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  1. That's literally all you care about lol
  2. I absolutely hate the talk about inches .
  3. ive sent you pics of the city deer around here,so that being a city deer you would figure it to be much bigger for 4.5
  4. I only shoot swhackers now ,they're junk after they hit a deer but it's a small price to pay when the deer drops in sight.
  5. We're dealing with people that used 81 private jets and like 200 vehicles to get to a climate convention, seems a zoom meeting would have maybe set a better example.
  6. That's exactly it ,they pass laws and bills that only effects the people voting them in or out . It doesn't change their life one bit. Off topic but sending the illegals to their front door is exactly what needs to happen.
  7. It comes with a salary as well as a host of benefits for life . Most of them should probably be in jail for stuff they've done.
  8. No,they're smoked after they hit a deer.
  9. It's the oldest scam in the book ,the place only charges 2k, you give him 3 and he makes a grand ...
  10. So you guys just hold your pee in all day?
  11. Mt last 4 out of 5 deer have been from the ground with no blind ,of those 5 deer,4 were with a compound.
  12. It's no different then people with thyroid conditions ,there's an optimum level you should be at based on various factors . I've done a little reading on it.. There is some risk and regular testing is part of the routine.
  13. Those dudes went as hard as you can go though and it was stuff from the early 80s , there's alot cleaner versions of performance enhancers now .
  14. Biz crunched the numbers and came to the conclusion the optimum stand height is 4 feet off the ground.
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