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  1. Trail Cam Questions

    We still have some 5 or 6 year old WGI that work great still. I have a few cuddyback that I really like right now.
  2. We got a lifer

    He has a couple downstairs that were given to us ,i've never actually looked at them that long to determine if they're any good.
  3. We got a lifer

    3 in January
  4. We got a lifer

    Proud dad moment ,I decided to buy archer his lifetime hunting/fishing tonight while I was buying my license.
  5. Good Timing

    I only make fun of their "craftsmanship"
  6. Trail Cam Questions

    The season is so close now that you might be making the same number of trips to hang cameras and check them as it would be to do a couple evening or morning scout sessions .
  7. Good Timing

    Serious question here ,how do you take someone serious when they talk to you wearing those clothes ? OK ,i'm done making fun of their costumes.
  8. Good Timing

    I'm gonna have to disagree LOL.
  9. Good Timing

    I'd kick my own butt if I ever wore those outfits
  10. Is mainstream media running this story?

    When someone does bad, it's the guns fault .When someone does good ,it's the operators doing.
  11. Lighted nocks. Who uses them ?

    It's not that funny ,LOL . They always break.
  12. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    October one . I have a place not far from work that i can get some evening sits in for a little while.
  13. Lighted nocks. Who uses them ?

    I made the decision to go back to my old bow which uses lighted nocks . I switched them out for a standard nock before league on Wednesday, it's amazing how well people shoot when they have a red dot to aim at . I'm gonna do some testing at the academy Tuesday and see if the two nocks have any impact on shot placement.
  14. Hunter harassment

    Security torx drive bolts with all metal locking nuts will help.

    Heres a good one for ya Bill