ramp as I'm about 20' away already out in the water, and I wasnt looking but I heard a very loud rumble and boom, so I looked over and the boat had flew off the trailer(roller trailer) and slammed down half in the water and half onto the concrete ramp. Scared the hell out of me. The two guys looked puzzled, and then the driver of the truck gets out and looks what happened....says out loud "Holy Sh!!, it was a roller trailer, I didnt know it was a roller trailer." I was out on the water for a while fishing with my son, and they somehow got the boat out of there, as they were gone when I came back in, but holy crap, I cannot imagine the potential damage to the hull of that boat.
  9. loworange88

    Happy birthday loworange88!

    Thanks everyone! It was a good one. My wife and I went to Cape Cod for a few days, and did some Sea Bass fishing...
  10. UPDATE: I got a letter from the County on Saturday 6-1. Upgraded to "NO RESTRICTIONS". I now need to just make a trip down to the sheriffs office to get my new card with the updated status.
  11. loworange88


    My 10 year old did'nt want to go, so i went with the six year old, and he liked it. It was a fun monster movie.
  12. loworange88


    I think I’m going to take the kids. My 6 year old wants to go see it. He likes monster movies.
  13. list price is $23,000....seems like you're about $10K high.
  14. loworange88

    Solar Panels

    a panel farm was installed on a lot near my Dad's house. the fence around the panels now acts as a funnel for wildlife now. aside from that, it doesnt seem to change much, at least on our spot.
  15. loworange88

    Kayak or Canoe

    I have a 12' shallow V aluminum row boat, though I havent used it for hunting yet, it seems like it would be good for holding some gear and even transporting game. Another Idea would be maybe a 10' Jon Boat. Super stable, roomy, and can be transported without a trailer in the bed of a truck, or as a car topper.