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    Immersing myself in the four cornerstones of quality deer management to the point of a mild case of drowning. Ensuring hunting will be around for the next generation.

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    Browning and Remington 30-06s, Savage 223, TC ProHunter muzzleloader
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  1. ....you obviously didn't read past the word "butt".
  2. i don't own any guns... sadly if i did they probably wouldn't be worth anything to sell anyway. hypothetically speaking it'd be really really hard to pick if i did. your first cheap model 500 20ga that your dad got you, to rifles and pistols well over $1-2k each it wouldn't matter they'd all mean something. i did have a daisy lever action carbine air rifle a long time ago but don't know happened to it.
  3. dbHunterNY

    Logging Time

    Been going since last year selectively logging for both firewood and timber. if it's not showing potential to grow straight or a seed tree it's gone. it's woods that hasn't been touched in a life time. small crew run by my 2nd cousin. they'll be there years. the one section is about 90 acres and what you western NYers would call adirondack steep terrain. lol
  4. dbHunterNY


    that's a hike from Phoenix. what are you doing over there when the salmon are running??
  5. dbHunterNY


    Dominican. Last I remember the fridge is stocked with all you can drink beer but the good stuff is at the bars and other places on site. Presidente and presidente light. the regular stuff resembled something decent. Light was horrific, something probably resembling Natty Ice or Light.
  6. dbHunterNY

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    i just want to see one in the wild. kind of weird how i haven't yet. they're around. things are smart and eluding me i guess.
  7. dbHunterNY

    Show us your rig!

    in all seriousness i think it could be done. imagine if it led to a hefty post season steak and brew bill? nothing could top it.
  8. dbHunterNY

    Show us your rig!

    only if you pair it with shiny tassels to check the wind.
  9. dbHunterNY

    Show us your rig!

    i'll take pictures of mine. i'd have to blow the dust off this year. they've been sitting awhile.
  10. dbHunterNY

    Show us your rig!

    should've ponied up for the glitter inlay. take that shine to a new level. blend right in with the early morning dew.
  11. dbHunterNY

    Lineman’s belt

    you're not alone. after every hunt i tell myself i'm going to put mineral oil or something on the squeaky barrel safety that's screwed into place once clipped in.
  12. dbHunterNY

    Suggestions for low poundage arrows please!

    i've found that D-loop length isn't as important as actually draw length of where the string comes back. adjustable release length can change to offset it while still having your digits responsible for release trigger in a natural relaxed position.
  13. dbHunterNY

    Suggestions for low poundage arrows please!

    it's tough to say an particular arrow. i've had get results with multiple brands. when you get your bow setup right i'd have an arrow with at least 7 grains per pound of finished arrow weight per draw weight. then i'd have a heavier front of center at more than 12% (often you'll see to stay within 9-15% and 15% shouldn't be the limit). also cut on contact will help but anything with a smaller cutting diameter less than 1-1/2" and not super steep blade angles will be fine. an arrow slightly on the stiff side will transfer more energy into the animal (penetration) by not bending on impact than slightly too weak one, even if you can get both to fly well enough.
  14. dbHunterNY

    Waiting for sunrise

    only place where i can shutoff my mind and not think about anything. just take in everything else that's outside my immediate bubble. not to mention a ten minute nap in the woods has you supercharged and refreshed versus the hours i sleep in my attactual bed.
  15. dbHunterNY


    taking a break for a little. little extra cash for getting a different home and going on all inclusive beach and beverage vacation in week.