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  1. Besides, that sledge hammer likely had no motor. Powered by Armstrong may not cut it any more.
  2. Very interesting indeed. I was born and raised in Steuben Co. NY. I have hunted deer etc there since the 1960’s. I moved out in the 70’s and ended up in Florida. I lived there for 42 years! I left there in 2018 and moved to north GA. So, I guess I have BTDT. Send me a pm if ya want to chat. I may be of some assistance.
  3. Crossgun huh? TFF. Many folks who enjoy crossbow usage are former archery bow hunters. Who are you to assert what should or shouldn’t be used? Somebody die and leave you in charge?
  4. Check out Fusion firearms. Get one made to your specs.
  5. I've had both Moderna shots... didn't croak. Only had a sore arm. The whole fam damily flew out to Montana for Christmas and News Years. NBD. Been to Florida three times. NBD Chill people.
  6. Snow = the poor mans fertilizer. Enjoy boys.
  7. I don’t live in the Peoples Republic of NY... don’t need a pistol permit. Get what I want when I want it.
  8. Very nice. Pedersoli turns out some very nice stuff.
  9. Happy BD Dan. Hope you get lucky!
  10. Larry was the greatest of all times. R.I.P.
  11. PM me if you wish for additional information.
  12. Very nice! Very creative! Very good!
  13. I would highly recommend that you jump on the crossbow nation forum (CBN). There are many great choices including new and used, for sale bows. People will be upgrading now and selling their old stuff. Good deals are easily found.
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