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  1. Maybe you just should check out different scopes. Perhaps it is an ER issue or the diopter ring needs focusing.
  2. Crossbows topping 3K... freaking nuts!
  3. Bunch o sissies. Florida is worse. It gets cold enough in Miss to slow the snakes down. Usually not in Florida.
  4. Pygmy could grab it and have lunch money left over!
  5. You are not GETTING old...................................... you ARE old!
  6. Gotta love those Euros. Very nice. Congrats
  7. My Scorpyd DS is light, fast, well made, dependable and I can change the string / cables easily without a bow press. I actually put a new string on up at our cabin in the woods during hunting season.
  8. The CamX is a great hunting bow... and his price ($285) as I recall was outstanding. Get that and don’t look back.
  9. Twas a might nipply on opening morning of rifle. I had to tough it out till 7:15 am when an 8 pointer decided to swing by. I told him ... BYE! LOL