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  1. Where'd you get that call? I might try it this year.
  2. I had one actually follow me a couple seasons ago while out scouting. Unfortunately, I left my rifle behind cuz too lazy to carry it , figuring I was just "Scouting" anyway; and the deer seemed to know it. What a mistake!!!
  3. Al, do you use any calls when your squirrel hunting? I read that rubbing the ends of 2 quarters produces a sound that imitates squirrels feeding on acrorns/nuts ; used it a number of years ago but results were mixed in terms of success.
  4. I never said - or implied- that it was. I do understand your point, though that Babbitt made a conscious choice to break the law and go into the capitol building, whereas Floyd did not. Having said that, I think that it is also fair to say that by all other metrics, Babbitt was the superior citizen and a far better person than Floyd , who was, absolutely and unequivocally, a worthless piece of s#@%. Of course, that doesnt give law enforcement the right to summarily execute him for his repeated immorality, either, so Im in agreement with you there.
  5. I think this man makes ALOT of sense!! This is precisely why Biden and the Dems will NOT win the White House in '24- check it!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gKLneo9lGs
  6. Did you guys see the update in the news on this story? Looks like "Brandon" had quite a treasure trove of top secret docs that the Feds found at his Wilmington ranch!! Top Secret classified docs spread everywhere now!! The thing that really disturbs me , here, is not the mishandling of the docs, but rather, the arrogant smug way that he accused My guy of "irresponsibility in that CBS interview!! Remember, he asked rhetorically: How could he be so irresponsible??!! Well, Whos being irresponsible now, Joe!! Sad part about it is, though , that in due to his advanced state of dementia, he probably forgot he even had 'em!! What a buffoon this man is!!
  7. Just saw this thread - love these guys !! Do they ever hunt the Catskills to any one’s knowledge ? I think they’ve done Adirondacks before , but not sure about the ‘Cats .
  8. Biden is absolutely horrible , for myriad reasons...perhaps this not not one of them ?? I have a question:whos worse, Brandon or his former boss Barry !!
  9. We essentially agree here , only difference being that Floyd was a punk - a worthless waste of a human being. In contrast, I would say Asli Babbitt was not although she clearly had no business being where she was at the time of her demise.
  10. He dioesnt know why himslef cuz in his dotage, hes deeply within the throes of dementia
  11. Lose their right to due process ?? Really? So, the Floyd killing was justifiable then? Just trying to figure out your real stance on use of force....
  12. I think you need to go back and read the old posts regarding the George Floyd thing as your conclusion is a bit off. Having said that, though, do you really beleieve that both situations are morally equivalent ?? George Floyd was a career criminal in and out of prison his whole life- was Ashley Babbitt?? Neither one "got what was coming to them' in my view, but one could clearly understand that it was only a mtter of time for Mr. Floyd , considering the his life choices.
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