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  1. Otto

    What type of ML?

    I have the Triumph and like it too. Very easy to use and accurate. I’ve taken 2 deer with it so far, both within 40 yards. If I ever decide to get another one, I’d like to get a Lyman Deerstalker. Pretty cool looking gun!
  2. Otto

    Anyone Have A Tip To Share?

    I don’t mind the smell at all (although the liquid $hit they spray on the fields is pretty bad), it’s just a funny thing to smell out of a can.
  3. Otto

    Anyone Have A Tip To Share?

    Is it just me or does the Fluid Film smell like cow manure?
  4. Otto

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy birthday to THE DUDE! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. Otto

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Very happy with my first group in 2 months. At 20 yards. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Tully Agway will probably have it. So will The Baldwinsville Farmers Co-op and the Farm Supply in Deruyter (can’t remember the name I don’ think it is Agway)
  7. Otto

    Top 10 BEST Pheasant Hunting Dogs.

    I have had 2 Brittanie's, the current one is “retired”. The person I hunt upland with also has Brittanie's. They are a great field dog that points the bird until you walk up and flush it. The dog should hold steady after the flush until released with BIRD DOWN! (With training! My dogs were after the bird as soon as the gun went off, but I never did field trials, just hunted for fun). They will also find the dead bird and retrieve to hand also with lots of training. Best of all, they are great family dogs, great with kids and friendly. The only drawback is they shed quite a bit of hair (as much as a lab) and they are very energetic, so they need lots of exercise. But their sweet demeanor more than make up for it! I’ve got lots of pics on Photobucket - but can’t get on that site anymore....
  8. Otto


    All Lefty here! Everything.....
  9. Otto

    Brenneke green lightning slugs.

    I have a smooth bore slug barrel with a rifled choke. Any recommendations for that? I’ve used Remington Accu-Tips for the past few years with good success.
  10. Otto

    Top 10 BEST Pheasant Hunting Dogs.

    He looks SO PROUD of himself!! Like he pointed it, shot it and is going to dress it and cook it too!
  11. Otto

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    I pulled a few cards yesterday and have a couple of target deerr. Look behind him, that one looks WIDE!
  12. Otto

    Baby Biz

    Congratulations to you and the Mrs!! That is great news!
  13. I looked at that model. Looks real comfy! I like the window setup too, will try to duplicate. Maybe even the 6 sided, might not be too hard.
  14. I am gathering materials to build a wood blind that I can use during archery, but also during the gun and muzzle-loader season. I've already ordered the "elevators" to secure the floor deck to the 4x4 posts, and I also decided on 12' in height. It will be mostly for 1 person, maybe 2 at times, so I am planning on a 6'x6' floor deck, using 12' long 2x4 material with little waste. At least 7' high on one side and 8' or so high on the other. That should create enough pitch to let snow fall off naturally as well as enough height inside for drawing my bow. I will build in in pieces so it can be assembled in the field. I do need some suggestions on how the windows should layout, both in size and location. Looking at the raised blinds available commercially, they all have longer vertical windows for the archery blinds, and wider horizontal windows for gun blinds. The archery/gun blinds have a combination of both. Any suggestions would help, I've looked over many of the blinds posted here and elsewhere, and have gotten a lot of good ideas. Thanks,