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  1. We did the trip and had a good time. We struck out on the trout fishing but it was plenty of fun anyway. When I get some time I'll post more details.
  2. Thanks everyone. I am trying to decide between mid-April and mid-May. Those 2 options are based on his school schedule so I can't just switch it to the end of April, etc. I think April would save us from insects but the water may be too cold for good fishing. Mid-May would probably be perfect for fishing but I have heard black flies can be brutal around that time. As much time as I have spent in the woods, I have still not experienced black flies but I have heard they can be brutal and ruin a trip.
  3. I am leaning toward Pharaoh Lake since I am familiar with the area. The lake is 100 feet deep in places. I am not sure if we'll be able to reach the fish from shore but it's worth a try. Thanks.
  4. Thanks everyone. I do have tents and will bring one. I'll pick up a bear canister. I used to throw my food in a nylon bag and hang it up in a tree but I am sure a bear could figure that out. I need to get a bear canister anyway for hunting up there.
  5. Thanks. We would spend 2 or 3 nights. I did see that Pharaoh Lake is stocked. I am not sure how hard it would be to fish without a boat but it might be the best option of the lakes I know. There are supposed to be brook trout and lakers in there.
  6. Hi Everyone. I am looking to take my 12 yo son on a camping/fishing trip this spring. I am thinking a lake in the Adks that requires hiking in would be a fun option. A lot of them have lean-tos so that would be nice if not already occupied. I have experience hunting in the Adks, especially the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, but I have never fished there. I am thinking about trying Pharoah Lake for trout. Do any of you have experience fishing there? If not, can you recommend a place a ways in from the roads where we would have a good fishing opportunities. Thanks
  7. I think he looks older than 3.5 but I am no expert. I shot a 4.5 year-old buck in VT that was smaller than that. That one looks like he would dress out at 185-195 lbs to me.
  8. Yeah, I’d imagine prespawn walleyes are bunched up at the base of the dam. It might be worth a try but it would be potentially dangerous. I would try it under the right conditions. My buddy was pretty much done fishing after the first hour of the first day. I was less adventurous than I would have been solo since he is way less gung ho. He’s a good guy but loses interest fast.
  9. We stayed by the wall. The river looked pretty treacherous to wade. We saw a couple guys across the river wading a bit but no one near the dam. We actually went to the salmon river too. That is where we saw a guy catch a steelhead. We didn't see any catches in the Oswego. It was a stronger and faster current there than I expected. it is hard for me to imagine walleye in the Oswego current but I know people catch them there.
  10. We had a fun trip but didn’t catch any fish. We fished both the Salmon River and Oswego River. We were starting to think the steelhead were just a myth to attract tourists (like the Loch Ness Monster) but the a guy near us managed to catch one. That was the only fish that we saw caught. I might try again this spring if I can get some free time.
  11. We are making the trip tomorrow. We postponed for 2 weeks hoping for better weather but it looks like the gamble didn’t work. It’s going to be cold and windy but it beats watching t.v.
  12. Yeah, it seems like fun. I ride with some friends at different times. The one guy also ride a road bike and is over 6’ and probably 150 lbs. I would need an ebike to keep up with him on the climbs. On the downhills, I have the momentum!
  13. Cool. I have never tried an ebike but I am interested in them. I don’t want one yet or I’ll have a hard time going back to a regular bike.
  14. $1300 isn’t bad at all. The guy I know had a big Cummins diesel generator and a big fuel tank. I forget what he said it cost but I remember thinking it was crazy expensive. (The number sticking in my head is $25k but I may be mistaken).
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