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  1. He was the headline dinner entertainment at one of our hotel conferences many years ago. I was on a special committee at the time, so the President of the company put me and my wife in the front row center. For some reason, Louie thought I was the Company President and roasted "me". I kept laughing at everything, including some real insults. Louie took that as permission and really let loose! The President who was sitting several rows back was fuming and not laughing! After the show we had a meet and greet with him and when I was introduced Louie realized his mistake and said Oh My God, your not the President! I'm not going to get paid for this gig! We have a picture of the meet and greet somewhere.
  2. I'll credit this to my sister who told me this last week: "60 may be the new 40, but 10pm is the new midnight"
  3. It's is a good idea to sear the entire outside of the meat before putting into the crockpot, or even the dutch oven. Use a very hot pan with a high heat type of oil. Scrape all the fond into your pot. If you do shred it and use it in tacos, I like to take half of it and crisp it up in bacon grease so you get a mix of soft meat with crispy. But your end product looks great and I am sure will taste great!
  4. Did you complete your trout challenge for January? It might be in jeopardy!
  5. My buddy makes goose breast pastrami that is outstanding!
  6. I just saw a pile of Hornaday Sabots 12ga at Runnings on Rte 31 in Clay. They had at least 50 boxes.
  7. That reminds me, I need to put diesel anti gel in my tractor tank! I do have a block heater and it’s parked indoors so I might be ok.
  8. I am waiting with baited breath!
  9. @Chef already answered! But I’ve never used an instapot (for anything, we don’t have one). Dutch oven is the way to deer shank nirvana.
  10. Otto

    She's OK

    I will be thinking about you and your wife today, best wishes!
  11. Didn't Stormy use duct tape to attach his scope to a rifle too?
  12. Is that electrical tape?
  13. I stopped watching when he threw the shanks to the dog!
  14. @dinorocks I check the hardware store in DeRuyter, NY https://www.countrysidehardware.com/ They do on occasion have used tin buckets, but there are none in stock at the moment. They said to call back on occasion and see if any show up. They also have a good supply of other maple sugaring equipment in stock right now. Hopefully the contact from @BowmanMike comes through!
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