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  1. My youngest tested positive, the rest of us negative. We’ve been holed up at home since the 29th. Rapid tests all came back negative, and the lab results from those tests showed him positive on Jan 1. He had a mild fever and said he “smells funny”. Those symptoms lasted a day, he is all but fine and normal now, and as long as the rest of us don’t show symptoms, presumably we’re cleared to rejoin society on Jan 10....unless the rules change. stay healthy folks. We got it mild here, others get it hard!
  2. If you pull the breech plug, sometimes one or both pellets can slide right out, sometimes they don’t. Use the jag extension for the ramrod to push from the muzzle to press the sabot out, it will slide the pellets out, catch them and then pop the sabot out last. I have reused these loads at the range with 95% success over the years. I always use a fresh load for hunting. The barrel usually needs a quick cleaning at this point, I usually pop a primer off before loading it, so it needs a quick wipe out. hope this helps.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  4. I shoot a .44Magnum sabot from my CVA Wolf. I use the white hots, and have had zero issues or misfires. Recoil isn’t too bad at all with two pellets.
  5. Silly question, but after one gets both rounds of the new cocktail, can you ditch the mask and go out and about without it?
  6. I have two kids bows with 6 arrows. One is a compound and the other is a recurve. Free to anyone who wants them. I’m not going to ship. Will meet within a half hour of Syracuse.
  7. Glad to hear the positive reviews. A buddy tried the Spypoint cellular unit, and wasnt very impressed, but he had good things to say about the Tactacam. I plan on buying 2 maybe 3 Tactacams for this upcomming season to run alongside a few non cell cams. I'll look into the Browning one as an option as well.
  8. My truck is auto, but my 2014 Nissan Versa is stick. It’s my commuter car, bought it new and now has 117,000 on it. This is my 4th vehicle with manual transmission.
  9. Meh, not really, but it depends on the property...."creek stand", "in the pines", "the new stand", "over back". Pretty vanilla.
  10. Hey everyone, my current 18" Lacrosse Alpha Burly's are 6 seasons old, and beginning to split out. I will be investing in a new pair of similar boots for next season. Aside from the Lacrosse and Muck brands, what else if out there in 16-18" 1000 gram "rubber" boot that are good. The Lacrosse have proven themselves, but I'm not married to the brand, if something else comes along I'll take a look. Thanks in advance.
  11. A hand saw or some loppers would be nice and quiet right about now....
  12. I sat pretty much all day yesterday and saw only a grouse wander by. I slept in today, but I think I’ll take my 7 year old out for the last hour or so this afternoon.
  13. Another vote for the Summit viper. I have a steel one and an aluminum one. My steel one is destined to be left on a new property I can hunt now, and my aluminum one is my mobile one! I am 5’-8”, and 185 pounds. Both hold me just fine. Wear a harness and have a good tree belt like a Q-Safe! as mentioned they can use some upgrades. The backpack straps suck, if you plan on being mobile with it frequently, invest in a set of Molle II shoulder straps. Waist belt is a bonus. Third Hand Archery products have some support straps and a bow holder that are IMO essential for a comfortable set up with a summit viper.