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  1. Oops...i meant deer...not bear
  2. It is really quite sad the direction this thread has turned. Putting minimal resources into a facet of hunting which had a rich history in NY and which mother nature can no longer sustain should be applauded and not chastised. Though I do not hunt the stocked birds much anymore, I do take the setters out to work birds. As I do not enjoy pheasant as table fare I do not have to kill them to enjoy incredible fog work and seeing the dogs loving life if but fir a couple of months a year. Many of us bird hunters find our seasons cut short by the long gun seasons for bear. I won’t consider taking my dogs out in the deer woods during gun seasons as it is simply too dangerous or the landowners, understanably, want the land off limits during their deer hunts. I do know that although my family are dedicated small and big game hunters, my most cherished moments were spent with my father hunying the State stocked pheasant fields over our dogs. I would trade 10 booners for 1 more pheasant hunt with dad. If we are going to try to put a price tag on the pheasant program or do a cost benefit analysis on the stocking programs, I am quite confident that there would be good arguments made for and against nearly all fish and game programs.
  3. GreenDrake


    Spent the morning and afternoon scouting. My one trusty spot had about 1000 crows feeding. Got the blood pumping. Got the dekesreafy..fresh batteries in the Foxpro...and waiting to get on em.
  4. GreenDrake

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    My wife bought a small airhorn which is now in my pack. Hope we never need it but it just may be what saves a life.
  5. GreenDrake

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Like most law enforcement officers, they prefer some sort of confession or corroboration for whatever evidence they may already have to ensure conviction of the alleged offender if it should proceed yo a trial.
  6. GreenDrake

    New Deer Dropper

    Why not a 6.5 Creedmore??
  7. GreenDrake

    Need Simple Grilled Back Strap Marinade

    KC Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki. Marinate for a couple hours then brush some on top of the cooked side once you flip it on the grill. It tastes amazing and gives a nice glaze on the too side. I use it on chicken and fish as well.
  8. GreenDrake

    Early hard winter?

    I have been patiently waiting to go out and hit the crows and pigeons but do not usually hunt them until deer season ends. I promise the farmers I will not disturb their deer hunting. Others don’t care but I do not want to ruin other deer hunters hunting. If it keeps up like this it will be very difficult to hit some of my fav spots.
  9. A woman was also shot in the hip a couple weeks ago in Northern Oneida county.
  10. GreenDrake

    One last pa buck with dad.

    Beautiful story and a testament to a life well lived and loved. In 2011 I lost my father at 85 years old on December 5. He hunted the northern zone with us, and the opener of southern zone. That year my nephew decided to share his box blind with my father as he wanted to enjoy the morning sitting with him. I sat in mine across the road. Before we split up my dad told me to hunt for "you" for once and put one on the ground as I am usually more concerned with him and my nephew getting a shot. I saw 23 deer that morning, and killed a big 6 with no brows. He kept calling me on the 2 way radios laughing at how they saw nothing and I had all the deer on my side. The next day dad sat it out and my nephew connected on a respectable 8 pt. The next day he wasn't feeling well and we took him to the clinic for a basic checkup. He was hospitalized with kidney issues. He died peacefully on the 5th. I will never forget that season nor will my nephew ever forget sitting with him on his last opening day. I thought I would never hunt again but it was those moments that kept me going for life. God bless you and your family.
  11. Went to a new farm in Northern zone tonight. Owned by a client I was able to get her the farm in an estate proceeding. She knew I was a hunter and said if she got the farm it’s exclusively mine to hunt for her lifetime. Incredibly beautiful property. Back side has 13000 feet along a great trout stream. Unable to scout it at all this summer my nrphew and I went there for a change of scenery. We sat on the edge of cut corn and not ling after 7 doe come out. All if tge sudden they bolt. I look to my right and here comes a guy storming at us. He comes unglued asking us if we have wrtiiten permisdion etc...yold him no the owner gave me permission shes ip the house. He then tells me to get the F..k out of there...i nicely tell him i sm not going anywhere and the use of foul language is unecessary and childish...he doesn’t knowhow to react bc I am not engaging him...he then says well im gonna stay right here behind you...andI aslk why? He says to PROTECT MY F...king property...and I say from what? He gets more unglued and starts talking to himself...says I feed these fking deer and you aholes come in and blast them..and that I must be 300 feet from his property line...i educated him on how far one must be ftom a dwelling or roadway...he said im Calling the DEC...i said please do as they would love to see your feeding station and perhsps write you a citation for Harassment Our night was ruined but hes will be really upset next year when the4 box blinds go up around the cornfield! I am leasing it for 5 years with a right of first refusal yo purchase it...beautiful house and all. 230 acres...HUGE pond covered in geese and ducks...and plenty of grouse and turkey. I hate people!!
  12. I may schedule depositions at Moog's place. I'm sure a fellow attorney would accommodate me, wouldn't he? Please? Pretty please?
  13. GreenDrake

    Hearing protection, wood blinds

    The overhang is an excellent plus. None of the 6 I built include overhangs as I built them all in one season without considering the need. I admit that at the magic hour before dark it is nearly impossible to shoot to the west. You MAY want to add a window blind in front. I have modified all my windows to 10" in height. Really do not need much more. Blocks out more light but also minimizes movement inside the blind. Just a thought.
  14. GreenDrake

    Hearing protection, wood blinds

    That blind would look nice sitting atop a couple round bales.