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  1. Jeremy K

    What's your ML load?

    Myself and 3 other CVA owners are shooting 100g of BH 209 , 300g shockwave and a federal shot primer . I'm shooting an Apex ,my buddy and his dad are shooting Accura V2s and my dad is shooting the optima V2.
  2. I havemt heard a shot since probably 1030 or so.
  3. Jeremy K

    Guns Leaning Against Rubs picture thread.

    Can we have a lesson on how to make pictures upright ,this is the only site that decides for you which way the picture should turn.
  4. I had to watch it to hear some metalica , your welcome.
  5. Jeremy K

    Hung meat

    Why let it hang if its gonna have mice pissing and shitting on it .
  6. This seems like an interesting thread , do i dare go back and start at page one ? LOL
  7. Jeremy K

    New Bow 2019

    i'll be shooting my 2011 Pure again this year . I have a 2015 Synergy that i should be selling after the holidays . I probably wont get a new bow for another couple years . I did recently buy 70 pound limbs for the Pure when i choose to upgrade.
  8. Jeremy K

    New Bow 2019

    I can't recall the exact number ,330 something comes to mind . I'm not in to speed of the arrow ,i subscribe to the theory that you should be around 260-270 anything faster and you should add weight to the arrow to achieve those speeds .
  9. Jeremy K

    New Bow 2019

    The specs on the Ritual seem perfect for me ,33.25 A to A and a 6.75 brace height.