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  1. In tonight. Heavy rain. Was hoping its be snow. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. if the others do banquets like ours here in the east you win a prize just for showing up and finding your seat. i think this year we're doing logo'd pint beer glasses again. i guess you'd be screwed out of that excuse. lol
  3. i would seek help from someone who knows their crap when it comes to apple tree pruning. just for the first couple trees. then take what you learned to do the rest.
  4. QDMA 2020 Conservation Seed Program!!! Feb. 1st. Deadline. Happy new year, and I hope 2020 is starting off well for you. I’m writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity QDMA is providing to our members. We are pleased to offer a Conservation Seed Program to help get viable seed planted across the landscape to benefit whitetails, other wildlife species, and your hunting this fall. Through a national program we’re able to acquire out-of-date seed and provide it to you at extremely reduced prices. The germination rate will likely be less than 100 percent, but still very good relative to cost of the seed. It’s important to note the seed can’t be sold for profit, traded or bartered, it has to remain standing for wildlife use, and it can’t be fed directly to livestock or wildlife. The following Branches are participating in the QDMA Seed Program. We encourage members to support your local Branches by attending an upcoming banquet. Without the Branches involvement in QDMA’s mission, we would not be able to bring this program to our New York members. Please contact the closest Branch from the list in this eblast to purchase soybeans. Prepayment to the Branch at the time of order is required. QDMA members can order soybeans for $11 per 50-lb bag. The soybeans are group 1-3 beans and are glyphosate resistant. The seed will be delivered as soon as it’s available in March/April. Non-QDMA members can take advantage of this opportunity by joining QDMA. Seed must be inoculated for germination. Simple cheap process though. Also (1) bag does about 1 acre if hand broadcasted. For those closest to the RENSSELAER, SARATOGA, WASHINGTON, AND WARREN county area let me know on here or contact David Collins. Upper Hudson River Valley Branch David Collins - Johnsville, NY 518-860-2733 gascollins@aol.com Banquet is March 7 in Greenwich, NY Other branches..... Black Dirt Branch Jason Ketcham - Orange County, NY 845-377-6093 blackdirtnyqdma@gmail.com Banquet is February 1 in Montgomery, NY Capital District Branch Joe Wendth - Albany, NY 518-522-5111 jwendth1@nycap.rr.com Banquet is March 28 in Albany, NY Cowanesque Valley Branch Kip Adams - Knoxville, PA 570-439-5696 Kadams@QDMA.com Banquet is September 19 in Knoxville, PA Northern Finger Lakes Branch Ben Williams - Lyons, NY 315-879-7802 otc.management@yahoo.com Banquet is April 18, location TBA QDMA New York State Advisory Council Mike Edwards - Springwater NY 585-813-2021 medwards@qdma.com Rochester Branch Bob Rose - Rochester, NY 585-301-1590 rochesterqdma@gmail.com Banquet is March 14 in Rochester, NY S. Chautauqua Branch Nick Lundgren - Jamestown, NY 716-450-0319 nicklundgren85@gmail.com Banquet is February 23 in Lakewood, NY Twin Tiers Branch Chuck Olin - Elmira, NY 607-426-2867 chuck@charlesolin.com Banquet is February 29 in Campbell, NY
  5. North Troy Stag Rod and Gun Club is hosting a NYS Hunter Safety class that's been scheduled for February 29, 2020 for 15 students and reservations are now open at the DEC website. This class will give new hunters a shot at spring turkey season! https://www.register-ed.com/programs/165/page:2 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. never clarified but most of the time i use baler twine from the farm to tie off the ahole. it rots eventually unlike a plastic zip tie.
  7. speaking for me i rarely shoot a deer and can drive right up to it unless it's during rifle season at the farm. we really don't have much for flat ground out this way either. if i crest a hill i'm letting that thing slide or roll down it however it will within reason as i'm usually beat by the time i've dragged it to the top. when i drag up and down hills through leaves and forest floor duff on the ground that all tends to come into contact with where the cavity was opened up. also processing my own there's a lot of brisket meat at the bottom of the chest leading up into the neck. when you cut up through this you get loss from the drag out or getting dried up from hanging same if you cut up through the neck too early in the process to remove all the wind pipe and esophagus.
  8. whenever i shoot a fox or coyote i asked around to those that trap or hunt them to see if the hide is wanted. many times a broadhead or deer caliber rifle was used. always end up with people saying no. just not worth the effort anymore and with the potential damage i guess. like this year i got a real nice blondish red female yote that likely weighed in the high 30's opening day of regular deer season. nobody wanted it.
  9. gloves i take with me. wipes i use are the flushable, septic safe kind, that breakdown fast made by Scott. not your normal wipes that should be thrown in the trash.
  10. i don't bother anymore but have done this with a $5 lansky pocket folding knife. just have to be in the right spot, not on bone but in cartilage.
  11. using the long plastic ones by themselves is useless can't hang onto anything. hard to get the latex ones over them without tearing at base of fingers. i just use latex (actually food grade heavy vynl gloves) and then baby wipes to wipe off the little bit on my arms from reaching in. everything goes into a ziploc bag i take with me. i'm clean enough to go out to eat right after.
  12. i don't i open up cavity to the beast bone and diaphragm then stop with the deer on it's back. cut diaphragm out and dump the over to remove most of the blood. in the rear i follow the pelvic bone opening and cut out around butt hole, tie off, and then pull through. x2 for a doe. also when i remove genitals or udder i leave as much hide as possible on bottom round/hams. this way seems to expose less meat with less potential to get leaves, dirty, and debris in the cavity when hauling or dragging the deer out. also means i don't need to carry a saw and i don't get bone dust all over inside from sawing away at things. forgot...insert step of reaching up to grab trach and esophagus with one hand. index finger on blade spine and cut free with the other as high up as you can. when i get it back i remove the rest as soon as i can. source of bacteria.
  13. just bought some prior to christmas at harbor freight and wasn't asked.
  14. Awesome Biz. Congrats to you both and good to hear everyone's healthy. Hard to describe and other dads with daughters will understand, but she'll make you a changed man!
  15. welcome mathew! honestly though i'm wondering when jacob.... schmidt is going to join? that dude has a following.