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  1. The problem is that the majority of people these days, especially on a forum like this one, are not anywhere near the center. Most people are way far to the left or right and are unwilling to even consider another point of view. Hell, it seems that even being near the center is unacceptable within the two parties. The only interesting or useful debates are between the few people in the middle. Everything else just turns into a waste of time.
  2. Oh right. i don't use the plug in type of tester.
  3. Even if the GFCI itself is faulty, there would still be power in the box at the hot wire. If not, the problem is upstream.
  4. Either way, it's a bit concerning there are receptacles, appliances, and lights all on the same circuit. That's not the way it's usually done.
  5. Agreed. If a GFCI is fried, everything downstream of it is dead.
  6. Sounds like you have some interesting wiring going on at your house. Do you mean your garage door opener, or receptacles and lights in the garage? If you have a tester, you can check to see if there is still power going to the opener and dishwasher. If there is, those units could've gotten shorted out when the power came back on.
  7. They make people feel safe because they are effective. Nobody ever claimed that they were 100% effective. The overwhelming majority of new cases are of the Delta variant, and almost 100% of those cases are in unvaccinated people. And, not surprisingly, the hardest hit areas are in areas with the lowest vaccination rates.
  8. I appreciate the advice. I canceled the inspection because i don't want to take any chances. I'd have no way to know in advance if the inspector would make an issue of it or not. And, i just can't take that chance. As far as the kitchen project goes, I'm doing the work myself. I have a lot of experience in home renovation and am also following the advice of family members and friends who are contractors- GC's, plumbers, carpenters, electricians. I'm confident that the work is safe and done properly. In fact, it's given me the opportunity to improve on the way it's built- I've been a
  9. Moving plumbing, adding windows/headers, etc. requires a permit in Brookhaven. If i was simply tearing out the kitchen and replacing what was there, no permit required. Yes, the framing inspection was for a permitted master bathroom/closet addition. The framing inspection has to be completed before moving forward with electric, plumbing, and insulation. And there will be separate inspections for each of those.
  10. Exactly what i was thinking. I just canceled the appointment. I'll wait until the kitchen is primed and ready for cabinets.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I think i'm gonna cancel and wait. Inspectors here on Long Island, Town of Brookhaven are notoriously tough to deal with. It took almost a full year to get the permit for the bathroom addition. I had to schedule three separate inspections just for the foundation- for a 200 SF addition. I can't take the chance of getting forced to stop working on the kitchen. I'm sure it would take months to get the kitchen permit and it's already been terribly inconvenient to not have a kitchen for the past two weeks. I'm hoping to have the kitchen walls closed up in a few weeks
  12. I have a framing inspection scheduled for this Thursday for a master bathroom addition. The inspector will need to enter the house for the inspection. I also just gutted my kitchen to the studs and have started rewiring it. The kitchen project has involved moving plumbing, adding windows, etc.- i did not get a permit for the kitchen project. Should i be concerned about the framing inspector seeing the current condition of the kitchen? I'm concerned that he could make me stop work and file for a permit. I'm in no rush to move forward with finishing the bathroom addition- iI'll get to that
  13. Is the $140 price for both sets, or per set?
  14. Oh, Grouse. Get over yourself. You do the exact same things. The only difference between you and the people you despise is your point of view.
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