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  1. I've been thinking of a new climber. I'm rocking a Summit Viper currently. This might be the one I go with. Did they mention the total weight of the unit? I watched the whole video, and they said it was lighter than the original hand climber, but I cant recall a total weight. I'm not too excited for the price point....guessing it'll be $500 plus.
  2. My dad has two Ford 8N tractors. They’ve been pretty good to us. Haven’t used them for plowing, but they’ll run a pull behind brush hog all day long. I’m sure they’d pull a medium sized disc harrow around well enough as well.
  3. We’re still asking to stay home for 5 days I think. Then mask up for 5 days when you return.
  4. YES SIR! Got over there just after 6:00. Red across the board. Get everyone you know to go vote today.
  5. Nothing yet in 8Y. This warm weather is not ideal. Cameras we’re dead last night.
  6. Well I’m heading down to my Dads this weekend with my youngest to get some hunts in…wish it was a little cooler, but gotta try!
  7. My oldest was probably 6-7 when I took him out. Around 5 for fishing. Same with my youngest. The oldest is 13 now, so there’s that…. My youngest is now 9 and he loves going out with me. Even better when we get to see deer or get to take one! my advice is to do short sits close to last light. If you attempt longer sits early on, they get bored wicked fast. My youngest can now last 2-2.5 hours, more than that is still pushing it, especially if it’s a slow.
  8. My wife and I have two boys. I told her, “I don’t make girls.”
  9. I made up some venison sloppy joes and straight cut French fries! Sloppy Joe was a staple at my house as a kid.
  10. I shoot a Wolf. Stainless steel, with synthetic black stock. Great gun, killed my best buck with it. Of all my long guns, it fits me the best as far as length of pull and overall comfort. Shooting Hornady XTP with two White Hot pellets. Topped with a Nikon Prostaff 3x9.
  11. Just got busted by a doe….better than not seeing anything I guess!
  12. I took today off to sit this morning and get a few things done around the house. Cold, quiet and no deer here! Gonna sit for another half hour or so, go move a camera and head out!
  13. Evening! I have my youngest with me for a sit this evening. His first time out with me this season for some NZ muzzleloader. Hopefully we get some action. Kid needs a haircut.
  14. Outdoorlimited.com still ships to NY. Their prices are not too bad.
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