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  1. No , moving around while hunting slowly and quietly , paying attention to detail and taking considerable time to cover ground . I do it very rarely and only during muzzleloader season; just don’t feel comfortable moving around in the Catskills during rifle quietly like that , even when rockin the Blaze Orange. A number of yrs ago, I was hunting some DEP property and was coming down off a ridge and at the bottom , I see this fool pointing his gun at me . Never will forget that so makes me nervous moving around quietly . As a matter of fact -during rifle season and especially opening weekend -I’d rather make a lot of noise to announce the fact that I’m human , get where I need to go , then let it settle down . I just don’t have a great deal of trust that others WONT shoot at a noise in their excitement, despite the blaze orange
  2. Naw , Id love to go out west but No $ with the COVID goin on . I used to squirrel hunt every September but don’t have time for pursuing Both Salmon And Squirrel so , made a choice a number of years ago . Maybe I’ll got out this year , now that I have more time lol
  3. Hey Guys, was thinking about the guy hi just joined the forum and new to hunting saying he wanted to start out still hunting and I can’t help but feel a little nervous for the guy if he goes through w it. I’m sure it depends mostly on where you hunt , but , having said that , if it’s public land I would advise against it , especially up in the Catskills , where we get a lot of guys coming up from the city . What do you think ? Is Still hunting Safe in 2020?
  4. Found On Road Dead : looks right to me lol
  5. Yeah , I may go after 11/1 to see if they have any leftovers . Last year I didn’t get anything till the leftovers and I scored one although it was 3M . As it turned out , didn’t even matter cuz my girlfriend got sick 2 days before the opener and I didn’t hunt all season!!
  6. Just got my license ! For the first time ever , I got BOTH of my DMP tags requested , 3H and 3M ! I know that they say it doesn’t matter when you apply but I don’t really believe that , IMHO , the earlier the better !!
  7. There a been a few : John Tyler took over for William Henry Harrison was the first I believe , then You have one of the most famous well known , Lincoln shot down shortly after reelection and Johnson took his place for almost the entire term .
  8. I gotta go get mine ; buying early doesn’t increase your chances for a DMP correct ?
  9. Sounds like a Catbird ; what color was it ?
  10. Good luck to you , too bad this state continues to drive good people Out
  11. That’s what I would worry about more than anything : the noise . Guess it would be smart to practice setup a number of times prior to the season so that you’re smoother w it . Knowin me though , I d get one then wait till opening day to even look at it lol
  12. I used to use hang ons and liked them ok but They never felt as secure as a ladder stand . I’m not a big believer in the straps provided ; always supplemented my rig- up with a chain for extra security