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  1. Other hunters might care , i've noticed lately that you come across like you're always in a bad mood . I hope everything is ok.
  2. Maybe it's time to start bow hunting bill ? Like with a verticle bow, not a crappy version of a gun.
  3. Thats not her flavor ,she just likes to watch.
  4. Watch out for the potholes and good luck finding a parking spot.
  5. You're telling me ! I heard it all go down from inside the MEN'S room.
  6. Faster then using the ladies room?
  7. Seriously ,he dropped the guy off at his tree basically , just rev the engine a couple times on the SxS til I get in the tree.
  8. Probably less then 50 percent after ol captain stick up his a$$ gets done having them put tape on everything including the sight pins.
  9. Takes me 2 hours to get to my spot from the area of the acedemy.
  10. I hunt on the border of friendship and Cuba. Small town living for sure.
  11. Maybe the local welcome center would have some trail maps of the area you plan to go.
  12. Come back in the middle of the night all $h!t hammered and wake everyone with the sounds of projectile vomiting.