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  1. Why not both/all? Broaden your horizons, Biz.
  2. goosifer


    Next time you see me, Biz, you can buy me a beer. Funny you remember that.
  3. goosifer


    Technically, I'm drinking a sparkling water right now, but I had a beer for lunch. This is the view from the rooftop bar in Verona. They have a Roman amphitheatre, like a baby Coliseum.
  4. goosifer


    Had a great time in Venice, Italy with @Al Bundy We had a couple beers at Il Santo Bevitore Pub Venezia. He wore his high school football jacket so he'd be easy to spot in the crowd Seriously, very nice guy; a pleasure to get to know. I will have to check out wild boar hunting in Tuscany he told me about. One of the beers I tried was an Italian Grape Ale. It was good.
  5. goosifer


    [This might be a repost, but just in case . . . ] Stayed in Palermo and Taormina. Did a wine tour at the Gambino winery and restaurant meal near Mt Etna. The winery was quite an operation. Decent wines. Up the mountain is a cooler microclimate. Wife bought some wine for home. They have a distributer in NY they ship from.
  6. Jay, very sorry to hear this. May God be with you and your family.
  7. We stayed a couple nights in Taormina, on the East cost of Sicily. A high end cruise ship stop up a mountain like Capri, but smaller and prettier. This was a night pic I took from our hotel balcony. Mount Etna is off to the right of the photo.
  8. We did a food tour in Palermo that included a tuk tuk ride. It literally was like a living video game, the way the driver was weaving through the small streets dodging people and cars. Sorry, no pic with me and Mrs inside, but you get the idea.
  9. Just your every day deli in Palermo
  10. Palermo was a bit "gritty". Reminded me of Williamsburg (Brooklyn) 20+ years ago. Cheapest place to stay and eat in Italy, as far as I know. Lot's of good food. Some local specialties I liked, like cannollo and arancini, some not so much, like fennel in pasta. If you have time, visit some of the smaller cities in Sicily. Much prettier!
  11. goosifer


    Some beers I had while in Sicily
  12. goosifer


    Hi guys, I'm a bit behind in my posting :). In Rome this week. Poretti 4 Luppoli