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  1. Jeremy K

    New world record non typical

    Did Frail Season Whitetail post pics of any bow bucks yet? I'm not going back to look.
  2. Jeremy K

    New world record non typical

    Who said nice doe ,YOU said FIRST doe ,im guessing this is the why you have so many problems communicating with others, you either don't remember what you wrote or you have trouble reading and writing ,but ya keep blaming others for your inability to communicate properly .
  3. Jeremy K

    New world record non typical

    I disagree , even meat hunters can be selective of the size of the deer . A meat only hunter would shoot the biggest bodied deer they can , someone who has very limited time available to hunt should shoot the first they have a chance at.
  4. Jeremy K

    New world record non typical

    Is it not OK to wait for a larger deer to come in range ? Even another doe ? You seem to be hung up on size ,you trying to compensate for something ?
  5. Jeremy K

    New world record non typical

    Post up some bow bucks FSW
  6. Jeremy K

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    We don't do valentines day
  7. Jeremy K

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Doesn't sound familiar .
  8. Jeremy K

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Did they give you a goofy pill to take an hour before the appointment ? I'm not sure the name of it but good god did it kick my butt ,my wife had to hold my arm on the way inside . 45 minutes later i was completely normal again ( normal for me)
  9. Jeremy K

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Peppers,broccoli, green beans,sliced red potato,Smoked turkey polish sausage. Drizzle some olive oil ,garlic salt,oregano,parsley,paprika,salt and pepper. Everything has tons of flavor after baking in the spices and the grease from the sausage.
  10. Jeremy K

    New world record non typical

    3 out of the 6 records in NY are over 200 " . To me ,the archery bucks get my respect the most but there are deer over 200" , just not enough.
  11. Jeremy K

    It sucks getting older..

    Are you taking omega 3,6,9 every day ? It helped tremendously when I started getting joint aches last year ,I was ready to learn to shoot left handed. Properly hydrated ?
  12. Jeremy K

    New world record non typical

    DNA test ? I'm pretty sure it's a deer.
  13. Jeremy K

    Ladies and Gentlemen....The Beatles !

    Beatles fan here.
  14. Jeremy K

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    Trying to get some stateland spots picked out to scout