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  1. How can you tell a good school from some janky fly by night place ?
  2. It's on levi Morgan's instagram page , levi was shooting his new bow and he made about a comment about giving him a few pointers.
  3. Levi morgan used one with his son and said he will never do it again because it was so easy, he knows a little bit about archery.
  4. Too late ,i wasn't raised to take the easy way out . The same guy pulling an accubow in florida so he can still bow hunt is the same guy who raised me.
  5. Style bender fights always put me to sleep. I was seeing doubles trying to keep my eyes open .
  6. It's a non issue to you because you shoot a crossbow
  7. Why do you always ignore the giant scope and the part where you use a cocking device to bring the weapon to full draw well before the animal is in range? Those are my issues
  8. No , i use my Henry with iron sights during gun season . we only used our bows from the time i started at 14 til around 20. I would honestly probably forget all about it if people who switched or started with a crossgun would just come out and say because its easier and they don't want to put in the work it takes to use a vertical bow. Instead they lie to themselves and blame the guys who see it for what it really is ,easier .
  9. I'm not going to change what i do regardless of what's legal , i have nothing against crossguns in gun season.
  10. I've never said once about my deer , your flat out wrong in saying that anybody can pick up a bow and be proficient with it as opposed to a crossgun. If a crossgun isn't easier then why do we keep hearing about more people taking them in the woods or switching when they get old and their shoulders start losing strength? I've never joined any anti crossgun clubs or signed any petitions against crossguns , i'm just speaking my opinion .
  11. If its not so hard to draw and hold a compound why do we hear all the shoulder comments every year from people who want to switch to a crossgun? My 70 year old father is in Florida all winter pulling an accubow that biz gave him so he can come home and not have to use a crossbow . More people need to be honest with themselves .
  12. My favorite line is when you oppose crossbows in archery season " we need to stick together for the sake of hunting " I agree ,grab a weapon that needs to be drawn when the moment arrives and join in.
  13. Boo hoo , someone started a thread under the wrong heading ,grow up.
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