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    Immersing myself in the four cornerstones of quality deer management to the point of a mild case of drowning. Ensuring hunting will be around for the next generation.

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    WMU 4, 5, 8
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    Browning and Remington 30-06s, Savage 223, TC ProHunter muzzleloader
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  1. Beer

    I've seen it often but never got it. I think I have had it once before but don't remember. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Beer

    Back in college I used to party in a bar that was a big barn at top of hill when visiting friends. For a college dive bar they had good stuff I remember. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Beer

    my go to beer when i want something light and when on vacation. with a lime
  4. Beer

    had that at a hibachi restaurant here in Albany. was like $10. i don't remember it being bad but not worth $10 a pint.
  5. Always SOMETHING...<<SIGH>>..

    i thought they were still up in the air. the one sounded like it's detached resting on the lower one. don't have anything to pull it with using a rope or chain from a safe distance?
  6. How About Some Rain

    barns are full of hay. with all the sunshine what got done, was done in a hurry.
  7. Always SOMETHING...<<SIGH>>..

    i've got a 16' pole pruner. had to harness and climb tree to pull it off from from a safe location (not underneath it looking up). maybe you can find a young buck and cheaper solution like that.
  8. Ok All You ATV Experts

    i don't remember a lot of what we have is covered under the farm because it's for farm use. either that or it isn't covered. i do know that added insurance for my sled was ridiculous and i passed on it.
  9. Ok All You ATV Experts

    i bought my wife's wedding ring set out of the country. i had to get an appraisal and it added to the policy separately. cost of an equal replacement here would sink me if i didn't have insurance. appraisal and added cost of insurance wasn't that bad.
  10. First Shot Daily Pics

    that's really good with a recurve. damn i should be shooting mine.
  11. Deer head mount

    when i lived just outside Albany versus NNE of there, i spotted a house down the road. small 1000 sq ft home with a giant elk shoulder mount front and center in the living room. took up the whole picture window looking into the house. at night the window was wide open with lights on and you could see it plain as day. must be mount "maintenance" in this case.
  12. BEARysburg!

    i'm not a bear expert. younger bear?
  13. 4H Summertime

    not too familiar with WMU 4H as much as 4J and the east side of the river. if you haven't seen anything in 3 days you might want to move the camera. another method for fields i like is putting it on field scan/time lapse mode on an inside corner facing out into the field. deer enter the field from different spots and may be just out of range for the camera's motion sensor.
  14. Freaks of Four Seasons.

    the deer are able to feed on good stuff and have stress free lives. i'm sure that allows them to express those good genetics. i know it helps with wild deer and when we bred and raised beef cattle. still cool pictures even if they're captive deer.
  15. Beer

    Mosaic hops are a go to for good breweries. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk