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  1. Yeah, I’d imagine prespawn walleyes are bunched up at the base of the dam. It might be worth a try but it would be potentially dangerous. I would try it under the right conditions. My buddy was pretty much done fishing after the first hour of the first day. I was less adventurous than I would have been solo since he is way less gung ho. He’s a good guy but loses interest fast.
  2. We stayed by the wall. The river looked pretty treacherous to wade. We saw a couple guys across the river wading a bit but no one near the dam. We actually went to the salmon river too. That is where we saw a guy catch a steelhead. We didn't see any catches in the Oswego. It was a stronger and faster current there than I expected. it is hard for me to imagine walleye in the Oswego current but I know people catch them there.
  3. We had a fun trip but didn’t catch any fish. We fished both the Salmon River and Oswego River. We were starting to think the steelhead were just a myth to attract tourists (like the Loch Ness Monster) but the a guy near us managed to catch one. That was the only fish that we saw caught. I might try again this spring if I can get some free time.
  4. We are making the trip tomorrow. We postponed for 2 weeks hoping for better weather but it looks like the gamble didn’t work. It’s going to be cold and windy but it beats watching t.v.
  5. Yeah, it seems like fun. I ride with some friends at different times. The one guy also ride a road bike and is over 6’ and probably 150 lbs. I would need an ebike to keep up with him on the climbs. On the downhills, I have the momentum!
  6. Cool. I have never tried an ebike but I am interested in them. I don’t want one yet or I’ll have a hard time going back to a regular bike.
  7. $1300 isn’t bad at all. The guy I know had a big Cummins diesel generator and a big fuel tank. I forget what he said it cost but I remember thinking it was crazy expensive. (The number sticking in my head is $25k but I may be mistaken).
  8. Thank God! I hope she is okay.
  9. If I had a lot of money, I might do this. It sounds like a good idea. I know a guy who had a diesel generator installed at his house. It was pretty costly, I think. For me, I can live without electricity if need be. My cabin in the woods has no electricity and I have grown to like it that way.
  10. I have field dressed deer with a lot of knives and they have all worked fine as long as they are sharp. I always see Havalon-style knives suggested. I own one and use it for certain tasks but have never used it for deer. I think they are good for certain things but a traditional knife is more versatile. I wouldn’t want to go into the woods with just a Havalon. Since I am already carrying a knife (usually a Buck or Benchmade) I just field-dress it with that. Now, If I am going to be boning it out in the field, then I might bring the Havalon. Most of the time, my Havalon collects dust.
  11. Change of plans. I talked to my friend and he still wants to go. We understand that there is a good chance that we get skunked but, barring something unforeseen, we are planning to head up on Friday morning. We should get to the river around 11:00 or 12:00. I am hoping the moving water will mean that it is open water and fishable. I have all the gear we need, I think. We are planning to drift floats with beads, jigs, spawn sacks, etc. Our plan is to stay at a local hotel and fish Saturday too. If the Oswego seems hopeless after Friday, we might try somewhere else on Saturday. We’
  12. Yeah, this time of year I fish from shore.
  13. Yeah, I was out on Sunday and didn’t get a bite. I was using jigs with soft plastics. Minnows may have done better but they are hard to find since Cabela’s drove the local bait shops out of business. I don’t have the patience to buy the at Cabela’s. I did see a lot of waterfowl and a big ass beaver that kept swimming around. I caught some pretty nice walleye last winter but it was a bit warmer than this year. I’ll be trying again tomorrow or Sunday. I might even bring my 9 year-old son. He’s been asking to go but he’ll be bored after 15 minutes. I get bored this time of year so
  14. Thanks. I appreciate the advice. I am itching to get out but maybe I'll wait a few weeks. I don't know if I can wait until April but I can make it until March, haha. I'll focus on walleye down here in the meantime. I bought a pair of stockingfoot waders and boots. I got the felt soles but that might make things slippery in sub-freezing temps. I was thinking about fishing from an area they call the high wall. I guess I can pick up a cheap pair of lug soled wading boots to increase my versatility. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for the info. I wonder if it might make sense for me to push the trip back a week or two.
  16. Update: I got some gear together. I bought an inexpensive centerpin setup (11'6" rod and an Okuma something or other) and I have long spinning rods (10'6" and 10'). I think I have all of the gear that I need: floats, sinkers, leader, jigs, trout beads, spawn sacks, etc.) I talked to a guy who speculated (he's never been steelhead fishing) that it might be too cold of a winter to have much success but I am still planning to try it. My plan it to try the Oswego River next weekend. I think it can be fished without waders so I probably won't even pack them. I picked up a pair but I don't th
  17. I think the trail that I have see in Fort Ann might be controlled by this club. I'm not 100 percent sure. Home (foothillsatvriders.net)
  18. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it but there is a trail system. I think you need an annual pass to ride on it. I have seen people riding it in Fort Ann, NY and there is a sign there for it.
  19. Besides hunting and fishing, mountain biking is probably my favorite activity. I don't ride much from October until April, unfortunately. The snow and wet trails have kept me away.
  20. Wow, you do it the traditional way. I rarely grind meat.
  21. That’s crazy the airbag went off that easily.
  22. I have planted apples, crab apples, pear, and Chinese chestnuts. Apples are the highest maintenance because insects really go for the leaves. Pear is a good fruit that is low maintenance but you have to get cold hardy varieties if you are far north. Otherwise, they will freeze out. Chinese chestnuts take a few years to produce but I think they are my favorite of the trees I have planted.
  23. It’s possible. Based on my observations in PA, I think allowing crossbows had a bigger impact in suburban areas. The big woods are hard to hunt with a rifle, never mind a crossbow. I saw people near me (urban-ish) who didn’t have the time or space to practice with a bow take up crossbow. The people who were passionate about archery seem to have frequently stuck with a standard bow. I am in between and I use both/either depending on how I am feeling at the moment. Based on my observations and unscientific conclusions, I think a good number of rifle hunters have taken up crossbow hu
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