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  1. Not bashing Vortex or the OP but…we need to quit buying so much China made stuff. They are our enemy.
  2. All of this back and forth nonsense is rather entertaining. Guess what, I will hunt with whatever is legal during the times allowed. End of story for me.
  3. I understand that Sir. All I was trying to say is that the soil temperature determine the microbe activity. If it is too low, nothing much will happen. Maybe wasting money based on timing... not product selection. Good luck anyway.
  4. You may be a tad early for that organic fertilizer. To become available, it has to be “worked on” by soil microbes. They aren’t very active yet due to low soil temps.
  5. Me thinks both Tommy and Cam need a haircut. Looks silly to me.
  6. Interesting subject. I too have a Sweet Sixteen that shoots slugs well. I even located a dedicated slug barrel with open sights (hard to find) and about a dozen boxes of slugs. Local guy wanted to buy the whole lot, but did not want to pony up the cash. I bought this in 1966 (1965 manufacture). Sentimental I guess.
  7. These are like new in original packaging (package was opened to check for fit but they did not fit rifle). Originally cost $47.00. Mounts fit Browning A Bolt, Sako A7, and Steyr Pro Hunter SBS. The product number is 940000. Asking $35.00 plus shipping.
  8. I feel sorry for you folks up there. I have both Florida and Georgia carry licenses. Easy to get. Now, here in Georgia, they have introduced legislation to make permit less carry the law. That will be great.
  9. You may have some weather issues starting around Tuesday as several rain events are heading this way. I hope it holds off for your trip.
  10. Similar story to Chef. In one of my Entomology labs, we tied off different locations on blowfly maggots to see hormonal effects and changes.
  11. Similar technology has been used in the past, but more research is definitely in order.
  12. I have a Glock 20 that I sometimes carry... switch off with a Walther single stack 9 for ease of conceal.
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