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  1. Had something hit the bait piles last weekend after the storms, so although I was tired, I went out to see what might show up. Had one come in downwind and spotted it through the branches trying to sneak away through a flooded field. Took the shot and it ran a little before disappearing into the tall grass. Didn't see anything moving afterwards but deer, so I went home. 1/28 Dog
  2. Coyote ends March 26th, so I'll be out there till the stroke of midnight on the 26th hunting coyote.
  3. You make me sick. If you don't like the constitution as written, go try living in a communist country, where you won't have all of your money, houses and Freedom. NY and the other Blue run states will eventually fall and when they do, your ilk will be the useless idiots we've seen time and time again used by the liberal as cannon fodder, smiling all the way to the bitter end. The whole time saying "It was for safety, for the children." “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ― Benjamin Franklin
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    Wasn't my camera and that occurred almost 15 years ago. I was told that a fellow I know upstate has a citidiot anti hunter neighbor with a den on their property. He hays their fields and is a 4H youth mentor. He's going to ask them if he can set up a couple of trail cameras on it this spring for educational purposes. Of course that den might not be in use if we kill all of the coyote hunting the farms around their property and I don't give a free pass to any coyote. SJC
  5. Shoots100


    I've been doing predator control for a couple of decades and have seen what an unchecked coyote population can do to an area's wildlife. They were pushed from the western states to the east coast 70 years ago. I used to think that they would become a normal part of the ecosystem and mother nature would control their numbers like she does with other animals, but coyote are survivors and can adapt where other animals perish. We put a trail camera on a coyote den and found out why the deer population was dwindling. Small pets around the area started disappearing and some thought it was devil worshipers, but what we found was that the coyote were at work doing what predators do, as after we cleaned out all the devil worshippers, the pets were still disappearing ! Mother nature needed a hand in controlling them, as left unchecked like any evasive species, they would've cleaned out every animal they could get their paws on and then probably die of mange or rabies, which is a painful death. So I've been hunting them and in the areas I hunt and do farm over watch in, I know it makes a difference. I've left out dead cow and legal picked up deer road kill for bait and have had nothing touch it for weeks in the areas I hunt. Of course that makes them gather in areas I don't have permission to hunt and all of a sudden I'm getting calls in those areas now. More and more people are getting tired of the growing coyote presence and their getting harassed more now a days, but I think the coyote will be around forever in NY state in good numbers as long as there's a coyote season and trapper numbers dwindle because of the declining fur prices. No one wants to wear dead animal fur anymore. SJC
  6. No matter who's in office or power, the debt rises. What Irks me is that our elected officials in Albany gave themselves a raise to counter the debt and added that to our tax's. I was told 20 years ago by a very well known investor that America was past the point of no return already. When the politicians can give themselves a raise without the approval of the citizens, there's a problem. "The problem is not that people are taxed to little, the problem is that government spends to much." RR
  7. If you had a pack following it, then you have an issue. I do over watch on serval cattle farms and have seen packs and pairs of coyote wreaking havoc on the cow and calves. If a coyote senses a weakness, it won't give up. It's a predator doing it's job. SJC
  8. I do predator control around a deer farm and a couple of weeks ago we saw a small six on the outside of the fence trying to get into the fence after a hot doe. When we approached it with the ranger to try and scare it away, it jumped into the fence and both of it's antlers flew off. Those were easy sheds to find.
  9. What happened to using non lethal force or a warning shot ? I guess that's not a choice for when white people are rioting, just minorities ? Here's the video of her being murdered. Capitol Murder As you can see, she's surrounded by uniformed heavily armed capitol police before and after the shooting.
  10. Started off the new year hunting a new farm that's having some issues with coyote. They lease their land to deer hunters, so we didn't get access till deer season ended and then we went to work. The land borders the farm that I dropped the single coyote on 12/31. The bright night started off slow with nothing answering our coyote calls or coming into the distress calls. We didn't see a thing moving at all, so at midnight I decided to give my back a break and got up to glass the fields behind our stand. I was going to suggest that we move to another stand location when my buddy whispers that there's two dogs coming in from our right side. I get back to my rifle and hit record. The wind picked up and started to swirl, so when they started to get antsy, we put the hammer down. The 20 practical shooting the 40 grn Vmax does it's job. 52lb male and 35lb female. My Halo was in the shop, so I was using my 20 cal backup rig with the AGM Adder scope. It's always good to have a backup rig ready to go. Just got my Halo back from repairs and will need to sight it in on the .243 and get to work. SJC 1/8/23 Double
  11. Looks like it was made for that call. I started with a newspaper sack 40 + years ago and currently use an Eberlestock gunslinger. Holds my rifle, call and accessories. The bigger the pack, the more gear you put into it, the heavier it gets. SJC
  12. This is the scope I'd recommend. Great reticle and clear glass. Scope
  13. I condemn their idiotic behavior too, but I got on with my life and am not whining about a four hour riot that happened two years ago. Maybe you should take your own advice and move onto something that really matters to society today ?
  14. I want to know why the Dems didn't pay their bail, like they did with the BLM and ANTIFA rioters ? I guess you need to burn several cites down across the country, assassinate police officers, cause trillions of dollars in damage and take over parts of a city for months to get that type of treatment ?
  15. Except there's clear video and pictures of the capitol police holding the doors to let them in.
  16. Leftist propaganda, When it's only a diversion from what the Dems are actually guilty of ? Trump said this, Trump said that, I thought you leftists think Trump is an idiot and out of the picture ? In reality, your posting crap because he's a big threat to the left and all you have left in the ammo box are cherry picked lies and misquoted articles from Pravda.
  17. I don't go to a dentist because I want some carpentry work done, just like I don't go to a carpenter to get dental work done. I want a president that puts America and Americans first, not some third world country or some country that hates America first. The current administration has no compass, Trump has a compass and the heading is America first. You can't take care of other country's if your country isn't strong enough to take care of itself and that's where America stands today because of the intentional leftist regressive agenda that's dividing America to the breaking point. Leftism is a cancer and America will suffer it's effect's until it's removed. SJC
  18. Please go and pontificate with your leftist brothers on the other site, here we can handle the truth, but
  19. 12/30 Farmer has been calling, saying his livestock has been disappearing, not anymore. 1 Coyote and 3 fox at their place. 12/30 coyote 12/30 Fox 12/31 Went to another farm that has coyote harassing their cow. One harasser gone. 12/31 Coyote
  20. Just like Trump before he ran for and became president, Elon was the lib leftists darling being invited to all the party's until he came to the realization that Dem leftists are a bunch of lying swindlers only looking out for their pocketbooks and not the people their supposed to be serving. For exposing them for what they are, he's been relegated to being a right wing nut job glorified party boy billionaire. I think a Trump/Elon 2024 administration would do wonders for America.
  21. Generally, the left-field is where the worst player on a baseball team will be positioned. Even when the batted ball tends to go to the left side more often, the left fielder’s throwing arm doesn’t need to be so strong, and it’s surrounded by the most skilled players on a team.
  22. The issue is that twitter and the FBI intentionally suppressed and hid years of irrefutable financial evidence of China and Russian collusion with Joe Biden and his family a year before the election from the American public. Watergate is a laughable offense compared to this level of debauchery.
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