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  1. Venison bolognese with homemade fettuccine., plus homemade wine. What a meal! One meal for the day, I love Sundays. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. I don’t know what your self-employment is, BUT, You may be eligible for the $10,000 Disaster Relief GRANT (not a loan), and you may be eligible for the Payroll Protection Program. Contact your Bank or lender, or a CPA. They will be able to tell you what you can apply for, in addition to unemployment. No harm in making some phone calls to find out!
  3. I will post a pic of a 6 point buck with both sides still on dated 3/7. My wife and I did see another buck, much bigger antlers, on Monday. Both sides still on too. I’ve yet to find a shed so far. Hopefully this weekend!
  4. Thanks! I do have about 40 arrows that a guy sold to me for a song, but if they are still around at the next GTG I will put them to use!
  5. Watched ep 1 and will look at the second one. Too much other good stuff to watch. I am way behind but we just finish The Mandolorian on Disney, that was very entertaining.
  6. I don’t do this but a friend of mine buys the WalMart batteries with the 2 year warranty and every 2 years he gets them replaced - whether or not they are bad.
  7. Wow Al! I am in CNY too and my fruit trees are not even at green tip yet.
  8. Happy Birthday, hope you make a million dollars today!
  9. Otto

    Turkey loads

    Where are you located Cory? I can spare a box or two.
  10. I’m not sure where Dicksville is but setting plants out in a week or two is way early. You need to wait until all danger of frost has passed, usually mid-May or later in Central NY. Maybe a little bit sooner in southern NYS.
  11. Larry, I’ll take it from you, sending PM