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  1. @Nomad Congratulations, Larry. Make the kid promise to deliver a grandchild within xx months . . . .
  2. Making the Most of Your Deer: Field Dressing, Butchering, Venison Preparation, Tanning, Antlercraft, Taxidermy, Soapmaking, & More by Dennis Walrod So far, it's OK. Most interested in what it has to say about tanning.
  3. I recently read a book about an arctic expedition in 1820 where their Indian guide (Chippewa, IIRC) ate dead moose fetus raw. Different strokes . . . .
  4. @The Jerkman really has a combo jerkyceller/jazzercize studio/gym.
  5. I bought some treestands on clearance a few weeks ago in the Henrietta store. I would think that by now they would have blown out all the F&S branded items. I will be curious to see what it looks like when it's really turned into a Sportman's Warehouse store.
  6. You also have to consider the versatility of a Sucko-Matic. Thousands of happy hunters year-round.
  7. @Chef, any progress turning your wine fridge into a sausage curing chamber? I was reading about how to make one with an old fridge ( and was looking at these controllers on Ebay ( @hueyjazz , would you have any thoughts regarding making your own dried sausage curing box? Note, I am not yet clear on exactly what the temperature and humidity ranges need to be. I think it varies by type or size of sausage being cured.
  8. Doesn't really answer your question, but nontheless may be of interest. A source for overlaying a topo map over Google Earth (app; not Google maps) A site that has several topo maps to choose from:
  9. Very sorry for your loss, Eddie.
  10. Welcome, HJ. The board is fortunate to have someone of your eloquence and experiences.
  11. After Brady threw the pick 6, my wife was yelling "Yes! Yes!" at the top of her lungs. It was the loudest I heard her yell like that since . . . well never, actually. Her love for the Bills is outmatched only by her hatred of the Patriots.
  12. I think you need to think about how you frame the situation and approach the landowner. If you start with the approach that you and he have a mutual problem--tresspassers, and then you offer him a solution--you posting the property, I would think he'd be open to it. To me, there are two different things that could mean: 1.) To post and hunt the property. (If so, I think you need to offer hunter insurance, with the landowner as an additional insured, along with rent), or.2) you just post his property just to keep out trespassers, but you don't actually walk on, or shoot into, the cornfield. If he is liability sensitive, he may not want to giver permission to hunt, even with you having insurance. Won't know until you talk to him. I'd ask him what he'd wants. Let him through out the first number for rent, if at all possible.
  13. Every time I see this thread title I think, "What a great name for a porno movie." Maybe it's just me.
  14. Yes. IIRC, it wasn't required when I first got it, but was required for the renewal. Erie county made me go to some company for fingerprints. Wonder how they got the contract . . . .
  15. Look, just because you had one bad blind date . . . .