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  1. The Gander here in Cicero is the big RV supercenter. They have been "closed" for weeks. Only offering RV related business, all other store departments are closed, and they are not offering curbside pickup, which the corporate website says Gander is doing. Edit: I just called and they said they are open to foot traffic again.
  2. 7 foot long boat oars with oar locks. Aluminum shafts. The oar lock pin is 1/2”(12.7mm). No issues with them, I am changing my boat around and have no need for these. $75 obo for the pair. Located in Syracuse area.
  3. I had one on me the other day...caught him just as he was latching on. I will be spraying my/kids gear with permethrin.
  4. I think Frank's Shooting Supply in Canastota (CNY) is open as well.
  5. I remember reading that the QAD and the Ripcord were like Ford and Chevy few years ago. That being said, I went with a QAD, the only reason I chose this over the other, is the tech at the bow shop said the QAD disassembles in once piece from the main bracket, while the Ripcord has a spring in the housing that is known to go flying at Mach 8 into the next galaxy. QAD is about 7 years old and no signs of slowing down.
  6. loworange88


    Yes the locals stores near me were pretty empty...not like the TP isles, but close. Bust out that Red Ryder, or Gamo for plinking with the kids. Honestly I was going to get my bow and crossbow out some during this.
  7. I've built two rifles that would be considered "poverty ponies". One with an ATI lower, and one with an Anderson. Both lowers were of standard quality, no noticeable machining marks, edges were deburred, and the anodizing was uniform....IMO standard quality. One upper I used was a BCA and I swapped the standard barrel for a BCA heavy barrel. Side charger and I disabled the gas block so this one operates as a bolt gun, NOT defined as an assault rifle per NYS Safe ACT, and has a grip with removable mag.....its a good shooter, likes the expensive ammo best. The other one I bought the upper complete from Karri's Guns, and no issues there either. Pinned mag with Mean Arms kit. Both rifles were completed at approximately $550 each by me. With zero extras, I could have been right at the $500 mark. The added cost for me came from buying extended take down pins for each, and a couple minor things.
  8. I have a BCA side charger with a heavy barrel...its a good shooter, good luck with your sale.
  9. Ive seen a few pop up in the classified on NYgunforum.com
  10. Nope. However I was in that situation a few years ago, right during the rut, I had a cracked limb and my bow had to goto the dealer for warranty work. I contemplated buying a back up bow since then, but havent come across "that deal" yet to jump on.
  11. I have a TechnaClip on my S&W Shield 9 2.0. I actually really like it. I tried a leather/kydex IWB holster and though it was comfortable, the added bulk made me go back to the clip. No bulk in addition to the pistol with the clip. I carry mine IWB at either 3,4,or5 o'clock, depending on what I'm wearing. Its easy to cant the weapon as well. Drawing is pretty smooth but I will say that make sure your pants are fitting as they should and a good belt is probably a good idea as well, the clip on mine is fairly tight. The lead in/out of the clip are pretty good, but I have to use two hands to put it in my waistband... For the Shield, the clip comes with a new rear plate for the slide, and its attached to that plate with two small torx screws. Picked it up at Gander Outdoors for $25. https://www.technaclip.com/