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  1. Ya but it's against jerkman ,remember his beer pong skills ,that cup was only 5 feet away and he couldnt sink it.
  2. The whole match will be live on espn en espanol
  3. Most likely red all day , they couldnt find 5 guys to fill in for him today .
  4. It's all that burnt corn hes been eating off the grill
  5. When we get a camper i don't want anything over 5k ,closer to 4 would be ideal.
  6. In the 3.5 ? I havent heard or read of any issues with the 2.7 . I may still go that route , we'll be towing a less then 5000 pound trailer and it gets a better fuel mileage for everyday commutes.
  7. Id guess the parking lot at work has easily 100 F150s , i walked around this week and asked guys who pull campers about their set ups , i couldn't believe how many guys are pulling with just the 2.7 ,they all said they couldn't be happier with the acceleration and gas mileage from it . The few guys who had the 3.5 all said they're not even sure they need all that for what they do. This is with the 10 speed auto.
  8. It's because he caught a buzz from just standing next to you.
  9. Is it weird that I just hunt for the enjoyment and challenge I get from it ? I guess I dedicate each season to myself
  10. I just started getting the ball rolling ,I really want the 4 full size doors ,FX4 and 3.5. Anything else will be a bonus
  11. Is that what that stupid neck chart was all about? I refused to read any of it.
  12. He weighs them before and after ,that's why he eats the nuts, so it brings up the total usable meat he gets off the deer.