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  1. Venison chili (with beans) last night for dinner and now for lunch at the office. Mad dash to clean out the freezer and make room. Season is here! Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  2. you're right! he was shot point blank range. having a convo with my wife about someone being ill and i guess i typed it. he didn't die right away. they had to pull roosevelt off mt marcy and get back to buffalo ny asap. we also went to a museum and the historian was telling the story multiple times while we there.
  3. Wife and i anniversary with a lot going on to get away. so we did a quick trip up north into the adirondacks. revolution rail trail bike tour and then had lunch at paradox brewery in North Hudson, ny. Same area teddy Roosevelt was visiting when McKinley got [shot] and he transitioned from US VP and President. Beers I had are circle on the flight slip plus some others on the draft menu. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  4. "Do you know ryan?" Brewed by collab between fidens and widow maker. Has Citra and southern passion hops. Tropical double ipa. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  5. Wifi and I are kid-less. Wife wanted sushi... Ny roll, shrimp tempura, and spicy yam Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  6. i do which is why i mentioned going for companies that have been around that won't go belly up. these have been odd times right now though if you're in individual stocks and not funds or at least larger cap stuff.
  7. still waiting on getting mine back from someone i promised to give business to. if i tag one this year i'd make the drive and pay. lol i might have to shoot two because @518BowSlayer needs some more mounts under his belt. sent my cousin to him but yotes screwed that up.
  8. negative IMO. some stocks haven't had much correction and who knows where things will happen. if you're long term and into something that's been doing well then sure buy that. other stuff has been a toss up. time to buy was when everything was locked down during covid around 2018-2019. i was ass-ential with a pay check still coming and wished i bought more.
  9. i sharpen everything that i take out of the box/package; fixed, mechanicals, cut on contact, replacement blades, etc. more often it's just stropping on leather with micro polish. definitely makes them sharper which only helps them cut what you stick. i've made different jigs/wedges but it's easier just to get stay sharp ones i've figure out (one of the only things i've learned from ranch fairy folks). 1000/6000 grit double sided wetstone and leather strop with ?2 micron? purple polish. pretty much what i've settled on that works pretty good. if i chip an edge pretty bad i try to replace the blade if i can. single piece cut on contact heads i'll then take a smith hand held diamond plate tool to knock things down more because i'm doing all sides regardless if not all are chipped. otherwise i 1000 grit wetstone takes too long.
  10. if I remember I've got a similar photo, but it's with one of the neighbors dogs running a doe! i remember one season some unknown irresponsible owners let their dogs run loose. They ran deer out from under me at a handful of times that season. At least if it was a yote i could've fixed the situation. I tried to call them over one time but they were too wound up chasing deer.
  11. my parent's bought and flipped foreclosures or estates upgrading and getting close to the water each time. this was before the crazy shift in flood insurance increases in costs and requirements several years ago. they're in a neighborhood with zoning for particular things but pretty sure no HOA. Their house is in a canal neighborhood but there's one of the places right on the Gulf that overlooks a shallow bay. social hub too as everyone there that's heading out to sea idles by in the channel. big area of decorative stone pavers or otherwise crushed limestone all out back so there's really hardly anything for grass. housing went up but definitely money to be made. there house, so they can go down whenever they want. we're heading down for spring break when the kids are out of school.
  12. Definitely makes sense. My Kentucky mountain buck from last season was barely a 9pt into the 130s. Yours is really close to mine Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  13. climate change and global warming discussion wasn't really on the rails here anyway but i'll give my 2 cents. Right in Al Gore's days of hitting his stride with it I was in college at SUNY Buffalo. He assembled a massive presentation with scientific charts, etc with the help of climate experts. We sat through it which was over a couple hours and even had Q&A. I didn't feel any information he presented was false the least bit. it was very well put together in white paper like form. being an engineering student here's where i feel his overall pitch of why fell apart. all the compiled data is a sliver in earths history which in terms of climate has been recorded as having a cyclical change with exceptions being the front end of "ice ages" that nature seems to use as a correction tool. what he was doing was in essence trying to use one day of trading to project futures in the stock market. i do agree that we as a civilization here on earth need to take steps to prevent pollution and be more clean. even participated in a collegiate competition with a portion of the teams diving into "zero-emission" electric snowmobiles for research use in say the polar regions where IC engine exhaust would effect research testing. I strongly feel society is being led down an unfeasible path with EV's and other green energy plans that consume massive amounts of resources before and after to implement that make them not so green. covid lock down may have gone over like a fart in the wind for prevention but one thing it did do was clean up the environment for that short duration of time. we need to stifle our materistic needs and consume less trivial shit to produce less waste. be smart about using things like AC, heat, and minimizing driving/burning of fossil fuels. that'll do more.
  14. my parents where just out in the boat in florida gulf beached on a sand bar with other boats, bikinis, and brew. had their asses in beach chairs sitting in 85+ degree water. sounds like you have a geographical dilemma despite vacation homes are sold every day. lol
  15. harmless unless you're allergic. you'd see them around and a bee keeper will often come remove them for free to get the queen, bees, and honeycomb.
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