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  1. Thats something I dont wanna know or even think about
  2. Actually, I consider myself center-right politically, and would guess from your posts that your center-left (roughly). Discussions and spirited debates enable people with opposing view points to understand each others perspective more throughly and, perhaps, enable them to comprehend the issue(s) more comprehensively. I like an opposing POV for that reason, lest I become too extreme myself- Dont stop posting!!
  3. Schrodinger believed that , at the quantum level at least, systems display dual states or qualities until observed or quantified, which then, forces the conversion to one state of being or another. Applying this to your belief system in reference to God, your saying (I think) that learning about , studying God forces the intrinsic duality into either existence or non-existence? Wow Very cool
  4. Im familiar with this paradox but am curious how it influences youre approach to God?
  5. Well, I am disappointed ; I may disagree with you often politically but it is, after all, only a discussion .
  6. In your “ rebuttal” , you included nothing of substance as to what I said In reply to you - come on Mike; You can do better than that!! I always Respected your POV and enjoyed Our robust debates. In the words of the omniscient and infallible Bill OReilly , where am I going Wrong here ? Lol
  7. He is when hes testifying about something that VERY specifically pertains to his political beliefs (anti-Trump, Capitol Hill rioters) ; also, the fact that hes a police officer and presented himself as a pro- law enforcement guy yet expresses pro BLM sentiment , in my view, definitely diminishes his credibility. Does that mean his account is NECESSARILY baised? No, but I would bet that , due to the aforementioned issues regarding him , his character and his background, that it is- without a doubt in my mind. BTW, I do support the Capitol Hill rioters. That doesnt mean that I agree wit
  8. Forgive my saying, but based on your description, doesnt sound like your too conservative- would you give me an example of an issue in which you agree with the right on? Also, are there any Democrat politicans that you are equally contemptuous of? I feel the same way that you do about the current Prez, also, Obama, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, AOC, the Squad members, and a host of other Democrats and diagree with you about Trump and Cruz. Who's MTG, btw? Gaetz sounds like hes a perv so tend to agree there (which is too bad cuz I liked his stance on many of the issues) .
  9. Aren't you also left-of-center politically? Its perfectly ok , of course, but I think he may be associating your avatar name with the content of your posts- I know that I did!
  10. the audit has been in the news and it does look like theyve found some signficant issues. Because the margin of Bidens "supposed' victory in those states is so marginal, I am inclined to belive that Trump won both of those states, albeit closely- not sure about PA and MI , though.
  11. Yes, I am and as to fake Twitter posts, I would bet dollars to donuts that the BLM posts from Dunn's account, demonstarating his true beliefs and political leanings are authentic. It is appalling that a law enforcement officer would openly support such a group- and what about the Ben Carson thing? Why defame him in earlier post? I find him to be a very nice man who did alot of good in his life- why refer to him as sleepy?
  12. Or completely biased , which i believe that he is. He absolutely can (and will) get away with lying because his narrative his favored by the powers that be. And Why would you suggest the twitter posts may be photoshopped? Can we on the right, then, make the same argument for everytime similar evidence is provided substantiating claims made on the left and discrediting those on the right? Come on- dont go there. Frankly, I find it reprehensible that ANY law enforcement officer would publicly support them and their anti-cop message- very disturbing. Harry Dunn IS a cop, albeit a Capitol P
  13. I understand what youre saying and agre (to a point), but you must see how frustrated the right gets about the double standard that is so blatant and obvious, dont you?
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