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  1. virgil

    Banned from local Facebook group

    I didn't mean to imply that most heroin users started with a legitimate prescription- although a great many do. There are many, many others who start out using other illegal drugs and wind up turning to heroin for the powerful high, low cost, and availability.
  2. virgil

    Banned from local Facebook group

    Heroin is not necessarily the 'harder stuff'. it's just cheaper and more available than prescription opioids. Much of the opioid crisis is due to Joint Commission mandates over the past decade or so that required hospitals to 'control post-operative pain' before discharging a patient. This meant that patients should expect to have no pain before leaving the hospital, which led to the need for stronger drugs than were used in the past. Those drugs are much more powerful and much more addictive than pain meds that were prescribed before. Patients can get addicted without necessarily 'abusing' their prescribed meds. Once the prescription runs out, the new addict turns to street drugs. Those Joint Commission mandates are changing. As a result, doctors are much more vigilant with what they prescribe. It was never realistic that a patient having a major surgery, total knee replacement for example, should expect to be pain free three days post-op. The new mandates are about managing patients' expectations of post-op pain.
  3. virgil

    Banned from local Facebook group

    Do you feel the same about smokers?
  4. virgil

    Cellular cameras

    Oh that’s not too bad. Thanks very much for the info.
  5. virgil

    Cellular cameras

    Any idea what the fees usually are?
  6. virgil

    Cellular cameras

    I saw a Spypoint cell cam on sale today and was considering buying one. I have decent reception at my place. So, I thought it could be an option. But, I know nothing about cellular cams. Is there a fee involved? Are they reliable?
  7. virgil

    BethPage Black

    That's awesome- have fun. But, don't be surprised if you're miserable. I play a few times a year also and am not a great golfer. That course is for serious players- and the sign at the first tee tells you so. I wanted to play the course once before the US Open was there years ago- just so I could be familiar with it while watching on TV. I had no business being out on that course.
  8. virgil


    Do you hunt ducks while sitting in the boat? Or do you use it just to get to your spot? Looks great.
  9. The system sucks. No argument there.
  10. Steve, you are wrong. And there have been many threads on this site complaining about the FACT that anyone, regardless of legal status, can be brought to any ER in the country and be treated for any acute illness, regardless of their ability to pay. That being said, of course the first question asked is about insurance. That doesn't mean your friend would have been turned away if he/she didn't have coverage. You keep referring to 'they'- I have 20+ years experience in health care, working for a 'they' and speak from professional experience on this. You are misinformed and can easily confirm what I'm saying by doing the least bit of research.
  11. Which are the animals in Central Park that 'let people get very close' because they associate people with food? I haven't been to Central Park in a while. Maybe it's changed since my last time.
  12. That's not true and you know it.
  13. virgil

    Favorite jar sauce

    Agree. If you have to buy jarred sauce, nothing comes close to Rao’s.
  14. That press release is more political pissing match than anything. But, I do see the part of the bill now that you're probably referring to- the part about accepting foreign documents in the application process. I agree, doesn't seem right.
  15. Are you all sure that this bill actually says what you think it says? It looks to me like it just prohibits sharing the application information with anyone. I don't see anything at all about allowing illegals to be given driver's licenses. Unless I'm missing something.