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  1. Probably more related to newly available testing than anything else. The true measure is new hospitalizations, not new positives.
  2. I would have loved it if someone would have asked him to explain 'our stockpile'.
  3. “It’s very mild,” he told Hannity on March 4. On March 7, he said, “I’m not concerned at all.” On March 10, he promised: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”
  4. Probably the same way we all should have felt a few weeks ago when he was telling us that the coronavirus was 'all under control' and would 'just go away on it's own' and was a hoax created by Democrats and the media.
  5. Studies also show that men do not wash their hands as frequently or as well as women.
  6. Wasn’t referring to you, Rob. Was referring to the statement that you responded to also.
  7. And why is that even relevant?
  8. The minimum age is 13?
  9. Flash sale again tonight.
  10. Do you think 'King Andy' is wrong?
  11. Awesome. thanks. I'll get myself to the Riverhead Costco tomorrow. They usually have it for a while and then it disappears for months. That's why I usually stock up. I'll let everyone else fight over the toilet paper. I'm stocking up on Mateo's!!!
  12. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT??!! My Costco hasn't had it for the past six months. I went from having eight jars in the pantry to none. That stuff is the best and life is not the same without it.