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  1. Dont really blame them as its too difficult to do business with guns in NYS now with the political climate the way it is. Too bad, really.
  2. Im currently debating a Libbie dude on the NJ forum who (Surprise!) has a dreadful case of TDS and believes the #1 issue this country faces is income inequality !! Doesnt matter WHEN ,WHERE OR WHAT time frame were talking about, some of these Lefties are SO classically trained and ideologically entrenched that the Chinese Army could be in the midst of launching an invasion-through our open souhtern border, nonetheless- and , literally, at their front door and they would say that, anyway!! unbelieveable
  3. Movie punches from the 70s too, right
  4. It doesn't get completely dark outside during an eclipse, right?
  5. I hear you, but there are a few issues w/ that: 1) time issue- Ive had cams placed as much as a mile in before; pain the a#% sometimes to make the time. 2)Frequency of visits = educating the local herd as to your presence, conditioning them to avoid the area?
  6. You guys are aware that the Wokester Crowd absolutely DESPISES Easter now and are trying to make it more irrelevant , right? As a Teacher, I see this more and more with in the Holiday schedules for the school year. This year, for example, Easter only had an extra day off-WTF? You wait and see though: with the elevation of Juneteenth, they will start ending school a week earlier in NY now-mark my words!!
  7. They must have shot that scene further west , then; either that, or they imported one into NY for the movie lol.
  8. Id like to try to Flyfish for Walleye this year; although its not the msot effective means , it is doable and would be rewarding to get a few on some deep running patterns.
  9. Havent fished for Perch in years; what do you use?
  10. Well- we got 8 more days till the opener! I cant wait to get back out!! Havent fished in NY since last June , actually, but plan on gettin out more this spring. Problem is, where I'm livin now (Rockland Co.), not a lot of good Trout water in proximity thats convenient ; been doing most of my fishing in Jersey last yr or 2. You ready to wet a line?
  11. Id love to get up to Oneida this spring for some Walleyes; used to go once/yr for a long time , but life got in the way lol.
  12. Yeah, that is late; further north drops a little bit earlier, right?
  13. I didnt realize that it (the oils) could actually absorb through your clothes? Thankfully, never been exposed to it; whats does it look like, anyway? I thought it looked like a bush, doesnt it?
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