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  1. Look at the Amazon listing in the OP. 'Gift Ideas From the Ellen DeGeneres Show'??
  2. We got my wife a 2018 Honda Pilot two years ago. I priced the remote started at the dealer and at another place and the prices were similar. I went with the dealer.
  3. Wouldn't you want to verify any of those claims prior to spreading 'like wild fire'? A quick Google search will show you that this Ed Chenel letter has existed on the internet since the late 90's, and Chenel's existence hasn't even been verified.
  4. they were also at the Throgg's Neck Bridge last weekend.
  5. Thanks everyone. Turned out to be no problem. Took it to the local trailer place and got new tires in an hour. Well worth the $135 for the convenience and peace of mind.
  6. Thanks guys. Of course, I’m hoping to bring the trailer with me when I head upstate Wednesday morning. So, I’m in a bit of a time crunch.
  7. Just noticed that my trailer tires are in awful condition and need to be replaced. I’ve never replaced trailer tires before. For those members with experience, do I need to take it to a trailer place, or will a regular tire shop be able to replace them?
  8. Good for you. Sounds like things are heating up in 4F. I can't wait to get up there for the last few days of bow and then the gun opener.
  9. Congratulations. Do you think there's any chance this is the same deer from the other day?
  10. Hi Curmudgeon. Sorry to hear about your miss. Sounds like you grazed over the top. As far as why your bolt went so high, is there any chance it grazed the blind? I'm only asking because, a couple of years ago, I decided to use the top of my popup blind as a rest to shoot at a nice 8pt. Had a clear view through the scope. But, with over/under scope mounts, the barrel was a couple of inches lower than the scope and was actually blocked by the blind. Of course, I missed the deer, but shot the living hell out of the blind.
  11. Do it- as long as you don't need to do a lot of limb cutting and lane clearing. Guys go in on climbers all the time- not really any different from hanging and using a new hang-on stand.