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  1. bugsNbows

    Awesome skills here

    wow... just wow!
  2. bugsNbows

    Picked Her Up Today

    I guess blondes do have more fun. Congrats on that beautiful gun!
  3. bugsNbows

    Hi, new member, also a Taxidermist on NJ/NJ border

    Very nice mounts. I'd be proud to hang one on my wall.
  4. bugsNbows

    Distances you've killed deer with ? Archery that is

    52 yards... with a crossbow not regular archery tackle.
  5. bugsNbows

    The Family Of Hunters

    No beer..................... but bourbon will do!!! Back at ya.
  6. bugsNbows

    What's Going On Today For You?

    Still unpacking and organizing the new house. Need to revamp my gun safe a bit also.
  7. bugsNbows

    For anyone that might give a rat's ass

    Glad ya didn’t wake up dead! Speedy recovery.
  8. bugsNbows

    Free pass from significant other . Who ?

    Cote DePablo (Ziva from old NCIS)
  9. bugsNbows

    First cruise

    Took a cruise to the Bahamas years ago. Lots of food / drink on board. Shot skeet off the ship. Had fun but did have a “rough spot” (lol). It was freezing cold in our room. I got the brilliant idea to stuff a t-shirt in the vent to block the cold air flow into our room. Bad idea. It set off the fire alarm and several crew burst into our room to investigate. Problem was, the wife and I were in the shower playing. Oops!
  10. bugsNbows

    Bolt Selection

    Perhaps the best arrows (not bolts) you can buy are made by Jerry at Tapp Nation. They aren't cheap... but they are the best.
  11. bugsNbows

    Hornet Nest dug Up

    Probably Pygmy looking for a midnight snack!
  12. bugsNbows

    Wool clothing

    My long time fav wool is a jacket from Beaglewear. Sadly, they went TU.
  13. bugsNbows

    What elevation you hunting at ?

    Around 1700 for me.
  14. bugsNbows


    Screw the NFL
  15. bugsNbows

    Almost finished...

    Wow, that looks awesome. Great bear, great mount.