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  1. GreenDrake

    Another hunter in the house

    Hopefully a very happy and healthy journey!!!
  2. GreenDrake

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Great morning yesterday. Several good birds working from 4 different roosts on the same farm. Finally get a big boy to come 600 yards across the meadow to 49 yards and just skirted around us. Wanted nothing to do with the dekes. My nephew and I cracked up at how rude and disrepectful that bird was. I couldn’t go this morning but my nephew did. Same thing; however, the purrs got to him and he shot him at 7 yards.
  3. GreenDrake

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    LOVE the Model 11s. I collect Broening A5’s but own several Midel 11s. My grandfather bought his in 1937 for $85. My 90 yr old Uncle uses it to date. His first and only shotgun. I believe yours is a in front of the trigger. One of Mine has a 32 inch solid rib full choke barrel. Its a tank!!
  4. GreenDrake

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Yes. We pick them from farm fields before thry are plowed or cut. Pick them before they flower or else they are bitter. Saute with onions, garlic, sslt and pepper. Most amazing greens and side dish to venison and fish.
  5. GreenDrake

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Wife and I did our first annual Dandelion pick today. Picked 12 big bushels and then ckeaned...washed....blanched...and are draining outside in the garage. Ended up with 26 softball sized batches. One more picking before they flower and we are good for the year. Of course we had to taste test them for dinner just now.
  6. GreenDrake

    Most Accurate 7mm-08 Factory Ammo

    Winchester Silver Tips or Federal Premium. Stopped handloading years ago once I started shooting either of these.
  7. GreenDrake

    Porky Or Beaver??

    We killed 22 in 2017 and 18 in 2018 at our deer hunting property. Its infested with them. They destroy our box blinds. Climbed into the stand one morning last year and one was in it. Clubbed him with a branch. My wise sat in a blind one eve with her camera while I was in another hunting. One tried climbing in the window. She made wuick work of it with her Nikon Binos.
  8. GreenDrake


    Got 13 today in a WICKED wind. Got there late. If i was earlier I could have probably done very well
  9. GreenDrake


    The owner is one of my best friends. He is out of town until April 1. He will check his mail a couple times a week and get back to you. The gun shop...rifle range and clays are still open.
  10. GreenDrake

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    Im far from an expert but i do hunt them heavily theclast 8 or so years. Have killed close to 300 this winter. The problem with calling in the woods is that they will remain too high to kill many. I set up in brushy apple thickets snd such for good cover. Put some dekes as high up in the trees as you can. Concealment is foremost. When they come in over that brush they are right in the kill zone. I put one deke on a 15 foot extension pole. Works great!!
  11. GreenDrake


    Slow morning. The big roosts are breaking up. Got 6 with the new A5. Will try the big dairy tomorrow as there was a fair number dropping in there late morning. Season is almost over!!
  12. GreenDrake


    Killed 24 this morning. Then headed over to the pigeon farm but they were scarce.
  13. GreenDrake

    Damn off season!

    Now why would you want to be prepared and not scramble the night before opening day trying to find your equipment like I do? Isn’t that more fun??
  14. GreenDrake

    Permanent huts/structures

    Have 6 of these spread out over 100 acres. My nephew and I hunt exclusively out of them now. Wife joins us nearly ever hunt and really enjoys the experience.
  15. GreenDrake


    Got 22 in the HIGH winds. Tough shooting. Had to really adjust the lead.