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  1. Jeremy K

    Midday Hunting

    Every deer I've ever shot in 9H is between 11 and 2 , I think the total there is 6 deer . My buddy who lives there wants me to go to smokeys for lunch when ever I'm there and I have to remind him about the 11-2 streak.
  2. Jeremy K

    Climbing stand do's and don'ts

    When you start out at the base of the tree ,the lower portion is usually at an uncomfortable angle until the tree narrows down.
  3. Jeremy K

    What ML bullet..

    I shoot a 300g shockwave ,100g of BH209 with a federal shot primer. I know a few guys who shoot that load with a bergara barrel CVA.
  4. Jeremy K

    No pictures on trail cameras

    Every year brother . A couple resident does with fawns ,maybe a spike . Occasionally we get something bigger but it doesn't stick around .
  5. Jeremy K

    Lifeline question

  6. Jeremy K

    What'd You Forget?

    I hear that ,my dad and i stayed out all day in the cold and dampness. We got back to the house at dark and my buddies wife had a big ol crock pot full of beef stew . It was magical LOL.
  7. Jeremy K

    What'd You Forget?

    I cant even count how many headlamps ive left on the first step of my climbing sticks . I always forget to bring them back with me.
  8. Jeremy K

    Any HVAC guys here?

    I did receive a ballpark dollar amount , I got a few PMs to follow up on . My plan is to work OT this winter and pay for it in the spring when i shouldn't need AC or heat. I appreciate all the feed back .
  9. Jeremy K

    2018 Rut Report

    Hunted 9H friday and had a spike in the field feeding about an hour before sunset . Hunted 9P all day saturday , all the pictures and first hand experience showing the does coming out almost at night.
  10. Jeremy K

    Ho hum, another new guy

    Welcome ,my hunting spot is not far from yours.
  11. Jeremy K

    Bumping deer in the dark.

    Meep walking like you dont see them ,more often then not they stand and watch you walk by . Unless your walking directly in their direction .
  12. That whole stretch along the 90 is a shooting gallery . A guy I work with lives near Darien lake ,he always has pictures of a different monster to show me every day.
  13. This is nuts ,even the doe are nocturnal . Super disappointing to say the least.
  14. Jeremy K

    Any HVAC guys here?

    We are looking to upgrade our furnace and install A.C. as well. The current furnace is 20+ years old and will probably need to be replaced soon . Is there certain brands to stick with or stay away from? Is there certain features that are worth spending more for? Do yoiu have a guy or place you would recommend? We are gonna get one more winter from this one and most likely pull the trigger in the spring time.
  15. Jeremy K

    What'd You Forget?

    Forgot my gloves this weekend at home . Could have used a layer between my skin and the bow.