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  1. My Full Auto Crossbow

    Assault crossbow... probably be banned! LOL
  2. Craziest thing you've ever found in the woods

    I suppose you recognize the back seat huh? LOL
  3. Even IF voted yes, still not likely of occurring.
  4. Good thing she wasn’t seated! LOL
  5. US Open is humbling

    I thought Phil’s explanation was a bit cheesy. IMO, he should have been DQ.
  6. Sad accident - hunter shot in Quebec

    I will never understand how a “hunter” could ever shoot another “hunter”.
  7. US Open is humbling

    Tiger starts out with a triple and a bogey. LOL. Couldn't happen to a nicer smuck!. Go DJ!!!
  8. Wall coming along nicely

    Very nice... congrats.
  9. Maher = a penis with ears.
  10. War on weeds year 2

    No offense intended.
  11. War on weeds year 2

    First of all, Round-Up is a non-selective herbicide, but it won't kill everything. Tank mixing different products is fine as long as the product labels permit. Always try a small area first and observe what happens. There are products to "sterilize" areas that won't allow re-growth for fairly long periods of time. However, you need to use these with caution as there may be undesirable future consequences. DO NOT use rates higher than specified. How dead can you kill something anyway?
  12. Finished my carved hiking stick.

    Agreed. Pygmy comes to mind.
  13. Who Remembers This Actor??

    Why buy the cow if you get the milk for free?
  14. Caught in a bug storm tonight

    Reminds me of our 2x per year love bug flights.