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  1. goosifer

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    Have a good time, guys. If Biz says he wants to go to City Lights, hold out for a steak dinner at Rick's Cabaret. Just bring plenty of singles.
  2. goosifer

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    The "Welcome to Jamaica" part is done, and you are going back for "Have a nice day"?
  3. The article makes no mention of her gender being the reason or cause of her dismissal, merely states the fact that she was the first female . . . . There is also nothing to suggest that the she was promoted because of her gender, or that she was not qualified at the time of her promotion. The info in the article does not support your conclusion. If you want to attack a gender, get better material to work with. I'm sure it's out there.
  4. goosifer


    Golden Road Mango Cart OMG, this is good cold when it's 80 degrees and humid out.
  5. goosifer


    I've been playing and have the basic rules and strategy down. This website's version is very simple. Is there a more advanced website version out there?
  6. goosifer

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    [sorry about poor photo quality; please disregard this post]
  7. goosifer

    Goose road trip - 1Q19

    Biz, you should check out St. Pete. I think you'd like it. Lot's of eye candy for you. Hard to take pics with the Mrs. next to me . . . .
  8. goosifer

    Goose road trip - 1Q19

    Since getting off the cruise, we've visited the following cities: Naples: A city geared towards helping people with a special problem, that problem being having too much money and not knowing what to do with it. Fortunately, the friendly neighborhood Bentley dealer, Rolex dealer, numerous fancy restaurants, and art galleries are there to help. Fort Myers/Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel Island: They have some sort of unwritten rule that you either need to be elderly or from Boston to be there. Downtown St. Petersburg: Still in progress, but we are having a great time so far. It's amazing what they've done with their downtown--housing, restaurants, art galleries, chocolate shops, museums, et al. Downtown Buffalo can only dream of what they've done here. If you are a high earning, young and good looking professional, downtown St. Pete is the place to be. Not sure how economically sustainable it all is, but enjoy it while it's here. Oh, and it is by far the most dog friendly place we've visited so far in Florida, making St. Augustine a distant second. Below are some nighttime pics of the harbor:
  9. goosifer

    What's for dinner tonight?

    At Try Wine in St. Pete, 80+ wines by the glass, self serve, by the taste, 1/2 glass or full glass. Got the cheese tray to go with it as we were starting to get palatte fatigue (and buzzed). Very nice presentation.
  10. goosifer


    Big Top Hawaiian Lion Coconut Coffee Porter On tap at Thirsty First in downtown St. Pete. No head, thin light body, touch syrupy/artificial tasting, but not too bad, low carbonation, controlled bitterness, coconut and coffee on the back end. Did I do a TF-worthy job on the description, @turkeyfeathers?
  11. It seems to be being presented more as a development league for the NFL. Announcer mentioned how the teams make an effort to play all players on the roster to give all of the players reps/looks.
  12. I'm a fan of his from the '86 Bears. Very intense dude. Surprised he hasn't been successful as an NFL coach. Jeff Fisher is somehow involved with the AAF at the league level as well. Has always amazed me how many guys from that team are now coaches.
  13. goosifer


    How was the beer?
  14. I'm watching the Atlanta vs. Orlando game. Some different rules: 35 second play clock, no kicked extra points. It's a little rough/unpolished. Really seems like the raw talent is even, so coaching and discipline really make the difference. Steve Spurrier is the coach for Orlando, and is beating Atlanta bad. Before, the half, Orlando ran a Philly Special play for a TD. Well, I'm not a hockey or basketball fan, so I'll take what I can get. Anyone else watching?