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  1. GreenDrake

    2019 Fungi / Wild Eats

    Any idea what these may be? Picked in a mature pine plantation in the needle beds.
  2. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Haven’t been out in 2 weeks. Have been working our deer property and finally have it all ready to go. Going out in the morning with my nephew. We have killed 663 do far this summer. Trying to hit 1000 before rifle season starts.
  3. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Good shoot this morning. 95 killed. Most big flocks bypassed our field
  4. GreenDrake

    Primos Autocam

    Has anyone tried this new camera yet? Im considering giving them a try. I strictly use it for pictures. I have never used video. I have several brownings but never use the added features.
  5. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    I have created a monster. My nephew is using his lunch hour to drive the roads scouting for pigeons. I must have logged 2500 miles this spring and early summer scouting areas. He is hoping for a repeat this weekend.
  6. GreenDrake

    Trico - rest in peace Buddy!

    Too often the humane and loving decisions are the hardest. He appears to have been a gentle and devoted soul. There is nothing that compares to the eyes of a bird dog....nothing. You did right by him and will cherish the "trico" years for the years to come.
  7. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    My nephew had a difficult time concentrating at work today. All he could think of was the clouds of birds descending by the hundreds over the decoys. The hardest part was picking out singles to shoot. He got 4 birds in one shot then 4 singles with remaining shells. Best I did was a triple followed by 2 singles. The most fun was when 6-8 came in and we cleaned them all out in single shots. Planning the sequence as they are coming in and then changing quickly as they do some crazy things as they approach the decoys.
  8. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    A cut wheat field. One of the only wheat fields around with no green undergrowth this year. They were piling in. It was insanity
  9. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Best hunt we ever had. Nephew and I killed 228 before we called it quits. Birds were still flying and coming into our set as we were picking up the dead and decoys. He made a couple shots today that I still cannot fathom.
  10. GreenDrake

    From The DEC

    Though I try to maximize the meat off an animal when processing it, any bullet trauma is cut away and discarded. I think most processors do the same. I do not see where anyone would be eating much lead even if the bullet fragments.
  11. GreenDrake

    Learn from the best

    Love the Wensels. I also lived Ben Lee. Miss that ol dude. His videos cracked me up.
  12. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Very slow yesterday. The birds again skirted our area and headed somewhere we couldn't identify. We moved to another spot and got 24. The main problem this year is that most all the wheat fields had green undergrowth. They had to cut it higher, and they now look like clover fields. There are a few clean wheat cut fields but I have not asked for permission. Some are just to close to homes, etc to shoot comfortably although it is perfectly safe. I don't relish upset homeowners coming across fields (they do not own) asking what we are doing. We will figure it out. We killed nearly 500 for the season so far.
  13. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Pretty good shoot this morning. First spot the birds were bypassing our area and heading out into the wind. Hundreds of birds. We left and went to another spot about 10 miles away. We missed the big early flights but still managed to kill 53.
  14. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Decent shoot this morning. Nephew and I got 67. Tried a new spot. Not nearly as many birds flying but it will get better in the next couple weeks. Overall a good weekend. I may gout out for the afternoon hunt to see what happens.
  15. GreenDrake

    English Setter Pups

    Dixie with Nala as a pup