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  1. i heard a story i believe to be true of an individual who's uncle give him a 22mag so he could go "deer hunting" with the grown ups. he happened to see a deer and took a long shot. by nothing but chance it ended up being a headshot. guys came over in disbelief and wondering what the hell they do now.
  2. lose the cape. it causes air resistance and drag. keep the hat with the spinner on top though but add a chin strap. it'll help with lift.
  3. if you can shoot it accurately... but still i don't want to be the story in camp of the guy that the bear made it to, took a few bites, and then died with a dead bear on top of me. lol
  4. my logical engineering mind tells me this but my experience creating borderline superstition says for whatever reason 150gr just puts them down better for shots within 250 yards. same ammo across multiple brands only changing bullet weight from 150 and 180. keep going back to 150gr. i've probably taken more doe legally than i should to experiment with this. only thing i can think of is more energy dissipating in the animal to effect the central nervous system versus more carried through with the 180s. again logic tells me i'm being ridiculous but i can't shake it every time i dump a deer. Federal Fusion 150gr have grown on me too much.
  5. most recent gun purchase is a Browning 7-08 and it's a compact model sighted in with 120ish grain hornady reduced recoil loads. oh how i'm squirming by not sending some 150gr rounds down the tube and using it myself. still it does well on deer and serves the purpose i need it to right now. very light and accurate too. I'd use it on anything here in NY without hesitation. even if they made moose legal to hunt and a mythical mountain lion carrying big foot showed up. so i'd pick that over the others despite ammo harder to come by.
  6. i've taken quite a few deer for here in NY given my situation. much more and it'd mean I'm hunting a southern state with much more liberal tag allocations and populations to support taking so many. taken most of my deer with '06 between the two. honestly i don't own a 308 right now because it does nothing an '06 can't. lighter rifle? you're splitting hairs that likely won't notice here in NY. recoil for both seems very manageable to me, so much it's a moot point. 308 inherently more accurate? not from what i've seen that trumps the person behind the trigger or a plain great shooting rifle/ammo combo. agree you could go after anything walking in north america with a sane mind, except for biggest few of bear species.
  7. it's funny everyone talks about hinges, index triggers, and thumb triggers. very few people shoot a true back tension/resistance activated release. both carter and stan make them. i'm sure there must be others.
  8. they get cold really quick and you'll want to set up in a spot where they'll see a lot, even if it doesn't set you up well for a shot.
  9. another thing. that size atv i wouldn't go with power steering you don't need it and it's another thing to break. unless you have a shoulder or other physical impairment, just get the wheels rolling and it'll turn plenty well enough.
  10. we've burned threw wheelers on the farm. i had an '85 suzuki quadracer LT250R that was fast and rode nice but couldn't keep it running. an older Suzuki quadrunner 250 had so many hours/miles when the dealer took it in to replace a pump from us riding wheelies with it non stop he said he'd never seen a atv with that many. upgraded to a honda foreman 450 which handled and rode like crap but it was a bullet proof work horse for the farm. that ran until everything else around it wore out. for a while now we've had a yamaha 400 kodiak that's borderline nutless but rides really nice and had been used and abused but still runs and works. it really depends on what you're looking to do with it. in that size more CC's are welcomed no matter what you're doing. i know a lot of people with ATV's around here and it seems like Polaris has walked away with the sales within the last decade maybe. That's all I see and we've got local dealers to offer up every brand out there.
  11. Wife's 364 grain arrows just weren't driving into the targets like a was hoping. Shes only pulling 40 lbs. so I had to make some arrows that fly and hit a little more like a hammer. Her new arrows came in at 578 grains with 20.6% FOC. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. That right there just beat jerkmans meat. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. I'm always sure to shoot enough deer to last me into the following season in case a year from now tag allocations change or private land management goals change. This year covid with meat prices and supply had us not buying much. Not out yet but this year came really close. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. What?! You or the internet just made that shit up. I'm at work. Must wait until I get home. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. . Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk