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  1. I wonder if this silly bickering is partly what drives some people away.
  2. Holy geez, the nonsense some of you guys come up with to keep yourselves occupied.
  3. Agreed. And, isn't that exactly the problem? Both parties are just trying to out-crazy each other- nominating extremists within their party. The result is this awful hyper-polarized state that the country is in. At some point, moderates need to become electable again.
  4. Posted 8 hours ago Then again, there is reason to believe the Democrats are capable of election fraud and may very well steal the election. They can easily cover all fraud up too, since they control every agency that would have to look into it. Their corruption is the worst it has ever been. But that's another reason why many are planning to vote against them. Heads we win, tails they cheated. The never-ending grievance machine grinds on. Good plan to prepare the excuse and conspiracy in advance. Probably unnecessary. I think Zeldin will win.
  5. Haven't tried that. i did read about a lubricant that's supposed to be excellent. Oops- that was meant for the post from Ranger Clay.
  6. Good idea. Will try that.
  7. OK, thanks. I'll give that a try. I can't imagine it'll effect zero at 100?
  8. Do you suggest using three?
  9. So, are you suggesting 3 pellets? For all distances?
  10. So, do you think my issue is crud? I can't come up with any other ideas. When i shot at 200, i used the reticle on the scope that was designed for 200. The first two shots were good. After that, huge dropoff. I appreciate G-Man's advice about switching to powder. But, if i knew that the issue is purely due to the barrel getting cruddy after a few shots, even with a moist patch between shots, i'll just make sure that the gun is perfectly clean before heading into the woods for this season. Then, i'll probably make the switch to loose powder going forward.
  11. Last year, while sighting in my TC Omega 50 cal., the gun shot great at 100 yards. After about 6 or 8 shots, i moved to 200 yards and couldn't even get the gun on paper. I gave the gun a thorough cleaning, assuming that the dropoff was due to fouling. I brought the gun to the range this weekend and had a similar experience. Took two shots at 100, shot great. Moved to 200. The first 2 shots at 200 were pretty good. The next two shots dropped about 12". I ran a moist patch through the barrel after every shot. Brought the gun home and gave it another thorough cleaning. Will bring it to the range again and start at 200. Has anyone had similar experiences? I wouldn't expect the gun to get so fouled up after just a few shots that it would affect accuracy so much. I'm using Triple Seven powder pellets, 2 per shot with Shock Wave spire point 250 bullets.
  12. What about Northern Farmhouse Pasta in Roscoe? From the website, it looks great.
  13. Mods, the above post should probably be moved to the Political Humor section. Grouse, you're unintentionally hilarious. Your lack of self-awareness knows no bounds.
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