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  1. dbHunterNY


    what's crazy is the possibility that you all have sat down in proximity to one another at some point surfing these forums and probably never realized it. the quirks of NYC folk minding their own sh*t. lol
  2. dbHunterNY


    you sound like a kid that just had a revelation and is raiding his parent's medicine cabinet to get drunk. lol
  3. dbHunterNY

    2012 Ford Raptor

    someone got a badass truck. wish you the best future with your white barbie jeep.
  4. dbHunterNY

    Banned from local Facebook group

    i think it's not feasible to have a list and a 3 strike rule for getting it. honestly first responders don't have the time to call in or check any kind of list. i will say it's absolute BS that an epipen cost so much and narcan is free. i know someone who is in recovery. his dad found him dead. he was brought back to life. years later at a wedding with his WHOLE family there he did it again. EMT's and police came to the hotel room on the floor we were all staying and gave him narcan. he lived, again. i can't in my right mind say they shouldn't give it. him not living would've been much worse. he felt like shit and obviously struggles with the temptation every day. i struggle i'll never know or understand. still it's not a disease. he had and still has a choice, despite it's a hard one. people with a disease don't. seeing what he put the whole family through, AGAIN. he deserves every shot to the chin life gives him, because life has given him a 3rd chance. they should be forced to pay for narcan and more importantly they should do community service say once every 6 months or so that somehow forces them to see damage to families the choice makes. help out in a detox unit. help bury someone would didn't make it like they did. anything like that will work. good three strike rule would be you give up where and from who you got it or go to prison for a minimum of 10 years. ...sorry for the serious post. the OP got banned..
  5. dbHunterNY

    New to us boat.

    looks like a boat load of fun.
  6. dbHunterNY

    New Xbow legislation for 2019 introduced

    will be working on a trespassing bill i think in the future. no reason the help this thru in the next session if needed. write your reps now though! more importantly if in committee you contact everyone on it, especially the chairs office. ask your friends to do so as well. Woernor helped us (QDMA) with the poaching bill, now this, and likely the trespassing bill. she's a champion for outdoor sportsmen (and women) in a time where they are few and far between.
  7. dbHunterNY

    New Xbow legislation for 2019 introduced

    leaves committee and still needs to be read and voted on. you lost half that time left by default.
  8. dbHunterNY

    Fox predation on fawns

    most think coyotes just eat every deer. they don't think of bear, fisher, bobcats, and fox.
  9. dbHunterNY

    New Broadheads

    i've acquired so many i'll still be using the ones i've got for a long time. design look pretty robust though. should be a tough head.
  10. my experience too. albeit remove "caribou" and not the quantity of critters i'd imagine.
  11. caliber wise no. load wise as some relate rifle rounds to then it could definitely be. you can load down a 50 cal with a sabot that glides down the barrel to muzzleloader energy equivalent of a 9mm pistol. not crazy amounts of expansion some would like and you're limited to bow range. works well though for youth or people with bad or recovering shoulders that can't take the abuse and otherwise would sit out gun season. ML have a push more than a sharp recoil.
  12. dbHunterNY

    How long is to long

    Cant wait to see it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. None are at the apex. If it was solely people, wolves would be removed entirely and hunting would be allowed in the parks. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. exactly. i think the reintroduction of wolves and what they have done in the parks is awesome. it all ends outside of the park boundaries though. they aren't necessary when we're serving as a predator. plus human and wolf confrontations makes things even more complicated. like anything else that's preyed on most will stick to where it's safe. them being territorial only the strongest and most thriving will be in the parks. once a wolf leaves the park it's like nature inside the park, only now the wolf isn't the apex predator. wildlife, including wolves, should be conserved and not protected.
  15. dbHunterNY

    How long is to long

    jesus... i was wait for a big one to bring one out to you. now it's going to have to be a really big SOB. lol