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  1. I shot my first buck in 1966 on public, state land (Erwin mgt Area). Back then, it was "normal" to see many (30-40) deer per day on opening day, the first Saturday (season opened on Monday) and Thanksgiving morning. There were way more hunters around pushing. Parked cars along most rural roads were commonplace. Bet ya Dan (Pygmy) would say the same. Times sure have changed.
  2. About all I remember are onion farms. Does Sheron Farms sound familiar?
  3. I remember that! The woods sounded like a war zone.
  4. Could not agree more. I used to hunt up around Prattsburg. Guy in our party shot a big 10 that dressed at 195# and eventually was scored in the mid 160’s. Biggest I ever personally saw. The bucks in our area tend to run smaller... but there are quite a few! LOL. The wife and I spanked three decent ones last year.
  5. I have hunted Steuben since 1966... when I shot my first buck. No deer left. Stay away! LOL
  6. Thanks all. Guess I am as old as Pygmy.
  7. All of my life I have driven pickup trucks. Had all major brands. Some were better than others, but most were ok. Since I am now an official old fart, I have a Honda Ridgeline AWD. It is the best ... by far. It rides like a cadaverlac, gets good mileage and hauls / pulls everything I need it to.
  8. Some rodenticides can exhibit secondary poisoning... but not all. Read the product label.
  9. Kudos to the pilot and flight crew. RIP soldier.
  10. Reduviidae. Not a stink bug.