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  1. Ok , sounds good ; so , roughly , how long does it take you to get it up to the tree?
  2. Does anyone know if it’s possible to hang a 15’ ladder stand solo? I know it’s tough to hang one even w 2 guys so is doing it alone feasible ? So hard to find someone to help and time grows short . I know I can drag everything In myself , no problem, but getting it aloft will be the challenge . I was thinking of tying a rope around the seat part and trying to throw it over a branch and use the tree itself as a fulcrum to pull it up a bit at a time . Doable? Thanks
  3. I used to keep a fishing journal but found it tedious to keep up with it; also, I doubted its future utility. I asked myself: Who's going to read it? me? I doubted it , so, I stopped. Its cool that you do it, though and I truly wish i had the diligence to start/maintain one. Ah, well, maybe someday; guess its not for everyone lol.
  4. That couple looks like they’re on a leisurely hike to me ; no way they’re way back off nowhere near a trail . Maybe there’s a trail nearby that you missed ?
  5. Wow !! Terrible wound ; no fresh blood, it appears , so I would think he survived a coyote attack maybe ? Hit by a car and scraped along for a bit ?
  6. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my own ability to imitate a vocalization with the calls . I was thinking of using the downloaded apps from my phone ; I mean , what could be better than the real thing right lol
  7. Here’s a fee from my pull today ; looks like a 4 and 8 Pointer got into it ; not sure who won but I believe the 4 a pointer held his own cuz he was right back there lol
  8. Yeah , same here , only acorns I’m seeing are from Reds And not much to boot
  9. The past week , been scouting out some land for potential alternative spots for the upcoming season. Since it’s a pretty large tract, my strategy has been to pick a spot on the map and Walk it looking for sign ; this sign includes tracks , scat , rubs / scrapes or actual sightings , of course . If I see none of the above , then I move onto the next spot . Of course , that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no deer there as I’m sure there would at least be transients passing through . But , the way I see it , if it’s a productive Tract, you should be able to discern some fairly obvious sign without tremendous effort ; otherwise , chances of success are not good , at least in my book . What do you think ?
  10. Welcome, you still live in the city ? I’m in Suffern; if you’re lookin to hunt in Rockland/Orange lmk
  11. Wow, looks great, I'd be afraid though it makes it more conspicuous then when strapped onto the tree and more likely stolen
  12. Thanks for the heads up about the numbers increasing . I'm always very leery about hunting public land opening weekend; now, I'll be twice as leery lol
  13. Yes, very nice, reminds me of home!! Hows the deer density around where you hunt? Do you see deer much? I know alot of places in the 'Dacks you can go days without seeing one ; but, when you do, it can be a real Monster!!