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  1. Awesome video , very informative thanks so much
  2. You can get it up in the air by yourself ? Wow that must be tough those suckers are heavy !! I had one other guy help me and was still tough to suspend it , directions call for three guys but that’s hard to coordinate
  3. Setup my 16’ ladder stand yesterday and as always, what a workout ! I humped the set and top ladder portion in while my buddy jumped the other 2 sections of ladder and the tools . It was ok but but tough especially since it was a good 15-20 minute walk in. Anyone have any advice on what they’ve found makes it easier to jump those suckers in? Thanks
  4. There’s some state land in Wurtsboro right off of 17 that you can hunt ; also, you can do Stewart over by Newburgh and sterling forest area
  5. Hiked in yesterday to setup a drip bag , possible stand setups and scope out the bedding area and I found 2 major runs in a line leading to this : looks like a bedding area and body imprint to me, what do you think ? Kinda hard to tell but maybe?
  6. I believe there is a bedding area close by , I saw a faint trail leading to some evergreens which looked like it could be but not sure , didn’t wanna bump anything so I didn’t get too close . Should I go in closer ? Btw , that landline you see is An old porcelain dish buried ; deer musta scraped down and discovered it and started pawing at it lol
  7. I’m doing the same thing myself this weekend with a ladder stand for opening of rifle
  8. Do you have to go to the local town hall or can you get them anyplace that sells a hunting license ?
  9. I’m gonna give it a try at some point this season but not before thanksgiving I think unless I’m way upstate . I worry about safety in the Cats unfortunately. I would like to try it though in a well scouted area and combine it with some shirt sits here and there . Contrary to popular belief , deer tend not to leave their home range during rifle season, sightings go down after opening weekend cuz they feel the heat and the pressure , go mostly nocturnal and stay mostly concealed during the day . This may be the only method to be successful in certain cases but I’ll bet it’s hard as hell to spot em!! I wonder how many times I’ve walked past a buck over the years hiding in the brush or a thicket and had no idea as to their presence !!
  10. Would you hunt an un familiar piece of land via still hunting , without input and advice from a friend or fellow hunter? I could see myself scouting an area first and maybe still hunting it after I’ve found sign and/ or promising spots but to hunt it blind via still hunting , not sure
  11. Also, how do you know when you’re I. A hunting area? Previous experience?Sign? Or just an intuition? Thanks
  12. Great advice, so what’s a wind checker anyway? Never heard of it