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  1. Love this new rule. Hopefully I can shoot a deer and it can run in someones house and we can cook it right up!
  2. I was told by a dec officer in the woods that I could leave a treestand up all year round on state land on long island.
  3. Awesome day First and congrats on all the action and the harvest for the brother in law.
  4. I will be out in Hither Hills on Thursday the 9th with my dad. Goodluck all.
  5. I bow hunt on Long Island from October to December with success and never have to check in. There are plenty of spots not far from the ridge check station you can just hunt at without checking in.
  6. 150ft is key. The deer here on long island feel so safe near houses. Let us get closer and thank you.
  7. If you did not get a drawing number you can claim a reservation for any spots that are unfilled at the dec check station in ridge from December 26-28 between 10am and 2pm. Hope that helps. Always some spots open.
  8. Glady take me to jail. I am ending the suffering of the deer asap regardless of the hour.
  9. 101 and 1003 for my brother and I. We hunt the shotgun season in hither hills. Best of luck all!
  10. Been seeing a lot of deer where I go on public land just nothing in range. Best of luck all! I will be out Monday.
  11. Big congrats on the deer. Next time limit the details as people on here like to be harsh
  12. I will be in my spot Saturday by 545am. I will be hunting the opening day for Vermont rifle season. You can shoot 30 minutes before sunrise there.
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