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  1. We all know the tragic ending to that story...
  2. It must be nice to have so much free time.
  3. LOL, Nothing is going to happen ,it's just to make sure you get a complete burn .
  4. I'm not trying to claim anybody , I always just liked that argument from the crossbow guys.
  5. A crossbow is no different then me using a mechanical release aid...
  6. I always bring a bucket in the woods and leave it in the worst possible spot i can find ,we have to end this myth ,one bucket at a time.
  7. Steep ridge or easy path up the hill ? Thats considered a terrain funnel ,hunt that $hit ! Next thing you're gonna tell us is the bucket is 2/3 the way up the hill.
  8. The wind should be the first thing you take into consideration
  9. All the big buck slayers ,except eberhart will say to hunt big bucks aggressively before they figure out you are on to them.
  10. As far as them traveling the same route next year, don't look for them early season where you saw them late season the year before . At least where we are at the patterns really change throughout the season. I place my cameras where I see the most rut activity and get very few pictures before or after the rut. Best thing is to make mental notes for next year late season.
  11. Just far enough away? If you remember the GTG that you wouldn't come inside ,there was 4 guys from western ny who made it.
  12. I'm not exactly sure what you think would happen if you did show up to a GTG. Theres no way anybody would be a dick to you .