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  1. Ah, leaving NY. What a feeling. Kind like dropping a huge porcelain python.
  2. Too big for a Pygmy pile!
  3. Dogwoods are thinking about turning here.
  4. Down here, SEC football rules. Imagine being a Gator fan in the middle of Ga bulldog territory. I’m tolerated though because I did my undergrad studies at UGA.
  5. LSWho sucks. Ed O is on the hot seat. As usual, Bama rolls. Ga beats Clemson in a sleep fest. My Gators win but still look like crap… except for Anthony Richardson. SEC forever boys.
  6. Love the sound of those old Norton’s. Congrats
  7. Bet she is nekid under those clothes.
  8. I would not recommend Nikon. They are out of the scope business. Vortex, Sightron and Leupold are all solid choices.
  9. Pretty nice stands. My only complaint (with most all of these) is that they are made in China. I'm sick of supporting our enemy.
  10. After not owning a Glock for many years, I finally gave in. Just picked up a 20 in 10mm. So far, so good.
  11. Nice place. Hope your weather is good. It will likely be hot and humid. Don’t forget the sunscreen.
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