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  1. So glad the see this! Kudos to GMan for his generosity too!
  2. Went back for afternoon sit. Apparently I missed seeing a doe at 50 yards because I had my nose in the phone looking at this forum! When will I learn? Oh well, back with the gun soon enough.
  3. Very sorry to hear that Wolc, condolences and prayers to you. I lost one of my hunting and fishing friends earlier this year. I learned a lot from him and miss him every day, especially on season openers. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Opening Day Gun: sat in the new Taj Mahal, Jason was in his double. As of noon no deer seen. A few shots heard around the neighborhood but nothing jumping around us. I am in for a break, he is roughing it out for the whole dark to dark.
  5. Even far away sub chapters would show up. Get Him Jay! Glad to see you out there!
  6. Try wearing some of the Doe in Estrous cologne you got for Christmas last year.
  7. Don’t bother with the LLBean store in Syracuse. Almost zero camo or hunting items are ever there. If you want to try them on, I would drive to the Albany store. Or mail order them. The are good quality wool pants and decently priced.
  8. @Biz-R-OWorld Tasty looking plate there, especially the potatoes, onions!
  9. Never thought I would feel that way, but after three seasons with a bow I DO!
  10. Great job 518Bowslayer! On the way to the stand - sounds like a great story!
  11. Besides the sentimental value, which is I am sure - priceless, those are highly sought after and collectible. So good that you are using and caring for it!
  12. What are the markings on the bottom of the pan? Does it show where it was made?
  13. Thanks for yours, the red wine sounds good. So does the gremolata addition. Would brighten that up quite a bit.