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  1. goosifer

    Cellular cameras

    This is for the Spypoint ones. See for details.
  2. goosifer

    Cellular cameras

    Free for 100 pics per months, fee if you want more. If you have good cell reception and charged batteries, they work fine. Be wary of windy areas triggering pics.
  3. goosifer

    Need Ideas for a Day Trip

    check out 365 Things to Do in Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY
  4. No REI, or EMS, in Buffalo. Right now, the hardest part for me is finding a place in WNY where I can hike a bit and then pitch a tent and light a fire just off the trail (as opposed to camping at a designated site). There's always Finger Lakes National Forest, I guess. I'll keep Genesee Brew Pub in mind for the next time Mrs. Goose and I are in ROC. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, the title was a mouthful. It's from 9:30 to 3:30. Anybody going? I am. I want to learn more about backpacking and camping. For general info, see: For schedule and workshop descriptions, see: For a map of the park, see: (it's at the Beach area parking lot, just south of Canfield Rd and Douglas Rd. in Pittsford.
  6. goosifer

    Happy birthday Culvercreek hunt club !

    Happy birthday, Bob!
  7. Biz, that's the same thing I tell my wife. Glad someone understands.
  8. goosifer

    Happy birthday Robhuntandfish !

    happy birthday, robhuntandfish
  9. goosifer

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    You can MIX drinks, too? Hmmm.....
  10. goosifer

    Happy birthday grampy !

    Happy Birthday, Grampy! What's on the birthday agenda?
  11. goosifer

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    It's on my calendar. Finally get to meet the Biz . . . .
  12. goosifer


    I went for a walk on my hunting land today to change out camera cards and take soil samples. I sprayed on 25% DEET insect repellent beforehand, and wore a long sleeve t shirt and high rubber boots. Afterwards at the car, I had 3 on my shirt that I brushed off. After I got home, I had one on my bicep, and then a few hours later, one on my forearm. Fortunately, they weren't buried in my skin, just crawling around. Weird, and scary. I guess there is no way around doing a full body inspection, even with repellent.
  13. goosifer

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    I found where the turkeys are hiding out in North Buffalo--the cemetary at Elmwood and the 290:
  14. goosifer

    My diet

    You're not the genius behind the Kinky Chef live video chat site that's been sweeping the nation, by any chance?
  15. goosifer

    2019 Habitat seed Program (Soybeans)

    Thanks for doing this, Bob.