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  1. Their stock price has gained since they made this change.
  2. Look at the size of that deer's head.
  3. Muzzle loaders are a lot of fun. But, you might want to rethink the title of this thread.
  4. Those look great. I tie my own trout flies. Nothing better than catching a fish on a fly that you tied yourself. #12 Hares Ear has always been my go-to.
  5. I think you'll have no problem with finding people interested.
  6. OK, it will be interesting to watch. But, if the ammo bans have been incrementally increasing in recent years, you should expect an uptick in the decline in hunters if your argument is accurate. But, in fact, there has been a slower decline in license sales- an 8% decline in the years between 2010-2018 vs. a 28% decline in the years 1970-1979.
  7. It's also interesting that 2018 had the highest number of lifetime licenses sold for period covered by your statistics. That number tells me that there are more young people getting into hunting today than there were a few years ago. As you said, the numbers don't lie.
  8. Airedale, the ban just went into effect. The trends that you're sighting have been going on for years- decades. And there's been no uptick in the decline in the years since the ban was announced. The 2019 number is probably an outlier as the big game season is still a few months away and perhaps many hunters buy their licenses at the last minute. it's the whole, 'correlation does not establish causation' thing. Hunting has been in decline in CA for far longer than this proposed ban has been in effect.
  9. Nobody will quit hunting over this. Even if you did a ton of hunting for all kinds of game, the number of rounds fired in the field would still amount to a relatively small financial impact. The banning of lead for waterfowl hunting has a much greater impact because bird hunters usually fire a lot more shots in a day of hunting. This article is the exact same as the dozens that were written when California first passed the bill a few years ago. It's reactionary nonsense.
  10. virgil


    I was at work in a hospital on the upper east side of NYC. Like every other hospital in the city and surrounding area, we quickly mobilized in anticipation of mass casualties. It was heartbreaking as the day went on to realize that there weren't any coming in as there were few survivors.
  11. I switched to copper for deer hunting a few years ago. Between the cost of sighting in my gun each year and the few rounds I might fire in the woods during the season, the total impact of the switch costs me about $15 per year.
  12. virgil

    Snow in 4f

    My place is in 4F also. I agree with NYBowhunter. Beautiful area. Great hunting. What area are you looking at?
  13. I drive through there on the way to my place. Lot of turkeys in those fields between Deposit and Masonville.
  14. Well placed ladder stand in that photo.