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  1. I have 3 cameras that don’t really work. They power on and go through the motions but they are spotty at best. Free to whomever wants them for decoys or tinkering. Just pay shipping or I can meet in the Syracuse area.
  2. Does anyone use the NYS Decals Hunt Fish app? Green app icon. It was available the past few years to buy hunting and fishing licenses, as well as being able to report harvests. I had to buy a fishing license recently, on the new DEC Decals site, and all that worked on the computer, but the app doesnt update my information. I deleted the app in order to redownload the most recent version, and it wont download now. I wonder if with the new DEC Decals website the app is no longer supported. Also side note, I was going to purchase the fishing license from Gander Cicero, and they told me the fancy NYS printer is busted and due to the Covids that no one from NYS will come fix it. I'm not surprised by that, but just a heads up.
  3. Aj's is ok. Bust out your wallet though, they're knowledgeable and have top shelf products....but you're going to pay top dollar. I'd recommend going to Legends of the Fall in Tully.
  4. I usually try to get 2 in the freezer per season. I may ask some family/friends if they are interested in some venison, and if so, I will try to get someone else a deer for a full freezer, but aside from that, I don't plan on changing up much.
  5. The Gander here in Cicero is the big RV supercenter. They have been "closed" for weeks. Only offering RV related business, all other store departments are closed, and they are not offering curbside pickup, which the corporate website says Gander is doing. Edit: I just called and they said they are open to foot traffic again.
  6. 7 foot long boat oars with oar locks. Aluminum shafts. The oar lock pin is 1/2”(12.7mm). No issues with them, I am changing my boat around and have no need for these. $75 obo for the pair. Located in Syracuse area.
  7. I had one on me the other day...caught him just as he was latching on. I will be spraying my/kids gear with permethrin.
  8. I think Frank's Shooting Supply in Canastota (CNY) is open as well.
  9. I remember reading that the QAD and the Ripcord were like Ford and Chevy few years ago. That being said, I went with a QAD, the only reason I chose this over the other, is the tech at the bow shop said the QAD disassembles in once piece from the main bracket, while the Ripcord has a spring in the housing that is known to go flying at Mach 8 into the next galaxy. QAD is about 7 years old and no signs of slowing down.