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  1. Yes. The blades fold forward like other rage heads. Only Rage head that's illegal that I'm aware of is the original 3 blade. This is because while the blades also fold forward they can in some cases bind up with each other and not go forward all the way to be "not barbed". All 2 blades I believe aren't an issue. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  2. Good luck. Might make it down to Pine Bush tomorrow evening. Focused on getting things ready for KY and maybe Ohio though. Anyway I've learned that if you have any reservations in your gut then you should pass. you shouldn't have regrets if you do. You got the drop on him and that's the hardest part. There's satisfaction in that. Heck I take photos or video if I have time. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  3. Last deer I put more than one into to stop it was a 180lb buck. First through the both lungs but didn't slow it down a bit. Second was within 2 inches at something like 50-75 yards. Another double lung shot. Second dumped it though which is weird because both through rib cage not should or anything solid. 9 out of 10 shots are 1 per kill with many DRT. 150gr bonded federal fusion 30-06 ammo. Most are close to 200 yards and others less than 300 yards. A small number under 100 or over 300. That kind of range spread and performance I won't see if I had a 223. Otherwise the story would probably be almost all within 100 yards worh a couple out to 200yds. More ran and less drt. Still dead deer is a dead deer. Use what you've got within its means. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  4. that's definitely odd and never have seen that before. they do get dirty though and need a pretty firm rack to lock up the lugs. at least my dad's 7600 does.
  5. i know you weren't and i agree. engineer comment was backing up the fact i probably over think things. lol no need for caps.
  6. Only picture I have of my first deer. Back when half the school suddenly didn't show up for school because "they were sick and had a fever". lol used my smart phone to take a photo of a 21 yr old printed photo that sits behind a plastic sleeve of a quilt thing my mom has. Another copy i think is in an album at their house on the farm. Thanks mom! You're up B! Edit: I still remember it and can picture my dad with two thumbs up and a big ol grin. He handed over his old chair behind a pine tree. That was the spot. Still take Field to Fork mentees there to this day for their first deer. Hopefully my kids too in the future. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
  7. i almost pulled the trigger on an upper. PMAGs and my tension and fit adjustable lower on my Springfield would function with a mil spec upper just fine. mag isn't pinned though. I can take it without significant flinch fine but doubt i'd like an un-braked 458! lol i passed .... three times actually. first was hard because I was told uppers were hard to find which isn't completely false.
  8. i typed my thoughts. i've shot a 2 liter soda bottle of water at just under 300 yards. center punched but blew the bottle open like that video. little more velocity as my savage has a 26" BBL. still this year i'm going with bonded Federal Fusions. I might some day with real close opportunity try them but i'm an engineer and it's designed as a varmint bullet not a deer bullet.
  9. it's crazy to think i've yet to see a live black bear in the wild near the adirondacks yet i've seen several moose. both bulls and cows. biggest deer track you'll ever encounter! hahaha fun joke if the person you're with doesn't know any better.
  10. i consider myself a decent shot at running deer or targets for that matter. i'm good for getting 2 shots in the vitals in open hardwoods or pines. if i put a 3rd in them it was because they were half down and not running. 2nd almost always dumped them and if it didn't the 3rd was lights out. idk how you'd get connect with 5 or 6 let alone need to shot that many times. even hitting it high back in the ass puts them standing on front shoulders not running. ive seen it. he'd definitely be annie oakley's decendent or mentor in a different life he unloaded 5 or 6 placed rounds.
  11. i've mauled this over for years, ever since i've shot Black Hills loaded 60gr vmax on woodchucks. i've slowed down a bit due to day life stuff going on but would shoot close to 100 multiple many of those years. they shot amazing (just under 1/2moa) from my savage model 12 varmint rifle on a good calm day. they destroyed and sent chucks about air born if you video the shot. even with the biggest alfalfa fattened ones, it didn't matter where you hit them. if you hit bone it just made more of a mess of them despite lack of energy compared to larger caliber. any deer i found people had shot turned insides to soup. some squared up on shoulder but no pass through and barely no weight retention despite a dead deer. slightly quartering deer same thing. total broadsided deer through the ribs was the way to go holding tight as comfortable to heart/shoulder. often made big holes but sometimes only the entrance. sometimes pass through had core and jacket to give you a couple holes if both made it between ribs. some pretty far at 200 yards but most well within a 100 yards. definitely not driving deer. all selective shots. brush in my opinion doesn't mean anything. I've seen Petzal and other grizzly old gun gurus test the brush buster theory with fit the task big guns and brush will deflect anything, especially a pointed sleek lighter bullet. i will shoot a deer with my AR. I believe well within a 100 yds a Vmax will dump a deer or it won't make it far. i like two holes and a bullet with weight retention that small though, especially if i catch any bone. for that reason i picked up plenty of Federal Fusion 62gr bonded ammo for the task. My years worth of thoughts, research, and worries summed up anyway.
  12. being at the foothills of the adirondacks the tried and true deer drive gun was a Remington semi-auto or pump. same for fast follow ups until the mag is empty or the deer has hit the dirt.
  13. nice hope he sticks around this season. maybe he'll switch to being a home body now. should have daylight pics if that ends up being the case.
  14. trigger pulls don't make you cringe when your cost is a fraction of what people are paying for now. I have reloading components except maybe hotter large rifle primers for the deer rifles. when i made it to action pistol shoots this summer i was shooting 9mm at $0.15-.20 per round vs over a $1 that some shooters paid with recently bought ammo. we were doing a shoot per week. isn't cheap when you shoot multiple mags per stage and a handful of stages per shoot. they enjoyed it though so good for them.
  15. mojo - sound was purpose of that post. agree boosted and tuned boosted is a big difference.
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