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  1. Happy birthday John! Looks like you got a few beers to get through for your celebration, NICE!
  2. Thanks for the inspiration Rob, my first shot from the compound in a few weeks. Gotta get things in shape! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. We had rabbits once named Cassie and Stew.
  4. I enjoyed that video. Thanks for posting it. I made a butternut clock many years ago from lumber off our farm. I still have a few pieces laying around somewhere. Windsor chair is beautiful!
  5. Thanks for that website! I bookmarked it for future reference.
  6. Does your cousin have some sort of exemption or have family in Canada that allowed this? I don’t think you can just go up there for a vacation weekend. At least until August 9th….
  7. Could you silicone caulk it in place on the back of the unit? Or readjust it so the excess is on top of the unit instead of along the bottom? I really like the tile above the galvanized panels!
  8. Given today’s prices that sounds like a good deal. I paid 15k for a John Deere 4410 about 8 years ago almost the same specs. I bought mine from a dealer too.
  9. Otto


    Was Euro Cup game on? Forward Italia!
  10. You could rig up a shade cloth off your fence.
  11. @corydd7. Those bulbs are killer! Well done! Mine are just a few days from being ready.
  12. Lots of good meals being served! I made venison fajitas from a flank cut that has been kicking around my freezer since 2018. Meat was perfectly fine and after some trimming, a day long dry rub, and six minutes on a searing hot grill, it came out pretty dam good! I wish I had a flat grill, but it worked out pretty good on the Weber.
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