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  1. I never started worrying about it .
  2. I just enjoy the challenge of good groups with open sights . It seems everything i own with a scope is just point and shoot and hit the mark . I like the room for error placed on the shooter with open sights .
  3. Happy birthday
  4. I'm a big fan of open sights.
  5. I just grabbed a box of ammo and realized I lost my key card for the club ,I can't do any shooting til the new one comes in . I really want to shoot it.
  6. 30-30
  7. I shoot the synergy with the intention of using it for hunting and 3D . The heavier then normal arrow for 3D is one factor i can't really afford to change. I'm using a 3 pin adjustable to try to do both . My pure is 28 inches and 62 pounds for 3D and shoots 285 with the lighter arrow.
  8. I thought i did ,i didn't realize i quoted you . I saw the picture of the jerky and got all excited.
  9. Is the recipe declassified ?
  10. I got it in the mail yesterday and figured it was fitting for hanging out with a bunch of hunters.
  11. Last night was a good time , its cool putting a face to a screen name . TFs jerky was really good ,perfect spicy level. Got some good info from Phade that i need to look into. Thanks to who ever was responsible for me having my money for dinner handed back to me when i tried to pay up.
  12. I don't feel like starting a new topic but here's my new baby too.
  13. I just got my enhanced license this week . The ballet is always open.
  14. My synergy is maxed out at 62 pounds ,drawing 28 inches and only shoots 255 with a 400g arrow.
  15. You guys will be easy to spot.