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  1. Crossbows can make a good shot with very little practice , any type of bow is gonna take forever to get good .The term good is relatively speaking though . It all depends how good you wanna get ,some guys are ok with a 6 inch group at 20 yards and some guys want to hold a 2 inch group at 50 or 60 yards or even farther
  2. Does he also own one of the crossbow companies too? Barnett maybe ? ya, 23k is not much to him.
  3. Something tells me you don't lose arrows very often.
  4. I just did a couple half dozen recently , The glue is a pain in the rear to remove from a bare shaft ,thats reason enough for me to use wraps . I recently switched to aae vanes instead of blazers .
  5. Not so much gear ,the one thing I have tried that I can honestly say i have seen work was the evercalm.
  6. I didn't realize how many companies he owned or was apart of.
  7. Nothing overwhelming ,i was on my friends 3 wheeler so i smelled exhaust and gas .
  8. Any idea what these are ? I never remember seeing them here before and the whole top of the hill is loaded with them as far as you can see in all directions.
  9. I had to Google the model to see what kind it was and come up with some reading about disabling the safety switch on the end of the engage lever ,or obviously replacing if jumping that switch turns out to fix the problem. Is there a safety switch under the seat as well that could make the system think the blades are supposed to move but cut out because it thinks the rider bailed?
  10. Did you spin the blades by hand with no belt on to see if something is bound up?
  11. I'm not a big beer drinker but I feel like I could easily knock back a sixer tonight while spending the night at my buddies place in Cuba. Something manly like Coors lite.
  12. Sounds dangerous.
  13. The past couple seasons has been my bow , turns out I didn't even need to bring it in the woods with me to achieve the same outcome .