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  1. Been hunting crows pretty hard then hitting the grain bunkers afterwards for pigeons. Good shooting despite the much lower numbers of crows this winter. Not getting the big roosts and flyways the past 2 years. Still chasing grouse as well. Plenty of real fun shooting to do. Especially crows snd pigeons when you can laugh and cut up while doing it.
  2. I LOVED Ben Lee's videos back in the day. Informative and entertaining!!!
  3. There was a group in the Remsen, NY area that ran dogs on yotes....used to kill a bunch of them too.
  4. Slow the last 2 weeks. Since there is no snow, the crows are not hitting a specific feed and are breaking up after flying off roost. We managed to kill 15 last weekend and another 20 this past weekend. My nephew killed a banded bird this past weekend, to add to the banded crow I shot last winter. This past Sunday we did set up on a morning flyway of perhaps a thousand birds, but since legal shooting doesn't start until Sunrise, we had to watch them fly on by. That was NOT an easy thing to do.
  5. Her younger days slam pointing
  6. Here is one of my current setters….Dixie. Got her from a grouse kennel on Kentucky. She is also a Grouse Ridge Reroy pup. Best bird dog I have ever encountered and I have owned and hunted over a great many. She is now 13 and still hunts like a trooper. Steady…methodical and the most gentle soul.
  7. Good going!! i just scouted and found a decent crow feed. 500-600 in a cut corn field. Gonna hit it Monday morning. Overall numbers are down around here this year. Hopefully more birds move in for the winter.
  8. Wolc…you are by far my hero… Happy belated birthday btw
  9. Nephew and I killed 36 crows Sunday morning. Had we been able to start shooting before legal sunrise we could have doubled that. Then we went to a dairy and climbed on top if the corn bunker. Killed 30 pigeons and 6 more crows. All morning crows killed with new custom hand calls my wife bought me for Christmas. Never turned in the Foxpro.
  10. Now that deer season is all but over, we will start hunting winter crows and pigeons. Scouted a couple good flyways and crow feeds and the numbers look good. The calls and decoys are ready and we will hit them the 26th. This nasty weather is great crow calling weather and usually sends big numbers of pigeons to the corn and silage bunkers.
  11. Wolc….I’m praying for you pal. You have been wayyyy to quiet for me this year!!! My wife and I tagged out early November on my new property in NZ in 6k…nephew tagged out on this bruiser on my southern lease. We sat last Sunday with a camera…18 doe and 3 small racked bucks fed in our plots all afternoon. We have a nice group of 2 1/2 yr old 8s we are excited to see make it as well. Next year should be interesting.
  12. BTW...WOLC....I missed you opening weekend....
  13. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the advantage to canning the Venison as opposed to freezing it? My mother canned EVERYTHING, as in 300 plus quarts of tomatoes a year, but never anything like venison.
  14. Views from my south tower on my place in NZ…nice 8 has been showing up in the plots…my 7 mag is begging to bark.
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