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  1. No you missed the point. You got it backwards.
  2. I love the outdoors and I love firearms. That’s why archery does not appeal to me much. I like guns. I grew up with cowboy movies, Guns and Ammo, Outdoor Life, and other Magazines. Walking with a rifle or shotgun in my hand is Thrilling to me. And I love the kill. It’s in my DNA, it’s visceral it’s who I am. Edited to add: I don’t hunt for meat. I can afford to buy meat. I think saying I hunt only for the meat is the new virtue signaling among deer hunters. I eat what I shoot but I also shoot for horns.
  3. If all the yotes died I would not feel bad.
  4. Hell at our age who wants to drag a bigger one?? Good job.
  5. You are good to go. 223 kills deer. Enjoy. Fidelis Ad Mortem
  6. I always found that guys have some personal attachment for the type and caliber rifle they hunted with. Hell we all know most Centerfire rifle cartridges will kill a whitetail deer. And any style action will get the job done. I always was a Remington auto guy and loved the 30-06 cartridge. But after reading all the Benoit’s books and watching all their videos I switched to the pumps. And now I shoot the 35 Whelen quite a bit followed by the 35 Remington. In my deer camp guys use pumps, bolts, auto’s, and levers. And I’ve seen deer killed with 223, 243, 7mm-08, 270, 270 WSM, 7mm mag, 30-30, 308, 30-06, 300 Win mag, 35 Rem, 35 Whelen, and some I probably forgot. They all died. Some faster than others. Only deer we ever lost was with a black powder once and a Xbow once. Pick one and shoot the shit out of it. Happy Thanksgiving and happy hunting.
  7. Hunting the ADK’s the only rifle to use is a Remington 7600 pump. Unfortunately Remington is not making them at this time and they are expensive right now. I hunted for many years with a 742 and then a 7400. My guess is the bolt was out of battery.
  8. I have a cheap 3x scope on my NYS compliant POS Xbow and you can see fine at 0640.
  9. Based on this morning and the fact I was about 15-20 late I want to be in my spot 0600 the latest.
  10. WTF do crossbows have to do with declining turkey numbers?? Most turkeys are shot with a shotgun. Some people are just attention whores. I’ll be impressed when you jump out of a tree onto the animals back and slit its throat.
  11. 4P and 4R very low turkey numbers. But turkey hunting participation is way up. I believe way too many predators. The hawks are out of control.
  12. In my favorite spot in 4P sitting in a tent. Shot two bucks with the crossbow from here. Good luck to all.
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