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  1. Very cool video! It would be interesting (and probably embarrassing) to have someone review my setup and technique. Always something to improve on!
  2. We buy the grapes (grown in Lodi Valley, CA) from a wholesaler here in Syracuse and squeeze them. I also have a few gallons of Amorone that is made from juice sold in 6 gallon buckets.
  3. We ended up doing 134 quarts of tomatoes because our friends wanted 24 quarts. So they helped us with the remaining 18 boxes of tomatoes. Also have an additional 75 gallons of Zinfandel in the barrel for the next 2 years. Just bottled up the 2017 vintage which is drinking quite well! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Otto


    My father and my mothers father were born in Linguglossa, on MT Etna. My Mother and Father were married there and honeymooned in Taormina. Beautiful seaside town! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Wonderful you get to spend so much time there.
  5. In a stand, wind not great for it. But not a lot of options. I put my nephew in the prime spot. Watching and listening to this flock of turkeys. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Prayers sent for your brother and strength for all involved in his recovery.
  7. Otto


    Where in Sicily were you? Both sides of my parents family are from the MT Etna region.
  8. Went from Boom to Bust today.....after seeing so many deer Thursday, this morning was a big fat zero..... tomorrow looks like a great day weather wise, I hope the wind changes direction a little for me, that would make it easier.
  9. I would suggest going to two websites for lots of great information related to butchering and preserving, and also for using the different cuts for different recipes. Butchering Grant Woods (also lots of food plot videos) Cooking: Hank Shaw
  10. Had a great sit tonight! Had 10 different deer in the field at one time, 6 bucks, 1 was a 6, another 7, and a nice 8 pointer. Also had a spike and two 4’s! The smaller deer were lightly sparring. One of the 4’s went up to the 7 and started to try it with him, but he just walked off. None came in within my 20 yard limit, but was quite a show for over an hour. Also watched the 7 Pointer tend a licking branch and freshen the scrape. The 8 pointer did come under my stand and offered nice shots, but it was almost 7pm, well after legal shooting time. Really pumped me up now!
  11. Otto


    Another Central New Yorker in the fold! Welcome! Pretty soon we will outnumber the Western NY crew!
  12. New members WOW! Welcome!