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  1. Deer safe zone

    Santa still looking for fresh legs to haul the sleigh?
  2. Let's play CSI

    Feces occurs. That sounds better to me.
  3. Cherish the hunt and don't fret the outcome!
  4. So, did the 08 bark this fall? What did ya get? Sue got a nice doe with the crossbow and I shot a meat 4. Never could catch up with any of the big boys I had on camera. 

    1. Pygmy


      I shot a porcupine....Only shot I fired...Saw 40 deer the first 3 days of gun season and I was watching when I should have been shooting..Passed several small bucks and a bunch of does....Then they dried up.. Hoping to shoot a deer ( ANY DEER) with my ML to grind for my annual burger...

  5. Your Biggest NY Buck

    One on the right is my best NY bow kill. Only archery deer I ever shot twice. Either shot would have been fatal but I got excited! LOL
  6. Dude, the back and forth camera views made me dizzy. Also, not a fan of the walkie talkie communications used in that manner.
  7. 1999 Alabama buck

    Dandy buck... dandy mount! Congrats
  8. Cedar tree tore up, rub ?

    sign post rub?
  9. 280 Rem Ruger 77 Skeleton

    Likin' the old boat paddle stock. U can't hurt those things. Tough as nails. Congrats.
  10. Name that critter!!!

    LOL. I'll just call it Pygmy's Pal.
  11. Name that critter!!!

    10-4 on that. 100% Steuben Co. NYS... Beartown Road property.
  12. Name that critter!!!

    Owl seems to be the pick. Works for me.
  13. Package riflescopes?

    Yes, the garbage can. Get a decent scope no matter what it takes.
  14. Name that critter!!!

    Enlighten me folks... WTH is this? I've gotten several suggestions but are unsure.
  15. Women's Hunting Mag Free Fall Edition

    Very cool. Personally, I love the fact that more female (the best kind) women are into hunting!