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  1. Yep , Maybe im being paranoid but did they intentionally let this guy through the cracks cuz he fit the profile of somebody that they would want to do something like this you know what I mean , needed a white guy shooting blacks to fit the narrative. these smart phones spy on everything you do here everything like it or not and you're telling me nobody knew nothing ? come on . Like I heard he was doing crazy stuff a few months before even saying that he wanted to be a mass murderer who says stuff like that to people . The subway guy waa another one they let slide for other reasons . anyway media needs stop gas lighting this stuff . And less of them will happen they're looking for attention and to go out in a blaze of glory these guys. Years ago you could buy guns everywhere like in hardware stores like in a Sears mail catalog with no id and this stuff was much less common back then.
  2. Well i see it this way the left obama the media them put out bait to get people to do exactly what this guy did so they have a excuse to grab more guns and more power for themselfs. By bait i mean they put out storys to piss people off get them all of us to hate each other .
  3. You ever noticed these things seem to happen a lot when the Democrats are in trouble and it's around election time just saying .
  4. Like how many times does the media have to lie make up stuff about trump to figure out its all bs trump has no freinds i guess you missed those articals . By these very same people . So which one is it ? Or its what ever they think makes him look bad.
  5. So that's where you keep all your victims.
  6. Yea its more like 1% that still like that old dinosaur.
  7. Yes but kinda isn't that how we got to this point of woke insanity ? Everybody just kind of ignores the lefts crazy ideas thinking they would just go away but insted they just get crazier. Now they want to teach 5 year olds about sex in school . This would have not been tolerated few years ago whats next ? Media just goes along with any dumb idea they come up with these days with no pushback.
  8. I don't think that's going to happen any time soon . Their Fear mongering is how they the few control the many. Trump was like the only one to push back on them and look what happened .
  9. O sorry about the other post They come here for financial reasons they may not even like this country for all you know or the people that are already here or our system of government for that matter.They are trespassers doesn't matter the reason they're coming here if they're trespassing. Someone trespasses on your land do you care if there a hard worker I don't think so. Do you care that they are in your backyard for a better life . I dont think so . The russiam invaded Ukraine for a better life too . They get met with bullets .
  10. You know it's pointless to argue that with a guy like that guy you know you can't say anything bad about the illegals there All Saints you have to argue in a different way with them the liberals . You know since they're illegal nobody really knows that's the other point.
  11. Well I see them working at McDonald's and all the other fast food places and I've never seen an illegal on the streets begging for money have you ? But I'm not going to argue about that the point is you can't just have millions of people crossing the border illegally like that if they work if they don't work whatever you just can't have a country run like that no other country would tolerate it. And there's a good reason for that it's just not sustainable there's only so many resources to go around so many jobs even that is causing inflation here by the way.
  12. Nobody's questioning that they come here to work but you just can't have millions of people running across the border illegally that's Anarchy it's unsustainable.
  13. The potholes I can tell you for a fact is pure corruption they don't fix them right just so they can justify spending even more money and skimming off the top that goes into some politicians friends or family members pockets . Crossover to PA and the roads are like smooth as glass compare to New York.
  14. Yep except you can't hide gas prices and food prices at the supermarket no matter what BS they tell you on TV.
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