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  1. My personal opinion is 1,200 bucks sounds way too cheap for that gun. But to me 3k is too much. I would say the value would be in the 2k range maybe a bit better. But those are wild ass guesses from me. Put it on GB for 3k and see what happens.
  2. I spoke to the guy who said he knew the value of these guns and he said only 1,200 bucks for your friends gun. Sounds cheap to me but IDK. I know a store will give you nothing. I still say shotgunworld.com and trapshooters.com are the best places to get a value. Sorry all I can come up with. Mike.
  3. There are two on GB right now. One 3k and the othe 3k+. But both are custom. One has a English stock and the other has been engraved. I do have a friend I will ask.
  4. Try selling it on shotgun world or trap shooters. Obviously both sites would have more traffic looking to buy expensive shotguns. The Rugers although not popular when they were manufactured have a cult following now that they are discontinued.
  5. No you missed the point. You got it backwards.
  6. I love the outdoors and I love firearms. That’s why archery does not appeal to me much. I like guns. I grew up with cowboy movies, Guns and Ammo, Outdoor Life, and other Magazines. Walking with a rifle or shotgun in my hand is Thrilling to me. And I love the kill. It’s in my DNA, it’s visceral it’s who I am. Edited to add: I don’t hunt for meat. I can afford to buy meat. I think saying I hunt only for the meat is the new virtue signaling among deer hunters. I eat what I shoot but I also shoot for horns.
  7. If all the yotes died I would not feel bad.
  8. Hell at our age who wants to drag a bigger one?? Good job.
  9. You are good to go. 223 kills deer. Enjoy. Fidelis Ad Mortem
  10. I always found that guys have some personal attachment for the type and caliber rifle they hunted with. Hell we all know most Centerfire rifle cartridges will kill a whitetail deer. And any style action will get the job done. I always was a Remington auto guy and loved the 30-06 cartridge. But after reading all the Benoit’s books and watching all their videos I switched to the pumps. And now I shoot the 35 Whelen quite a bit followed by the 35 Remington. In my deer camp guys use pumps, bolts, auto’s, and levers. And I’ve seen deer killed with 223, 243, 7mm-08, 270, 270 WSM, 7mm mag, 30-30, 308, 30-06, 300 Win mag, 35 Rem, 35 Whelen, and some I probably forgot. They all died. Some faster than others. Only deer we ever lost was with a black powder once and a Xbow once. Pick one and shoot the shit out of it. Happy Thanksgiving and happy hunting.
  11. Hunting the ADK’s the only rifle to use is a Remington 7600 pump. Unfortunately Remington is not making them at this time and they are expensive right now. I hunted for many years with a 742 and then a 7400. My guess is the bolt was out of battery.
  12. I have a cheap 3x scope on my NYS compliant POS Xbow and you can see fine at 0640.
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