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  1. Unbelievable, I thought you were kidding at first , the nerve of some people
  2. Hey , so i know that some of this is my fault because I did t retrieve my cams right after the season and they were left out all winter ( and spring ) but on one of the cams the contraption that holds your card and pushes it out ( kind of like a spring) is broke ; why would inclement weather cause that? Also, the cards say that they’re full and stopped taking pics around December , about 4-5 months worth of pics, does that sound right ? Thanks
  3. All the time and I belong to a hunting club
  4. Yeah beautiful place, went there as a kid , would love to go back sometime
  5. I’m gonna go and move mine around this coming week, gotta replace the batteries and find some new spots deeper in , also put one up next to my close stand
  6. That Inreach Explorer thing sounds pretty good to me , will it work anywhere ?
  7. Not yet but I’m planning on goin out next week. I have to move a couple stands and trail cams and try to find at least one or two new spots for the fall
  8. This is a great thread , very informative , yeah that’s what I figured with the cotton balls and vaseline, do you know how effective it is? I think I would bring a bunch in a ziplock bag as a backup but maybe also bring one of those little fuel canisters as my primary fire starter
  9. I’m not that hard core but would like to get into some survival hikes and hunts requiring those skills: so what’s the vasaline and cotton balls for anyway?
  10. When you spend slot of time in the woods it’s bound to happen . I’ve been temporarily lost at most maybe a few hours but always have made it back . From those experiences , I’ve learned to become much more aware of my surroundings and pay attention to detail more effectively . Still not foolproof though. ALWAYS make a point to check your direction when. First entering the woods and plan which direction you need to get out . You’d be surprised at the guys that don’t do even that
  11. Shit that sucks , even if it’s been years , it’s a lot of work staying up a new one. Sorry that happened but part of hunting I guess
  12. Yup , I agree. It’s ok to be a liberal but it’s NOT ok to use your position as a public commentator to call for the harassment of someone engaged in a completely legal pastime just because you don’t agree with or support the pursuit of that pastime. I never liked this guy and I see that he hasn’t changed at all since he was fired by MSNBC. Shut up and do your sports commentating Keith and keep your politics to yourself!!
  13. Why Fatboy , did it say somewhere on the thread it’s only legal in certain areas or situations that I missed? Thanks