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  1. Com’on man better cams, higher speeds, shorter axel to axel length, lighter material, better sights, better arrows, better broadheads, trigger release, .........lots of other stuff I’m forgetting. I bought a compound bow in 1973 and it was hard to shoot. I’ve shot lots of modern compounds and they are very easy to shoot. I’m going to leave this discussion because I’m bored. I’m going to leave with this thought. For the most part NYS sucks. But we are blessed with fairly abundant deer population. The season begins in September in the Northern Zone and finishes the
  2. That line has been crossed a long time ago with modern compound bows.
  3. What I think is funny is that you think of these things. I won’t repeat it because I think you heard it the first time.
  4. Put the time in has become a joke. My nephew bough a bow last summer and killed a huge buck on Long Island with it. I posted the pictures in the harvest thread. Modern bows with fiber optic sights, trigger release and light weight materials are easy to shoot. The purists fought against compound bows and trigger releases years ago.
  5. Your right. No sense to continue. Xbow is a legal weapon. Now we are just fighting for more access. Truth be told as I already stated the Xbow limitations annoy me more than the additional two weeks. I’ll just buy myself a new bow and pat myself on the back when I kill a deer with it like I was William Tell.
  6. This graph was taken from a year 2000 report about deer hunting in NYS. Notice we are now below the graph they used.
  7. Yes I agree more people are bow hunting because of increased access and bows are now easier to shoot. Just like Xbow. More access and easier to shoot. Com’on Man we heard all these arguments when compound bows came out.
  8. So here’s a maths issue for you. Bow take is up about 8k. Xbow take is 10k. Our yearly deer take is almost the same every year about 220K. But more hunters chose to use a bow. At least 8k more. But at least 10k chose to use a Xbow. And the DEC survey showed that most hunters support the use of Xbows. It’s called freedom. And they chose it.
  9. Have no idea what you are referring to.
  10. Dude 2011 is 570 and 2017 is 571?? Again that’s our bid success??
  11. Look at the youth hunt. Something the NYS Bowhunters fought against. 1,000 deer!! That’s it only 1k deer and they don’t want it.
  12. Here is the stats from DEC on deer harvest numbers and implement.
  13. The numbers are only up because of covid. And Xbox is already legal. That’s not the argument. The argument is access.
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