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  1. HEY MUSKY! Welcome! How far North are ya?
  2. Do you store it in the case? I never do that - always store in the safe with a Golden Rod to remove moisture.
  3. That was cool! Airedale, I though you took up chainsaw carving like Wooly.
  4. Heal up Tom and get your dogs out there soon! Thanks for all you do!
  5. Think of it as your "forever" boat. At least that's how I justify large purchases to my wife......
  6. Yes, ours was to be fenced too, but to keep people out more than deer - chain link and razor wire. It was located near a State Highway, so that may have played into it, or maybe it was town rules. The project died for other reasons, but mowing and fencing were a part of it.
  7. You should double check about planting around the solar panels. When we looked at putting on in at our farm, part of the deal was we would keep it mowed four times a year. They need to easily go between the panels for any repairs or adjustments, so the field needs to be clean.
  8. I used 777 to start with and switched over to White Hots because they were supposed to be “cleaner”. Not in my experience! 2 or 3 shots through the barrel and you had to clean it or you would not be able to reload it. I am planning to switch to the 209 powder, but that will be on next years list. I’ll be using the rest of my 777’s this season.
  9. We go about 12” in Syracuse. The first part was heavy and wet the second part was fluffy. My snowblower “hit” my mailbox too, but I only lost the numbers plate on top. I don’t think he actually hit it, but the heavy snow flying off the plow probably did the damage. I duct taped it on until I get a new one.
  10. I have found the best way is to keep it at rare or medium rare at most. Well done will certainly be rubbery. My friend cut them into small pieces and quickly sautéed them with spices and served them as tacos. They were delicious! I would nor recommend grinding them up. If you have 4 hearts, I have heard that pickled deer heart is delicious too. I have not had it myself, but I am pretty sure I would like it.
  11. I don’t have that many hunts or hours in. Last count was 24 hunts for me, most were 4-6 hours. Today was #25 and 3 hours. Gorgeous day, lots of fresh tracks, but not a single deer spotted. At start of archery I saw deer every single hunt, since mid-November I have seen less than 5 deer total. Oh well, going to try one more afternoon this week and then Saturday and Sunday. Then out comes the muzzleloader, hope to at least put down a doe for the freezer!