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  1. Vortex 4-16 x 42mm

    Pizz on Dicks and F&S. Keep driving'.
  2. Alpha scope for sale

    Thanks Jdubs!
  3. Mornin' funny...

    Yeah... a tube steak.
  4. Alpha scope for sale

    OK you rich Yankees... time to come off the wallet! LOL. This a really good scope.
  5. Mornin' funny...

    OJ spit on computer screen... LOL
  6. Gun cabinets

    I forget the name, but I have seen one advertised that comes in pieces and is assembled on site. That would make it easier to get in tough locations.
  7. For range work at that yardage you don't need a top of the line scope. I'd check out Vortex, Celestron or Bushnell. Heck, even some of the cheap Chinese spotters will work for seeing bullet holes at 200 yards.
  8. Burris 2 for 1 deal

    Well, U gotta do what U gotta do.
  9. I have a LNIB Nightforce NXS 2.5-10 X 32 scope for sale. It's just resting in the safe and needs a new home. The specs are: Zero stop, IHR reticle, PTL, 2FP, 125 yard fixed parallax setting, .25 MOA click value with 100 MOA for E and W, ER=3.7", 19 oz. weight. Asking $1100.00
  10. Ski Lift Accident

    I thought it just happened. The time stamp said 10/28/2013.
  11. Happy birthday Pygmy!

    Happy Birthday Dan. Go drink a green beer!
  12. Back in my day......

    We used to put the shotguns in the cars to go hunting after school.
  13. Sometimes u just have to laugh

    What is all that white stuff???