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  1. Venison, tomato, veggie soup. Roasted deer bones and made into stock along with trimmings, grew the tomatoes, onions, squash... cook some rice, maybe some egg noodles to thicken and we have a healthy, nutritious soup for a winter's day, maybe make a loaf of rustic bread with your kids. I see folks in tough times in their cars lining up for free food, how can we teach them to provide for themselves? It's easy, fun, cheap and rewarding... (image upload failed, sorry)
  2. Can't miss that crappie spawn! They are tough to find otherwise
  3. Take time to thank the Maker for your good health and strong constitution, some are not as fortunate
  4. They are hUGE but stuff into a small backpack alomg with my HSS muff https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0033C3PX6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Busted out the boot blankets today! Very cozy sit for 25, feels like 18
  6. Now I've heard it all for sure... vegans who kill and waste
  7. We had this conversation at lunch during the season and it keeps coming back up in my mind when I'm tired of watching squirrels. Before everybody starts to filter out of these great threads I thought I'd ask. When I came of age 50ish years ago it was smooth bore shotguns, traditional bows, shorter seasons, no camo, tree stands were wood 2X4s and not that prevalent and one doe tag for three hunters with the guy wearing the arm band the only one who could bag a doe. Now its longer seasons, rifles and rifled shotguns, compounds, crossbows, tree stands, camo, scents and scent killers, trail cams a
  8. The last of 2019 venison...this was a small fork horn that out tasted the two other fat does. Nothing special but we grew the sprouts and have many more buried in leaves for early winter protection. I'd like to think this meal cost just a few onion slices but then I start thinking of all that gear! On to the 2020 deer...
  9. ...so out comes the doe in estrus scent this morning...
  10. negative... herd moved on. If there was a prize for most miles walked and vertical feet climbed (between 9 and 11K altitude) with very few elk tags filled I'd had been the winner
  11. I have kept a journal of every time in the woods, hunting or scouting for many years, if nothing else these notes help an aging man remember some great times. Here's one (unedited) from opening day of Colorado elk season 1993... when I had strong legs and a take down recurve 8/28 Opening Day What a day! up at 3:45, parked at marker 183, I made it to the flat knoll top at 6:00AM so my timing was perfect if not a bit late. There were elk in the bowl feeding. I set up on top of little knoll to ambush but decided they would cross lower so I made my way down. Saw 3 bulls in the bunch a
  12. Still no daytime sightings except a lone panicked looking doe around noon a couple days back on camera, all activity at night, not even 5 minutes before legal afternoon hours.... still petrified from opening weekend's constant drives, they have a couple weeks to relax before my clock runs out. Comfortable with Carhart socks, toe warmers and warmest zipper boots... base layer and WWII vintage wool army pants, base layer, long sleeve T, light zipper jacket, fleece vest, camo sweatshirt, old winter waist coat and camo shell... flip back mittens loaded with hand warmers in the zipper compartm
  13. To have little to no clue after reading those is to be human, let's start with crossbow == muzzleloader and go from there. We are here to discuss it and get it understood for the poor less intelligent like me
  14. But this is late season bow coining up that I'm asking about ...I took a buck with xbow during muzz season and put bow/muzz antlered tag on it. The first question was succinctly answered, you cannot use your crossbow during late bow season (week after reg season). but this was brought up last year this time here which made my eyes glaze over ..I'm still not convinced of if/not crossbow is permitted in late bow season if you have both bow and muzz priv and also if I can/not take a buck during that late season and slap an unfilled reg season tag on it antlered or unantlered.... bee
  15. Excuse my French but... Cheese and Crackers those regs drive me nuts - thanks for the reply and back to pulling the bow with fold back mittens and cold weather face mask trying to taste that kisser
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