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  1. Thanks guys. I have plenty of 130gr. The 150gr doesn't shoot as nicely as I'd like it to out of my rifle, that's the only reason I'm looking to trade it.
  2. Hey all. I have a full box of Remington CoreLokt .270 in 150gr, and a box of (17 rounds) Winchester Super X .270 in 150gr. I’d like to do a straight trade for 130gr .270. I will also trade for 12ga Slugs. These were all bought pre current prices, so I’ll value these at $1.00 per round. I’m in the Syracuse area and will meet up within 1/2 hour. Thanks.
  3. Mission, Diamond, PSE, all have awesome bows well under $1,000. Even the newer Bear bows are pretty darn good.
  4. It was a great time. They are very good and popular from what I’ve gathered, book well in advance. The trip was $575 for 4 hours. It was just the four of us and the captain. They offer a 6 person charter for $675/4 hours. Three couples split that and it’s very reasonable. We were allowed to keep one fish per person.
  5. Hey all! The family and I were in Cape Cod this past weekend. We chartered Reel Deal Charters out in Truro. This is the second time using them. We caught 10 total, 8 stripers and 2 bluefish. Just thought I’d share. My 8 year old was having a blast. The wife was mostly taking pictures, she did reel in a keeper in between. My 12 year old decided to be a crab ass 12 year old and sit out…oh well the rest of us had a great time. I highly recommend Reel Deal if anyone want to hit some ocean fishing up in Cape Cod.
  6. All set here! I added a battery backup a few years ago. The main pump worked fine but was old. About 2 months ago at 10:00 on a Sunday night, the main pump failed, and the warning alarm for the backup had been activated. I went down and the backup was running like a champ. I ended up at Lowe’s the next day for a new main pump.
  7. I pour very hot water down the barrel. Dry it out with the air hose or just patches. Then I follow it up with a nice patch soaked in Ballistol.
  8. Thanks everyone! It’s been a good day. I put my little boat in the Seneca River and caught about 14 fish. Two good LM bass, a few big rock bass and some pan fish. All in all a good day.
  9. Awesome! I’ve only gone once and it was a charter in Cape Cod. We caught 5 like this! Absolute blast. The fillets were delicious too! Have fun!
  10. Ok I wasn’t expecting that! Any ideas what made that noise?
  11. Very cool. Post up some pics of how it shoots when you get it dialed in. My Beeman seems to like the JSB 13 grain pellets. I tried some 20 grain slugs, and it throws them, they seem to tumble as indicated by the holes in the paper targets. H&N do ok, but they dont group as tight as the JSB's. Its fun to shoot, and cheap. Not having to pick up brass is a plus as well. I'm leaning towards the .25 if I do get an Avenger as the specs online for the .25 in some of the higher pressure regulated guns is very impressive. I think the Umarex Gauntlet was performing at a comparable r
  12. NICE. I've been eyeballing the Avenger in .25 for a while now. I have a Beeman PCP in .177 and its a fun plinker. I get 30 shots on a fill. Hand pump for now, but I think if I finally bite on an Avenger I'll look into getting a tank for fill ups.
  13. That domain from what I understand was purchased by some "left wing" group and though it is still there in some capacity, most of the members and grouchy bastards went here: https://nygunforum.com/
  14. 100% agree here. Wind generators could be installed in the medians as well. I’m sure that the draft from all the cars on a major highway could turn them...at least to a point.
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