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  1. Hey all. I'm going to look at a small lease from Cotton Hanlon. Ive known of them for years, but I dont know anyone personally who has leased from them. Anyone have any insight? Pretty straight forward process or not? Thanks.
  2. 3 blade Grim Reapers are NY legal. They fold back when pulled out. Made in the USA as well.
  3. Anyone using the security lock boxes for the Tactacam Reveal X? I have two and they work…however the design sucks. You can’t open the door with the controls while it’s cinched to the tree. Also…it’s three pieces. Great camera, however their lock box could use a solid redesign.
  4. First sit this evening! Holy crap it’s warm today. Nothing moving here yet!
  5. Nice setups. The last ladder stand I set up is on a hillside, it’s 18’ out of the box. It was way too high so I did just what you did, removed one section and now it’s just right. Good luck this season.
  6. White, or green. I have a headlamp that has both on it.
  7. I would suggest skipping over the Gamo rifles. They are alright for what they are, but leave a lot to desire. I own one and never use it. A PCP rifle would be the way to go. I have a Beeman Chief 2 in .177, plenty accurate out to 50 yards with the right pellet. 2000psi fill up is easy with a basic hand pump. I get 30 good shots on a fill up. Rifle, budget scope, and pump were $300 out the door.
  8. Yeah hes a tank. I have about 50 pictures of him all at night other than that one...back and forth.
  9. loworange88


    https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/111994.html Here you go! No guessing. Remember the rules just changed to allow 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the times listed on that chart.
  10. Pulled a card down on my Dads property in 8Y. Pleasantly surprised. Ladder stand isn’t far from the camera, and I picked out a tree for the climber depending on the wind when I’m down there. Hopefully one of them gives me an opportunity.
  11. Ollies here has had them in the past, never my size though.
  12. I have 2 harnesses with the tree strap. Located in the Syracuse area. 7F.
  13. I have two Reveal X (Verizon). One at my dads works great. Batteries are still reading 100%, strong service and get pictures frequently. The other one is in the NZ, and it reads moderate cell signal. That one doesn’t send hardly any pictures. But I’m reserving judgment based on the moderate cell service.
  14. Center points are rebranded from a company called Man Kung in the land of China.
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