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  1. The CamX is a great hunting bow... and his price ($285) as I recall was outstanding. Get that and don’t look back.
  2. Twas a might nipply on opening morning of rifle. I had to tough it out till 7:15 am when an 8 pointer decided to swing by. I told him ... BYE! LOL
  3. Wow, a duct taped on sight for shotgun hunting. Never heard of such a thing. Why not tape a toilet paper tube on (for a scope) to extend your range?
  4. No way in he!! I would ever use see-thru mounts.
  5. The wife and I had a good year. We got three bucks... two 8’s and a 9. No complaints here.
  6. Got a couple of inches up on a hill in 8T
  7. It requires a DEC ID # that changes yearly. That implies one needs a new certificate every year.
  8. Wife got a nice 9 point about 9 am Sat. Shot was 38 yards with a CamX Chaos 325. It was only the second buck she has ever killed. It dressed out over160#. We followed a 200 yard blood trail to her prize. The extraction was a tough, uphill haul.