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  1. Love when someone tries to post a smartass response and can't even spell.
  2. if you feel you have a valid point, why not use factual information and legitimate comparisons to make that point? Why intentionally use disinformation to simply rile up the dummies?
  3. Right, thanks. Did you read the definition that you just posted? Or, are you only interested in posting something provocative? That tweet is idiotic and purposely misleading- surely intended for the gullible and stupid. Magic never had AIDS. And, in case it needs to be pointed out, HIV and Covid transmission are not similar. Covid is airborne. HIV is primarily spread through needle sharing and unprotected sex- neither of which typically takes place on the basketball court.
  4. OK, so let's agree that the last one was an idiot and the current one is a moron.
  5. The general area is loaded with ag property and lots of deer. My place is in that area. Loads of deer. But, my place is always mostly does. Bucks are usually smaller racks, occasionally a bigger buck.
  6. i've heard good things about the guy in Oakdale.
  7. I think we hunt in the same area and i can say that i have the same issue. I've seen bucks chasing does occasionally. But, it seems that there are at least a dozen does to every buck. They don't have to work very hard to find a hot doe. I think they're more likely exhausted from all the action.
  8. Except for the small part about a belly ache not being contagious.
  9. You still have that flag flying in your yard?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, i'm on Long Island- i'll try Meat Farms- that one is right near me. I guess i could buy pork belly in bulk from Costco also. Mike, that sounds great.
  11. I'm planning to make venison sausage this year and want to cut in some pork fat. In the past, i've had a hard time finding pork fat. Was hoping to find fatback, but no luck. My local butcher only had pork trimming, which cost as much as pork chops. What do you all use and where do you buy it?
  12. That's funny. Science is the reason those things were stopped, not the reason they started.
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