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  1. NYS strikes again. That is one reason I moved out many years ago.
  2. Man, that’s gotta hurt. Deer can be pretty tough critters. I’m thinking maybe an arrow slice from a poor shot.
  3. I solved that dilemma years ago… I just quit watching the tv hunting crap.
  4. Thanks gentlemen. Got an early BD text from my Granddaughter this am. Made my day.
  5. At least you are in the woods.
  6. One possibility is the Burris Droptine 3-9 x 40. It's about 12" long, weighs 13 ozs and costs under $200. There are many others, but most (lower price point models) are made in Pacific Rim countries like the Philippines. I'd suggest contacting Doug at Cameraland NY for his suggestions.
  7. Not to be critical but I was wondering the same thing. Most likely it was just what he wanted… which is great. As Dan Bongino says… you do you.
  8. Wow, you moved fast on that girl. Good luck with it. Go kill Bambi’s big brother.
  9. I like old Spomer. His endorsement means something.
  10. Nifty looking rifle. Now, if it shoots, we have a winner.
  11. Would he be givin’ more of dem free phones?
  12. SWFA update… word has it that they have closed down and the business is up for sale. They may continue on some small scale only with their branded scopes. Too bad.
  13. Ah, the good old days. I started riding in the early 70’s with a CB 350 then a CB750. I moved on from the rice burners to H-D. Had Sportys and EGC’s. Loved them all. Age and health concerns caught up so I no longer ride. Was fun while it lasted.
  14. Therein lies the problem. One should not NEED a permit for any gun. Good old NYS nonsense rears its ugly head again.
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