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  1. I'm, actually, goin out Wed, morning early for the 6 day in NJ , hopefully. Teachin an online class, currently, so , took the day off to go out. I'm gonna try to scoot over mid day today and set my stand in a spot.
  2. If we're #1, then California has to be a close 2nd, right? I see on the news they arrested a dude in Ca for shooting at home intruders; can you believe that?
  3. And then blame rightwing extremists for the shortage
  4. Guys; yesterday, went to David and tried to purchase ammo for my Grandfathers old 300 Savage and guy says they dont make regular anymore cuz its an older Make/Model Deer Rifle. Any recommendations where I might purchase this?
  5. Ohhh, thats a sweet setup, right there!! I would use that puppy to ride to my spot-put the climber in the cart!!
  6. Agreed; this season, I'm subscribing to the "More is less" maxim and am tryin to lighten the load I haul in. Sleds a good idea, I think; just keep it in the truck and if you get somethin, go back and get it? Either way, theres never gonna be a perfect scenario, but thats likely, what i'd do if i purchased one.
  7. This is pretty scary: https://x.com/Tslind33/status/1730855206634852535?s=20 With that new strain of respiratory virus picking up speed in (Guess where!!) China, how long till this becomes a reality for us here in NY?
  8. Love your screen name on here , FL; always meant to tell you that
  9. New people cant join on here right now? Why not? Is there a ceiling on membership or something?
  10. My GF's son and I saw a nice buck early this am in the Mahwah village limits a little before 6. I swear to God theyre doin better and better in Suburbia!!
  11. Too busy, unfortunately, to make it up to our Hunting camp in the 'Cats this weekend , but gonna try to hunt in Jersey next week, if possible cuz its closer and more convenient right now. One thing I notice about NJ Deer season is, first of all, its so damn short!! Only 6 days for firearm- are you kidding?? Also, the season opners on a Monday, which sucks IMHO (used to be that way in NY, too, of course, though,but at least our state had the common sense to switch to a Saturday opener ).
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