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  1. Yeah, I saved mine , fearing that might happen. Will anything come of this, I wonder ?
  2. No , it a lie : this evil bag of $&#% is an anomaly IMHO. What they should do is put him in general population in jail and let the brothers take care of him - save the taxpayer $ lol.
  3. Wow- that is unbelieveable Just goes to show where their priorities lie: American citizens last!!!
  4. Watch the Doc my friend and youll see how they obtained an average
  5. With all due respect, I dont believe that it is currently equal (although I will agree that they both are guilty of malfeasance in the past).
  6. https://ussanews.com/2022/05/08/2000-mules-watch-the-full-movie/ Ok, so just finished watching D'souzas 2000 Mules Doc and provided the link here. Like the previous one, unfortunatetly, this puppy is long- REALLY LONG. But its also, VERY COMPELLING; check it and LMK what you think. I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT in my mind now that the Dems cheated in '20 and swung the election in their favor; theres just too much presented here that cant be explained away as innocent/ circumstantial . Trust me, youlll see- check it!!
  7. I hear you and wholeheartedly agree but dont think itll come to that, unfortunately. Best we can hope for , Im afraid is an acknowledgement that it, in fact happened and measures put in place to ensure that it will not be repeated next time around.
  8. Just watched this interview from charlie Kirk show thatc aired a few weeks ago- very compelling!! A few arrests HAVE been made and looks like this is really going somewhere. Its becoming quite clear that significant ballot harvesting/box stuffing was going on in '20 and was organized and well coordinated. See for yourself: What do you think? https://rumble.com/v10ajh2-how-the-did-it-true-the-votes-catherine-engelbrecht-and-gregg-phillips-on-t.html (Note: It is a fairly long interview but if you cut to about 25 min in or so, youll see everything you need to )
  9. Probably was , indeed some sort of a computer glitch IMHO, cuz Only one side does the banning- is truly anti free speech, and it aint the right....
  10. Could be right. Love it- I just feel like I dont have time to do both, you know? True that!!
  11. Hey VH!! Haven't seen you on here in a LONG time!! How you been? Based on your reply, I'm assuming that you dont buy into my conjecture then . Im curious about something you said: You'd expect this "nonsense" from me in March/Aoril , but not now: why's that? (BTW, I'm with you on the Roe v Wade thing- I don't like that either) Also, I don't hunt Turkey; been fishing a little here and there- hbu?
  12. There's been speculation, as of late that the Real Prez behind the scenes- the Marionettist, if you will- is none other than Obama. Kinda Makes sense to me , cuz IMHO , Bidens true political nature/ideology is not nearly this far-left. What do you think- is Obama the one truly running the show as sort of a quasi 3rd term?
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