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  1. I put one up five or six years ago when they first came out. I left it up all this time. This year it was unrepairable with duck tape so I thru it away. I have a new one in the box waiting to go up. I’m 6’2” tall and I can stand up in it easily. Two grown men in camp chairs can fit. My nephew who is plus size was able to draw his bow while standing and kill a deer. I have killed several deer in this blind and shared my blind with others who also killed deer. I highly recommend this blind.
  2. Not to worry it will be over before the gun season starts. Come to think it will be over before Xbow starts. November 4th. One day after the election.
  3. It does make me happy. Last year he was watching the ten I shot. Showed a picture to his FIL. FIL was dying and said the SIL would get that ten. He died before the season ended and did not know I shot the ten. The SIL believes the FIL brought that 11 to him this year.
  4. Shooting rifle, pistol and bow one eyed is fine. Wingshooting with a shotgun is better with both eyes open.
  5. I switched when I was 12. I’m 66 so there is no going back. 1/3 or all men have this problem it’s very common. Let your son shoot lefty. You won’t regret it. I’m a registered skeet shooter and a shooting instructor thru the NSSA. I have experience in this.
  6. This is my brothers from city land. with the gun.
  7. I’ll throw in a little brag picture. This is mine from last year with the Xbow.
  8. No not an injury. I’m right handed but shoot left handed because of a left dominate eye. I tried a left handed bow many, many years ago before mechanical releases and my shooting was not proficient enough to hunt. But with the new technology I’m hoping I can overcome it. Being retired I have more time to practice and pick out the right bow. I don’t know about others but in our area of 4P and 4R more people are hunting and using bow, Xbow, and BP to hunt with. I think the antler restrictions have a lot to do with it. My group that have been hunting together for 47 years we’re all gun at one time have taken up the muzzleloader, Xbow and compound as of late. Not all. Some do one and not the other. But all methods are represented in our group. Which is all a good thing. And the fact that we have four under 40 year old hunters is great. And we are about to add a youngster. Someone has to drag for us old guys.
  9. I did not have him on my trail cam but I did see him in person several times including in velvet. Well the neighbor took him with the bow this week. Here he is. I’m not upset. I took a 10 last year during Xbow that he had on camera. That’s how this game goes. But next year by hook or crook I will find a compound I can shoot and get out October 1st. Or hopefully the Xbow will be legal for the entire archery season.
  10. Been hunting 52 years. But more important I’ve been hunting with my group in 4P for 47 years. Still together just not as many as we started out with. But we picked up a few new ones.
  11. I leave mine up all year. Lasted 6 years. This year it has to be replaced. I have a new one all set to go.
  12. Bird hunting yes. Deer hunting when moving I wear a orange camo hat. In my blind no but I have orange on my blind. Years ago when the Catskills was a war zone on opening day I glowed with orange to to bottom.
  13. I “heard” the same thing. That the size and draw weight were picked by the NYS Bowhunters so that Xbows would not have an advantage over compound bows. I have a Tenpoint Titan Extreme. NYS compliant. I have harvested two bucks with it. I missed a doe the first year but my fault not the bow. I do not need a new bow. It pisses me off to no end that we Have these restrictions. I’d like to upgrade my equipment from time to time and it should be my choice what kind of bow I buy not the NYS Bowhunters Association. F..king NYS. We have compliant AR’s and handguns. And now compliant Xbows.