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  1. I leave my gun the way they are in storage, i dont dry fire them to relax the firepin sping never had a problem I literally have guns that I haven't shot for 15 20 years and they go boom all the same when I pull the trigger .Did i get lucky or depends on the firearm .
  2. They want to setup a one party goverment like china here with the goverment being like a pope and religion and the earth is the god .Climate change this viruse its all being taken advantage of to further their crazy leftist Utopia or nightmare depending on what side you're on of this argument. When the right question something you're an idiot for asking when the left says something they're smart they pretty much already got it there way now .
  3. Near Neversink roundout Reservoir you should take a look like I think 1 hour and 1/2 from you .
  4. Arctic-China State Forest is near you with all that land there why would you hunt down state 3 hours away for ?
  5. Law does not bother me always used at least a orange hat when gun hunting. Its disturbing to be on public land and have some guy in full camo just pop out of nowhere it feels like you are the run being hunted almost , on private land its a little different but on public land definitely everybody should be using orange .
  6. You be surprised could have been pissed the guy did not marry her before she got knocked up.
  7. Shooter shot his daughters fiance. Do you think just maybe dady wanted someone better then this guy and oops pulled that trigger .
  8. I like to know if this guy had a doe permit . Because if he didn't whats he shooting at ? You would need to get a good look at the deer to know that . I have a hard time believing most of these are accidents.
  9. Yep they new each other , I agree with you not a accident the guy did not help by not using orange he gave the other guy a excuse to get away with it .
  10. Who else thinks leftover turkey tastes better the next day warmed up then when you eat it just out the oven .
  11. We always do turkey for tg but a stuffed chicken or even better stuffed cornish hens are so much better then turkey in my opinion.
  12. I wonder how a guy like soros can get away with founding all of these crazy anti American people in gov i mean this guy is banned from even entering certain countrys because of his meddling . What he has been up to is no different then orginized crime he founds the worst people in goverment .
  13. I bet when you pay hospitals, if it's covid related of course
  14. Did you here some of those clown polticians blaming his AR 15 for him being attacked aa if holding a AR is grounds to be attacked by a pediphile and those other criminals . What kind of messes up world are these people trying to make .
  15. Its obvouse they take advange but if it works and saves lifes its a good thing anyway . Its just what you have to deal with this government it is what it is.
  16. Yea brother with all do respect Just write hunting stuff . Politics is not for you.
  17. Yep doing something similar invited to hunt with relatives at their spot only been there once before . Im going to hunt a choke point For a few hours there then still hunt if i see nothing .
  18. I don't know I saw that on Jurassic Park what do I know lol Big animals like that are easy to get close to they don't even see you as a threat
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