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  1. Yes, probably, because when I think of a "snort wheeze", I'm thinking of thst distress/alarm call they make- bucks and does alike, mind you- when theyre alarmed, amd its sort of a warning to other deer that danger approaches. Weve all heard it , im sure, at one time or another while traipsing thru the woods and kick up a deer along the way.
  2. Congrats my friend !! She is beautiful - you’re so lucky
  3. Just reading my latest Game and Fosh issue and was reading an article about calls - author states that a snort wheeze can be An effective attractor call in certain situations . I thought that was a warning / distress call !! When could you ever imagine that call working to actually draw a buck closer ? Anyone ever use it that could explain ?
  4. Guys, I'm thinking of setting up somewhere near where I marked the black x on the pic- what do you think? I'm wodering if maybe i should be a little higher and to the left so I can see the high side also; problem is, then my view of the lower may be obstructed. What do you think? Thanks
  5. Ill give you 2 ways , although I'm certain theres more: 1)His administrations incredibly unfriendly Energy policies that have forced us to become more relainat on foreign suppliues, yet again (under Trump, we became energy independent and were actually a net exporter). 2) Inflation caused by myriad factors, but most of which is due to his exorbitant tax and spend policies
  6. Prolonging Excessively generous unemployment benefits from COVID started it all and has exacerbated it; that’s his (well , more his administrations cuz he’s Really not in charge of anything lol) Call . Just filled up my truck - $65 . I’m worried cuz the leadership currently occupying the White House clearly does not have a clue . I wonder sometimes if they’re actively trying to ruin us to build a “ Different “ America ?
  7. For me, its the Potential longterm side efefcts for me. In time, however, when more is known about the virus, and the vaccine, I could be persuaded to take it. Although i cant speak for anyone else, Its a big reason for me
  8. Mike , your example furthers my argument that you can’t over generalize people in relation to COVID!! I have no doubt That what you say is true but by saying that , are you implying that there are no breakthroughs documented in the vaxxed ?? Really ?? You know there a ton!! That’s why I’m saying that you guys shouldn’t fall into this trap of demonizing people Who aren’t vaxxed !!! There’s too much unknown out there about this virus still - don’t do it !!!
  9. Not if they've already had COVID. I question the contention that a vaxxed person whos never been infected has more protection confereed via receiving the vaccine than one who was infected the old fashioned way. However, very few members of the population are likely remaining in this category. Says who? If your asympomatic but test positive, that means you have the virus!! And if you have the virus, that means its replicating inside you!! /And if its replicating in your cells , it can -and will- eventually mutate leading to the devlopment of variants!! asymptomatic vaxxed people can contribute to the devpt of variants every bit as much as unvaxxed people who are asymptomatic. Indeed, but the vaxxed popluation is far more likely to be to not exhibit symptoms yet carry the virus . Unless, o focurse, were talking about people unvaxxed and had covid, then its probbaly similar. Nonnsense as you can see above. Yes, see above
  10. Hey Guys , I noticed last weekend while scouting that , overall , there was a general lack of deer sign in my normal haunts ; this included tracks , runs scrapes , scat , etc. You name it - I wasn’t seeing it !! Surprised and dismayed me because I’m concerned that perhaps the Local deer population may have taken a hit for whatever reason. Anyone seeing the same thing as me out there ?
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