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  1. I have a Nikon on top of my CVA Wolf....love it, ultra clear. Check out Natchez shooting supply. sometimes they have great deals on refurbs and clearance scopes. I picked up another Nikon refurb for my .223 for $90.
  2. My wife and I got an Instant pot last year at Xmas, and I think Im going to do a venison roast from my archery season doe in it. Anyone use an instant pot out there?
  3. I feel like it goes in spurts. Some years the state land here is busy AF, and other years its dead. I wonder if the popularity of crossbows has gotten more guys into an "archery" season, get a deer with that, and then leisurely slide into the gun season...at least thats my theory.
  4. I have an opportunity to hunt a new property. I am heading over there early afternoon to talk to the land owner, maybe do a quick scout around and have a sit till dark, she tells me there is a nice 6 or 8 point buck seen out back quite often...was nice to sleep in this morning though.
  5. layers, hand and toe warmers, Summit heated seat cushion, and a thermos of black coffee.
  6. https://www.sherpahunting.com/ladder_stand_wheel_kits.html I'm sure someone can fabri-cobble up some sort of ricksha vs the $119 for that rig.
  7. I shot this 9-point buck on December 18, 2016. 7:30 in the morning through the fog with my muzzleloader. (he would have been a 10, but had one little kicker broken off.)
  8. I was in 7J on Saturday and 7F on Sunday...no scrapes opened yet in known areas with scrape lines etc...
  9. Would the DEC consider these and the E-bikes "motorized vehicles"? No-Go on state lands....
  10. I haven't popped on a heated vest yet, but I did buy a Summit heated seat pad...used it once already on a brisk morning and it helped. I bet a heated/hoodie under your hunting coat would be much better, but so far the seat cushion does the trick...gets pretty toasty on high. Medium was just right, and low heat I couldn't really tell.
  11. Summit makes a “Cadillac” seat for the climbers but it’s $120. It has storage pockets built in. https://www.summitstands.com/summit-surround-seat-mossy-oak-camo
  12. Hey Rachunter, if you want more pictures or anything, send me a private message with your phone # and I'll text you a bunch...
  13. Get a Q-Safe tree strap, its designed for using with a climber, and is way easier to shimmy up the tree with than a traditional tree belt. https://www.blindedhunting.com/qsafe This thing rocks...I use it with my climber, and if I'm sitting in a ladder stand. I carry mine with the teeth and cables facing down....I cross the third hand straps into an X and reattach them to the spring loaded teeth and cinch it tight, then tuck the long ends through the stand and let hang, but not to as to drag the ground. Agreed with the above comments about taking your time and practicing in the light. The cart add on is ok. I hauled one deer with it so far...the thing is loud so using it like a dolly for the walk in isnt a good idea. I leave it in the car, if I need it, I'll go get it. I found out the hard way that I should have taken off all the MOLLE gear when I used it as a cart...I was washing blood out of the shoulder and waist bands that night.