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  1. Good luck. I'd be very careful about purchasing land with someone unless you know them very well. Even then, can be really complicated.
  2. Great pictures. I had a chocolate lab years ago and she was a sweetheart. Good for nothing but lounging around the house and begging for food. But, the sweetest temperament.
  3. My buddy's Chesapeake Bay retriever is a great dog for duck hunting. He's trained her well and I know she's great in the house with his kids. He feels strongly that finding the right breeder was very important.
  4. Have a plastic tarp on the floor when he walks in.
  5. Great program What dish is that last picture- looks almost like pastrami.
  6. Curious, how many guys and how much land in your camp? My buddy and I each took a doe this year. Didn’t see any shooter bucks.
  7. Do Do you have a lease, or were you with an outfitter?
  8. I’m going out here on Long Island in the morning. Checked at low tide this afternoon and there were loads of birds in the harbor.
  9. Bordering public ground can be a blessing or a curse. It depends on how accessible the adjoining public ground is to the public. If the closest access is a good distance away, great. If there are public parking areas, trails, etc. that are close to your land- not so good. You could either be overrun, or you could have lots of property to yourself I had property that was surrounded on three sides by State forest. But, it was directly adjacent to public hiking trails. I didn't have problems with hunting pressure (mostly because the hunting wasn't so good). But, I had constant issues of trespassing and vandalism due to the constant foot traffic through the area.
  10. You can find lease templates online- just fill in the blanks. I did that once and it was pretty easy.
  11. I'd like to hear more about the deer taken in my neighborhood that you're referring to.
  12. I hunt not far from Curmudgeon's Christmas tree farm. I have been lucky to always see a lot of deer on my land. But, I've always seen few bucks as compared to does; and even fewer mature bucks. This year, I saw fewer deer in general, and no mature bucks at all. I did have considerably more hunting pressure on adjacent properties this year than in the past. My neighbors were doing drives and firing quite a bit on opening day- they typically don't hunt the adjacent property much early in the season. By Sunday of opening weekend, sightings were much less frequent. Thanksgiving week, even less. My general impression is that the deer were very quick to become nocturnal; and I did not see much evidence at all of an active rut this year. Hoping this year was an anomaly and not the beginning of a trend.
  13. I have the parka and it’s great for gun season. High quality.
  14. Look at the Amazon listing in the OP. 'Gift Ideas From the Ellen DeGeneres Show'??