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  1. Tube steaks are a ticket on the heartburn express for me. No can do anymore.
  2. Not to mention the lack seal around the face… especially for those with facial hair.
  3. Depends on the face too.
  4. Face masks are worthless.
  5. If I even come up to NY hunting this fall, I'll be bringing a new Weatherby Mark V Hunter in 7mm-08. The scope is a Tract Toric.
  6. Crock-o-feces. Last time I check, cash is legal tender.
  7. Seems weird. My grandkids have been in school for about a month. Good luck to all the youngsters.
  8. My Gators edged a tough Utah team. One helluva game.
  9. What a bunch of BS! I’m so glad I left NYS. Besides, your Governor doesn’t want my type there.
  10. I sold my Scorpyd DS so the only one left is an old CamX Chaos. Still kills things.
  11. It is just too bad that most of this stuff is made in China. I’m sure some of it is fine, but I just hate to help support an enemy.
  12. Escaping can be a good thing. Best of luck.
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