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  1. Like everyone who is older I have killed deer wearing orange head to toe and all camo. I don’t think anyone can argue that camo hides movement better than all orange. But where I hunt 4P/4R in1973 you had to hide behind a tree to keep from being shot on opening day. Now it’s nice to hear a shot once in a while. And I think some of that is a byproduct of antler restrictions. You can’t blast at deer anymore. You have to count horns and make sure it’s not a spike.
  2. Sport wash is a great product. Been using it also for 20+ who knows how many years. Also use it on my camo clothes. I have the 1/2 gallon bottle and it lasts for a decade at least.
  3. Yes it’s a family affair. When I was 19 Sr was arrested for poaching a deer the day before the season opened. His two sons, especially his youngest have been arrested numerous times for poaching ,firearms violations and others serious crimes many of them felonies. The youngest did time in prison, not jail. And of course their are various family friends and extended family that are involved also. The jury is out on the grand kids. They hunt and I have not heard of them being arrested yet.
  4. mike103

    I remember

    I remember: I took my Hunter safety course at Sears and Roebuck. My grandmother bought me a 12 gauge single shot shotgun for my 14th birthday. 14 was the age for small game and 16 for big game. When a cop saw me with a shotgun coming out of the woods he pulled over and asked if I got anything. My mother let me take April 1st off from school. Every bar had a rifle raffle. I could go on for hours. But even today at every family gathering the conversation revolves around hunting and guns. Every male in my family including every one who married in hunts
  5. I have written about our situation before. We have had permission on 200 acres for almost 50 years. A notorious poaching family lives next door. It has become such a hostile environment that several years ago we began migrating to public land near by. Three years ago we bought five acres at the top of a mountain that is surrounded by public land. It is accessible by 4x4 truck. We have been fairly successful on the new public property and still hunt the private land that we have partial financial interest in just not as often. So yes we have survived but we
  6. Well I started this thread in April and did not check it all summer. Glad to see no one changed their minds. So I’ll update my summer. Struck out turkey hunting. Nephew got a nice one on DEP land. Bought a Ruger Wrangler 22. Nice little handgun for only 200 bucks. Shot that a lot. That got me in a Ruger mood so I shot my 10-22 and Mini 14. Fun to shoot guns. Of course I shot skeet. Not very well but whatever. Mowed the new food plot we planted on that little piece we bought surrounded by DEP land. Clover came in good. Have several bears on camera. I’ll try f
  7. Hunted 4P and 4R mostly on DEP land Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I got two gobblers going but real hens showed up and stole them away. I think numbers are down based on field sightings and what I heard in the woods. Only heard one shot. Some might remember last year two of my nephews scored while I was stuck sick in Florida. One scored again this year on DEP land.
  8. Com’on man better cams, higher speeds, shorter axel to axel length, lighter material, better sights, better arrows, better broadheads, trigger release, .........lots of other stuff I’m forgetting. I bought a compound bow in 1973 and it was hard to shoot. I’ve shot lots of modern compounds and they are very easy to shoot. I’m going to leave this discussion because I’m bored. I’m going to leave with this thought. For the most part NYS sucks. But we are blessed with fairly abundant deer population. The season begins in September in the Northern Zone and finishes the
  9. That line has been crossed a long time ago with modern compound bows.
  10. What I think is funny is that you think of these things. I won’t repeat it because I think you heard it the first time.
  11. Put the time in has become a joke. My nephew bough a bow last summer and killed a huge buck on Long Island with it. I posted the pictures in the harvest thread. Modern bows with fiber optic sights, trigger release and light weight materials are easy to shoot. The purists fought against compound bows and trigger releases years ago.
  12. Your right. No sense to continue. Xbow is a legal weapon. Now we are just fighting for more access. Truth be told as I already stated the Xbow limitations annoy me more than the additional two weeks. I’ll just buy myself a new bow and pat myself on the back when I kill a deer with it like I was William Tell.
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