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  1. Had this lone female coming to a bait pile a couple of times Monday PM, So we paid a quick visit Tuesday PM. The first female taken on this property since Dec 2023.
  2. My buddy has a Pulsar thermion XP50 LRF scope and an AGM fuzion spotter with LRF. Unless it's real far away, I just put the crosshairs in the middle of the intended target and pull the trigger. SJC
  3. The full moon coyote killers were out in force Sunday PM. The night started out crappy as I was delayed an hour sitting in traffic from a bad accident on the Thruway. Then going out to the first stand my partner slipped on some mud, dropped his rifle and broke one of the shoulder straps on his back pack. After setting up, we had two dog's come into a field 180 yards away, but my buddy couldn't see the second dog, so we missed an opportunity at a double. One dog is better than none. After that stand, he noticed his scopes eyepiece cover was missing, so we spent the next half hour looking for it. Joy of Joy's. When we got to our second stand location, we heard a female coyote going to town very close by. I snuck up to the top of the hill and my partner stayed low. I called and she came right down the tractor trail on a string 150 yards away. I dropped it and after checking it out, I noticed that it was a stanky dog with a badly mangled rear leg. The last two dogs I've dropped had some type of disfigurement. Two dogs down before midnight and two happy farmers. Not bad for a full moon hunt. SJC
  4. Was it once fired commercial 30-06 brass or military brass ? Make sure you have the de capping rod recessed into the die before using it. Also get some Hornady one shot case lube and spray your cases liberally. Under lubing is a major cause of stress and failure during the reloading process. Hand priming is ok for small pistol, but for large rifle and magnum loads, you need to seat the primer with authority and a mounted press system is best suited for that. Good luck and shoot safe. SJC
  5. Dropped this dog after watching it limp across a field and then into the wetlands that borders the field we were setting up in. Beautiful night for thermal. Only had three and a half legs.
  6. I've been hunting nights for almost 46 years and haven't seen anything like that. I could be lucky or maybe the creatures of the night know there's something out there with a high powered rifle and thermal scope waiting for them ? SJC
  7. Looks like a coon skull to me. Nice find.
  8. After the 2022 winter and EHD deaths, there's bound to be an uptick in population. You know the population is getting high when they start to sell those deer whistles for your car in gas stations. SJC
  9. Finally got some action with the backup RIX L3 / 20-250. 180 yard shot that I normally wouldn't have attempted with a 384 res scope, but the L3 has the ocular magnification feature. It magnifies the display instead of losing resolution with digital magnification.
  10. We saw a dog running away when we were heading into the second stand of the night. It disappeared over a hill, so we kept going, but we decided to split up to cover more ground. This dog came right between the fields we set up in and I had to wait till it got into a safe area for me to fire. Medium sized female.
  11. The other track is a rabbit. SJC
  12. My buddy hit #3 of a pair that came into 170 yards before the wind shifted. Had a hole I could stick my fist into. I gave the second dog a try at 300 yards, but aimed a little high.
  13. Number Two. It was hit two times before this shot. They are tough to kill sometimes.
  14. Better get there early if you want a shot at buying the gun. SJC
  15. As with any small bullet going really fast, they get easily deflected by obstructions. It's one of the hazards woods predator hunters face when hunting at night where branches and brush aren't easily seen with NV and thermal optics. This male coyote ran into a swamp after the shot and I had to track it down and finish it off. This is the last coyote I took with my backup AGM Adder scope, as I sold it to a friend in upstate NY. SJC
  16. So Nice they need a shill to announce it on another site ?
  17. The wind was in our favor and this male was dropped at 18 paces with the Impulse 22-250/XP50 LRF. The dog to the left got lucky and disappeared as I was letting my buddy that couldn't see the dogs coming in know one was coming in and real close too. SJC
  18. There's a coyote hunting contest in Orange and Sullivan counties this week/weekend. SJC
  19. We live in the most anti gun and anti hunting state with a conservation department that uses hunter license funds to fund anti hunting ad's and programs. What do you think the perception of hunting by younger generations will be ? Go to other states and the youth are hunting and fishing. Don't lump the Tri state area in with the rest of the free states in America. NY state sucks and has been sucking for decades. When it gets sucked down the hole, at least I'll have some fond memories of how it used to be while living in a free red state. SJC
  20. In the mid 70's my father and his Army buddies "Uncles" bought a cabin in the Catskills together and introduced all of their siblings to the outdoors. Some of my Uncles were serious men and hunters. Every year we would travel to Maine, where they would load up their canoes and go Bow hunting for a week in the backwoods. We would wait with the other families in the campground until they returned. We learned a lot about how to survive in the woods and had to prove our proficiency + safety with firearms before we were introduced to hunting. Being we were kids, Deer camp was out until we we're of age and unfortunately by that time the cabin was sold. That didn't stop us from being out in the woods though and my father did the best he could to keep it that way. Of course we had a lot more woods to hunt back then. My father was a Bronx city boy. If it wasn't for his moms side being dairy farmers and him spending summers upstate on the farm being exposed to the out of doors, my life would probably be a lot different. SJC
  21. That's a beautiful buck. It's been around awhile, so maybe one of it's offspring will take it's place.
  22. Got a couple of hours afield before the deluge of rain. Small female Enhanced Impulse .243/Halo X50 https://youtu.be/3kB9_T80Waw
  23. ?????? You can't tell from the first pic that it's a .416 Rem mag Semi auto mannlicher carbine cheytac Ruger 10/22 ? SJC
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