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  1. You go in every 3-4 weeks then to replace?
  2. Yeah, I should set up some cams cuz i do believe in minimal intrusions is best, even if months away from the opener.
  3. Anybody doin any scouting these days? Im goin next week to check out my stands, explore a couple new spots.
  4. I agree with that, but would she do better against Trump than Sleepy Joe would?
  5. Whats your feeling about Kamala replacing Biden ? Better for us or no?
  6. It doesnt surprise me; not in the least. what these Lefties fail to understand is, that those of us on the right can do the same thing, adopt the same tactics , insist that Biden (well, not really him cuz hes so out of it ), or the Democrat party are Nazis and Fascists and need to be taken out and insist that we know were right and everyone else is a moron who doesnt agree with that assertion. But where does that get us? what does that lead to? Itd be like the Hartfield & Mccoys !! I like to think our side is above all that, though. I dont hate the Dems, dont wish for any violence upon them whatsoever, etc. But I DO want them voted out of office- so Lets do it!!
  7. I saw a big Timber Rattler in the Neversink Gorge about 5 years ago, so, although rare, theyre around.
  8. Awesome!! Thats my Cup 'O Tea right there!! Give that Puppy some exercise this summer!!
  9. Are they dropping a little late this year? Ive only seen 1 or 2 around where im at.
  10. Thats the way to live life- to the fullest, till the bitter end. Bet he was a hell of a guy!! Prayers sent to his family and friends.
  11. You might be right , statistically, but if so, probably more has to do with the getting up and down the tree w the climber. Once im up there and set, I feel alot more secure than on a ladder; just my preference, I guess.
  12. Wow; that , actually, looks fairly sound structurally. Too bad cuz he obviously invested some time and effort into it.
  13. Reason why i dont is that a climber is not a semi-permanent structure, so, doesnt get get exposed long term to the elements.
  14. I worry about ladder stands, too ; any year-round erected structure will , with time, break down and will become less safe . Last year, a guy in our club fell out of a ladder stand thats had been up around 4-5 yrs due to strap failure. Id rather, just use a climber and bring it out w me at the end of each season!!
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