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  1. Gonna try using some 100g muzzy,if they shoot good i'll use them . If they require a bunch of tuning ,ill put mechanicals on.
  2. I've spent my fair share of time down there waiting for the number 1 turbine to turn on. I would bet they have hauled in some salmon by now. The salmon stack up once that number one turbine turns on and forms a whirlpool next to the platform . You'll see the guys at the very bottom of the stairs standing shoulder to shoulder. The important thing is to watch for a few minutes and learn the rotation, the guy furthest from the wall starts his drift first ,then the next closet and so on. It's the only way to keep from getting tangled. When your drift ends just reel in and get ready to do it over again. If anyone leaves a line in too long,it will get snagged. When someone hooks something ,everyone quickly reels in and usually they end up retrieving down the platform further down. This time of year is hit or miss with bait , KO wobbler,real or rubber eggs,chartreuse Mr. Twister are the most popular.
  3. I just grabbed a welders helmet and walked outside . It's about 1/3 covered right now.
  4. I also heard 14 , it has a dial on it to adjust the darkness . Crank it up and rip the knob off !!!
  5. I'll grab my welding helmet when I get home and at least take a look.
  6. Ya ,see me standing there with 2 rays of sunshine coming out the back of my head. Then the dog might look at it.
  7. My buddy just sent me a video that I hope you guys don't get the pleasure of being on the recieving end of today. Its a video of the sun being eclipsed by ,lets say a marble sack to keep it PG.
  8. Soooo.... what about watching it through binoculars? I'd like to get a closer look.
  9. I was laughing at my wife for saying she wouldn't let Rupert outside during it. Is it really any different then when the clouds go in front of the sun when he's outside. He's lasted 5 years without looking at the sun ,I think we're safe.
  10. The 7-11 by house had them right on the counter.
  11. Thank you much sir.
  12. I remember reading the address to put in the spartan go cam (ATT) to get it to text pictures instead of email but i can't remember what it was exactly. Thank you.
  13. Grammy and poppa have archer for the night at camp. The wife and I are in Rochester for nitro circus ,we got burgers to soak up some of the rum we hammered. Thank God for uber.
  14. Is it really tricky to cook bear meat or just cook to a certain temp?
  15. I got stung in the ankle by something last year and ended up going to the MASH care place . It got infected really quick ,I even went inside and soaked it in hot water with some bleach to clean it out and it still developed the red line . Took some antibiotics and it went away.