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  1. I’m a first trimester guy when it comes to abortion. Up to 3 months , do whatever you want w/ your pregnancy ; after that , However , I think it should be more difficult- but not impossible -to get one .
  2. Gotta stay in Afghanistan Bud , otherwise , terrorism will be on the upswing again. I believes it’s a mistake to withdraw and I think the Biden Administration will regret It soon enough .
  3. I know very little about law enforcement , but I have to agree here . Today , comin back from fishing , I saw a sheriffs deputy doin a traffic stop off of 87. Guy was maybe In his 30s and had to go at least 250-260 lbs. I can’t imagine him in a tussle with a suspect ; guy would be out of breath in seconds .
  4. Yes, it is embarrassing when the leader of the free world says stupid things isnt it
  5. Yeah , looks similar to mine ; How long you had it ?
  6. So I've had the same grunt tube for a decade now- a cheap "no-frills" one purchased from Walmart- and was thinking that maybe I should upgrade. Some of the guys in my Club have those bigger ones- you know, the ones that sort of look like a miniature Bagpipe(pic included), with the tube that can be folded in or extended by pulling/pushing on it. Are they more effective, do you think? I dont even see the old-style tubes like the one I have for sale anymore. Thanks, NC Man
  7. I went up there about 10-11yrs ago fishing; really nice up there but fishing wasnt the greatest IMHO and ran into more people camping/hiking than I expected.
  8. Hey Phade, so I googled that clicking sound: how the hell do you imitate that anyway?
  9. Never have but Now I’m gonna google it !!
  10. Ok , so you shot intentionally to get their attention then right ?
  11. Recently, I read from a Deer Hutning manual that if a Buck is running past you , a good way to get a decent shot is to call out "Hey Buck" to get him to stop or, at least, slow down. for a shot; the response--I guess- out of curiousity. I dont think it would work with a buck on a full run but walking or a full trot- maybe. IF this tip were successful , I wouldnt imagine a call or a shout would be that much different from a whistle in terms of being effective, right? I would prefer to whistle , I think as it wouldnt be be as disruptive to the hunting environment (in case it doesnt work
  12. Yes , Happy Easter everyone
  13. Crazy - is it possible he’ll just keep and Regrow it?
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