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  1. What happen to the guy who made wood sculptures ? Just wondering haven't been here for a while.
  2. Think about how many get a check from the gov thats why they win elections . If not for that most would not even vote . And things would be more even .
  3. Great idea for the big blue citys why not do this in LA Chicago and New York City and then make it so they cant leave because it's a medical emergency lol that everyone else in the country still has guns. Lol make them think twice about who they elect next time around . Hi left field
  4. Got this guy on cam in daylight. Think its a fox but the face and tail looks a little dog like kinda hybrid maybe ?
  5. Yes true but Usually with tree rats they at least will be shooting up and not at ground level still bad but less chance of hitting some one at close Lethal range. I have had bird shot pellets rain down on me from a distance Distant field thats scary enough on state land before .
  6. I think i heard the guy from meat eater say one time that more people are shot in turkey season then any other season of hunting becuase of the way you hunt turkey camo no blaze orange exsta . He even went on to say that has friends that've been shot in turkey season more than one.
  7. Maybe air rifles be ok but not powderburners i think thats over kill and to much of a Advantage. Just Thought I'd put that out there . I just have this image of someone on state land with a ruger 10/22 just spraying the mag out at the first sign of Movement in the brush in my head . And that is lot more Dangerous then turkey shot if u happen to get hit .
  8. Like i was saying in the other thread it really should be based on Ballistics these season before anything else but im good with just shotguns only for turkey .
  9. Yeah I learned about a new product I didn't know existed before traditional Nitro fire thats close enough to a single shot that if I would have known about it I probably not have bothered to start this thread lol
  10. Well it looks like it's going in the direction of muzz guns that are kinda like single shot shotguns anyway. Thats pretty slick . My pridection is this is the future of muzzle loader season every company going to start making that Design.
  11. Kinda of like crossbows in archery and we know how that is going more crossbows less archery . Its what ever is more Popular that wins out in the end I guess.
  12. You can already use crossbow in mz season it also can be loaded faster then a mz gun is more convenient. so already they are Transitioning the rules same with bow season little By little technology the rules change one way or the other exactly what Is going to happen in next 20 years who knows.
  13. Yea your Probably right it will take a Lobbiest to get that past , Make a donation to the right people you know how it is. The crossbow companies figured out the Formula . But they get you to spend a arm and leg on there products so was worth it to them dont think shotgun companys need that season to sell there Products so they are not going To hire lawyers to get that past or make donation to the right people . Also the The muzzle loader companies would fight against it anyway cause they want you to buy their stuff .
  14. About 3 years 4 years ago they were that low befor covid now everthing is up .
  15. I think Kentucky Ohio Minnesota we're considering it. Some areas have single shot shotgun seasons where you can use a muzzle loader . There are so many different regs out there even with in a state .
  16. American Tactical Nomad Single Shot 18.5" 12 Gauge Shotgun - Blue/Black, 18.5" Barrel, 1 Round, Synthetic, 3" Chamber, Black Synthetic Stock 104 bucks right now but on sale u can get them cheaper
  17. Hey whats up Buddy good to here from you . I believe that smoothbore shotguns should be allowed in muzzleloader season, as there is no harm in it. Although smoothbore shotguns have less range and accuracy than muzzleloaders, they still provide an enjoyable hunting experience and should not be excluded from muzzleloader season. Allowing smoothbore shotguns in muzzleloader season would create a more inclusive atmosphere and provide more opportunities for hunters to enjoy their sport.
  18. There is a number of States that want to do what i'm talking about. I mean I guess it all depends on what their goals are . Is it about tradion or somthing else I argue unless you're gonna go flintlocks only having other premtive firarms should be Consider using Ballistics as your Guide to make the rules anything with less range should be ok to use like a smoothbore single shot shotgun
  19. Ok then only smoothbore single shot shotguns. For argument sake. What's the harm in that you're not going to tell me you think those are better than a modern muzz gun .
  20. It's still not going to have as good of Ballistics as a muzz gun for one not gping to shoot as flat they also tend to kick harder making you more Likely to Flinch . I just dont see the harm in it. It's not like they're going to be killing more dear than you with single shot shotgun .
  21. I know there's a few members on here that use their muzzle guns even in rifle season because it's so accurate does not make difference to them . One shot one kill thats what you want.
  22. Its not a issue even if it is faster . Because you got better range and Accuracy with a muzzle loader advantage muzzle.
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