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  1. I'm just curious what actually transpired , did he make an official announcement and they told him the sky was not falling ? Or did he make an offhand remark and now people are running with it . I don't trust the government or the media ,they're both lying sacks of shit.
  2. That's one way to take something and call it something else .
  3. There is only one person to blame for all this and its the disgusting bastard who ate that bat.
  4. We used to have chestnut wars in the woods when we were kids . There was one tree in the neighborhood and the guy would tell us to take as many as we needed. LOL
  5. These news snip its go both ways.
  6. The doctor that Joe Rogan just interviewed said the same thing about possible complications with the drug.
  7. All that proves is how naive people are and how easily they can be told what to think by some dip shit on the TV .
  8. I'm so sick of the horrible coverage from the media . Could you imagine if Obama had stocked a warehouse full of ventilators when he was in office, the news would be calling for his return to the White House. The news keeps putting the blame on the federal level ,if that's the case then why do we have state officials ? Everyone want to be a big boy until it's time to do big boy stuff . This is no time for finger pointing ,the government as a whole has let us down . That's all the news reports about is who blamed who .
  9. It's also normal for people to be walking around with a mask on right now , criminals can keep their face covered and not stand out.
  10. Thats his favorite part of other peoples birthdays .
  11. That was a crazy stalk and even crazier when you find out it took 3 hours from the time they first spotted the buck.
  12. I requested roast beef and french fries with gravy . Also had some really good pudding cake for dessert . Good day.
  13. It's horrible the number of people that cant be bothered to shop up and vote.