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  1. Happy BD Dan. Maintain with dignity.
  2. Biggest NY deer I ever saw was my cousin’s 10 point. It was 192# dressed. He shot it in Prattsburg
  3. Wow, that looks great. Congrats
  4. Cat on the left, rabbit on the right.
  5. That is one reason why I moved to Georgia 6 years ago (besides Florida was getting too much to handle).
  6. We used to catch dillos and paint them green when I was at Dismal World.
  7. I recall (many years ago) that Corning Glass contacted the national service regarding "cloudy" days vs. "sunny"days. Seems they were testing their photo sensitive glass, and how the clouds affected it. Apparently, they were told that Corning NY was among the cloudiest places in the country. Supposedly, they just tested it locally.
  8. I really do feel sorry for you NYS residents.
  9. Very nice indeed. Congrats!
  10. I used to run trap lines back when I was in school. I remember my first mink catch. Totally exciting, but boy do they stink. I remember we got $35 for it (back in the 60’s). The muskrats did not pay that much but we caught lots. Good luck with your project.
  11. Me thinks y’all need a few more regs to be passed. NOT Liberal nut jobs running the whole show. Pathetic!
  12. I agree with the keeping it simple logic. Either a duplex or some 4a variant works for me.
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