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  1. Thanks for the good news. I have a centerpoint 370 and lost a sling stud. I phoned crossman and they sent me a new sling with two studs. It is an entry level crossbow but customer service is excellent.
  2. I use a bipod with my centerpoint which is front heavy. I set up a camo fabric fence in front of my folding chair. No problem shooting with the shooting sticks x.
  3. I have a Centerpoint 370 and like it a lot for a starter xbow. It was a Cabelas purchase to get into a crossbow for a 'best value.' It has done a nice job of killing three bucks in three years at ranges of 25,10,20 yards all from the ground. Cabelas in Buffalo has an indoor range so you can check out the scope, noise, ease of drawing, and shooting accuracy. It sounds like you have a free offer so if I were you I would take it and get started and get out shooting and hunting. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
  4. I have only hunted on the Cornell property. Some land is bow only, some muzzle loader only, some shotgun. As stated above by Northsox65 the Cornell access is all private with a thorough vetting process. It is not crowded as each property has a limited number of hunters each AM and PM by reservation only. Once vetted you get a parking pass and unlimited doe tags. I was checked for the proper license by the DEC once. A neighboring landowner respectfully talked to me about parking and boundaries but I knew what I was doing and where I was. Cornell has very detailed maps showing designated parking spots and the full property boundary. I did harvest a doe with a shotgun. Cornell requires you to keep and submit a daily record of your activity. The properties are posted for hunting access only during these dates but recreationalists routinely ignore the signs. Overall it was an enjoyable way to extend the deer hunting season into January. Cornell has a great web based information site regarding this program. My freezer is full this year so I will not be making the long drive.
  5. Both, A doe from a climber with the bow. A buck from a ground blind during xbow and a buck from a hang-on during shotgun. I find drawing a bow while in a tree stand is less likely to alert a deer than from the ground even though I have harvested some from the ground with a bow.
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