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  1. I actually particpated in this program about 10 yrs ago when I was teaching a Wildlife Conservation class- Great Program!! We got our eggs in early October, raised the trout throughout the fall and early winter , and released the fingerlings sometime in April, I believe into the Wawayanda Creek in Warwick. Thanks for the info, Lefty, and I would urge those that can get involved to do so; its for a great cause!!!
  2. Virg, the same argument can be applied to many who agree with the dems too, dont you think? Truth be told, I didnt find my guys VH and Lefty , for example to be overly tolerant to an opposing POV.
  3. Been that way for a very long time , sadly; take it from an Educator for 25yrs whos seen it, first hand!
  4. Why describe as a "rabbit hole"n if you seemingly agree there are major problems with contemporary education America?
  5. Hey Guys!! Hope everyones doin well; havent posted in awhile , but felt compelled to for my fave sporting event of the year!! Ypu, thats right!! The NCAA tourney ( to me, anyway) ranks even higher then the Superbowl, probably, cuz it lasts longer !! anyway, for those that are into it, who ya got in your Final 4 and your eventual National champion?? This is me: Final 4 South - #4 UVa Midwest- #1 Hou Championship game: Gonzaga over UVa East- #5 Duke West- #3 Gonzaga I think its FINALLY the year for the Zags to break through and win the title- what about you? (althoughI want Duke to win!!)
  6. Hey Guys; I know I've posted similar messages before on here to no avail , but thought I'd give 'er a try again!! Hi-Lo Hunting club (Est. 1979) is currently seeking new members for the 2023-24 Hunting season!!Hi-Lo Hunting Club is located several miles outside of the village of Parksville, Ny and abuts the Willowemeoc Wild Forest . The Willowemoc Wild forest is a NYSDEC forest preserve consisting of over 10,000 acres of state land and has a multitude of well-marked trails and roads to traverse in pursuit of game; in addition, the club also has some leased private land available. If interested, send me a pm and ill provide some details. Thanks, David
  7. I dont know about you guys, but Im REALLY strarting to get worried about the status, safety and security of our country right now; did you see the update on the News yesterday? ANOTHER aircraft/object had enetered our airspace? This time over northern Alaska and shot down? Methinks the Chinese can sense that a fool is runnin the show over here and theyre right!! Whatcha think??
  8. Bravo !! GC , with all due respect , this is the real reason your 2 nd amend. Rights are potentially being threatened . We’re it not for mass shootings becoming prevalent in American society over the past 30 yrs , no one would be even talking about it as a serious policy corrective measure . Reason behind this ? The cultural and moral decay we’re experiencing as a country , that which is actively perpetuated by your Democrat party , I’m afraid .
  9. Where'd you get that call? I might try it this year.
  10. I had one actually follow me a couple seasons ago while out scouting. Unfortunately, I left my rifle behind cuz too lazy to carry it , figuring I was just "Scouting" anyway; and the deer seemed to know it. What a mistake!!!
  11. Al, do you use any calls when your squirrel hunting? I read that rubbing the ends of 2 quarters produces a sound that imitates squirrels feeding on acrorns/nuts ; used it a number of years ago but results were mixed in terms of success.
  12. I never said - or implied- that it was. I do understand your point, though that Babbitt made a conscious choice to break the law and go into the capitol building, whereas Floyd did not. Having said that, I think that it is also fair to say that by all other metrics, Babbitt was the superior citizen and a far better person than Floyd , who was, absolutely and unequivocally, a worthless piece of s#@%. Of course, that doesnt give law enforcement the right to summarily execute him for his repeated immorality, either, so Im in agreement with you there.
  13. I think this man makes ALOT of sense!! This is precisely why Biden and the Dems will NOT win the White House in '24- check it!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gKLneo9lGs
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