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  1. between all the streaming we have now it's hard to justify still having cable. might seem like a silly thing to have for some but it's not if you give it a try.
  2. i'm pampered. i've always hunted with a rifle and had land destined for reasonably long pokes.
  3. ....but you shoot a trad bow and kill things so you kinda are. just saying.
  4. not out as far as you were shooting apparently. lol maybe some day i'll run out of lead.
  5. with the weight retention of copper i'd think with that combo you'd never find the bullet?? i don't have experience with either but with lead with a lot less ass and speed behind it. always had pass throughs. must be a tough critter you're shooting.
  6. you really think it's just a lb or two? seems like more when i've done it. seems like even with rinsing off all the hemorrhaging and clotted blood to save a lot, you're still cutting out a lot. bone fragments and the mess is probably more of a pain than losing the meat. nothing to the shoulder blade but down toward the base of it is some stout bone. i'm not saying anything is wrong. if it was a really big buck i'd even intentionally aim for the shoulders. still i really try to avoid it. most deer i shoot are doe though for meat and often at least half are prior to gun season so i suppose i'm holding out a bit on shot placement.
  7. i cut up my own deer and under no circumstances do i ever put it square on the shoulder. i did it as a kid when i first started hunting because i thought it was cool to have it drop and take the legs right out from under it. the results are tragic though. same as any shot aft of the diaphragm.
  8. call me silly but a lot of southern zone public land is heavily pressured with stand locations or people traffic that don't change much. also some public land once hunting season is over you have to stick to trail system. I go anytime I'm free to scout. right now is good around here because all that snow is melting off. bring a weapon with it still being deer season. you'll still see trails and a lot of deer sign if you're looking for it. if you don't have a tag for anything then wait until after the season like the others said. otherwise you're just being a dick.
  9. make sure you have decent back cover or pick out a nice tree to be behind at the edge of the field. if the sun as at your back too even better. problem is that before you were close to where another deer would bust you but now you could be. don't want him standing out in the field and have another deer blow at you and run him off the field.
  10. thinking i'm kind of a fan of the 120gr Hornady reduced recoil loads. Only because it seems to shoot well and my mentee did well with them. if it were me just shooting the gun i'd go with the bigger chunk of copper or at least not as slow. 120gr barnes makes sense.
  11. i'm getting around to do one but i have a wooden plaque setup for it, converts between wall and pedestal mount.
  12. it'd be crazy and world news if Mary Lee showed up again and got tagged.
  13. i think i like honey badgers. anything that kills a python and then can send anything close to a coyote off running is badass in my book too.
  14. Not sure what remaining mentees plans are. I'm going to have my ML ready in case. We're kind of at the threshold for doe quota for the farm but still as a co-op have small number of DMAP tags available from landowners who turned them back in mid season. I might be able to take one more this weekend that's within reasonable travel distance of the farm. Can always go to them if they have an over the counter dmp for where they have access. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. 6 of 9 new hunters have successfully taken their first deer. Hopefully more to follow in late season. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk