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  1. GreenDrake

    Worried about my daughter making the team....

    Hopefully a blessing in disguise. Playing time in second slot always beats sitting in the first. She will benefit greatly and as soon as she is in the groove and playing, she will forget all about it.
  2. Unless you already purchased the poles, I would never go less than 12 feet now. That 2 feet makes a difference especially if you have some browsing does close by.....less apt to see you if they look up. I've been busted too often in the 8 and 10 foot stands. Ive slowly converted most to 12 feet. Just my opinion. Sucked going through all the work then finding out it was a bit too low.
  3. I used Grey colored stains on my last 2 blinds snd they blended in best in the fall. I had great luck with the pvc corrugated roofing. Cheap and have lasted 8 years on some stands. I screwed them with roofing screws
  4. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    I could probably find a way to prepare them that would be good, but there are several Burmese families that live on this farm and they LOVE Pigeon. The farmer appreciates me ridding of the pest birds and thinking of his farm hands at the same time.
  5. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    I do not eat them. Tried them once and they were aweful. These are coty snd bridge birds which come out to the farms to feed. I give them a Burmese family on one dairy I hunt.
  6. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Unexpectedly good shoot this morning over a cut alfalfa field. Birds were flying steady. Killed 27. Was able to kill 2 birds with one shot 3 times on passing doubles. One group of 5 came in and none left. Was a really fun shoot
  7. My doors swing into the stand. Easier to climb the ladder and push the door in then pull it out. Also, if by chance you lean or fall against the door while inside, no chance of it opening and falling out.
  8. I just spin them in using a piece of 2x4 in the slot on the top for leverage. Can be a little challenging but usually go in fairly easily. On a couple of my early stands, I added 36inch steel masonry grade stakes (with holes in them) and drove them in the ground at the base of each 4x4, then screwed them into the post. I drove them in at a 45 degree angle. I do not think they are all that necessary as I only did that on the first 2. The tie downs are most important.
  9. This one I hooked the chains in the 4x4 brackets.
  10. On this one I used a chain and just ine tie down per side. On others i use 2 per side from the 4x4 bracket to the the ground. Zoom in on this picture.
  11. GreenDrake

    Waterfowl Shotguns

    My Browning A5 Wicked Wings shoots great and is a pleasure to carry and swing.
  12. GreenDrake

    Pigeons 2019

    Went out for a wuick hunt this morning. Got out by 6:30 but was a little too late. Big flock of birds were already feeling in a cut hayfield. Managed to kill 7 in just less than an hour. Nothing like cut wheat action but was fun nonetheless.
  13. My blinds are also built in sections. When I get to the location I usually put the base on the ground floir side down...install the posts and cross bracing. Then flip it up...level ...and tether it firmly. Then just carry each wall section up and install. I have whole process down to less than an hour.
  14. Make sure you put plenty of hooks inside to hang stuff. Come in handy.