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  1. CamX makes a fine bow. I have one of the original ones... the Chaos 325. HOWEVER, they may be exiting the field soon (based on a thread over at CBN). Buyer beware of possible lack of future support.
  2. SSDD regarding the original post. I'd rather have diarrhea than listen to that kind of crap. Wonder if his momma had any kids that lived?
  3. Holy cow, non-residents in 8T with high. That's rather unusual.
  4. Unless that was her land (highly doubtful or the hunters would not have been out there) or state land, she may have been trespassing on private land. I'd check into that...and pursue accordingly.
  5. Ya'll need some rain up there? We seem to have plenty. So far, about 44" YTD. We had over 78" last year!
  6. Cute little buggers!
  7. LOL. Peacocks don't have eggs. Peahens do though! LOL
  8. GCI Turf in NC has some great seed. KBG, TTTF, etc. Pete (the owner) knows his turf. Check out some of his YouTube videos.
  9. I've seen some of that feather painting work by a Canadian fellow who winters at my sister-in-laws house in Florida. Very nice work.
  10. Silly people, guns B bad! P A T H E T I C ... I say.