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  1. virgil

    Some new arrivals in daylight

    Well placed ladder stand in that photo.
  2. virgil

    Pickling and Canning

    I've done that also. it's a giant mess, but a lot of fun and you get great fresh tomatoes to use all year long. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine who has a lot of friends in the food business, had 13 cases of tomatoes delivered to my house along with all of the necessary equipment. We spent an entire Saturday blanching, grinding, and jarring tomatoes.
  3. virgil

    Pickling and Canning

    i do pickle slices for burgers as well as jalapenos. I usually do a batch every other summer and the supply lasts about two years. I do jam every summer also. Jarred nine pints of raspberry jam a few weeks ago.
  4. Oh man. I'd love for a good spot for puddle ducks. We have permission at a few spots. But, the action is fair at best. We did get permission on some fields for geese that we're gonna try this season.
  5. My property is all woods. I wish we could hunt ducks and geese on it. There's a pond on the neighbors property that ducks and geese fly in and out of all day long. Drives me crazy. He doesn't allow hunting of any kind. My buddies and I would love to find a spot upstate to hunt waterfowl. We have the dekes and dog, but haven't found a good spot yet.
  6. virgil

    What type of ML?

    I have a TC Omega 50 cal with the thumbhole stock and a scope on it. I love it. Great shooting gun as far as I’m concerned. It was a package deal from Cabela’s a few years ago and I think it cost around $500.
  7. Ha. No. I was referring to the part about the guys with the trailer full of dekes and a dog looking for a field to hunt geese.
  8. virgil

    How many Hunt alone ?

    I do. All the time.
  9. virgil

    Youth Hunter Help

    What TF said- they can use whichever tag on a deer of either sex. But, they can't get additional tags for later in the season.
  10. virgil

    Youth Hunter Help

    He can use a DMP, DMAP, or regular season tag during the youth hunt. There are also blaze orange requirements.
  11. When I’m at my place in late October, I like for my toughest decision to be whether I should bowhunt for deer or go duck hunting.
  12. virgil

    Best remedy for poison ivy!

    First Light, you live on Long Island, right? Go to the beach- salt water is great for poison ivy. Or, find a swimming pool- chlorinated water is great also. Gonna be brutally hot this weekend- good weekend for swimming anyway.
  13. virgil

    RIP to my first Covert cam

    I've had many different brands and have never found any to last very long or work very reliably. I've resigned myself to not spending more that $80 for a camera, buying them only when they're on sale, and not expecting more than a year or so of frustrating performance.
  14. virgil

    Prime Day

    I didn’t find a deal exactly. But I had $10 credit on Prime from Whole Foods and I burned it on a waterproof backpack for duck hunting.