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  1. Safety chains hooked... check.
  2. Nice! I too like those minimalist design holsters.
  3. I have a Glock 20 with a CT green rail laser next to my bed. Pity any poor sob that tries something stupid.
  4. I once heard an interesting statement... a deer thinks every hunter is a stump in the woods. A turkey thinks every stump in the woods is a hunter. I've found the latter to be closer to the truth.
  5. LNIB, 1” aluminum, medium height. Picatinny and STANAG (NATO) spec. $130 new. Sell for &95 including shipping.
  6. My one and only is a springer… Air Arms TX200. Deadly on tree rats.
  7. I agree that the BLR is a nice looking rifle.
  8. I just read where a lady named “Sis” recently passed in Addison NY. Folks, I’m quite sure that is Pygmy’s (Dan Clark’s) wife. Very sad. I had the pleasure of dining with Dan and Sis on a couple of occasions. Very nice couple. RIP. Prayers for Dan and the entire family.
  9. I read this morning that this is on hold. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen though.
  10. They source out their design specs all over. I think most are from Pacific Rim countries such as the Philippines.
  11. Good stuff. Also liked their tribute performance of StairwayTo Heaven at the Kennedy Center a few years back.
  12. Sounds like typical NYS issues.
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