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  1. This post doesnt address mr reply to you kind Sir Also, its absolute nonsense anyway!! What about Bidens late night bustrips to Westchester from the Texas border- those ok or do they not exist? Cmon Lefty!!
  2. Did he not imply it in his post V man? Read his post again!! Again, read his post again and ye shall have all of your ?? answered!!
  3. Lefty , you know enough about me by now to realize that I do appreciate an alternate POV to my own , but I do do believe your wrong here and should listen take into consideration what these guys are saying here in response to you . Desantis and Abbot are fed up with the ineptitude of the Biden administration and are responding in a manner which shines light on the issue , hopefully to embarrass them into acting and finally doing something to secure the border. If they would actually do their job and secure it , there would be no political stunts necessary ( if you wish to calm it that , that is ) , don’t you see that ? Also , you said something factually incorrect earlier when you averred that the Biden admin simply inherited a mess at the border from Trump and that , essentially the crisis is at the same level it was under Trump , no better or no worse -NOT !! I Would say that you have a very short memory , then as border crossings under Rrumo were at a 40 yr low when he was Prez. As soon as Biden got elected , he reversed ALL of trumps policies , including the border ones , and this is the result . Biden is an incompetent fool as his his VP- you must see this Lefty !!
  4. Meant to start this thread on Friday , but couldnt find the time; so what do you guys think about Gov Desantis sending those 50 Venezualen illegals to the liberal bastion of Martha's vineyard. I think it is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! Also, Abbots similar move to truck a few busloads from TEXAS to VP Harris' front door aint too shabby either, especially since it comes right after she had just given an interview in which she stated that the BORDER WAS SECURE !! lol - I LOVE IT!!! You know, I'm beginning to agre with my man Rob that maybe Desantis might be our guy in'24, whatcha think ?
  5. Youre absolutely sure its the chicken and not the egg?
  6. My Eagles won as expected, but I thought was pretty shaky; that defense has got some fixin to do!!
  7. Interesting environmental science query for you: Does elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere lead to global warming or, conversely, does an increase in global warming- for any number of unknown reasons, mind you- cause CO2 levels in the atmosphere to rise?
  8. I dont think he comes across that way anymore than you do ,my friend . Also, he didnt tout his educational credentials for the entire forum to ooh and aaah over - you did. Hey, maybe you do know what youre talkin about, idk , but a little humility would go alot further when trying to put forth an argument, dont you think ?
  9. Just finished reading my Petersons Hunting , Nov issue . One of the articles was written by an outfitter in Kansas centered on the judgement call we’ve all face at some point : choosing your buck to harvest . In it was a memorable quote that sums it up nicely : “ Never pass on anything the first day that you night take on the last day “ . For me , been there done that big time and never will again as we all know chances to put meat in the freezer are not infinite ! What do you think ?
  10. Quite true, my friend; I base my opinion entriely upon the tone and tenor of your posts on this forum thats the way it appears to me .
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