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  1. Full moon is in two days. I guess with thermal scope that's not as important?
  2. Mind if I hijack, err, I mean expand upon the OP? I have some trail spots that are bare and would like to put down a "grass" seed that will be relatively thick and durable to handle occasional UTV or tractor traffic. These are also relatively wet areas Any suggestions? Grass seed is not cheap and relatively delicate to me. Something like rye maybe?
  3. This is a hypothetical question. If you wanted to scout public land in the southern zone that was new to you, and you only had one month to do your scouting, what month/30 day period would you choose? I hope this isn't too silly of a question. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Did you find that logo on the website, or did you make it yourself? It looks good. Could you send me the graphic in a file?
  5. @burmjohn @WNYBuckHunter@fasteddie May I have permission to make some shirts up using the forum header logo? Happy to pay a licensing fee.
  6. Why not just put it at the distance you are most likely to have a shot? Even though you sighted in at 50, you know that if you take a 100 yard shot, you will have x inches of drop, and/or you know what the different hashmark distances are. So don't necessarily tie yourself to 50 on the parrallax.
  7. I think what's going on is that those guys aren't patient enough to wait for the big deer to come out -- they are shooting the scouts and not even realizing it!
  8. Might not want to get him mad at you.
  9. Could anyone tell me, assuming normal/average growing conditions, how many days it takes for the soybeans to grow to the point that a) the deer will start eating the leaves and b) the plants will be fully mature/go brown? Trying to figure out when I can plant these next year. One options is to plant them "early", and then plant something else for the fall, or maybe I can plant these mid-summer and have them through some or all of gun season. I'm open to suggestions in general in this regard. Thanks.
  10. Cold, crunchy and breezy in 9A this morning. Good luck, all.
  11. So in other words, she needs to take up deer hunting!
  12. For the hell of it, I ordered the Modern Hunting with Indian Secrets. I really enjoyed a book called Survival Arts Of The Primitive Paiutes. I am hoping Modern Hunting with Indian Secrets will be in the same vein.