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  1. I saw this one last night on our way to the in laws house ,I would put it in my front yard if I found it for sale.
  2. The tinfoil hat guys are still stock piling ammo .
  3. Ya seriously , she couldnt find anybody to take that out for her ?
  4. I remember when WWF showed him "holding" back a truck with his legs and his back was against the wall ,the truck was clearly doing a brake torque LOL
  5. Some notice would have been nice ,we had a parking spot reserved for you at the academy last night .
  6. Your range will be more limited but it will teach you to be a better hunter . To me it's way more exciting to get up close to an animal as opposed to sending it 300 yards across a field.
  7. Did they want to see ID ? They asked for my drivers license when I bought one from there.
  8. This isn't the first time you've attacked him for stuff ,it wasnt that long ago you were trying to be his wedding planner.
  9. You better pray my target panic acts up that day ...
  10. I was about 8 when the karate kid came out ,I wanted to take tae-kwon-do so bad at the school that opened around the corner , I remember my 2 best friends got to take it and I didnt ,I was so bummed out.
  11. I'm not a fan of the potential heat in october but I'll be out the first day after work and as well the first weekend.
  12. That's the same one i have , it works great but ive completely switched over to just using my phone.