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  1. They have maybe one officer per county and they have the ability to know what changes each area needs ? Give me a break.
  2. I've been hunting the same piece for 17 years and we've always got rubs in the same 2 spots in the pines every year, no way we have a 17 year old buck LOL.
  3. I wouldn't even consider showing it until they are prequalified...
  4. I bought mine from an equipment sales place ,they had the more expensive one "pro" version marked the same as the cheaper one so I jumped on it .
  5. Your name goes in a secret black book the government keeps , everytime someone pays 2 dollars more for all flats a light goes on in the FBIs main office.
  6. It's wild how sensitive they are ,if someone walks through my house i can see where they walked .
  7. I have the seek version , instead of a monocular its handheld like a cell phone . I researched handheld thermal cameras for a couple months before deciding on which one to get. Leupold has two versions ,standard and HD. I havent used it for a deer retrieval yet , i have used it to look for deer in the field once it gets dark .
  8. Did you figure out what kind of wings you're getting today ? All drums of course.
  9. I have videos from opening day of deer walking past me while on the ground at 15 yards ,none of them even looked at me .They don't see it or i would have been busted.
  10. Jeremy K


    I've always had good luck with pep boys mid level tire ,it was always just a rebrand cooper tire , wide tires suck in the snow too
  11. If its gun season I leave it on ,why would you not?
  12. Whats the name of that inbred town in SENY ? They chase you away if you go there to look at them ,how did it not make the list?