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  1. Happy birthday, Wooly. May it be a good one.
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone in the HuntingNY community.
  3. This is a great chart. Thanks for posting it. I should have said dressed weight rather than hanging weight in my OP.
  4. I processed the doe I harvested and only got 39 pounds of meat from it (plus heart, liver and shanks). It's hanging weight was 110 pounds, so about a 35.5% yield. It seems a bit low to me. The doe was a but unusual. It had a large head and hindquarters, but the front quarters, et al, seemed to not yield much meat. Meat loss to bullet damage was minimal as the shot was in and out of the rib cage. Maybe just a funny proportioned doe?
  5. Well, at least you didn't suggest I was the person on the right.
  6. Naked stand is in a tree that is by itself on a hedgerow. No cover whatsoever. Jan Brady is the middle stand of a group of 3 stands on the edge of a field. I constantly forget about it, going to the first or third one instead. That's when i decided to call it Jan Brady stand.
  7. I have: lucky stand, hanger stand, double stand, center field, Jan Brady, naked stand, Aspen tree, Ray's stand, and narrow field stand.
  8. Wolc, someday I hope to convert you to using finger cots to cover the muzzle of you ML. They also come in handy if you cut your finger.
  9. Wow, they even let you have the pieces leftover from the kit! Just kidding, very nice shed. Could you share where you got it from? Or at least what county? I got my wife a Rubbermaid shed for her gardening stuff a few years ago. Thank goodness she didn't see this post. I'd be in trouble.
  10. See if you can get in on the beta of Starlink. I've heard very good things about it. https://www.starlink.com/
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