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  1. Help Your Herd

    if i could give input to hinge cutting it'd be know what and why you're cutting it. don't worry about overhead canopy, as it'll just collapse and the deer won't use it as intended. last don't think you need a chainsaw. you can do a ton of hinge cutting needs with a good cutting hand saw. i know where this original post came from. honestly i'd cut flat not angled. to flat surfaces together is more stable and predictable. also you're cutting a lot less.
  2. Help Your Herd

    there's a lot they'll eat over birch in my experience. is there much sign nearby and are they browsing something else? those are questions i guess i'd be getting answers too.
  3. Beer

    it's fresh and back on the shelves. before my time but i heard it's a big deal. i liked it. figured it'd get more of a reaction. all the old farts must have been napping or in bed. lol
  4. Lowering Hunting Age

    greendrake has a valid point and he or she's entitled to their concern. no law will suddenly change that. i respect the individual posted their thoughts, maybe knowing it'd be largely disagreed with. i truely think that if lowering the age to 12 to be able to hunt with a mentor isn't being unreasonable when the rest of the country has no minimum age for this situation. also any gun is dangerous, but for decades now youth have been hitting the woods with they're mentoring hunting small game and target shooting, largely without incident. teenagers of 14-16 years old have a lot of distractions on their minds. frankly with things like school shootings i'd rather kids know more about guns capable of taking big game first hand at a sooner age if they're willing. trying to think about risks i took in life "i knew" i could get away with. before teenage years was practically sunshine and rainbows versus in my teenage years.
  5. Made it home

    looks like a nice mount to me. my cousin got a 160+" deer that i posted a while back in here. he got it back and it had some wicked swelling to the neck that looked weird honestly. it was a brute of a buck that i aged the jawbone at 5.5 yrs old though. seems like more often they look filled in everywhere and almost husky than bulging with lots of definition.
  6. Just Starting Out

    sounds like TC broke you all ready. so much for mental and financial stability. lol i just hope he let you ignorantly enjoy it and didn't explain how it works too much... the arrow that's supposed to bend when shot that you're trying to get to go lazer straight.
  7. Even better than the air gun!!

    heartless savages! why don't you use a gun! wait.... guns are bad! i mean..... aw hell. nevermind. sweet. i want one!

    actual first solo bird had them and i never saved them. each side matched at just over 1 1/2".
  9. Small Engine/Bad Gas

    i'm friends with an older guy that owns a small engine/chainsaw shop. he says to run 91 octane non-ethanol in any anything you got. so i do in anything from sled, chainsaw, tiller, to lawn mower. before off season anything with sizable tank like mower or sled it gets run and filled with fresh non-ethanol gas with stabil. premix stuff has stabil in the oil already. smaller stuff gets run with the same and then drained. smaller amount of gas the faster it breaks down and loses octane. i've never had any problems and honestly don't take my stuff in for tune ups each season either.
  10. Small Engine/Bad Gas

    ethanol gas and non-ethanol gas burn a lot different. if you're not mapped or designed to run partial ethanol gas then it creates problems like inefficient burn and higher moisture content and corrosion in fuel systems. relatively newer cars are fine and mapped accordingly but carbed small engines, things that don't run long and often, or even older classic cars don't do as well. take my fuel injected new snowmobile. it'll fowl plugs and run like crap if in "non-ethanol mode" running reg 10% ethanol gas. put it in ethanol mode and it runs great.
  11. Anyone buy the Triax?

    the million to his wife seems off. seems like the rumor crap you'd hear on archerytalk and through gossip. I'd believe it if that was what they paid him for the 10 year contract including provisions for or a little extra for each engagement/event and bonus money for a tournament placing. it's not a sport you get rich on unless you do outside seminars and PR events that third parties are paying you for. maybe i'm wrong.
  12. just for insurance, registration, and club membership alone sledding is an expensive hobby. add in parts that need replacing here and there even more money. it's stupid fun though if the white stuff is stacking up.
  13. this year at the Upper Hudson River Valley QDMA banquet we're having at least a Cam X330 and Scorpyd Orion Extreme crossbows. Makes a guy want full inclusion even more. Things are sick crossbows.
  14. Anyone buy the Triax?

    if it had normal or small looking cams it was probably a TRX7 it's 40" A-A
  15. Anyone buy the Triax?

    outdoors is his wheel house. they're pretty different honestly.