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  1. I never understood why it's ok for someone to go home and drink their ass off but not smoke some weed and go to sleep.
  2. Cabellas on Walden had it.
  3. The auto industry was prepared to spend billions of dollars investing in american plants until biden won the election. 2 reasons ,the electric car unknowns and the giant tax hikes. Our plant went from endless amounts of work to constant layoffs.
  4. They will be going to areas that need more democrat votes .
  5. I pulled my hood up one day when a monsoon rolled through and sat it out , my thought process was anyone who sits in this crap will be awarded with a successful hunt from the hunting gods. I went back in that evening empty handed and soaking wet LOL
  6. Mine does it on my phone ,the top portion of the screen now has a drop down ad.
  7. Ill make sure you get a free t shirt for your troubles.
  8. Theres alot to it that would make anyone with any reasoning skills whatsoever to question it.
  9. 30 years this season for bow and probably 20ish for gun
  10. My buddy has a bass pond at his house and the sides are built up to form basically a 12 foot high hill to hold the water in , a few years back he had a bear that would throw his row boat off the side into the weeds, it broke all the trees surrounding the pond .
  11. Vaccine mandates for foreign travelers but not for the people from afghanistan or Haiti. Seems like they really stand behind the effectiveness of this vaccine.
  12. I'm gonna have to look it up, I have no idea what any of you are talking about.
  13. I'm not anti vax . This BS they are pushing is not a vaccine ,its a band aid for people with shit immune systems . Instead of the medical community doing their job and calling out the ones who need it ,they just want to throw a blanket over everyone so they dont have to point fingers .
  14. Its comical that you believe thats what they were doing . Your progressive brothers and sisters were burning down police stations and court housee across the country . They even went as far as to put up those mean, nasty walls around a perimeter.
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