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  1. virgil


    Anyone else see this?: I posted this in another section, but probably should have put it here.
  2. Anyone else see this?
  3. virgil

    Poo found on every McDonald’s touchscreen tested

    I'd be more concerned about what's in the burgers.
  4. virgil

    Long Island Goose guides?

    look up Elite Long Island Outfitters. They do goose hunts in fields on the east end and have a good reputation. They also do hunts on the water for puddle ducks, sea ducks and geese.
  5. virgil

    Patching LaCrosse boots question

    I bought a kit to repair my waders. it came with a couple of patches for the neoprene part and a tube of goop for the rubber parts. I had a couple of tears in the rubber parts and the goop worked well. the kit cost about $7 on amazon.
  6. I've been keeping an eye on this thread only to see how long it would take for Belo to remind us about his engineering degree. I can stop paying attention now.
  7. virgil

    Suffolk Spring Turkey Season?

    There are loads of birds out here. A spring season would be great.
  8. virgil

    Flash sale 59 dollar insulated muck boots

    Big discounts on trail cameras also.
  9. 'Elevation Mode' is kinda what I assumed 'AI' meant. Seems like there'd be no reason not to use it?
  10. I just bought a new range finder because I accidentally left mine outside in last weekend's nor'easter. The instructions that came with the new one are pretty useless. It has a regular mode and an 'AI' mode. The 'AI' mode looks like it's meant to be used when there is an elevation difference between the shooter and the target. Does anyone have/use something similar for bowhunting from a treestand.
  11. virgil

    LI buck green scores 205

    Maybe but if he is home why does he still have all his hunting camo clothes on ? He shot the buck after 6pm. The photo was probably taken the following day- I'd imagine that it was pretty dark by the time he recovered the deer. If I shot that deer, I'd want photos with good daylight.
  12. virgil

    LI buck green scores 205

    Oh great, the conspiracy team is here. No chance he posed for that picture at home like lots of the photos on this site with deer hanging in their garage?
  13. virgil

    LI buck green scores 205

    There aren't any public ATV trails on Long Island.
  14. virgil

    The fakest of fake news Why would a GOP activist want to do this?
  15. virgil

    The fakest of fake news

    Any objective observer knows that media outlets are biased- all of them. The brainwashed are the people who believe that all liberal outlets are fair and conservative outlets are biased- and vice versa.