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  1. bugsNbows

    Hunting gear and Permethrin

    For maximum efficacy, I would say one week out.
  2. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Reading through this entire thread is more fun than................................... diarrhea! LOL
  3. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    I have no problem being in the minority! LOL. Besides, when you young studs grow old (like me), your selection criteria often changes. Whatever lifts your skirt! LOL
  4. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Care to elaborate TreeGuy?
  5. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    When I was PU shopping I hit the local Ford dealership. Raptor was 75+. Harley Davidson was 84 and change. Shelby was 100+. I don't think so Tim! Holy feces Batman.
  6. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Yes I did. IMO, that GMC does nothing for me. I’m actually liking the Ridgeline more every day. I do wish the front end was a bit “tougher” looking... and I am over the chrome stuff. But, I will tell you, it drives as nice as a Cadaverlac!
  7. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    No offense taken. IMO, the Ridgeline is certainly nicer looking than the new Rams and GMC's. Truth be known, I like the Chevy's look better. But the trade-offs were more than worth it to me.
  8. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    LOL... butt ugly. Well, I may be ugly too! It’s a great match for me.
  9. bugsNbows

    Looking for a new Pickup

    I just got a new truck two weeks ago. Over the years I have driven (and mostly liked) all of the major players. My most recent was a 2017 RCSB Chevy Silverado. However, I needed / wanted something with more comfort. Something with a great ride, great mileage and great highway safety ratings. I don't trail ride, and don't need to haul / tow great amounts of stuff. My new vehicle is AWD, has a 1500 pound payload and tows up to 5000 pounds. Perfect for my needs. It is 4 door with plenty of room in the back for the two grandkids. The tailgate is two way for easy loading, and there is a lockable, waterproof trunk. I bought a Honda Ridgeline.
  10. bugsNbows

    Any cigar smokers here

    Smoking (anything) sucks. Totally not interested!
  11. bugsNbows

    Treestand types

    Got one more hang-on stand to sell, then will use ladders and ground blind only. Getting too old!
  12. bugsNbows


    Yikes! It probably went over my camp!
  13. bugsNbows

    Thoughts on this guy?

    Food plots are ok but baiting is not. What am I missing? LOL
  14. bugsNbows

    What the heck..

    Sounds racist to me!
  15. bugsNbows


    I'd say you did well. I'd take that Winny over the Tikka ANY DAY!