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  1. Last time i was there was early 90s took my younger cousin there for his first time small game hunting never forget that my dad managed to shoot a phensent flying off a tree on one of those trails we had no dog or nothing . Then i think we asked about deer hunting there but i think you had to apply for Special permit for the whole deer season back then did not bother ever going back . You got me wanting to go back just out of Curiosity.
  2. Really does that place get that crowed these days that it Is possible to not find a place to park?
  3. https://www.outdoorlife.com/hunting/kentucky-bowhunter-tags-tall-antlered-buck/
  4. I wonder could dna testing tell without a Doubt if they are Legit wild deer or not ? Anyone know ?
  5. You would think after so many got caught they would do a better job of checking most be legit if its not the truth will come out sooner or later .
  6. I think i would have a heart attack if i saw that thing walk by me lol
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fieldandstream.com/hunting/kansas-muzzleloader-state-record-whitetail-buck/%3famp
  8. if you get the right editing software any half way decent phone or cam will work for you good editing software will have image stabilization and a bunch of filters That will make any footage look pretty good. And if you planning on doing a lot videos you're gonna want to buy it anyway sooner or later. You can also rent the software to.
  9. Wow For a second I thought you were joking I had to look that up it's true they happen to love poison ivory and supposedly so do black bears.
  10. Whats the stranges food that you know of that deer will eat . Seen video of people feeding deer doritos one time.
  11. Could it be more about making Money and contol then about the earth ? fauci "I am the science". Think he is the only one .
  12. Yea state land I don't understand like exactly why they cut that out like that and there's like no path or road that goes to that section that I know of you'd have to Bush whack to get Anything in-and-out of there maybe illagle loging or growing stuff or maybe some Experiment the state is running there maybe?
  13. I have a cousin who owns farm and Vineyard in Europe Said i could go hunting on it for pigs anytime i like but i never have enough time when i vist europe to hunt really maybe someday .
  14. They should just make the gun tax go to the dmc thats the only way to stop them from bothering gun owners lets face it . Dems harass everything and anything except for things that they make money off of notice they let the teachers union do as they please .
  15. Here is close up of one of them those look like large logs to me on the ground about 50 60 feet long .
  16. Blue line is .2mi I use the google measuring tool each circle is about 200 feet across
  17. Notice these on the satellite map close to where I hunt sometimes what made those Circles you think ?
  18. Yeah I will do that if I decide to hunt his property I gotta go up there and check it out 1st. If there's like people everywhere and stuff I'm not gonna bother I don't want to deal with that
  19. I'm sure I still have it somewhere . So far he hasn't seen anything big all little ones he said.
  20. Yeah exactly and I don't like doing that either . If the animals are not aware that you're a danger it's not really hunting in my book. More like farming meat.
  21. Oh wow, forgot about that show I have seen that show and I'm pretty sure that was filmed in that same area , I don't know if I want to hunt in a place like that that's kind of weird . Then what happens when the deer dies in the neighbor's yard you know it's like a headachead , To go knock on doors and ask to retrieve it.
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