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  1. Shooting revolves around hunting quiet a bit for me. So I keep enough ammo so that I can go shooting or hunting at a moment’s notice without having to go to the store to buy ammo. But what I don’t worry about is having thousand of rounds of defensive ammo because I know that’s not how it will go. In a real fight one or two mags will be enough. And If I’m in a fight against professional soldiers I won’t last one magazine.
  2. mike103

    4P Hunters

    I hunt 4P private and 4R city land right across RT 30 in Grand Gorge. Been there for 47 years. Hunted thru the glory days 70’s and Early 80’s when there were still farms in the area. Late 80’s early 90’s brought yotes, farms closing, and too many doe permits. Late 90’s and early 2000’s were some lean years. Mid 2000’s they cut off doe permits for awhile and with the antler restrictions things have gotten much better. We always hunted the woods but deer would feed on farms at night and return to the woods in the AM. After the farms left everything changed. It was a learning curve. Now we hunt the deep woods where no one else will go. Xbow has been a boom for us getting those good rut weeks. Only a few of us hunt with vertical bows. Black Powder also has been good to us. Most of us use blinds, stalking and even tracking in the snow. We even do drives at times.
  3. From the NYS DEC web site; The few unprotected species include porcupine, red squirrel, woodchuck, English sparrow, starling, rock pigeon, and monk parakeet. Unprotected species may be taken at any time without limit. A hunting license is required to hunt unprotected wildlife with a bow, crossbow, or firearm. Choot ‘em.
  4. I really believe that it was the case not the rifle. A friend of mine told me the same thing happened to him with a valuable Winchester years ago. I have hunted the rain many times and this never happened. I usually use a cheap plastic case with the egg crate interior and don’t have any problems. So who knows! I love my Whelen’s and my 35’s. I had it reblued by Mitch Schultz in Connecticut. He is an amazing gunsmith. The blueing is so deep you could become mesmerized by it. I also have the 750 carbine in 35 Whelen. Shot a good 8 I tracked in the snow with it. Had many 7600’s but started selling the ones I would never hunt with. 25-06 and 7mm-08. I still have 6mm Rem, 257 Roberts, 30-06, and the 35’s. I have two 35 REM’s. One wood and one synthetic that I never shot and was thinking of reboring to 358 Winchester.
  5. If I had to guess I bought the 35 Rem carbine and 35 Whelen rifle from Grices in PA in either 2002 or 2003. I think ‘02 but I can’t remember anymore. But I do know this I shot my best bucks ever with those guns. The gunsmith was very suspicious of the lining of the case. I have a friend that had something similar happen. Looking forward to not having to worry about that anymore. Love the 35’s and love my pumps. Also have 350 Rem mag and 356 Winchester.
  6. I usually transport my guns while hunting in inexpensive plastic cases. This time I was using a leather case that had a odd synthetic/ cloth liner. When brought the rifle to be reblued I showed the case to the gunsmith. He said his guess would be the lining of the case. He didn’t understand it either.
  7. So this past season I took my 7600 rifle in 35 Whelen out in the rain. After I hunted I wiped it down and put in in a soft case but before I could drive back to the house, less than one hour it rusted. It’s since been reblued, can’t have my baby rusted, and I went on the hunt for all weather 35. Found Grices in PA offering 7600 carbines in 35 Whelen in burnt bronze cerakote receiver and synthetic stocks. They also had titanium colored receivers but it looked too bright. I bought it for myself for Christmas. I have since picked up a leupold 3x9 with a lighted reticle on sale at Bass Pro while down in Florida. Can’t wait to get home in the spring and get it set up for next year. Should be a great woods gun like all 7600’s and a rain gun also. I love the 35’s big time but my last two bucks were with the Xbow LOL!!
  8. There was a time that I voted for democrats. That time is long gone. I’m only voting my guns. That is my litmus test. Plus democrats proudly became commies. And I’m never voting for a commie.
  9. Sounds like you have the right gun and have practiced.........so let’s do it!!!!
  10. I love the 35 Rem cartridge. That said the 308 would be better for long shots but should have a better scope. Picking from what you have today I would take the 35 with better glass.
  11. Ok I changed my mind. Went out yesterday and checked zero on my Remington 750 Woodsmaster in 35 Whelen. Just has a feeling so I switched.
  12. Remington 7600 in either 35 Rem or 35 Whelen.
  13. Another vote for the discharge bag. I bring my bow 1/2 way to my spot in a case. I leave the discharge bag in a tree. Put the bow together and take it apart in the same spot.
  14. Well it’s funny you mention hight because I’m shooting uphill from a blind. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I have to shoot uphill at this spot because town is below. Not as critical with a bow but more so with the gun. I’ve been hunting this spot on and off since ‘06 and shot several bucks at this location. I don’t like trees but I’ve thought of an elevated platform many times. When I say the deer were hit a bit high and a bit low I mean in both cases just a bit. Especially the one this year. I hit him dang near perfect. I don’t have the experience with archery gear to figure this out on my own. If these were gun deer they would have been bang flops.
  15. I have harvested two bucks with the Xbow so far. First was 2016 and second was this year 2019. Same equipment. Ten Point Titan bow, Wicked Ridge older arrows the orange and black ones and Rage 100 grain two blade mechanical broad heads. The 2016 buck was a young six pointer, shot was 50 yards. Hit was a little high, not much. Deer mule kicked and ran off fast. No blood at the shot site and no blood trail. Found the deer about 100 yards away. Again no blood. Hard to find because of no blood and because I misjudged what direction he ran. Cut the deer open and the blood poured out. The 2019 deer was a mature 10 pointer, shot was 20 yards. Hit was a little low, not much. Deer mule kicked and ran off fast. No blood at the shot site and no blood trail. Deer ran 50 yards and just stood there not moving. After about 20 minutes it took a few steps and laid down. I waited 45 minutes and left the blind and started walking to the deer. Big mistake deer ran off. I retreated to the blind. This time I waited 3 hours and waited for reinforcements. Found the deer fifty yards away still alive. Nephew had his bow and was close so he shot it in the lungs. Deer got up and charged down hill. Scary to watch so close. Deer ran thirty yards and went down. Probably not necessary but I shot it again. Bad idea only made a mess of the guts. Both deer no blood. Broadheads made a small holes going in but huge holes exiting. Is this just the way these heads work?? I have no other archery experience. I always thought there would be huge blood trails. Don’t have confidence in these heads. Thanks in advance for the help. Mike.