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  1. Have a good one boys
  2. What's for dinner tonight?

    Wife cooked me some walleye from saturday.
  3. Theyre like crack!

    I'll be out friday . Turned in my slip today . Gonna try the mouth of the lower niagara .
  4. Theyre like crack!

    I've had good luck with storm minnows in the lower river.
  5. Did it with my muzzleloader a few years ago , got the euro mount in my garage. Just a lite trickle of blood ,nothing too extreme. A 6 pointer came in front of me quickly while on the ground and i guess i didn't have the gun shouldered all the way .
  6. Cool Tree.....

    Or... the man in the boat
  7. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    Why does the guy with the giant exhaust tip get a free pass , he's just as brain dead as the girl who stuck her head in there .
  8. My Full Auto Crossbow

    Zee people's crossbow !!

    Such a rare breed of men in those days.
  10. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    There's train tracks nearby ,you could pass out in the weeds next to those .
  11. One or the other

    Give up the gun for sure , I only started using a gun to extend the season. I can still use a bow during gun season but not the other way around.
  12. Don't mess with Granny...

    So growie moved to Georgia , I miss her being here..
  13. Got a thanks from my oldest today

    If i said that to my dad ,his response would be something along the lines of " I did ,but i was too late "
  14. What's for dinner tonight?

    I just had a left over cup cake for dinner ,not the fathers day dinner i had hoped for.
  15. I’ve got three cameras up .....

    It takes a long time to kick out dead beat tenants . Some where i heard a story that its the new trend in NYC ,come up with first and last month and stay til they physically drag you out and you're way ahead of the game then if you had paid rent the whole stay .