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  1. heres a tour of the weathertech manufacturing process. Pretty cool technology.
  2. I've taken them out a few times ,I washed them with a push broom and simple green .
  3. We bought that after we returned all the empties
  4. I put them on my melenium M7 ,they are super comfortable. I'm not sure how they specifically mount to the summit ,I couldnt imagine it being too hard to find somewhere to loop the straps through.
  5. A guy i work with uses one for his daily ,he loves shooting it. I was thinking of taking my wife to check it out .
  6. I didnt like the fit at all in my wifes explorer . The ones I put in the F150 fit so much nicer.
  7. Weather tech are the standard for floor protection. Proudly made in the USA as well.
  8. That was just a peak ,I didnt go full on Frank the tank ... or did i?
  9. Arnt they touring with slipknot this year ? That would be one hell of a show to see .
  10. shoveled a bunch of wet snow last night . I should have stood my ground with snowman instead of truck. This sum bitch was a solid block of ice this morning.
  11. I've gotten pretty lame since I had kids . A few members here have witnessed the younger version of me peak out once or twice.
  12. https://youtu.be/2jVdxDUYN7w
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/media/joe-rogan-spotify-270-doctors-letter.amp Shame on CNN ,they had to know the truth was going to come out.
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