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  1. loworange88

    What's your ML load?

    Curious....with the shooting bag, do you lay prone or was this just a photo op? I was thinking of maybe trying the prone technique for coyotes. Awesome looking build BTW.
  2. loworange88

    What's your ML load?

    CVA Wolf with a Nikon XR 3-9 2 pellets of HMR whitehots 777 primers 240 grain Hornady XTPs(love these bullets).
  3. loworange88

    Forgetting to Report

    Do it on the app or on your computer....super easy and quick. Ive done it upwards of 2 weeks afterwards, no issues.
  4. loworange88

    Dick's Sporting Goods is taking a little dive

    I wont totally write Dicks off, but they sure aren't my first stop...maybe my fourth or fifth. I am really enjoying the new Gander Outdoors, despite what that CEO said earlier this year... Also Runnings is way high on my list of favorite stores that sell all the hunting and fishing gear I'd ever want.
  5. loworange88

    Always cold!? What’s everyone wearing ?

    i do this when its cold...it does seem to help.
  6. loworange88

    back tag question

    If its attached to my backpack, while my backpack is on my back....its visible. If its attached to the back of my coat, and I have my backpack on, the tag is NOT visible on my back.
  7. loworange88

    back tag question

    I put my back tag on either my backpack, or on the shoulder strap of my climber stand, I change outerwear often, so I have forgotten it many times in the past. I was checked a few weeks ago by an ENCON officer, he checked my equipment, my actual license and tags were in the vehicle. He saw my back tag attached to my climber shoulder strap, did not say one word about it. I retrieved my license and tags from the car as they were NOT on my person, showed him, he checked them over, and handed back to me, and said "have a nice day." Got in his truck and left.
  8. loworange88

    Syracuse area hunters?

    Welcome! Cicero here. I hunt 7F, and 7J out in Madison County.
  9. loworange88

    Ground or stand

    Ive done both with Xbow. Depends on the day and the conditions.
  10. loworange88

    Did anyone watch the debate last night?

    I have dismissed 3rd party candidates my entire life until Larry Sharpe came along. He is the first 3rd party candidate that seems viable. I agree with your statement, if they garnered more support early, I think the reason they don't is 99% of the candidates are whack-os.
  11. loworange88

    Did anyone watch the debate last night?

    So do votes for Green Hippy Hawkins or Ex Syracuse Mayor Miner steal votes from Cuomo and give to Molinaro??? How does that work?
  12. loworange88

    Did anyone watch the debate last night?

    lets face it, the NYS Republicans(those that run for office) are a joke.
  13. loworange88

    Did anyone watch the debate last night?

    Same! I'm voting red down the line except for NYS Gov. I think Sharpe has a real shot, he's pulling moderate Dems, Reps, and people who claim to never vote. I dont believe any of the polling data that says Sharpe is somewhere around 10% or less. Those polls told us Killary was 97% going to be POTUS. Sharpe has visited all 62 counties, multiple times....I dont think the others have. Sharpe has some powerful name recognition. His campaign is somewhat unconventionable, but it seems to be making some major strides. Molinaro up to this point has basically from my perspective, not even trying to run an aggressive campaign. Not to mention his running mate for LT Gov, is on video basically praising the SAFE ACT. Plus none of the NYC Dems are going to vote for him. I hope that Hawkins and Miner steal as many hippy votes away from Cuomo, and Sharpe gets over 30% of the vote from both sides, and all the others in the middle. We can continue to vote D and R as we always do and then bitch about it afterwards....or try something different and vote for Larry Sharpe.
  14. sorry I had to.....
  15. loworange88

    Redneck engineering

    3d printed a paper towel holder for the garage. printed a magnetic cup holder for the John Deere, that holds a yeti beer coozie just right. Also need to print an action camera mount for the xbow.