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  1. I just put a Truglo Gobbler Stopper red dot scope on my Benelli SBE. Planning to sight it in this weekend. I was planning to use some cheap 3" shells that i have laying around to get in the ballpark, and then switch to the LongBeard XR and Carlsen choke that I hunt with for final adjustments. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for a better way? I don't want to use up the expensive shells to sight in if i don't have to.
  2. Hi Red. Is this local pickup only?
  3. I recently moved and had AC installed. Looked into mini splits and decided to go with a ducted system. We weren’t a fan of the look of the split units. There was minimal difference in price. in a ranch style house, I would think it’d be easy to run ducts in the attic or basement.
  4. I watched an episode of American Trapper last night. Trapping fisher in the Adirondacks. They caught quite a few.
  5. Steve, it looks like you have two different dates in your post.
  6. https://nypost.com/2021/03/15/florida-assistant-principal-arrested-for-rigging-homecoming-queen/
  7. What year is the bow? Also curious about draw length.
  8. I just ordered a Truglo Gobble Stopper for my Benelli SBE2 last night. I have a hard time with the fiber optic site also and am hoping that the red dot will be a nice improvement.
  9. If the cabin is legal, there would be a CO for it. The listing agent should be able to answer that question. What is land selling for per acre in the area? If the cabin isn’t legal, it shouldn’t be factored into the price. I wouldn’t think that the utility company would bring power to the cabin without a permit. Is the road a ‘seasonal’ road? If it is, it could be hard to get to once the snow starts piling up.
  10. Mocking/celebrating the deaths of AIDS victims? Calling 12 year old Chelsea Clinton ‘a dog’? Repeatedly playing a song called ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ on his show? Pill addict? I get it, he’s a hero to those on the far right. But, let’s quit pretending he was a great guy.
  11. It’s wrong no matter which side it’s coming from. Pretending that one side started it or does it more than the other is nonsense. A lot of thin-skinned whining is all it is.
  12. Nobody is claiming that only the Right does this nonsense. But the OP implies that it only comes from the Left.
  13. Buckmaster7600 8933 Elite NY Hunter Members 8933 5754 posts Report post Posted 2 hours ago I hope nancy dies!
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