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  1. I've hunted at Upland Game Preserve in Montour Falls, NY many, many times. 22 miles from Painted Post. He has pheasants, chukkars and quail and is open September to April. Frank is a great guy and he also has dogs there if you want. No website, but he is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UplandGamePreserve/
  2. In Cooperstown, I love the Farmers Museum. But I grew up on a farm, so...... they also have pioneer era house and people "living the life" on display. Not sure what covid has changed. but it is a family thing for sure! Also, not too far away is Howes Caverns which is really awesome, great tour underground, plus they have a zip line there now too.
  3. I’ll bet Los Angeles Southwest College won’t be cancelling her or putting her on administrative leave!
  4. I had a cook when I had a restaurant that soaked his chicken in buttermilk, Franks, and cayenne, plus some other stuff he would never let anyone see. He had awesome Fried Chicken!! I'm going to try this on the next turkey.
  5. Should have borrowed TF’s air fryer! LOL!!!! Looks awesome!
  6. Good idea Rob, they don't grow as well in cold temps anyways, better to leave them in the greenhouse where conditions are perfect before shocking them outside.
  7. WOLC, .410 guns are very popular right now using TSS loads. Accurate and deadly past 50 yards, or so i have read. Not sure about using the lead ammo you have, but you can certainly test it out! I have a 28" on my BPS, it does stick put when shooting out of a blind, but I have not been busted when doing so. Just go slow and watch where the bird is focused. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. He is in New Hampshire I believe. So chalk up one itty bitty + for NYS.
  9. That was a great story. Another dog, same breed, right away, may not be in the immediate future, but will be soon enough!
  10. I had a bearded hen and a stubby jake stroll by within 5 feet of my blind. Waiting for Mr Tom to make his entrance. Congrats to Reeltime, TF and the others who have tagged today! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you everyone for all the notes of condolences. The house is a bit quieter for sure. Time will heal, and maybe there will be another dog in our future soon.
  12. We said goodbye to Buddy yesterday, my 13.5 year old brittany. He was doing pretty good for an old man, but the last week he was definitely struggling and we knew it was time. Buddy was my "rebound" dog. I had lost my first brittany Otto on my birthday in March when he was hit by a car in front of our house. Everyone at work knew how much I loved Otto, so within 2 weeks they bought me a dog from the same breeder. I wanted to name him Otto 2, but my kids could not see the humor of that, so we stayed with the name the breeder called all his puppies regardless of sex. Buddy stuck and I was hun
  13. I didn't get to saute dandelion greens. My cousin started some in our greenhouse so I might try it when those are ready. But thankfully, last week ramps were perfect. A olive oil, salt and pepper dressing and some time on the grill. Truly my faviorite wild forage! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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