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  1. I am dying to get down to the WB. Conditions are perfect for wading right now. WIFE and I may take a quick ride down Monday. Im hoping it isn’t mobbed with ppl. Let me know how you make out and the numbers of ppl. Good luck to you.
  2. Not the news I was hoping for, but at least you know what you are dealing with and can prepare to meet it head on. Have faith, stay strong, stay positive and be the best Husband and Father you can be.
  3. First batch of sauted dandelions!!
  4. I wish I could offer to cover you with court appearances but we are a few districts away and thank God for you right now the courts are still closed. Take this time for family. Nothing else matters. Clients and colleagues will understand and those sho do not...tough sh.t!!
  5. Any update, brother? Thoughts and prayers are with you.
  6. Nice bird down at 5:49 this morning. 9.5 inch beard...1” spurs..They were hot. Group of 8 2 yr olds. Came in so hot nephew couldn't get to his off side for a double. There had to be 12 different gobblers going within 75 yards at one time. Fog was heavy. It was neat seeing them run in through the fog.
  7. I killed 75 percent of my turkeys with 2 3/4 inch high velocity #4 loads before I was compelled to buy “turkey” loads. Flattened them Plenty
  8. Get yourself a BAR iin 30-06 and keep the ammo. It kicks like a 20 ga and is a tack driver.
  9. I have killed most of mine early season. I think a lot depends on how much pressure a particular area gets as the season unfolds. I had some easy kills the last week, but I am usually fly fishing the Delaware as much as possible the second half of May.
  10. I love the upper west. It is where I spend most of my time. I love the entire system but always gravitate to the upper west. I remember when no one fished it and would all clamber down below. I also loved fishing above there West Branch Angler is before it existed. Now you need to take a ticket to get a place to fish, let alone the drift boats all day long.
  11. My shop was in Oneida County. It is no longer. I closed it in 2005. My law practice was too demanding to keep the hobby at that point.
  12. Prior to practicing law I owned a small fly fishing shop and built custom fishing rods. I commuted to law school so I could continue building rods for several other shops and most of the steelhead shops in Pulaski. I would study until 10 rods until 1:00 am...then deliver rods before or after my commute. On weekends I guided steelhead fisherman and in the Spring I guided on the Delaware river. I kept building rods while practicing law until 2006. Did it for 15 years. Now I only build fly rods for family and dear friends and of course my personal obsessive collection.