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  1. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    My doctor asked me if I wanted one ,I asked him what he thought ,he said don't bother. I'e gotten them in the past and can' remember if they worked or not. Someone was just saying this year's flu vaccine is way off from the strain going around.
  2. Humphrey’s first

    What a cute dog , love the name too.
  3. Local Snowmobile Ride

    It's a polaris ,it's probably still on the trail .
  4. Looking into new single pin sight-opinions?

    I don't have enough stuff to sell to fund that kind of build, LOL . It will be another 3 pin HHA
  5. Looking into new single pin sight-opinions?

    I shoot 2 different HHA ,one is a single pin and one is multi pin. Very nice sight. My single pin is probably on the list of things to sell to finance a new build if I like shooting that new prime.
  6. Honda pioneer 500

    A friend of the family has a Honda side by side , granted they are hard on their toys but that Honda has been in the shop a few times for trans issues. Polaris has always been the leader when it comes to cvt, no way anyone can dispute that.
  7. Local Snowmobile Ride

    Been there before , i center punched a tree with my 04 proX 2 . I jumped off and rolled and heard the crash while rolling across the ground . In true polaris fashion ,i was still able to ride it back (slowly) , the exhaust was almost completely pinched off .
  8. Local Snowmobile Ride

    What did you hit ?
  9. Local Snowmobile Ride

    I feel your pain , I have a 1 7/8 deep lug with 2 inch picks . With mods and the gearing it' still the fastest sled to 90 I've ever owned but it requires more snow then normal. It worked great when we all rode our MX track in the winter.
  10. Grow Alot

    Here's a quick recap of what you missed
  11. Diets

    God damn ! Thats how you build a turd !

    It's called a crossbow
  13. Diets

    The things I eat will really start to change once I start exercising more. It' like I don't want to do the work and ruin the benefits of working out. I just got to a point where so many things I wanted to accomplish were being held back by not getting in better shape . I also don't want my son to have the big dad ,kids are brutal ,I don't want my son to have to show someone what an ankle pick is because they picked on his fat ass dad.
  14. Diets

    Pop! I love pop. I haven' had one in probably a week . Seems like I can get through the week ok with out any lately ,but on the weekend when watching the race ,I want a pop. My wife turned me on to those sparkling waters from wegmans ,they really help when I want a carbonated drink. I've been running the stairs 3-4 times a week since November ,excersise usually helps me stick to a better eating schedule.
  15. Grow Alot

    The subjects that she is being mocked about all stem form her being a hard worker ,theres nothing wrong with being a hard worker . I enjoyed reading about projects she had going on.