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  1. I'm waiting on the M7 right now , i love the tree bracket on the millennium stands and the 8.5 pound weight of the stand sold me.
  2. Seems pretty rotten to skip a big game
  3. What could be more important then a sectional game ?
  4. Isnt that what happened before? The banks loaned out everyone money to buy inflated houses and when the housing market declined they didnt think they had to keep paying their high mortage payments because their house was worth half what they paid ,and did the adult thing and took jackhammers to the inground pools ,smashed the granite counter tops ,ripped all the cupboards out before the bank took the house back they stopped paying on.
  5. Well ,its no secret that people are leaving ny is record numbers .
  6. Under no circumstance will they admit they were wrong about anything in the last year and a half ,too many blind followers depend on the government to be their guiding light .
  7. kids playing positions they have no business playing!! Dude relax ,it's kids baseball LOL
  8. There will be alot of stuff that people conveniently forget . The hospital ship and the javits center for instance .
  9. Interesting , my father is scheduled to talk to his doctor about it as a possible treatment . I have read that it has become a battle between doctor over whether or not it's effective. Thanks for the info.
  10. Same here. I can't believe the number of people who have this blind faith in the government and dont question anything .
  11. wait til the free rent is done
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