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  1. Hey everyone! I took my 9 year old out for the second time so far, and he was hammering the rock bass on Oneida. He also managed to get a decent bullhead out from under the docks. He for sure out fishes me, he’s also comfortable taking most of the fish off the hook and putting them back in the water.
  2. I use the Molle frame on my summit. Some felt and some really heavy duty zip ties to secure the Molle frame to the stand.
  3. He was talking about it on his show on WSYR. I haven’t read the column yet, but he was a bit vague on some things other than he said it was affecting his personal life and family. I enjoy his show somewhat. There’s times he gets a little preachy for me, but I wish him the best regardless.
  4. Good luck! You working out in addition to the diet? Usually helps speed things up.
  5. Hey all. I have some pellets in .177 up for sale. My gun doesn’t like these, and I’ve settled on a pellet that shoots great for me. I’ll sell this lot of 5 Tins for $20. Prefer ftf in the Syracuse area, not looking to ship.
  6. I’ll add to this. For the metal heads, Lamb of God covering Wake Up Dead with Dave Mustaine on backup vocals.
  7. I don’t own a .380, I have a couple 9mm’s. I’ve been a bit snobbish about the .380 and dismissed the round. However, I have held and shot a few, and I’m coming around to the idea of getting a sub compact .380 for a warm weather carry gun. OP, congrats on the new pistol. I have an old Star in 9mm, made in Spain. All steel, heavy to carry, but it’s build very well.
  8. Also for the quick release swivel stud that is not on the base of grip area, Thordsen relocated it to the side of the enhanced buffer tube cover. That’s an easy swap if you need. https://www.thordsencustoms.com/enhanced-buffer-tube-cover-kit-black/.html also there’s this: https://www.thordsencustoms.com/bottom-mount-mash-hook-loop/.html
  9. If you remove the rubber butt plate, there are 2 long allen head socket cap screws that hold the spacer stacks to the main stock. Remove the screws, and the spacer stacks will come off. If it were me, I'd remove them, take the one you want the swivel in, locate the center on the bottom, use a punch to get a hole location, drill a hole for the swivel stud, and if the stud is long enough, add a hex nut to the stud on the inner portion of the spacer stack. Add epoxy or loctite. I cant remember what the inner body looks like, its not solid, but its not wide open either. Might need to dremel out a small pocket for the nut to sit, back filling with epoxy would be added security. Knurled threaded insert is also an option, Drill the exact hole needed, once you thread in the stud, the insert expands, and the knurls bite the surrounding hole, but again, its only a friction fit with minor mechanical tooth.
  10. I’m certainly no expert, but I only use brushes if it has a lot of build up. Even then, it’s the first step to loosen it up, patches and solvents only afterwards.
  11. I have a Mean Arms mag lock, and I don’t know how it can be argued it’s not legal. It’s not removable without drilling it out. I’ve thought of this a few times myself. I’m not a rich man, but I’ve decided that I could live with the decision if I were to destroy a lower in an attempt to reverse something while not in NY. If it survives great…if not, off to the gun shop for $100 Anderson.
  12. Looks like fun. I have a Beeman PCP rife, and its suprisingly accurate with the right pellet. Every so often I set up a homemade pellet trap in the garage, and plink with the Red Ryder or CO2 pistols. PCP is a bit much for indoors as you also stated. Being in the burbs also puts a kibosh on back yard plinking.
  13. Well, if the current prices or highter are here in the fall, I will definately be less picky as I was last season. I passed up alot of deer waiting for a mature buck.
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