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  1. Was there a cost, or do you make a few bucks on this?
  2. Sorry to interrupt your pathetic echo chamber, Grouse. I didn't make it up- it's straight out of the dictionary. i'll go back to ignoring you clowns- i forgot how sensitive and easily triggered you can be.
  3. Robby, i think you may have missed the point. The definition above is for 'trump'. Either way, both are funny- and appropriate.
  4. : to concoct especially with intent to deceive : fabricate, invent.
  5. You can get a haircut at Walmart? i was up at the Cabelas in Auburn this weekend. The ammo selection was definitely disappointing. The purchase process was quick and painless- that's not to say that i like it.
  6. Serious question, how do the Trump lovers feel about his big announcement yesterday? You guys buying those trading cards?
  7. interesting that they used the term 'automatic' instead of semi-auto back then.
  8. Agree with the posts above. There are loads of birds here. They roam my neighborhood year-round. Also agree with the post about access. I'll be happily driving upstate to hunt turkeys in the spring to avoid the crowds. The relatively small amount of public access ground on Long Island will probably be loaded with hunters.
  9. I wonder if this silly bickering is partly what drives some people away.
  10. Holy geez, the nonsense some of you guys come up with to keep yourselves occupied.
  11. Agreed. And, isn't that exactly the problem? Both parties are just trying to out-crazy each other- nominating extremists within their party. The result is this awful hyper-polarized state that the country is in. At some point, moderates need to become electable again.
  12. Posted 8 hours ago Then again, there is reason to believe the Democrats are capable of election fraud and may very well steal the election. They can easily cover all fraud up too, since they control every agency that would have to look into it. Their corruption is the worst it has ever been. But that's another reason why many are planning to vote against them. Heads we win, tails they cheated. The never-ending grievance machine grinds on. Good plan to prepare the excuse and conspiracy in advance. Probably unnecessary. I think Zeldin will win.
  13. Haven't tried that. i did read about a lubricant that's supposed to be excellent. Oops- that was meant for the post from Ranger Clay.
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