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  1. If EJ doesn’t buy all 7 boxes, I will take what is left. Thanks PS: I have several boxes of the Accutips in 12 gauge if anyone is looking for those. But I have none in 20 and would like to carry the Savage.
  2. Is it a job for deer search, just to put your mind at ease?
  3. Feels good to say “my wife and I” doesn’t it?! Congratulations!
  4. Thanks Suburbanfarmer. Looks like I need either a FFL or an Exporter to assist. Any savings would probably be used up in the process. But why do they have so much ammo at cheaper prices, and there’s hardly any here and what you find is much higher?
  5. I just got back from closing up camp in Canada. I stopped on the way up at a gun shop, sporting goods store. I was amazed at the selection and quantity of ammo they had available in this medium sized store. I've been looking all summer for 12ga trap loads, this store had over 1000 flats. And priced at $109 Canadian! That's about $88 US. Cheapest i have found here is $150 a flat. WTF? I asked and they told me I wouldn't have been able to bring any back home. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. I will be claiming BowmanMike on Sunday! Calling first dibs!
  7. Week 3 Otto selecting Turkeyfeathers, but I have a feeling he may tag before this week is over!
  8. @cynthiafu I have an extra vest if you want it! You’ll get more use out of it than I will.
  9. Haircut and then 250 pounds of tomatoes to canning this afternoon. I need to have 100+ quarts to satisfy my annual needs and gifts. So far we only have 36 on the shelf and we are really late to the game this year. Don't worry, I got some real good intel on my walk home last night. There is still time!
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