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  1. bugsNbows

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Between my OCD and previous jobs (golf course Superintendent and Hort Mgr at WDW) I MUST have a nice lawn. That’s just the way it is!
  2. bugsNbows

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    Taint the animal critters that were bad... it's the people critters!
  3. bugsNbows

    Air Boat Ride in or Near Orlando.

    There are several around Cocoa and Kissimmee. Check near Lake Poinsett in Cocoa.
  4. bugsNbows

    2019 Lawn Thread

    LOL. He probably thinks you are an idiot too.
  5. bugsNbows

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    Squeal like a pig Ned!
  6. bugsNbows

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    I moved (last fall) to the north Georgia mountains... just south of TN and NC.
  7. bugsNbows

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    I just left Florida after living there for 40+ years. I just got sick and tired of the heat, humidity, traffic and NE U.S snowbird azzhats trying to run everything. My new residence is more gooder.
  8. bugsNbows

    Increasing ph quickly

    Check out quicklime (Calcium Oxide).
  9. Count me in on that number!
  10. bugsNbows

    Bucket List Rifle Acquired

    Absolutely awesome. Congrats
  11. bugsNbows

    NYCC 2019 plan..? WTH is it? Is there one?

    You know what they say about assuming things.?!
  12. bugsNbows

    What Is The Best Job That You Did For Free?

    I helped a friend build a log cabin. Fun... and hard work too.
  13. bugsNbows

    Pat ourselves on the backs article

    That may be the finest, lawyer authored article I have ever read!
  14. bugsNbows

    Revisiting the 25-06 Remington

    Me too! I have a Ruger 1V in 25-06 and a Dakota 10 in .257 Roberts.
  15. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!