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  1. I took some mail order DHEA when i was about 20 and working out 6 days a week . Combined with diet and plenty of protein ,i got jacked ! (for me anyway) My bench press went from 225 to 285 in like 6 weeks. I'm not sure the country of origin of the stuff i took but something leads me to believe they didn't clean the mixing bowl before switching to the DHEA batch.
  2. Running from the cops is what I saw I guess the only way to solve this problem is reprimand the officers for forcing the suspects to run away.
  3. Car crash kills numerous people over the weekend , one in custody and one on the run . Zero news coverage about the suspect in custody or more importantly the one on the run. If they had used a firearm we would all know who their first grade teacher was and everything in between what they had for dinner the night before the accident. Rant over
  4. Did straw and hay for a farmer. First job the government knew about i guess would be a paper route . First actual pay check job was making pizza for pizza hut.
  5. The best home fries are made from baked potatoes
  6. You'll switch if you shoot one . Something most people probably don't realize either is that there is a comfort mod you can purchase to change from the performance mods out for. It would be nice iof shops had a bow with the comfort mods installed for people to try.
  7. Arrows cut , maybe tonight after the kids are in bed ill get the spines aligned and start fletching.
  8. Finally got the new rig home. 2022 Elite Envision. Shot a little bit when I picked it up ,the new stan thumb release will take some getting used to. Definitely a harder pull then my E35, much faster arrow speed now and the SET technology does great at getting the arrow flying straight.
  9. Charcoal grill? It must be nice to have so much down time...
  10. There was a fella from NY who was on a hunting show who moved out west . He said the average 2 year old NY buck is smarter then any 5+ year old buck in the mid west.
  11. That's the best thing to do ,it keeps you shooting and it keeps you from developing bad form from shooting a bow that is too stiff.
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