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  1. Whats with the contamination comments ,are people rolling them out of the woods like a log?
  2. I think the one i have is the baracuta,i has all the blades and knife in one holster .
  3. I have a bone saw on my havalon ,it takes 30 seconds to make 2 cuts in the pelvis. I cut around the BH before anything and it comes out as a package deal.
  4. Something as simple as tripping over a curb can change the complete outcome of a street fight , i've never seen a street fight where the crowd actually backs up and gives them room to has things out .
  5. My best friend is the same age as me , this time next year he is retiring at the age of 43. He has made a few comments about making some good investments. I've never asked what those investments were .
  6. A lot of 401k are set up that way already , they invest accordingly depending on your age .
  7. Seems like a cure for a nonexistent problem.
  8. I like the .01 sights better as well . I also like a dark pin ,the less light burst the better.
  9. That's free nutrients for the lawn ,the lawn mower is the spreader.
  10. Never over look a shop vac for a clogged drain.