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  1. Otto

    Steve Rinella.......
  2. Otto

    How are the wood-burners doing?

    We burn about 8 face cords of wood a year. I am way behind on future years, but hopefully have enough for this year. Except for a few days, have had the stove lit since Halloween. Best room in the house to be in. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. Otto

    View from the new home

    That’s great news! Congratulations on your new home and hard work getting there!
  4. Otto

    Visual or audio?

    Do you use the Walkers Game ear that goes into your ear canal, or a over the ear style?
  5. Otto

    Visual or audio?

    I am in the same boat. I really need to look into a game ear, or hearing aids.
  6. Spots filled, but always room for more shooters if you are interested!
  7. Otto

    My birthday buck.

    I shot one on my wife’s birthday, close enough! Congratulations on your buck!
  8. I am looking for three shooters for a Thursday night archery league at Wildwood Archery Center in Eldridge (on Fikes Rd). I am on a team, but we need three more guys to round out the league to 8 teams. Compound or Traditional, all skill levels welcome. Very relaxed and friendly group of guys. PM me if any interest , Otto
  9. Otto


    Nice!! Save me a bite!
  10. Otto


    Oh, I didn’t recognze the bar backdrop......Have a pretzel with cheese and mustard!
  11. Otto


    Fletch, where you at?
  12. Is that how the Land Trust in Vermont works? In NY, from what I understand, is if you “sell” your property to the Land Trust, you can’t develop it. You still own it, but it must stay in the current state that it land, timber land, etc. You can post it, it is still private land. It’s used to prevent valuable agricultural lands from turning into subdivisions.
  13. Deer 2 150 pounds dressed weight 18" inside spread 8 points Savage 220, 20 Ga., Remington Accutips This was my first outing with gun, for various reasons, including laziness. Seeing some great bucks taken recently inspired me (esp. TF) plus a Thursday morning sighting of this buck motivated me to at least get my butt in a stand. I was not even ready yet, had just clipped my harness onto the tree, had not loaded the gun or even wiped the snow off the tree stand seat. I turned around and noticed a deer about 150 yards away but could not see any antlers. I had to dig out my binoculars and when I had them could clearly see it was the buck I had seen the day before. I loaded my gun (Savage 220) as quietly as possible. I used a bleat can and got his attention. But he was not coming closer. I dug the grunt tube out of the bottom of my backpack, gave it one blow and that was all it took. He walked to me and I shot him at 65 yards. He took off and went behind some trees and brush. I gave him 20 minutes and found him 50 yards from where I shot him. I've never had such a short time in the treestand! Very thankful and happy for a great season. Hoping to take one with a muzzleloader too, plus I've got a DMP to use too. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks everyone for the Likes and congratulations! Awesome morning for sure and I am thankful for a great season. I will post more photos and story on my entry post later on. Off to work now, all morning meetings had to be delayed a bit due to my situation.