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    Immersing myself in the four cornerstones of quality deer management to the point of a mild case of drowning. Ensuring hunting will be around for the next generation.

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  1. Fairly new to indoor NRA. Like golf. You have to be consistent. Tonight was at another club range. Targets higher causes weird form stuff I'm still learning about. Botched my score a bit. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. had a heating system pipe leak at the house i just moved into. looks like someone did a half ass job soldering the elbow going into the fin tube to stop a previous leak prior to putting in the new carpet. ripped up the carpeting and working on getting it all fixed. at the office for a little then heading back home to get heat in much of the house back up and look into flooring and replacing carpet. no live from the stand for me... again. hopefully i can get out the last weekend.
  3. dbHunterNY

    I'm a proud dad of an Eagle Scout!

    i know some don't really take Boy Scouts seriously. Reaching Eagle Scout opens a lot of doors though. Congrats to him and you. Like others have said they don't just vote or hand that on a whim.
  4. dbHunterNY

    PA Girth Chart vs Live Weight Comparison

    the 28 days things must be a myth. around here rutting is pretty hard before and after the NYS deer seasons.
  5. dbHunterNY

    Visited again by DEC

    good thing DEC ECOs are now of the opinion he's a whistle blower without a cause. too bad you have to deal with that. another thing, we've gotten mature bucks that just didn't have a big rack, despite having lots of mass. last one i recall was a 6 pointer that we sent the incisors to a lab that came back at 5.5 yrs old.
  6. if he calls you Billy just play along, trust me it gets better.
  7. i got a good nights sleep over the course of well more than normal... next i know my wife has a new flagship PSE Pro Series bow with custom arrows and top of the line accessories. i don't think it's left the case in a couple years.
  8. she shoots a new mathews. high maintenance and can't listen to well. to her credit though she's keeping good form with such a heavy black bow putting so much pressure on her face. i'm giving her the benefit of the doubt she's not squared up to the target, instead of having a botched boob job. another issue. Biz's aunt could totally out shoot her.
  9. dbHunterNY

    Capital District WMA

    i'd think by now hunters have moved on to other activities. hunted a lot of the public around here but not that one yet. even if it's a bust you should still hunt it. better than sitting in a lodge like you said.
  10. dbHunterNY

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    they definitely are under staffed. Canzeri from here just crossed over into Albany county to nab some poachers. they got caught because they jacked a deer from the truck, tossed it in the back, but it wasn't dead. they got caught from the aftermath and looking for it. we've had columbia county ECO's travel north to assist out here too. also had some from region 5 head south.
  11. dbHunterNY

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    i get that scenario.
  12. dbHunterNY

    New Bow 2019

    i'm really curious about the Realm SS.
  13. dbHunterNY

    New Bow 2019

    i've shot the RPM 360. i could see it being a handful if you get lax with shooting. not really what i think of as a hunting bow. even for western stuff.
  14. dbHunterNY

    New Bow 2019

    can't justify ditching my 2011 PSE Evo it works. i've gotten newer bows since and sold them. only one i've kept was my 3D rig which is a 39" ata Elite Victory.
  15. dbHunterNY

    Locating And Using Rocks To Start A Fire.

    take a cotton ball and some petroleum jelly or vaseline. pull it apart a little and kneed in the vaseline real good make a bunch then put them in two separate bags/containers. one in pack and another on you with anything to light it. you could even make ice into a lens.