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  1. There is a guy in Remsen right off 365 who mowed for me. Hobby farmer. Has a nice set up and lives doing it. PM me for his contact information if interested.
  2. Thank you. Its an incredibly beautiful property. Building a dream house there in the spring We are going to overseed this week with wheat/rye
  3. I was finally able to get the fields disced on my new property Friday. Planted WI Tall Tine Tubers then over seeded with the WI Winter Peas mix. I am not over optimistic. But hope I get something out of it. Its been a rough summer for me and I just planted it bc I HAD to try. Just bought this 140 acres in 6k this spring. Hunted it last year. Im getting a lot of bears on cam still.
  4. stuffed with ground meat and rice seasoned with fresh mint, basil, garlic, salt, pepper snd cooked in fresh ground tomatoes. Served with plain yogurt sauce. The ultimate taste of summer. sweet corn on the side
  5. Fresh stuffed Lebanese squash from the garden. Ready to go..cooking…and done!!
  6. Another slow morning. Killed 30. Certainly not the big shoots we were spoiled with last year
  7. Terrible shoot this morning. 25 birds. The wheat on our main farm is already getting overgrown with weeds so they have been going to other fields. Trying one of the back up fields in the morning that looks promising. Hope our season isn’t going downhill so soon.
  8. I know of a racing pigeon or two that went feral and mixed with the city birds that have met their demise. I have never shot one but I know a couple of people who have. Once they go feral they never go back to the owner's brood anyway. We are careful to see, the best we can, that there are no pigeon races in the area scheduled before we hunt. I was surprised to see how many people in a 25 mile radius of me train racing pigeons. This weekend we are hoping for big numbers. We will have 4 shooters and will attempt morning and afternoon hunts. Brother in law is on his way in from CT to join u
  9. Have some good videos taken from Saturday's shoot I will be posting soon.
  10. 120 this morning. Still not flying in big numbers. Picture of the mojo’s. Had already picked up the hard bodies, flick s flicks and and bouncers
  11. Hunting over decoys is really insane shooting. You can watch videos on You Tube from Soar No More. That is exactly the kind of shooting we have. Most of our shoots are just me any my nephew, so we rarely shoot more than 250-300 birds as it it is over by 8:30 a.m. More than 3 shooters gets a little hard to manage. He and I have a good rhythm and understanding how we want to shoot a group as they are coming in and we work good together. We took a couple friends who were a bit selfish and would shoot too fast or not wait for the call and then ruin it for everyone. Although it is fun to see 200 bi
  12. The farm hands at one of the farms takes some. Most of these birds are city birds going out to the farms to feed. Rats with wings. I wont eat them. We strictly shoot for pest control for the farmers.
  13. We didn’t take any pictures this morning. Here are couple from last summer. I will take some if our set up and post next hunt
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