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  1. Nice ! Excellent post, thank you!
  2. Feelin kinda sheepish here, but, whats a peep? Never heard of it! lol
  3. Ok, just looked up what they are and look like, as I wasnt sure. It appears that they are kind of like glow-in-the dark bright open sights , right? I like that. How much for that setup, if you dont mind me askin?
  4. Ok, And so Why the insults? I'm sure That wasnt necessary. I liked your other post much better earlier in this thread with the link to the DHS doc , to be honest. Does your sardonic repartee also include yourself or no? In reply, I would say that it It appears that Diffidence may not be one of your countless qualities, what do you think ?
  5. Ok, so this fiberoptic sight system kind of functions like open sights then? Is that correct? So , you think theyre better than stright-up iron sights?
  6. I agree with you UN , that issue was the source of motivation for starting this thread , in that I simply don’t know any white supremacists and know no one who does either . So I ask myself “ What the hell is Biden talking about ?” , and other lefties when they make claims about all these scary WS groups posing such a grave threat to the country - but it’s there in the DHS report !! So , IDK , not going to argue with facts . I’d like to do research how the stats are compiled , perhaps theirs an inherent bias in their compilation, idk , but I will make no claims about that without evidence !!
  7. Well, the white supremacists have their own category right? I guess it would still be considered as part of DVE but IDK. I wonder where you could get more specific info pertaining to the individual attacks recorded and what/individual(s)/ group(s) perpetrated them.
  8. Correctimundo!! Like Ive said before, for me, I want to know the truth so, if it is a real threat, I wanna know about it !!
  9. Yes, youre right , its there. Nice job. How come we never heard this before then?
  10. Are the fiver-=optic sights present on your reifle in the pic? If so, I dont see them
  11. Yeah, my Grandfatgher used to have a red-dot scope back in the day on his 20 gauge. Thats great for low-light but I'm thinking for quick-firing response-type hunting, would it still be as good as open-sights? For this reason, I've thought of taking the scope off of my 22 when squirrel hunting cuz sometimes, due to their mobility, its actually a detriment (but not always). Is there a way to have both so you can switch up as needed? Someone menttioned a side-mount scope; how does that work?
  12. One of the major themes of Bidens Inaugural address was, basically, a recognition of the Dangers of "White Supremacists" and "Domestic Terrorists" , and, that these groups must be overcome and defeated for the sake of the country. This disturbed me immesely and here's why: 1) First of all, who are the domestic terrorists? MAGA? The White Supremacists (which includes who?)? Conservatives? Except for the white supremacists, I sure hope not!!! Also, Im hoping that the "list" of domestic terrorists that he's targeting will include ANTIFA/BLM dont you?? Sadly, I doubt that they make the list !! (though, I hope I'm wrong about that) 2) Who are these supposed "White Supremacists" and where are they??Furthermore, How numerous are they in America today? I dont know about you guys and maybe this sounds naive, but, I dont know any white supremacists myself, dont know anyone who has have ever met one, so, where all they all? Do I have to go out to Idaho to meet one?? To be blunt, this a load of crap!! That doesnt mean there are , literally, NO white supremacists in this country mind you, but, are they really that big of a threat to be discussed so prominently in the Presidents Inaugural address? Hardly It is my belief that each "side" of the political landscape in America today has their own perceived "Boogyman" who, in their view, is the paragon of evil. For the right, it is often the "Communists" or "Socialists" that are the existential threat and, for the left, its the Racist "White Supremacists". To be honest, I think that BOTH sides exaggerate these perceived threats and use it to their political advantage( though I do believe that there are far more real true Communists/Socialists out there than there are White Supremacists!!lol) , simply due to the fact that it is far easier to control groups of people when they are afraid of something. It stirs them up and keeps them inline, keeps them voting for your side, your policies , etc. 3)What will be the strategy for combatting these threats? Silencing them on social media? Re-education camps? War? (Sure Hope not!!) What do you think?