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  1. No, no, no. The chiggers are already gone. You will not smother anything. The severe itching is your body’s reaction to a toxin injected at the bite site. Chiggers DO NOT bury into your skin. They insert their mouthparts to feed.
  2. Looks like I will not be heading up to NY this fall at all. First season missed in many, many years. My wife has a medical issue and I will be needed for support. Hope you gents have a great year.
  3. Hard, tri-fold for me. Easy off if necessary too.
  4. There is an Excalibur Vortex for sale on Crossbow Nation right now. About $300.
  5. I have had heavy chigger populations (this year) around my house. Likely our very wet spring contributed. Use a good repellant when going into the woods or perimeter areas where they congregate, and use Permethrin on clothes and footwear. BTW, they do not burrow deep into the skin as the story is often told. The nail polish recommendation in worthless BS. They do inject a toxin into the feeding site. The bodies‘ itching is a reaction to that toxin. A good hot, soapy shower after being infested is advisable.
  6. Nancy claims it was a set-up. She wants an apology. Yeah, right.
  7. Even has an overdraw. That is an old bow... that looks to be in great condition.
  8. It would be close... but probably. You would need to measure though as each bow may be a bit different.
  9. Looks like a ticket on the heartburn express for me.
  10. Very impressive... and very expensive.