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  1. There are currently outbreaks in other parts of the world- specifically in Israel and Ukraine. Orthodox Jews often travel back and forth to Israel. The ability of people to travel the world, especially to areas where vaccinations are less common, is one of the primary causes of outbreaks in this country.
  2. I believe the outbreaks have been concentrated mostly in the insular ultra-Orthodox communities in Rockland. Not sure if there have been many cases outside of those communities.
  3. virgil

    Need 1 old style sight pin.

    pretty sure I have some also. I'd be happy to take pictures and mail them out if they're what you're looking for- if you haven't gotten one already.
  4. virgil

    Service dog scam

    Elmo, what you're describing sounds more like a 'therapy dog'. Those are becoming very popular in hospitals as you mentioned. The hospital that I work in has a program for the past few years. Those dogs do require specific training and certification. Service dogs are different, but must be accommodated in most public places, including hospitals- we actually have a written policy related to service dogs. Service dogs must be allowed as long as they remain 'in control' of the owner or a designee. We do not allow 'support animals'.
  5. Another dumb conspiracy thread from a predictable source.
  6. virgil

    Service dog scam

    The ADA website says that the dog is allowed even in food prep areas- even in salad bars- because of the rule that the dog always be in the owner's 'control'. Can't leave your dog at the table while you go to the salad bar. The issue that I had to deal with was that we had one patient who needed to have her dog with her; and we had another patient who has a very serious pet allergy. Ultimately, we are required to accommodate the person who needs the dog. The person with the allergy is responsible for knowing that the law allows for service animals to be in public places and must take necessary precautions when in public (carry an epi-pen) at all times.
  7. virgil

    Service dog scam

    Buckmaster- what you're describing sounds like more of an 'emotional support animal', which is somewhat different from a 'service animal'. Service animals are meant to perform a specific task for a disabled person- opening doors, 'seeing eye dog', etc. You also make a good point about not judging based on appearances. The person who I was dealing with had a dog that senses when her blood sugar starts dropping too low and helps her avoid hypoglycemic episodes. By looking at her, you would have no idea that she had any kind of disability.
  8. virgil

    Service dog scam

    Pretty sure there is no actual formal training required to call a dog a 'service dog'. Any dog owner can train their own dog and call it a service animal. And businesses are not allowed to do any more than ask what service the dog performs- you cannot ask a person about their disability. The only requirement is that the dog be in 'the owner's control' at all times. I just had to deal with this issue last week in one of my offices and was referred to the ADA website for information. I was amazed at how unregulated this is.
  9. virgil

    They are banning plastic bags now

    It's really not that hard to remember to bring a bag to the grocery store- just takes a little getting used to. But, it's worth the effort.
  10. Papist, you've been openly rooting for a politically motivated race war for years. This guy must be a hero to you.
  11. virgil

    Hiking w/ fly rod

    If you're going to be doing a lot of this, a pack rod is great. I have a seven foot Orvis 5 weight that is, I think, six pieces and packs down to about 18" and came in a great lightweight tube.
  12. virgil

    Political humor

    They did more than just try- they succeeded. That much is not a question.
  13. virgil

    Cut cable !

    . It is like free college. Socialism!!!!!
  14. It's absolutely all politics. The only ones trying to change the status quo are the whackos on both sides. The rest are simply trying to blame each other for their collective failures.
  15. If the Republicans truly believed in the wall, they would have easily been able to get it done when they had the majority.