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  1. Me too, but I think it hits you next day. Yesterday, I was told to drink lots and lots of fluids, day before, day of, and day after. Including gatorade, etc. (not beer dammit) It seems to help, but my sister had her second shot a month ago and was down and out for a full 24 hours.
  2. 11:10am at Oncenter downtown, I walked out at 11:50
  3. You got your first shot on same day as me, so your follow up shot is probably the same day as mine - March 24th. If so, we can meet up for lunch and/or a beer to celebrate.
  4. I guess I was not clear on how it works. I thought it was pick one zone as your #1 and all other zones are open for you to draw a tag on. My first time in the drawing. I wonder if I can change my selections now? I will go back and check the site.
  5. I used to train and run my dogs there all the time. Lots of areas to explore, but a lot of bikers, runners and even horses out and about. I think the sections off Sixty Road get a lot more traffic than the other areas. If this property and house backs up to it on an isolated section, you might have a real sweet spot. All the times I ran dogs there, I never saw a deer or even any sign of a deer. But I’ll bet they are there somewhere.
  6. And yet trending down all day????
  7. Our County opened it up for hotel workers, so I am leaving in 10 minutes for shot #1. Moderna, I think. A former Marine told me this morning to do 200 push ups after the shot so it properly disburses in my body and my arm won't be sore. I am sure that is true for a Marine, but it will be sure to bring on a coronary event for me!
  8. I’ll bet Cuomo wished they stripped something else!
  9. @wolc123 If you are going to the trouble of salvaging everything from the very old barn, I would not cut those beams up into 10’ chunks. I think they would be much more valuable if you left them as whole as possible. Especially being that they are hand hewn. I know a guy in Buffalo that specializes in de-construction and salvage. LMK if you want his contact info.
  10. E Trade for me. Pretty good app and free as are most of the others.
  11. There were over 600 appointments available this afternoon for next Monday. I think they must have received more vaccines than they thought they were going to get.
  12. "all politics are local" - not sure who said that, but in Upstate NY the Republicans may be disorganized and outmatched in numbers, but they are not completely out of the picture just yet. It would only take 2 or 3 seats to flip it.
  13. @Elmo I booked an appointment at the NYS site here is Syracuse for MArch 20th a couple of days ago. Today I was able to book one for Monday morning, so I can get it earlier. There are more doses available now and appointments are opening up. Keep checking.
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