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  1. thats the true problem! finding access is nearly impossible. ive personally knocked on over 100 doors over 5 years. only time ive ever gotten a yes was just to walk 50 yards threw someones back yard to access public land and that was the only yes ive ever received
  2. in my opinion i dont think they should be considered archery at all. sure youll have select bow hunters thatll make the switch and still practice good ethical shots. but i think the case more often will go to these orange army people who will just see an extended season. yes a course should 100% be mandatory in order to get a crossbow license, but i dont know im really bias against them because i just see alot of lazy uneducated unethical rifle hunters strapping up with a crossbow and wounding a lot of deer and probably being to lazy to find them even if they're dead. i all for a week season before rifle opens but i dont think in any case outside of physical injury or older again (65+) they should ever be allowed all bow season. again i am a very very bias opinion when it comes to these
  3. i should rephrase i guess, people who cannot pull a bow back. and not because they re too lazy to work out and get to a physical shape where they can pull one back. but someone who has an injury with a doctors note saying a shoulder problem or some sort of physical problem which makes them unable. i also believe there is a senior license which is either 65 or 70 years and old. outside of that i completely 100% disagree with crossbows all the way. to me if someone wants to get into bow hunting then they need to put in the time, thousands of reps, tuning your bow and arrows, etc. if someone is trying to be an "archery" hunter it should NEVER be as easy as looking in a scope and pulling a trigger. i refer to that as rifle hunting and there is a season for that. put it this way. if someone is to lazy to put in all the hours it takes to get deadly with a bow then they will definitely be to lazy to put in the hours it takes to track an animal they shot at 70 yards and gut shot it and are left with little to no blood trail
  4. yessir!! im gonna keep hitting it as hard as possibly, one day itll all come together! i know its really a magical place your truly never know. will do thank you very much!!
  5. oh i know there is alot of big boys in there. but that cat is out of the bag thanks to some idiot who posted a nice 130's on facebook and straight up said "hey albany pinebush hunters i found this buck, he was wondering around the pinebush until last night" after that at least 20-30 new hunters were flooding the bush, chasing a dead deer. Awh man!! thats a shame hpefully he made it threw and you get another crack at him or an even better guy. I myself blew a chance at a very large 8 pointer. i was hanging my stand as a few pb workers came blazing a trail right threw what i assumed was the bedding area. i figured if they didnt bust one out of there then it must be empty. so i go down to scout it and not even 70 yards from the tree i was hanging in and not even 20 yards from where they walked in i jumped a huge 8 with a doe. Ive had 5-6 opportunities at what would have been my biggest buck to date in there but have yet to be able to seal the deal. i also hunt in there 5 days a week because i live right there
  6. i think they should make it legal for older hunters who cant pull the bow. Personally i dont agree with allowing crossbows outside of older people or people with shoulder problems. sure maybe a short 1-2 week season before gun season. the last thing new york needs is a bunch of new hunters that are to lazy to put the time in with a real bow out there flinging shots at 60 yard with a cross bow
  7. heck yeah!!!! you guys had a good night i see. although i thought it was illegal to take them out of the water
  8. shhhhh dont tell those secrets lol. ive been working my ass off for 5 years now to locate a few of those spots and it seems every year more and more hunters move in and just trample all over the place still hunting with a bow. its becoming extremely frustrating
  9. Yea they do not care about the deer or the deer hunting one bit. Year after year they clear cut and burn more and more. Now they’re cutting off access for hunters. Seems like they’re discriminating against the hunters if you ask me. I’ve hunted in there for years now and yes there’s deer but they’re hard to come by since the ideal habitat for them is now all the private land around the Pinebush (that hasn’t been completely destroyed) but I don’t think they give two craps about the deer. They’re focus is like ants butterfly’s and small critters. Seems stupid to me but I’m just a bias deer hunter
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