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  1. Nonsense. Movies are entertainment. The Godfather scene portrayed the point of view of the Italian mafia almost a hundred years ago. That post was made to show the member’s point of view today. Selective indifference on your part maybe.
  2. Where is the bow shop in Morris?
  3. This post (specifically the caption at the top) is a disgrace to this site and makes us all look bad.
  4. The Trump/Jesus photo is definitely hilarious- unless, of course, it was meant to be taken seriously. But, this one? Not so sure.
  5. no luck for me either. only my third year trying.
  7. That's true. But, Republicans would never do that, right?
  8. I totally agree. But, the angry trolling on this site comes from only one direction.
  9. You're probably right. And then, they're dutifully spread by patriots on sites like these. What's the term that gets thrown around here a lot?... 'useful __________' ?
  10. I always love how so many of these smartass memes have typos in them. Really makes a statement.
  11. virgil

    Dry or Wet flies

    If fish are rising to something on the surface, you could try using an unweighted nymph as an emerger. Cast is out, let it sink a bit, and then bring it up toward the surface. They might hit it on the way toward the surface.
  12. Sorry to hear. Best wishes to you and your family.