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  1. Good thread. When I lived in Colorado, and had MUCH stronger legs we made it a game kinda like disc golf. Points lost for stepping on a twig, misses, points won for hits and fastest time through the "course". When that course is straight up a steep slope at 10K feet you learn to control your breathing while shooting when when gassed... great conditioning, lots of fun and greatly helps instinctive tradional bow shooters improve. Take down long bow, heavy alluminum arrows so as not to break your Port Orford pine arrows. Fred Aspell (I think) used a throwing a baseball analogy for instinctive shoooting, you dont stop to use a range finder and sight to hit the cacther mitt.
  2. question came to mind while sitting this morning: If I have an unfilled archery either sex tag during regular season and I take a deer with a bow or crossbow (during regular/gun season using archery gear), can I put that archery tag on that deer? or must I use the regular season Antlered tag? Thanks in Advance
  3. First Romas. These are way ahead of San Marzano and Roma III varieties. Its name? Pony Express. They have large size, low water and seeds for sauce and paste.. Well see about the flavors later.
  4. Got lucky on a nice smallie (20 in) this morning drifting with a nice South breeze (Keuka). Rage Swimmer on a weighted twist lock. The tug is the drug!
  5. Those are going to be boiling hot! The size and the brown marks on the side scream heat. Mine (from starts) are just a couple inches long.
  6. Epic fail. I go mostly nocturnal in the hot weather so up at 2:30AM, coffee, time to make pickles! By first light the jars are sterile, brine made, spices ready, lids soaking, cukes cut, jars packed...time for the lids and into the bath as water boiling on the Bayou Classic propane cooker. Drop them in the water bath, sit back all happy and wait and then it hits me... Forgot to add the spices. Doh! Just another opportunity for personal growth I try to convince myself. My lady makes the bread and butter while I do the dill, when she wakes up I'll tell her next batch of cukes are hers. e over
  7. Brother brought steaks over the weekend... I worked up my best cowboy voice and said: "We don't get cow around here much"!
  8. hehe... surrounded by vineyards and those fat vineyard bucks! Thanks!
  9. First Dill pickles. We have a dozen plants climbing up the garden fence so lots to come. Folks like em but it seems a crap shoot if crisp or not. Adding grape leaves seems to help a lot.
  10. I've been bringing 8 gallons of city water a day up to my lady's house where garden and fruit trees are. No well problems yet but there will be soon enough. The trees are youngish and well mulched so a gallon every 3 days should do the trick. Finally won the war with Japanese beetles humping on my cherry trees, unsure if they are just done or the spraying did it.
  11. We puree basil with olive oil (2/3 pesto) and put in ice cube trays to freeze, then out of trays into freezer bag for winter basil.
  12. yeah, smoker temp at 154 and internal temp goal of 145. maybe a little sweet from brown sugar in the brine (along with kosher salt and cracked black pepper) and maple syrup basting. I need to improve getting the pin bones out of the lakers.
  13. Salmon on top, lake trout on the bottom for 6 hour traeger signature blend (hickory, maple, cherry) and maple syrup basting
  14. This stunned me as it is the only thing I have seen that has gone down in price lately. Was $9.95 (Aldi) a pound last time I smoked salmon halves. Have them curing, will smoke tomorrow as SW wind will not drive neighbors nuts as well as having to give them a chunk! If you are USA only I hope to do a few lakers as well.
  15. added some fried gold potatoes (aka ketchup delivery devices)
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