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  1. NE IPA from a local brewery. Owner is a landowner in our QDM co-op too. This one Joann is more session like but good. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. The Upper Hudson River Valley QDMA branch had our 2nd whitetail and conservation 101 class last night. It was again at the 4H training center in ballston spa, ny. Venison tacos were the first night and last night was pulled venison sliders, snack sticks, and jerky. Other sides to go with the venison too. We covered a whitetails senses, habits, and briefly strategy on how to hunt them. Including resources for doing so. Each new hunter got a free 1 yr premium subscription On-X Hunt maps. Sunday will be hunter ed, range day with 22lr rifles, and purchasing their licenses for them. Also they'll get some goodies to use on their hunt as well. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. well within your wheel house for either trad bow or compound. send it. ahaha
  4. nice job. i use to film stuff for my own use and sharing with others that hunt with me. standard def so that sony cam is more or less useless now. i have a nice nikon dslr but have told myself i'm never bringing it up in a tree. if i ever dropped it out of the tree i'd puke. camera arm i found out is as important as the camera. that one seems to work good. cheap ones are hard to stay the same tightness when panning. also start and stop of motion is super jittery. your video didn't have any of that. really well done. stayed on it too after the shot not zoomed too far in. mine's good for 20 mins of HD video recording at a time. if i hike into Pine Bush I've got more to worry about more power to you.
  5. Disabled vet hunt in the works. second field to fork class tomorrow night.
  6. private land isn't much different in places. we've got neighbors stands we see close to borders. last buck i took it almost in the barnyard as i actually left that side of a 330+ acre farm because every direction i saw orange. lol
  7. that'd be interesting numbers to see. hunting out in WNY vs here i don't notice any difference. seems like there's plenty hunters per sq mile out here in the east too. it is what it is. i took my doe in a brown it's down war zone as to save opportunity on the farm for others. we only take so many doe otherwise we wouldn't see anything.
  8. Rensselaer county's ECO Canzeri met with some local youth hunters during the NYS promoted Columbus Day weekend youth hunt. The youth hunt was organized through Capital District Sportsmen group (on facebook) and the Upper Hudson River Valley QDMA branch. Local QDM co-op landowners opened up their property to the youth hunters and their mentors. Several local landowners volunteered their property for future youth hunts. Some youth hunters couldn't make it do to sports and other conflicting activities that weekend. We plan on making this an annual event. You may have seen a Finger lakes youth hunt on the internet with many more involved. It's important to realize we have a historic antlerless deer take in this WMU of 3.2 antlerless deer per square mile per DEC, being located in the foothills of the Adirondacks. . This is less than 1/4 taken from some WMU's in central to WNY. Makes for a tall order asking already hunted property to allow access and providing opportunity. Fortunately, all had opportunity and a great weekend. Some just couldn't quite seal the deal.
  9. yea hopefully the cleaned and took care of the bore well. it's likely worth the $400.
  10. my years are far too young compared to others on here to foresee things with such wisdom. that said a pinto doe would make a hunter shake so bad the arrow would be off its mark. little joe and hoss both are likely to be hit by it. twice. idk how but twice.
  11. here i thought brindle was a rarity. i think pinto has brindle beat for piebald deer.
  12. the one buck is mature despite it doesn't have a jaw dropping large rack.
  13. it depends some for whatever reason do when they get all rutted up. injury, stress, idk. I've had bucks up to 5.5 years old though and couldn't tell any difference between that and another buck. could imagine the getting bucks 5.5+ yrs old every year around here whether on cam or to hunt. it takes a lot to keep the whole town at bay once one turns 3.5 or 4.5 yrs old. lol