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  1. Who is the resident scatologist on here?
  2. I had that last year (only on my left foot). Unfortunately I broke my big toe on the right foot. I hobbled around for several months. Very painful. I did end up getting some special footwear that helped immensely. Good luck.
  3. Voting is not a right... it's a privilege.
  4. Yeah but... the Libturd Dummocraps are propping King Andy up to be the salvation to the Biden train wreck.
  5. I have bought and sold all my life. No regrets. Anybody want a cherry Dakota 10 in .257 Roberts?
  6. More to a nice lawn than just green!
  7. Scared the schit right out of him! LOL
  8. Just saw that. Too bad. RIP Sir.
  9. True dat. Weeds don't cause a poor lawn... they are the result of one. Chemicals help though! LOL
  10. Hunting for the one-eyed snake in a turtleneck?
  11. I have investigated the TVM line. In a percussion, the Leman seems nice.
  12. O V E R . The only way!
  13. Give Jerry at Tapp Nation a call. He can build you some (great) arrows.