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  1. I bought my bow new in 2012. I hope to get a solid 10-12 years out of it before I look into any new. Honestly though, the prices of new bows is crazy...I paid $1200 fully loaded back in 2012. I shutter some when I price out a set up rig in 2020.
  2. I cant speak on BH209 as I use powder pellets. However I'd go with Stainless Steel. The Nitride is tough as nails, but I read once that due to the chemical reactions that take place during the plating process the metal under the Nitride can rust quickly IF the Nitride is ever chipped or scratched to bare metal. Stainless Steel will mostly endure without any issues, and its very impervious to corrosion. I had a Gen 1 Optima and it was a great ML. No issues with the firing pin other than if you dont take it apart and clean it with the rest of the gun, it does tend to corrode. CVA sells a firing pin kit on their website which consists of the pin itself, the spring, o-ring and the spanner nut that keep it all in the action head. I have purchased one or two sets as spares and keep them in my ML box. I ended up selling the Optima when the tool-less breech plug design came out and I bought a Stainless Steel Wolf instead with the new BP, also it was bit shorter and fit me better than the Optima. Both great guns for the money. I'd say that my Wolf is the most comfortable gun I own to shoulder. I have fired the Hornady XTP bullets and they are devastating. Good luck, if you get an Optima you will love it.
  3. I was upgraded back in June. I carry periodically now for peace of mind. I drive people around as a side job on an APP service that shall not be named....Seen a few sketchy things, got a few odd vibes that made me think, "perhaps I should carry while on the job."
  4. Or perhaps you could check with some neighbors and ask if anyone has a black dog with a white chest......
  5. I have eaten iguana once, it was tasty. It had its own flavor, meat consistency was similar to chicken wings. I would eat it again.
  6. to be fair the lights are pretty damn bright...the torch more so than the head lamp. I mounted my torch via picatinny rail vs clamping the barrel. A scope clamp would be my second choice.
  7. pretty much have the same set up. I bought the head lamp and torch off Ebay. I use green lights. I mounted the torch on a picatinny rail and use a pressure switch to activate it. My icotec caller was a cragslist special and works fine. I think all in all around $100 total.
  8. I usually do a mist spray of WD-40 on the augers and the chute.
  9. I have a Nikon on top of my CVA Wolf....love it, ultra clear. Check out Natchez shooting supply. sometimes they have great deals on refurbs and clearance scopes. I picked up another Nikon refurb for my .223 for $90.
  10. My wife and I got an Instant pot last year at Xmas, and I think Im going to do a venison roast from my archery season doe in it. Anyone use an instant pot out there?
  11. I feel like it goes in spurts. Some years the state land here is busy AF, and other years its dead. I wonder if the popularity of crossbows has gotten more guys into an "archery" season, get a deer with that, and then leisurely slide into the gun season...at least thats my theory.
  12. I have an opportunity to hunt a new property. I am heading over there early afternoon to talk to the land owner, maybe do a quick scout around and have a sit till dark, she tells me there is a nice 6 or 8 point buck seen out back quite often...was nice to sleep in this morning though.
  13. layers, hand and toe warmers, Summit heated seat cushion, and a thermos of black coffee.
  14. https://www.sherpahunting.com/ladder_stand_wheel_kits.html I'm sure someone can fabri-cobble up some sort of ricksha vs the $119 for that rig.