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  1. virgil

    How to spot a fake expert video

    And most don't know the difference.
  2. You should be worried about that- as well as other things that are important to you (2A). This will set a potentially very dangerous precedent if it's upheld in the courts. My guess is that it's just political posturing and that the administration knows that it will be blocked in the courts- but, he'll be able to tell his base that he did everything possible to keep his campaign promise (leaving out the part about Mexico paying for the wall), and was blocked by Democrats- in spite of the fact that the Republicans could have gotten this done before the midterm elections if they actually believed in it.
  3. I have a job also. Doubt that lobbying was an option. Amazon had dozens of cities bidding for them to bring their headquarters to them. They get offered tax incentives because of the massive revenue that their presence will generate- not to mention all the new ancillary businesses that would sprout up in the area as a result of Amazon and the local real estate boom that would have been realized. Amazon is probably not interested in setting up elsewhere in NYS- there's obvious inherent value for big business to be close to NYC versus anyplace else that NYS has to offer.
  4. Sounds like biting off your own nose to spite your face to me. I can't see how this would have been a bad thing.
  5. virgil

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    Once a thread devolves into nothing more than a pissing match, is there any reason to keep the thread open any more? Who benefits?
  6. virgil


    Would you have trusted the election results if Cuomo had lost?
  7. virgil

    Moose Draw

    I just put in an application after reading this thread. When is the draw?
  8. I agree with Otto and ChefHunter's recommendations. I've traveled to and worked in Italy and could spend a lifetime exploring the different regions. Don't be afraid to drive in Italy- maybe avoid driving in cities. But, driving between destinations will allow you to see the countryside in ways that the train won't. Avoid tourist traps at all costs- Italy is filled with them. Get off the beaten path and seek out neighborhoods and restaurants that don't cater primarily to tourists. I prefer to travel slow and spend a bit more time in fewer places to get a better feel for each city or village. Montalcino is a mountain town in Tuscany and was a highlight- an hour or so from Florence. The central market in Florence. The catacombs in Rome. Ravello. Bologna doesn't get a lot of attention, but is a great small city to visit. Siena and Lucca are also great and easy day trips from Florence. Venice is not what it was, but is still worth a visit- be sure to spend a night or two there so that you'll have the city to yourselves in the early morning and evening once all the day trippers and cruisers have left. Naples is crazy, but definitely worth a visit also. Amalfi coast is stunning, but can be very touristy- avoid Sorento. Capri is definitely worth a day trip- the blue grotto is neat. If you spend time in or around Lake Como, you can do a quick day trip to Locarno in Switzerland. Typing this from my desk at work is depressing....
  9. When I use the term 'culture of abuse', I mean the institution-wide practice of systematic coverup that allows the abuse to continue unabated.
  10. Calling it pedastry and not pedophilia is just an attempt by the church to demonize gays and shift the blame from where it truly belongs. Call it whatever you want- it's a crime. Christianity is not to blame for the crime. But, the church is absolutely to blame for covering up the crimes of it's priests and leadership and for creating a culture of abuse- abuse of the children that they claim to care so much about. The organization has chosen for decades to protect itself and not it's most vulnerable members.
  11. Not sure that getting excommunicated from the Catholic church would hurt him. Getting kicked off a sinking ship isn't really a penalty. At some point, being rejected by the church might be a prerequisite for anyone running for office.
  12. Catholic church leadership calling anyone out for not living up to the church's teachings is hilarious.
  13. virgil


    Sorry Culver. You're taking too giant a leap here. We complain that gun owners rights are infringed upon by laws meant to protect us from wound-be criminals. Why do the same here? Yes, there are doctors that write bogus prescriptions for opiates and similar meds. That doesn't mean that we should ban opiates. It's a lot easier for a doctor to get away with writing a bogus prescription than it is to justify an unnecessary surgical procedure. Pain is entirely subjective- that's why pain medication is so easily abused. Doctors have no real way of quantifying how much pain a patient is in- therein lies the potential for abuse and plausible deniability. It's not nearly the same in cases for justified late term abortion.