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  1. Did he have any comment on it?
  2. goosifer

    Looking for a new Pickup

    I have a 2001 Chevy 2500HD that I use as a tow vehicle for work. Body looks like hell but It has the most comfortable seats of any vehicle I've ever owned, and there's quite a list there. I like the 2001's seats much better than my 2017's. The first week I got my 2017 Chevy, I honestly thought I was going to have to return it the seat was so uncomfortable. Thankfully, it broke in and is now tolerable.
  3. goosifer

    Looking for a new Pickup

    I currently have a Chevy. Previously two were Rams. I like/liked them all. They each had different configurations depending on my wants and needs at the time. First one was a simple crew cab (not mega cab), 6.5' bed 1500. Next one was a crew cab, 8' bed 2500 (a boat to park), and the current one is a big crew cab, 5' bed 1500 with a 12,000# towing capability. I wish I could have gotten a simple crew cab and regular bed for the current one, but couldn't find that with the towing package. Also, I wanted a 1500 so I could drive on the parkways with noncommercial plates. There really are tradeoffs with interior space, bed space and towing capability. When I bought my Chevy in 2017, the Rams at the time were a step behind with the safety technology dodads. I don't know if the current ones have caught up. Ford is the king for tech and safety dodads, but really expensive, and I find them ugly.
  4. goosifer

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Which area, Greg? NW corner of 9A or elsewhere?
  5. goosifer

    I bought a tractor

    Nah, I'm not as old as you!
  6. goosifer

    I bought a tractor

    Oh, the joy of learning experiences . . . .
  7. goosifer

    I bought a tractor

    Yes, indeed. Live dirt time field experience.
  8. goosifer

    I bought a tractor

    So, an update on Goose's tractor adventures. Going back a few weeks, I got the new tires and rims installed, back tires filled with beet juice and front tires with an inner tube because they are not a perfect fit for the rims. My buddy who helps me with stuff went out to brushcut the trails. (Over a year ago, I bought a used 48" brushcutter off of Craigslist, as I knew I'd be getting a tractor.) On day 2, he gets a flat tire in a front tire. The valve stem cracked at the base. The inner tube is an odd size so I had to order another one online. Took four days to arrive. In the meantime, my buddy that helps me got, and still is, sick with pneumonia. After leaving the tractor on a tire jack for a week, I decided to go out today to see what I could get done myself. I put the tire back on no problem. Figured out how to operate the tractor and implements no problem. (Today was the first day I actually drove my tractor.) The brushcutter gave me problems. The belt slipped off of the pulley. I didn't bring any tools so I had to run to the shop to get sockets and a wrench. I get the belt back on. Tightened the tension too tight. The belt was burnt black and smoking and still slipped off again. I put on a new belt no problem. (Had a spare with me!) Still, the brushcutter sucked, does more knocking stuff down than cutting. Also, the belt and pulleys get verrry hot, even with the new belt. I need to adjust the belt tension again as the new belt stretched out and wasn't grabbing the pulleys well. I will also try to sharpen the blades some more with a file. One friend I briefly spoke to today suggested there might be ball bearings in the pulley housings that need to be changed. I don't know. At this point my plan is to do what I can with the brushcutter to at least knock down the foliage, then disc everything up, then spray Roundup to kill whatever foliage survived. Oh, and buy a new, bigger brushcutter for next year. Anyone have any tips or ideas regarding the current brushcutter I'm using? (I should have taken a pic. I can tomorrow.)
  9. I recently read a survival book that referenced "My Sid of the Mountain". Interesting book, from what I can tell.
  10. goosifer

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Larry!
  11. goosifer

    Remington factory repair

    A few years ago during the first week of gun season I dropped my Mossberg 930 from my treestand. (Don't ask me how I did this; it's embarrassing.) The cantilevered scope mount was bent. I took it to Gander Mountain to be repaired. They said they'd have to send it back to Mossberg, and it would be a few weeks. I immediately bought another shotgun and scope, identical to the first one. When I got it back a few weeks later, I asked "How much?". They said it was covered under warranty, no charge. Same thing with the Nikon scope I had on it. I was pleasantly surprised all the way around as far as the repairs went. So now I have a backup . . . .
  12. goosifer

    Garmin in reach

    Can it be charged by USB? If so, get something like this . Figure out the size of the internal battery in mAh, and size the external battery appropriately. Another way to go is to get a portable car battery charger which also has a USB port. Something like this. In terms of experience, I have a couple and they still hold a charge. Maybe you just had a dud, or it needs to be recharged occasionally so that it doesn't go to zero.
  13. goosifer

    Reelin For A Cure 2019

    Andrew, you always have a knack for helping people. It's a great gift to have.
  14. goosifer

    Cellular cameras

    Note: It says save $50 after trade-in, trade-in price of $99.97. I wonder what the trade-in terms will be. Do they have to be working? I doubt they will take the time to verify. I guess one should always save their old trail cams, even if they don't work.
  15. goosifer

    Red Fox

    Oh, I saw the thread title and thought you were talking about Red Foxx. No clue about red foxes.